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Good Job Anna || Jack Maynard Imagine

“Hello everybody and welcome back to my channel or hello if you knew,” Jack says, “And as you can probably tell, today I am joined by my little sister and my gorgeous girlfriend.” Jack introduces Anna and me, pulling me into his side and shoving Anna away from him.

“Hey leave her alone,” I scold, earning a high-five from Anna.

“Wow, siding with her over me?” Jack teases.

“She is my favorite Maynard after all,” I tease.

“Ooh, i knew I liked you,” Anna laughs.

“Anyway, this week’s video is Girlfriend versus Little sister,” Jacks looks back into the camera smiling, “All I have to do is ask them questions and whoever gets it right wins!”

“Get on with it Maynard,” I roll my eyes.

“Whens my birthday?” He asks.

“November twenty-third,” Anna shouts making me jump.

“Correct one point to mini Maynard,” Jack says.

“I knew that, ” I pout.

“What is my Birth sign?” He says.

“Sagittarius!” I shout then laugh.

“Correct one point to my Favourite,” Jack says pulling a kiss face at me.

“Who is my best friend? Other than Y/N of course,”

“Mikey,” I say in a matter of fact tone.

“Wrong,” Jack says.

“Conor?” Anna asks.

“Nope, it was Joe,” Jack smirks.

The video continues on like this for a while before the scores are tallied.

“And the person who knows me best is, drum roll,” Jack says building suspense, “Y/N!”

“Yes!” I laugh.

“It wasn’t even fair you guys live together now,” Anna pouts.

“Do we Anna?” Jack asks laughing.


“We hadn’t said anything,” I laugh along with Jack.

“Well, now you all now that Y/N and I have moved in together,” He says kissing me softly, “Alright, ill see you guys next week! Bye!” Jack stands up and turned the camera off, and sitting at his laptop to edit.

“Good job Anna!” I tease.

“How was I supposed to know?” She asks.

“I’m just teasing, I honestly don’t care,” I shrug, “Now us girls should go out and do something without either of your brothers.”

“Yes! Let’s go shopping,” She winks making me laugh.

“Just like your brother,” I sigh standing up, pulling her along with me.

Chill » Conor Maynard

Requests: Can you do an imagine where you’re dating Conor and get on well with the boys. You’re all round Conor’s, the boys are watching footie and you’re feet are up on the couch and up over jacks lap as you’re leaned up against Conor with his arm wrapped around you. And you’re all screaming at the game and eating pop corn. Fluff. Fluffy sheet.

Can you write something about Conor fracturing his ankle and y/n looking after him?

You had been seeing Conor for around six months now, and his friends and family had only found out two months ago, as the both of you had decided to keep your relationship a secret for a while. Gradually, you were introduced to his brother, his friends, his parents and his sister but you had yet to be introduced to his fans. You were so glad that you got on well with the people Conor had chosen to surround himself with, albeit not getting along with his brother at first because it meant that you could hang out whenever you wanted.

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“Secret”// Joe Sugg Imagine

Warnings: n/a

Word count: 1595

Requested: no|| Request are closed 

Summary: Y/n and Joe have a relationship and Y/n gets tired of keeping it a secret. 

A/n:  Sorry this took so long guys! I have been taking a little bit of a break but hopefully can get back in the swing of things. Oh and Y/r/n = your roommate’s name :)


“Hi babeee,” your boyfriend Joe said as you walked into the door. He was laying on his bed shirtless under the covers on his computer. “Hi,” you said smiling and placing your bag by the door. You sat on his bed next to him. “Whatcha doing?” you asked pulling off your shoes. “Editing this week’s video. Wanna watch it?” “Sure,” you answered crawling under the covers next to him. 

You laid your head on his chest and watched his video. The video was Dare Sugg 3 and like usual resulting in tears due to laughter. “I love it,” you said regaining your composure. “It was proper torture,” he pouted. You turned your head up and kissed his jaw with a smile. He smiled and pulled you closer. “Caspar should be gone for a while so what do you want to do?” He asked. “This,” you said snuggling into his chest. “Okay,” he smiled.

 He finished up his video. “Want me to turn on Netflix?” He asked sweetly. You nodded but all of the sudden you heard the door upstairs open. “Joe?” You heard Caspar yell through the apartment. “Shit. You have to go. Go through Caspar’s window. Love you,” he said pecking your lips.

 You guys mutually decided that at first, your relationship should be a secret. However, after almost a year, Joe still wasn’t ready for people to know about you guys. This meant keeping it from everyone including Joe’s roommate/ best friend.

 "But- love you too,“ you sighed grabbing your shoes and bag. Joe walked up the stairs and you quietly snuck out Caspar’s window. You walked back to your flat and sighed loudly as you set your keys on the counter. "Are you okay?” your roommate asked who was sitting on the couch. “Yeah just tired,” you answered before going downstairs to your room. You changed into one of Joe’s hoodies and sat on the bed.

