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If your still doing those lazytown prompts, How about a sport that keeps doing all these ridiculous things to impress Robbie. Like lifting extremely heavy objects for really trivial reasons, or making elaborate meals for everyone, and just ... Generally getting more and more obvious about it till someone (like the mayor) finally just has to confront him about it. And Robbie mean while is super impressed but it just doesn't register that sport was doing all these things for him....

Hey look the Mayor finally decided to join in the prompt fun.

Sorry this is so short! Wanted to leave some Sportacus extra-ness to the imagination!

Mayor Milford cleared his throat nervously as he tapped Sportacus on the shoulder, “Um, Sportacus? Can I talk to you for a moment?”

Sportacus, who had been doing squats while holding up the ice cream stand, grinned, “Of course, Mayor!” He let the stand drop to the ground, “What did you need?

“I wanted to talk to you about your… activities lately.”

“What do you mean?”

Milford tapped his fingers together, “Well, you’ve been doing push-ups on the roof of town hall, bench pressing multiple benches at once, weeding every garden in town…”

Sportacus frowned, “Did I do something wrong?”

“Oh, no!” Milford said quickly, “Not at all. It’s just- we’re worried you’re overworking yourself.”

“Don’t be so nice to him!”

Both Sportacus and the mayor jumped at the sudden new voice. From the other side of the wall beside them, Robbie Rotten popped up. He looked extremely annoyed, glaring at Sportacus.

Milford missed Sportacus’ cheeks turn a faint pink as Robbie went on, “He has done something wrong! This menace has been back flipping over me all week, doing basketball tricks in my face, keeps balancing things on his feet while doing handstands - for some reason!- and I can’t go two feet without him offering to carry me someplace!”

Robbie crossed his arms, “What is wrong with you lately?” He asked finally.

Sportacus opened and closed his mouth a few times before answering, “So, you’re not impressed? Should I- Should I do more? Less?” 

Robbie blinked, “Am I impressed that you can lift just about anything and do almost every trick?” He looked away, “Maybe. A little.” Robbie coughed, “But why would you care what I think?”

Sportacus was practically bouncing on his toes at this point. Milford backed away quietly; suddenly, uncomfortably aware that this wasn’t his conversation anymore. 

My First Dream: Town of Crystal

“ooohh! i’m soo excited!!”

“I dunno Mamoru…”

“Aaahhh This room is so bright and cute!!”

-Crying real tears because this room is to die for-

“Soooo softttt =w=“

“This house is amazing!!!”

“Nice to meet you, @mayorchibi!”

MERANGUE!!!!” -dies-

“Aahhh how pretty!”

“Have some food little fishies!”

Reaction to Once Upon A Time 4x03 "Rocky Road"


The Ice Queen putting a curse on Marian’s ice cream

First town meeting with Momma Mayor

Marian being frozen

Regina and Henry bonding

“Makes you wonder who wrote [the storybook]”

Operation Mongoose

The bird portrait in the Mayor’s office

True Love’s kiss not working

Sven is back!!

Oh Hans

Hook and Elsa duo


Hook knowing that Belle’s dagger is a fake

Emma helping Will break in

Elsa giving Hook relationship advise

Kristoff fighting Hans with a pickaxe

F*ck you Hans

“I press the Emma button”

The Snow Queen was in the vase

The Snow Queen trying to kill Hook

Emma using her magic to save Hook and Daddy

Captain Floor strikes again!


“I’m in love with someone else”

Captain Swan moment

“Did Ms. Swan remember you?”