mayor bun


🌷 Mayor Petal 🌷


  • Lottie’s Bun (drawn pink)
  • Tortoise Specs
  • Dottie Denim designed by @bramblescrossing
  • White Socks
  • Brown Pumps


  • Shy & Sweet
  • Very serious
  • Always working
  • Loves flowers
  • Best friend is Maple the Normal bear

Cecil I can’t believe you left your niece with Carlos and his team of scientists and not expect anything to happen.

For MOGAI/LGBTQIA+ Day of  PoC Night Vale Week!!

Featuring: Queer couple Mayor Dana and Intern Maureen, Cecil and Carlos (kinda), and (most importantly) trans Janice.

Warning: fire, eye strain (bright colors)

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I decided this week I wanted to try something different, since I had the ideas in my head and didn’t want them to float away into the ether. We move from the United States, several years ago to a now ambiguous present time, over on an island in the Pacific.

Here’s some pointless commentary per comic:

Leggy: This idea occurred to me upon inspection of a chicken wing.

Tooth Fairy: Some people really go far to savor the sweet, limited time innocence of their children…

Clean Town: I’m so happy with how doodle Nidorina turned out (for these kinds of comics, all drawings are essentially happy accidents), she looks like the matronly anime mom that her design is inspired by. Like Osono from Kiki’s Delivery Service but not that big. Bun-Bun’s off model in that she should be a little thinner, but this still feels right. Nailed it.

More Poké Island bemusement tomorrow…

Maureen wanted to go visit Richard but Dana and Vithya/Erika refused to let her without their company. Svee just tagged along.

late post for PoC Night Vale Week: Intern Day

The only ones alive are: Mayor Dana Cardinal, Intern Maureen, Intern Richard (now part of The Whispering Forest), Intern Svee (the crow), and Intern Vithya/Erika (who no longer exists).

Warning: fire, body horror (give or take)
I’d rather you not reblog my art than remove the warning, thank you.