 You grabbed your laptop and decided to try to get your mind off things by watching YouTube videos. You clicked on videos and it was a Marcus Butler video with his girlfriend Stephanie. You quickly slammed your laptop close and started to cry. You pulled your knees to your chest and eventually cried yourself to sleep. The next day Joe invited you over yet again but you ignored the text message. 

Joe: babe Caspar’s not here.

Y/n: cool

Joe: What’s wrong?

For some reason, this infuriated you. You changed into a clean hoodie and pulled on shoes before running over to Joe’s at a fast pace. You pounded on the door and he opened it a few minutes later. “Hi babe,” he said smiling. You pushed past him. 

“We need to talk and it can’t wait. I want you to just sit here and listen. I just can’t do this anymore Joe. I’m so tired of being your secret. I want to be able to hang out with you anytime. I want to go out in public and hold hands. I want to post cute Instagram pictures of us. I want to be with you Joe but I won’t hide it anymore,” you said. Tears were now flowing freely down your cheeks but you didn’t bother to wipe them. 

“Y/n,” he sighed. “I just don’t think I’m ready.” “Then when will you be Joe?” “I don’t know,” he said. “It’s been almost a year Joe.” “I want to be sure about us.” You let out a scoff and sniffled. “Well you don’t have to worry about telling anyone or about how you feel because I’m done,” you said starting to walk out. “No wait Y/n,” he said. “Just leave me alone,” you mumbled before slamming the door behind you.

 You walked home and took his hoodie and threw it in the trash can in your room. Tears blurred your vision. You sat down on your bed and just cried. There was a knock on the doors and a little piece of you wished it was Joe. “Y/n? It’s Y/r/n,” she said banging on the door. “Come in,” you sniffled and wiped your face. She opened the door and walked in and sat on the bed.

 "Are you okay?“ "Y-yeah I’m fine,” you lied. “Y/n,” she said. “Just some boy troubles.” “You know you can tell me anything right?” She said making you sigh. “Well, I was dating this guy and it was amazing but he didn’t want to tell anyone about us,” you admitted. She furrowed her eyebrows. “How long were you together? Who was it? Why didn’t he want to share your relationship?” She asked quickly. “Joe-” “Sugg?” she said remembering when you two first met them when you moved to London.

 You nodded, “We were together for almost a year,” you said looking down. “A year?” she said surprised. “I know and we didn’t tell anyone and I was fine with it at first but after like 4 months I started to question it but then 4 months turned into 9 and here we are. He told me he wanted to be sure of his feelings first,” you said in one breath. She opened her mouth to say something but your phone went off interrupting your conversation. 

You looked at the message from his sister in disappointment. “Was it him?” she asked. You shook your head,“ it was his sister she invited us to a ‘big backyard grill out’” you said reading the text. “When is it?” “Saturday, but I don’t want to go.” “Oh we’re going,” she said. “But he will be there,” you whined throwing your head back onto your pillow. “Which is exactly why we are going. We are going to show him what he could have had but decided not to,” she said with a smirk.


You still haven’t heard anything from Joe. He hasn’t tried to contact you and you haven’t contacted him. Y/r/n was so determined to make him feel sorry for it. After hours of Y/r/n working on your outfit makeup and hair, you guys were on the way to the Zalfie house. “Are you sure this isn’t ya know too much?” You asked looking down at your outfit. 

You were wearing a backless romper with a white lace top and navy blue bottom the came down to right below your butt showing off your long tan legs. Your hair was loosely curled as reached your waist. Your makeup was natural looking with a strong highlight.

 "Absolutely not. You look absolutely amazing and it doesn’t look like you tried way too hard,“ she reassured you. M You bit the inside of your cheek as you parked. "Oh my god you guys are both so gorgeous,” Zoe said letting you in. “Thank you,” y/r/n said. Zoe led you both to the back yard. “Y/n stop worrying. It’ll be okay,” your roommate said to you quietly. You nodded and looked around. There was quite a lot of people there but Joe and Caspar have still yet to arrive. You grabbed a drink and y/r/n elbowed you in the side.

 "What the hell?“ She shushed you so you turned around. You looked to see Joe walking in with Caspar and Oli.  You and Joe made eye contact but he looked away. "I have an idea,” y/r/n said grabbing your arm. “Hi Jack,” she said smiling at a very attractive boy who you recognized from Joe’s videos. “Oh my god it’s so nice to see you finally have a friend,” he said jokingly. 

