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Contest Update: 11 Days to go! Now Accepting Fics Too!

“The Rehabilitation of Dawn Bellwether” Anniversary contest!

So so far we’ve only have about two entrees total for the contest with 11 days remaining before we close it. Some people are allegedly still working on submissions, however I’ve had several people ask to submit fanfics. Initially I was reluctant, because I did not want to have to judge between art and story, but in order for the contest to be…well…a contest, we do need more entrees than prizes. So now we are officially accepting Fanfics. For a refresher on rules and how to submit, check below.

*You can get in touch with me through any of my art pages in order to submit. Just be warned, some aren’t SFW.


-SFW Sites

-NSFW Sites (Warning, enter at your own risk.

*You can submit whatever you want, provided it can be shared on an SFW tumblr. As all of the entries will be shown at the end of the contest. I accept submissions at all these sites through the PM feature. But we also have a submission email.

*It doesn’t have to be of Dawn and Vernon specifically, it can feature other characters like Val or Gus, or etc. As long as it has to do with the blog/story in some way. Unrelated pics or stories of just Dawn, or Nick and Judy that could be seen as general zootopia works won’t be considered.

*Please keep non-sexual ‘technically sfw’ fetishes out of the work. People from deviantart will know what I’m talking about. But basically inflation, bound and gagged characters, tickling, bodily functions. If it looks like a fetish peice, it will not be considered.

With all that in mind, let’s finally talk about…


2nd place prize winner, aka the ‘runner up’ with receive a flats drawing of their own Zootpia OC in the style of the ‘LAW’ story character cards and a thank you.

And the grand prize winner will not only receive the runner up prize, but their character will get a modest sized speaking role in an upcoming chapter in ‘LAW’. The back and forth conversation may be from a half a page to a page long or longer depending on how it goes, but we we’ll have to work together in order to finalize the lines. What your character gets to say is up to you within reason, but I also reserve the right to veto/omit things i feel won’t fit. Here’s the scene.

“Dawn and Vernon are forced to help run the family stand with Audrey. While things start out slow, with no real customers showing up. Slowly, various curious fair-goers approach the stand one by one, asking Dawn or Vernon questions about how their relationship works. Eventually the one or two mammals asking questions turns into a busy gaggle, swarming them with all sorts of questions about their lives.”

Your character would be one of the first few to approach, and stay for a while. Asking questions of either Dawn or Vernon depending is your character is male/female pred/prey. They would give their name at some point.


I would have considered more prize levels, but I’m not sure how big this will be…so I figured two was a safe bet. I mean, a lot of people have read the story, but I can’t imagine I’m going to get hundreds of entrees.

The contest opens officially today, and will run until 12:00AM EST on July 31st, 2017. And winners will be announced shortly after in August. The chapter in question will most likely see a release in September, but we’ll see.

And I think that’s it. So good luck, and I can’t wait to see what you guys submit!

I had a dream that Bishop of Southwark went to Blythenhale to offer official Church recognition of Feducci’s victory, even though he really, really hates Feducci. Feducci made some sort of joke about Hell’s triremes, and the Bishop of Southwark shot him in the face a whole bunch of times, then he just dared the Constables to arrest him.
It was awesome.