mayor belle french

I absolutely love the fact that Belle has become the default Rumplestiltskin to the Charmings. Seriously, remember how whenever people needed something or couldn’t figure something out they always went to Gold? Now they do it to Belle and it’s hilarious. Belle research this, Belle can you look this up, Belle how did Rumple come back to life, Belle, Belle, Belle.
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“I think Belle should be the mayor. Unlike Regina, she has been a steady pulse of goodness despite all that’s happened to her. Unlike Snow, she actually calls people out on their atrocities and holds them responsible, instead of sweeping it all under the rug. She’s also highly intelligent and maintains a calm, rational mind in difficult situations. She’d make an excellent ruler. Say it with me! Mayor French! Mayor French!”

Title: "Match Dot Com" 3.0

Summary: Mayor Belle French opens up the new Storybook library and has a little run in, with a man holding a cane.

Rating: Teen

Note: I die of cute every time I write this fic. 


Belle French starts her Saturday morning with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. She sips the coffee out of her chipped tea cup, waiting for the toast to pop out of the toaster.

Pongo sits on the floor of the kitchen, by her side, anxiously waiting for the toast as well.

“I know what you’re thinking, boy, but I just filled your bowl.” The hot toast pops up and she quickly butters it, spreading on the homemade peach-mint jam, she gets from Regina.

Pongo watches with glistening eyes, savoring the scent of the buttery toast, drooling from the sides of his mouth.

“Oh, god.” Belle grabs the kitchen towel from the stove and wipes the slobbering mess of her Dalmatian. “It’s not that serious.” She breaks off a piece of the toast and tosses it to the beggar at her feet. “There. Now can I eat the rest in peace?”

He stares up at her, wanting more.

“No, Pongo,” she orders and takes a bite of her toast.

Pongo cowers in defeat and retreats from the kitchen. He knows there’s no more toast coming his way.

Belle takes her toast and coffee, sitting down at the kitchen table. She picks up her phone and downloads the free app. As the app slowly downloads, she receives a text from Mary-Margaret.

Snow Ball: Umm, what are you doing?

Me: I’m having toast and coffee. Now, I’m talking to you.

Snow Ball: Did you forget about the library opening?

Me: No, that’s not until 12. I have time, it’s only 10:43.

Snow Ball: You are supposed to be here for the free ice cream with the children and the book signing of Dr. Hoppers new psychology book.


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