“So funny Maynard,” she said playfully rolling her eyes. “This is y/n,” she said introducing you to him. “Hi,” you said with a smile. “I’ll leave you two to talk,” she said walking away. “I’m sorry for her you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to,” you said. “Oh it’s alright I don’t mind,” he replied, “so how do you know Y/r/n?” “Best friends and roommates,” you smiled. “Ahhh we talked for a while on Instagram after I saw her channel and met in person when she moved here,” Jack said.  You nodded sipping your drink. 

“You’re from La right?” “Yeah,” you answered. “Are you a YouTuber like Y/r/n?” He asked. You shook your head. “No, I prefer to be on the other side of the camera,” you admitted. “That’s a shame,” he smiled. “And why’s that?” Y/r/n walked over to you guys and leaned towards your ear. “Don’t look now but Joe’s getting mad,” she whispered and smiled as she walked away. 

“Because you’re beautiful and sweet and captivating,” he said making you smile. You looked down to hide your reddening face. “No need to look down, it’s cute,” he said. You smiled at him and looked around to mainly look at Joe but to also look for y/r/n. Joe was glaring at Jack with his fist clenched. “So you’re into photography?” “Yeah, I love it a lot,” you said.

 You two talked about photography and youtube for the next few minutes when all of the sudden Joe walked up to you guys. 

“Excuse me,” he said before crashing his lips onto yours. You kissed back and his hand sneaked up to your cheek. 

You heard cheers and 'awws’. “I’m sorry Y/n I really am. I don’t want you to be my secret. I want everyone to know that I am so in love with you and I hope you can take me back and forgive me,” he rambled. You cut him off with a kiss. “I forgive you,” you said in a whisper before connecting your lips again.

Jack Maynard Imagine - Soft Spot

You opened the main door to the Maynard/Pieters household and made your way to the couch as if it was your own home. You found Josh on his computer, and he quickly looked up and gave you a hug as soon as he saw you “I’ve seen your new video” he told you as you sat down next to him “I would’ve never imagined Oli could bend like that”

You laughed at your friend’s comment, recalling the day you and Oli did the yoga challenge for your channel. Initially, Jack and you had planned to do it together. However, plans changed slightly when he “really, really needed to go to that Tinder date” the exact same day you were filming.

You called Oli instead, although you had agreed to postpone it for the following week. You decided you should as well break promises. Jack and you had been friends for about a year and a half, and even though the spark between you two was undeniable, still he chose to see other girls. Which you didn’t quite like, but it didn’t break your heart either.

“Yeah, it was groundbreaking” you laughed, looking at Conor who had just decided to leave the shower half naked. He waved at you, not really caring about his nudity.

“Hi, Y/N” he said “Hope you’re doing well” you looked at each other and burst out laughing, not being able to take the other too seriously. Your relationship with Conor was like that: anything one of you did, made the other one laugh. It was entertaining to say the least.

Soon after Conor made his great appearance, the other Maynard exited his room, grinning as he saw you “Do you even have a home?” He teased, tossing you off the sofa so he could steal your spot. You clutched at his sleeve not to fall off.

“As if you could even survive without me” you teased back. He finally sat down and put an arm around your frame, pulling you into his lap. Josh didn’t even look up from his laptop.

“I wouldn’t be bothered to find out” he said, and it made you tingle.

Conor appeared again, wearing proper stay-at-home clothes this time “Well, well, aren’t you a bad boy” he told his brother, picking up the remote from the floor “Actually caring for a girl and all. Who would’ve ever known you were a romantic bluff?” He said, and laughed at his comment right after. Typical Conor Maynard.

You rolled your eyes. Everyone had always talked about Jack as the player and the bad boy of the squad. However, in your one year and a half of friendship, he’d never hurt you or made you upset. If anything, he was the arms you ran to for comfort.

“I’m not always a bad boy” Jack said, tightening his grip on your upper waist, something he always did when he wanted you to get closer and cuddle him. You put your arms around his torso.

“He has a soft spot for Y/N” Josh spoke up, still not looking up from whatever he was editing.

You tried your best not to blush, but from the look of Conor’s eyes and his small laugh, you guessed you had failed.

“You’re a lucky one, Y/N” Conor said.

“Hey, leave her alone” Jack said, putting now both of his arms around you and hiding his face on your hair. You didn’t really know what to say, so you said nothing. Instead, you let Jack cuddle you as you watched a not-so-interesting rugby match and ate Chinese takeaway. Conor gave you weird looks and laughed at you as Jack was stroking your side without even realizing it. The good thing was, Josh had finally put his computer down.

At 11 pm, you decided it was time to finally head home “I’ll walk you” Jack said, not even waiting for a response as he grabbed his jacket.

