Old dolls

New beautiful children

Happy 413 all! To celebrate, I made you all these Beta kids paper dolls! I had a ton of fun making them! They can all hold things (except rose, but the’re 2 of her,) and the mayor can hold Dave’s hand or ride on his shoulders. Its up to you!

Feel free to ask about my paper doll process! Or anything on your mind, really.



Hey folks! Its been a while, sorry for lull but we’ve been hard at work! Boards are pretty much done and just need some touch ups.  We’re doing some scratch dialogue to better time this thing out, which means the actual voices are coming up next!  Now that the animatic is almost locked we’ll have more frequent updates (crew members, animation, voices, other announcements). This is a tedious process but at this point things will be moving faster.  We’re anticipating the release to be at the end of this year.  Stay tuned, we’re super excited about what lies ahead!  Thanks for being so patient, you guys.

Here are some screen grabs from the boards. First four are Zach’s, last four are Karl’s. @karlhadrika


I’d like to introduce you all, to my Spring Pastel Collection! For those warm days on your town… or when visiting Happy Home Designer clients! 

♡It can be used for both New Leaf and Happy Home Designer. 

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