mayor momo


Momo (the mayor of Gravity Falls) and May (that crazy person who drove all the way from north of San Francisco to LA to deliver the key to the P.O. box) have made a video of the chest! They show what has been added to the box so far, as well as stuff they have left behind!

Also, little Easter egg, there’s black-light text in the Mabel-esque log-in book I left! You might wanna check it out, especially if you’ve already been there.

Also, whomever got the little Bill plush I sewed, please let me know! I wanna know he has a good home c:

cipherhunt update: treasure box and guestbook

a couple of months ago, cipher hunters OMGMei and Mayor Momo visited Bill at Confusion Hill and brought him a new box. this week, tumblr users @packook and @waterxharuka​ visited Bill and donated a guestbook for visitors to sign!

Bill is still in the parking lot for now, but if you want to find Bill’s treasure box, go into the gift shop and find the golden pig (near the checkout counter). right underneath the pig is Bill’s box.

and be sure to look up—that photo hanging in the black frame is of Alex and the Gravity Falls team when they visited Confusion Hill in 2013!

this is the guestbook that packook and waterxharuka left:

be sure to sign it and leave it for future visitors. anything else in the box is fair game—but remember, if you take something, you should try to leave something in return.

head over here to read more about packook and waterxharuka’s visit (with more pics). a big thank you to both of them for the info and the guestbook! for a summary of how Bill ended up at Confusion Hill, check out this post (which will be updated soon). ∆