“It’s not so far away, Jack” you insisted “It’s fine”

He shook his head and opened the door, ready to leave. You rolled your eyes but followed, after saying your goodbyes to Josh and Conor. Once in the street, he put an arm around you as he always did “Jack” your voice sounded weaker. He looked down at you, and even though it was dark, you could feel the smile on his eyes “Yes, sweet cheeks” he said back.

Your nose was cold, yet every part of your body he was touching was boiling “Do you really have a soft spot for me?” You asked, not really sure where you were going with it.

Jack stopped on his tracks, and you gulped. He put both of his hands on your arms, and held you thigh as he looked directly at you “Of course I do, Y/N” he spoke “You’re one of the very, very few girls I would punch somebody for. The other ones being my mum and my sister” he said, and you weren’t sure how to take it.

“That’s…” you couldn’t find any words “That’s really sweet, Jack” you finally said “I would punch somebody for you as well if I were strong enough” you laughed, making him smile.

“I don’t think I would let you get into that kind of situation, but thanks” he kissed your forehead, pressing his lips against it a little longer than usual. You thanked it was dark and he couldn’t see the red on your cheeks.

“Jack” you called him again, softer this time “Don’t ever leave me, okay?”

He looked at you with the softest eyes and the most sincere smile you’d ever seen. He swooped you off your feet, making you squeal “I don’t think I’m emotionally capable of ditching you in any way” he said, and you weren’t sure what it meant. But when he pressed his lips against your nose, you immediately knew.

You were his soft spot, and he was your bloody dream come true.

Shape of You - Part 2

Summary: Y/N grew up with Jack and was constantly told that one day they’d fall madly in love, after Jack rescues her from a dangerous situation at the club, they both reconsider the possibility of telling each other how you feel.

Word Count: 2673

Trigger Warnings: Mention of previous sexual harassment, Swearing

Requested: Yes - Part 1 is here

Author’s Note: The response to part one was so unbelievably wonderful! thank you guys so much, I hope this part satisfies your cravings! Please send feedback/requests/etc :)

Originally posted by iheartmyyoutubers

Jack wasn’t entirely sure when he’d started looking at you differently. He’d known you since he was five years old, and you’d always just been this annoying little swot who laughed too much. 

He supposed that it had started right after he’d broken up with his high school girlfriend, you were the only one who hadn’t treated him as if he were made of glass but instead just listened to him rant and rave while continuing to get drunk with him. You didn’t pity him or try to give him advice; you’d just listen to him and then tell him that one day it wouldn’t hurt so much.

Then one day he realised that you weren’t really that annoying anymore, and merlin, where had those legs and that arse come from? Gone was the bookish little kid with no shape, you were a full blown woman and had the physique to match it.

Naturally, his first response to this had been to bury it down deep inside of himself and tried to push it away by having as many girls in his bed as he possibly could. He knew that if he tried something and it went arse-up then he’d have all of the boys plus his family to deal with, so he pretended it wasn’t there, literally burying himself into other girls.

Still, he couldn’t help the lingering stares that lasted just that little bit too long; the way his eyes would run up and down the length of your body, the little swoop that his gut did when he saw you laughing or smiling at something in the back of a vlog, and worst of all, the blind rage that coursed through him when he caught anyone else looking at you the way he did.

When he had seen that scum with his grubby mitt’s all over you, he had seen red, he had wanted to rip that dirtbag fucking limb from limb and had been fully prepared to, until he saw you. You looked so scared and so vulnerable, the same way you had when you’d broken your arm when you were seven and he just wanted to get you out of there and take you home, so that was what he did.

After you had finished having your panic attack on the sidewalk, he had scooped you up and gotten you both into the back of the uber to take you home. Exhausted from the events of the night, you had dozed off to the feeling of him running his fingers through your hair gently.

 You only woke up when he placed you down on his bed, your fingers curling around his wrist when he went to walk away. His head snapped back to you, and then down to your dainty fingers wrapped around his wrist.

“Please don’t leave,” you pleaded with him softly, your eyes heavy with sleep and exhaustion, “I promise I won’t try and cuddle you or anything, but just stay, please,” you rambled sleepily, making him smile at you gently. Before he could stop himself, he leant down at brushed his lips against your forehead gently, revelling in the small upturn of your mouth.

“I’ll be here for as long as you want,” he whispered into the dark as he slid into the opposite side of the bed. Truthfully, he was hoping that you’d end up rolling over in your sleep and snuggling up to him; he could go back to ignoring his feelings tomorrow, but for now, he could be in his own private bubble with you and enjoy the perks that came with that.

He swore he must’ve been dreaming when he heard the soft, “I love you, Jack,” fall from your lips.

You know how in the movies, you see the leading lady wake up gently and gracefully with birds chirping in the background? Yeah, that definitely wasn’t how you woke up the following morning.

