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So what did you think?

I thought it was a good ending to a storyline and a ship that they completley screwed up.

They did manage to keep the essence of Page 23. The idea that there are multiple ways a story can play out, that hope is always important.

I loved that Regina accepted all parts of herself, that she finally realised no one is wholly good or wholly evil. That actually we need the ability to love and hate, that the line is blurred. Lana’s acting both as the Queen and Regina was phenomenal you could see it go from determination to somehow destroy the other, to confusion, to fear, to realisation, to love. It was such a beautiful scene and while part of me wishes they had recombined- I think that having them both separate but still learning to love the other was a really good end to the split queen arc.

The hug between the Queen and Henry was touching and sweet, I love Regal Believer in all its forms. I also think that it showed the power of the bond between a mother and son- that one word can mean so much, can create such a sense of pride.

The Outlaw Queen/Wish Robin aspect I liked but it was never going to be perfect. I think it was only after watching the episode I finally accepted that. There will be no closure for Outlaw Queen that was taken away in the disaster that was 5x21.

However, I think that the conversation with the Queen, showed that Robin did truly understand the Queen in a way we didn’t get to see when they were ‘the same person’ .

I kind of wish we had got a goodbye scene with Regina and Wish!Robin but then part of me (now after not being emotionally compromised) almost liked that there wasn’t one because I think it would be Regina saying goodbye to a different man, and Robin would be saying goodbye to a different Regina and that I think would maybe hurt more. I don’t know I’m conflicted.

The Queen and the thief finally got their drink, and by god they need it, and I am happy that there is a version in canon in which they can be happy.

I think that in terms of Robin’s character we haven’t got closure. We never will- not in canon. I think though that page 23 did provide a degree of closure for Regina. I think that now she can finally, truly grieve. I think that now as OQers we can enjoy fanon, and the moments we got without worrying if something will be taken away. 

I hope this makes sense, I’m not very good at articulating my thoughts.

The Mayor promise

• I will never run in your town
• I will never steal your flowers, pluck your weeds, or shake your trees
• I will always stay on your paths
• if we’re doing a trade, I will do/go exactly what was agreed upon and nothing/nowhere else
• after the trade I will always go straight to the train station and go home unless you end the session
• I will never dig up anything buried
• I will always be respectful of your town and its residents
• if I’m following you and I get lost, I will wait for you to come back and direct me again
• I will not pick anything up unless it is part of our trade
• I will never walk through your flowers, and if I do by accident, I will turn around and find another way
• I will not buy anything from Main Street unless I have permission
• your town is yours, and I will never do anything I wouldn’t want done in my own town

I promise to abide by these always, and forever
—Fellow AC mayor


the boy mayor of second life

what’s happened to my kingdom?  what’s happened to my fiefdom?  this used to be a beautiful place - a safe place for children to come play and grow up and get old and work and get older and now my kingdom -

i leave it for a few months and it’s all gone rotten - it’s all gone fallow.


So I was on this internet archive site and I looked up the old Lazytown website and discovered all of these cute character descriptions and I thought I’d share
(I will never get over the fact that Bessie was supposed to be Sportacus’ mom, or that Stingy was originally supposed to be the youngest of the group)