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So, as a lot of y’all probably know, I am a descendant of Dr. Samuel Nunes and Rafael Jacob Moses, (one really awesome and one really horrible) people who were an integral part of GA history. One was the reason the entire colony didn’t die of yellow fever. The other was the reason for GA’s peach industry even existing. 

Nunes saved the GA colony from death, established the 3rd oldest Jewish congregation in the country, oldest in the south. (congregation Mickve Israel, still going today as a reform congregation) The only reason Nunes n family was allowed in GA? The charter only SPECIFICALLY banned Catholics. The board tried their darnedest to find any legal way to ban them. Oglethorpe was still an enormous fucktard- he just wasn’t a complete dumbass, and knew they had to let Nunes in he was the only doctor willing to settle in the shithole that was the GA colony. 

And Moses? Big time slaver and plantation owner. He was a fairly high-ranking Confederate official and is the reason behind the success of the GA peach industry. (by finding a way to preserve peaches for long-range shipping) Yeah, still wouldn’t’ve been able to join the KKK ‘cause guess what, they’re still anti semitic.

So yes, Jews have always been an important part of Georgia history. They state as we know it would not exist without them. But, knowing those little bits of history … how in the ever-loving fuck could you make a GA personification Jewish in such a disrespectful and willfully ignorant manner???