Your hair was tangled in the braid you had put it in the night before and your eyelashes were somewhat stuck together from not washing off your makeup, and instead of your party dress, you were wearing a very large, though admittedly very soft, long sleeved shirt.

Something else wasn’t adding up, your bed most definitely was not this soft; it was often lumpy with springs that stuck out and bounced more than anything. This bed was like a fluffy cloud wrapped in a hug. Suddenly the night before rushed back to you and your eyes snapped open, noting immediately that your cheek was pressed to a very warm and very bare chest.

“I was wondering when you might wake up,” the chest rumbled as you moved your head up to look at Jack Maynard. Groaning, you immediately rolled onto your back, missing the brief look of hurt and longing that passed over his face.

“What time is it?” You asked him with a groan, rubbing your hand over your eyes hurriedly. You had originally planned to sneak out early and hide in your bed for the rest of the weekend, you really didn’t want to outstay your welcome, as much as waking up in his bed had been a dream, you didn’t want to get used to it.

“A little after ten, why? You wanna track down that guy from last night?” He sneered, crossing his arms across his chest tightly. You tried not to swoon as you peeked over at him, his biceps bulging as he scowled at you.

“I had it under control, Jackson, I didn’t need a knight in shining armour,” you scoffed, feeling the anger bubble to the surface as you pushed yourself up to a sitting position in his bed, crossing your own arms across your chest as a scowl of your own spread across your face.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! He had you in a death grip and was two seconds away from dragging you out of there by your hair!” He exclaimed, twisting his torso to face you, his face twisted into a look of disdain.

“I would have handled it, Jack! I’m not one of your fan girls who’s sitting around and waiting for you to rescue me! I learned how to save myself a long time ago!” you hissed at him, throwing the blankets off of your legs and jumping out of the bed.

“I never said you were one of them! Fucking hell, Y/N, why is everything a bloody fiasco with you!” He shouted as he followed you out of the bed, groaning internally as you began collecting your clothes from the night before – this was not how he had planned on this morning going. You were supposed to wake up in his arms, and then he’d offer you breakfast, and then tell you that he loved you too and wanted to be with you properly.

“I don’t even understand why you were there, Jack! Y/C/N made sure that you weren’t going so she could set me up!” You shrieked back at him as you whirled around to face him, realising far too late that you should probably have kept your mouth shut.

“What do you mean she made sure I wasn’t going?” He demanded, taking a step towards you, and then another one when you stepped back further, continuing until your back hit his bedroom wall. “You could have gotten seriously hurt last night, Y/N! And she was nowhere to be found! Conor had to call me because he was scared that scumbag was going to do something to you!” he continued shouting, even though he was centimetres from your face.

You shrunk back as much as you could, feeling tears prick at the corners of your eyes again. Jack never yelled at you, sometimes the two of you would bicker or snap at each other but he never outright yelled in your face.

“I’m sorry, okay?! I’m sorry you had to come all the way out there and rescue me because I couldn’t fight him off! I’m sorry you had to carry me out of the uber and I’m sorry that you had to wake up to me in your bed instead of some mega hot babe!” You exclaimed, your voice shaking as you tried your hardest not to burst into tears.

Jack’s entire being softened, as though the fight had completely vacated his body, and he brought a hand down to rest on your cheek, frowning when you flinched at the contact, that familiar look of vulnerability on your face breaking his heart.

“You think I’m mad at you because of that? Y/N you scared me half to death! When Conor called me, I thought I wasn’t going to get there in time and you were gonna get hurt, babe,” he spoke softly, a small but serious smile on his face when you melted into his grasp, “I was ready to rip that piece of trash to shreds, but as soon as I got there, you looked so relieved and I just wanted to take you home. I don’t care about having to save you or carry you or wake up next to you, I just needed you to be safe,” he finished, bringing his other hand up to tuck a stray lock of hair behind your ear like he had the night before.

You nodded quickly, blinking back tears as you leant your face into his palm that remained on your jaw. “I’m so sorry Jack,” you whimpered, letting out a shaky breath when you broke eye contact, “I should have known better,” you whispered dejectedly.

Jack let out a soft sigh before pulling you forward and into his chest, one hand stroking the back of your hair gently and the other curled around your hip, holding you against him. You buried your face in his neck, sagging against him as you felt a wave of exhaustion roll over your entire body.

Slowly, you pulled back from his grip, looking up at him carefully and noticing for the first time how pink and perfectly pouted his lips were, as well as how blue his eyes were from this close up, the tiny flecks of grey and green in his iris’ standing out to you.

“Did you mean it? What you said last night?” he whispered to you, his arms wrapped loosely around you as your hands rested on his shoulders, both of you afraid to break the moment. Wait, what on earth had you said last night? You racked your brain trying to figure out what you could have said or done.

