mayor art

So its been like what? A week and I still can’t stop thinking about WKM, damnit @markiplier why you gotta get me obsessed.
I also plan on doing one of these for every WKM character, no matter how irrelevant it gets.
(This is also the first time ive used fire alpaca to animate and I’m still figuring it out)

woohoo! ♪ヽ(^ᗜ^♡)/ finally did @1211am‘s mayor’s favorite things meme!

mami’s favorite things are: petal parasol, hammock, milk carton, famous mushroom, sunflower, kotatsu, cardboard box, lotus lamp, purrl’s pic, and vanilla ice cream! ♡

shortly after this was taken, Lorna dropped a beetle down Matcha’s blouse. among other things, they: found a frog and elected her mayor for the day, ate suspicious looking wild berries, and fell asleep in the shade until Fauna ushered them back to her place for cookies. ( ft. @mmmatcha )



monster factory is what introduced me to polygon and the mcelroys and i am so very grateful for that. in honor, i spent,, a little too much of my time to make this

★  reblogs are greatly appreciated ! ★


Some WKM art because they all deserved better! (Made for a thing I’m participating in with @kenmarlenn and some other artists!)

Anyway, It was really nice to draw them all happy and smiling. I had so much fun making this. Hope Y’all can dig it.