mayor bo

Your protector

 She stared at the Wooden Horse on her shelf. She let out a small smile. Then she pulled it down from the Shelf and brought it down to the main room, where she placed it among the Nutcrackers. That were each decorated differently. She remembered The Christmas day that she was given the Horse. Link had carved her it back when They were 14 and 15 years old. Link had worked hard on such a project. It showed how much dedication he could put into something so thoughtful. The dusted it off. Her father walked in, and Looked at the decorated house. He placed a hand on his daughter shoulders. “I haven’t seen the house done up like this, since you mother was here.” He said. It was a sad memory, however they both stayed cheerful. “well I though the best way to remember Mom was to do something she loved to do.” She replied to her father. looking up to him. Then there was a soft knock on the door. “ah well i shall get that.” she said, quickly walking off, allowing her father to just be by himself at the scene.

 She got to the door and Opened it. However there was nobody at the door, Just something on her porch. A hand carved wolf. With unique carving on it. She picked it up. She closed the door and then walked back into the room, that her father was in. He looked over at his daughter staring at the Wolf figure. The detail was one he had never seen, however some of the marking resembled those of a wolf he saw in the Village many years ago. “who was that from?” he quickly asked. She didn’t know, she just read the tag that was tied to the leg, “I will always be by your side to protect you.” She had a feeling whom it was from, however she was blown away by the detail he put to this figure. She turned the figure over and saw the signature on the bottom of the Wolf. And a warm smile formed on her face. making her face light up. She sort of had an air of a glow to her. “well i take it, it from someone who cares very deeply about you.” He said to her. He then hugged his daughter and then went off to go get some mayor paper work done, while he left his daughter on her own.