“I don’t remember, what did I say?” you asked somewhat frantically, pulling your head back further to look at him properly.

“You uh,” he started, biting his lip and seemingly debating whether to continue, good god what had you done? “You told me you loved me,” he finished, watching you carefully.

Oh, fuck. You don’t know what you were expecting but it sure as hell wasn’t that. Shit.

“I said what?!” you yelped, ripping yourself away from him as you began pacing back and forth in front of him, you had really done in this time. What on earth were you fucking thinking?!

“Oh my god, this is horrible! This is the worst thing I’ve ever done!” You wailed, speaking solely to yourself now, “Now you’re gonna tell me that I’m like the kid sister you’ve never wanted and say we can still hang out but we can’t because it’ll be all weird and then the boys will find out and they’ll be weird around me so I’ll have to stay away so I don’t make them uncomfortable and then your parents will find out and so will mine and my aunt and uncle and oh my god, I’ll never be able to go home again!” You stressed out, wheezing in and out as you began hyperventilating.

“Y/N …” Jack started, but it went over your head as you seemed to pace so quickly that you were almost sprinting in front of him.

“And then when Conor and Y/C/N get married I won’t be able to be maid of honour because everyone will feel awkward! Oh my god, what have I done?!” You screeched, surely having captured Josh and Conor’s attention by now.

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” Jack groaned, wrapping his hand around your wrist the same way you had done to him the night before and using it to pull you against his chest tightly, he used the other hand to push his fingers through your hair and pulled your mouth to his harshly. All of this happened in a manner of seconds.

Your eyes widened in complete shock and awe, not knowing what to do or how to react. Until it occurred to you that he was kissing you. Jack Maynard was kissing you and you were standing there like a shop mannequin! Who knew when this was going to happen again?

Before he could pull away, you stood up on your tip toes and used his shoulders to pull yourself up to his level. You shivered as you felt his fingers brushing against the bare skin of your back, opening your mouth slightly when he tugged on your bottom lip with his teeth. You felt him grinning into the kiss, giggling as he pulled back, pressing chaste pecks to your lips as he mumbled against them.

“I love you,” he murmured against your skin, trailing kisses along your jawline and down your neck, “I’ve loved you since you threw water on Conor’s shorts and told everyone he wet himself,” he chuckled, pulling back and looking at your face. You blushed under his strong gaze, looking down and your feet and giggling as he dug his fingers into your sides.

“Is this how you treat all of your overnight guests?” You asked him cheekily, stepping closer to him so you were almost chest to chest. He smirked at you, running his hands from your ribs down your sides and behind your thighs, his smirk deepening when you gasped as he hoisted you up and around his waist, your nails digging into his bare shoulders.

“Oh Sweetheart,” he chuckled darkly, “If you had been an overnight guest, you would not be wearing clothes right now,” He smirked, running his nose down the length of your neck and nuzzling into your collarbone. This was a different side of Jack then you’d ever experienced, and you would be lying if you said it didn’t turn you on a bit.

Hooking one of your hands under his chin, you dragged his face up to yours and pressed your mouth against his, letting out a soft moan as he dug his fingers into your inner thighs and giving him the opportunity to slip his tongue your mouth. You tangled your fingers in his blonde locks, tugging on them slightly and giggling at the grunt that left his mouth.

Pulling away, you looked down at his flushed face, his lips cherry red and swollen, glistening with saliva as he smirked up at you. “If I forget to say it, I love you too,” you smiled shyly, already feeling a blush creep up from your chest. He grins at your confession, before dropping you on his bed. You squeal as you bounce on his mattress, “You know, you have an extremely comfortable mattress,” you giggle as he crawls up towards you, caging you between his arms and the plush bed.

He chuckles as he leans down to press a kiss against the base of your throat, smirking at your sudden intake of breath as he worked on leaving a mark on your neck, the sight of the bruises that man had left on you last night stirring up something primal deep within him.

“Oh Baby, you have no idea.”


In hindsight, it probably was a pretty stupid idea.

But Jack wasn’t thinking about it being stupid at the time, in fact, him falling down the stairs was never even a thought that passed through his mind with how many times he had gone up and down the stairs in Joe’s flat.

And yet, it happened.


That was the only thing Joe heard before the loud thump, followed by a series of other thumps, and then groaning.

Him, Conor, and Caspar were all in the kitchen, frozen and staring at each other, because there was only one other person in the flat with them.

And he had just been upstairs only moments ago.

Conor unfroze first, practically falling out of his chair as he scrambled over to the source of the groaning, Caspar and Joe hot on his heels, wide eyes staring down at Jack, who was curled in on himself, arm cradled to his chest.

“What the fuck?” Conor blurted out, kneeling at his younger brother’s side.

“Caspar, call for an ambulance.” Joe said, his eyes falling on the blood on the floor.

“No!” Jack protested, wincing as he sat up, arm still against his chest, “M’fine.”

“You’re bleeding!” Conor snapped, his hand gentle as he turned his brothers head, checking out the new wound.

“Call for an ambulance!” Joe repeated to Caspar, kneeling on the floor as well. “What the hell happened?”

“Fell.” Jack gritted out, jerking his head away from Conor’s touch, “That fucking hurts!”

“I’m sure it does.” The older Maynard rolled his eyes.

“What’s wrong with your arm?” Joe asked, his tone a little more gentle than Conor’s as his hands hovered over the younger man’s arm.

“Bloody hurts as well. No, Caspar, put the phone away!”

“What do I do?!” The blonde asked, looking between the three.

“Don’t call the ambulance! I’m fine!” Jack answered, letting out a yelp of pain when Joe gently grabbed his arm.

“Right,” Conor scoffed, “Fine. Caspar, call a car. Mine’s back home, but we need to get Jack to the hospital.”

“Why?” Jack asked, hissing as Joe’s thumb moved across his wrist.

“Because you’re currently bleeding all over my floor, and you’ve potentially broken your wrist, you idiot.” Joe scolded softly, trying to keep his panic at bay.


“For what?” He lifted his eyes to meet Jack’s.

“For bleeding all over your floor.”

“I’ll send you the cleaning bill,” Joe offered a small smile, figuring joking was easier than worrying.

“I look forward to that.” Jack let out a small laugh, his uninjured hand finding Joe’s, giving it a squeeze. “It looks worse than it is, really.”

“Coming from the man with blood pouring out of his head.” Conor mumbled, pushing himself to his feet.

“It isn’t pouring out!” Jack replied, glancing over at Joe, “Is it?”

“Let’s just get you to the hospital.” Joe answered, him and Conor helping Jack to his feet.

“Told you it looked worse than it was.” Jack grinned over at Joe as the nurse placed a bandage on his forehead.

“You have a broken wrist and four stitches in your head.” The older man replied tersely, arms crossed.

“Yeah, not that bad.”


“I’m fine, Joe,” Jack laughed, using his free hand to tug Joe closer, the nurse smiling softly at the two as she finished bandaging his stitches. “I’m sitting here talking to you, aren’t I?”



“Alright,” The nurse stepped back, pulling her gloves off, “Remember, no getting them wet for at least twenty four hours. And you have to stay awake for the next couple hours, just to be sure you don’t have a concussion.”

“Which I don’t!” Jack said quickly, giving Joe a pointed look.

“And that cast will be on for a while.” The nurse continued, pointing down at Jack’s wrist, “Your pain medication should be ready to be picked up though.”

“Conor’s already grabbed it,” Joe told Jack, facing the nurse, “And thank you.”

“No problem. Just make sure he signs the paper work at reception and you’re free to go home.”

“Thank you, pretty nurse!” Jack called after her as she walked out, her laughter fading away as the door closed.

“Stop flirting with the nurses!” Joe scolded, his arms still crossed over his chest.



“Come on, babe,” Jack tugged at Joe’s hand until the older man uncrossed his arms, their fingers lacing together, “I’m fine. Just a new scar.”

“And a broken wrist.”

“Which means I’ll need help editing for a little while.”

“Might want to put out an advertisement for that.”

“What?!” Jack gaped at him, “You aren’t going to help!”

“Not my fault you were stupid enough to fall down my stairs.”

“Not my fault your stairs were stupid enough to trip me.”

“That doesn’t even make sense!”

“It makes perfect sense.” Jack replied, jumping off the bed he was sat on, kissing Joe quickly, “Let’s go find the other two and go home.”

“You sure you’re okay?” Joe asked, his tone turning serious for a moment as he looked at Jack.

“Yes,” The younger man smiled softly, giving the hand in his a squeeze, “Sorry for scaring you.”

“Just…don’t fall down the stairs any more?”

“I won’t.”

“And you still have to clean up the mess you made.”

“Oh but of course,” Jack rolled his eyes, leading Joe from the room, “Make the injured guy clean up!”

“It’s your blood!”

Hit of You » Conor Maynard

Request: could you write an imagine where the reader is a youtuber who is secretly dating Conor and when they make a video together where they sing the song “hit of you” by Paloma ford the fans start to figure it out bc of how they act in the video (I’m not sure if what I said makes sense but I think it’s a cool idea and I can’t write nearly as good as you so I just thought I would ask) thank you so much and I rlly enjoy your blog

You and Conor had been dating for then last 8 months and had been as thick as thieves before that. Your close friends and family knew about the relationship and they were more than accepting of you.

There were millions of people who were clueless about your relationship though and they just so happened to be you and Conor’s fans. You were both confident that they wouldn’t figure it out anytime so although you did take precautions in public.

You and Conor were singers and were signed to the same label, which was how you met almost seven years ago now. The two of you were on the verge of releasing your albums but you both had YouTube channels. He had convinced you to make one when his channel first hit one million and it had been growing ever since.

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…when it comes to art, you have to be selfish, you have to be in your own space and kind of make that space — it’s a very selfish space — to create from. Otherwise, you’re part of a corporation, and you’re moving at the whims of your boss-slash-public. As a true artist, you have to be a little selfish to exist in that space, find that connection, that human connection with the intangible connections, whether it’s digital or cosmic, whatever. You have to find your connection.
—  Maynard James Keenan, Rolling Stone interview
Anything For You // Jack Maynard One Shot

Hey guys! So this is my first JM one shot. I really hope you like it. I spent more than a week on it. I’m quite proud of it and I hope you guys like it as much as I do and if you like it, PLEASE SHARE! I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!

Imagine: Y/N and Jack are best friends but Y/N has an abusive boyfriend named David, that Jack hates. When Jack and Y/N gets into an argument about David, they both realize how deep they fell for each other without even knowing. 

“Jack I told you, I’m fine. There’s nothing to worry about. It’s just a flesh wound.” Y/N explained to him as she watched him open an antiseptic packet. Jack stopped in his tracks, giving her the ‘are you f*cking serious?’ look.

“Don’t give me that look.” Y/N rolled her eyes at her overprotective best friend.

They’ve been friends since they were 17 when Y/N was visiting Brighton because her cousin Asia lived there. Something clicked when they first met; it was quite indescribable. Jack always said that it felt like they’ve been friends for forever and Y/N agreed.

Maybe it was Jack’s gorgeous smile that could light up a room or his mesmerizing blue eyes that took your breath away. Either way, Y/N always felt drawn to him but really didn’t know why.

Y/N was always grateful to have Jack in her life but sometimes, it felt like there was more between them. They’ve been friends for so long, Y/N dismissed the idea of every being seen as more than a friend to Jack. Ruining a great relationship between one of the most important persons in her life was the last thing Y/N wanted. So she kept her mouth shut, not knowing that she wasn’t the only one that felt that way.

“Jack, I said I’m fi-ow!” Y/N cried out in pain.

“Clearly you’re not Y/N.” Jack argued as he finished patching up her deep wound. “This cut is as deep as the bloody River Thames! When are you going to leave that abusive piece of sh*t?” Jack asked, his already deep voice raising as he put a bandage over Y/N’s forehead and shoulder.

“I’m really f*cking tired of you bad mouthing him!” Y/N turned to him, exhausted from constantly going down this road with him every-day. Y/N knew that Jack didn’t like David, Jack made it known the day he met him. He called it, having “bad vibes”. It was complete bull crap but Y/N was used to it. David was always a sensitive subject between the two because it ended in arguments more often than not.

Jack could feel the anger boiling through his body. He couldn’t believe what he had heard. Was she completely mental? “You can’t be f*cking serious?” He asked in disbelief. “He hits you, calls you out of your name and constantly cheats on you! He’s a manipulator and an abuser!” Jack yelled, following after Y/N as she limped over to the couch. Another “love tap” David gave her last week.

Trying her best not to show that she was still sore from last week when David came home drunk again, she turned to Jack. Y/N could feel her throat growing dry at the sight of a red faced Jack. His jaw clenched over and over under his smooth olive skin. Y/N heart raced as Jack’s once bright blue eyes darkened by the minute. They both sent fear through her but also sent a thrilling chill coursing through her body and she had to admit, she kind of like it.

“He’s not that bad Jack. I just caught him on a bad day.” Y/N shrugged.

“Wow. This is un-f*cking believable!” Jack shook his head and chuckled. “How many more punches do you have to get before you’re in the hospital? How many more tears do you have to shed before he mentally scars you for life? How many more times do I have to see your body battered and beaten before you end up in a bloody casket Y/N?” Jack yelled, his loud voice vibrates through Y/N and the walls of his apartment.

Y/N found herself speechless and not knowing what to say. Y/N just wanted all of the fighting to stop. Fighting with Jack was the last thing that Y/N wanted. She absolutely hated it.

“I’m sorry you feel that way Jack but David’s my boyfriend and not yours. You don’t have to worry about me. I’m not the stupid insecure teenager I was years ago. I’m 21, a damn grown woman and I can take care of myself.” Y/N tried her best to sound confident but with her voice cracking, Jack could see right through it.

Y/N could feel Jack’s eyes burning through her as he stood in front of her motionless, without one syllable falling from his lips. Y/N exhausted her best efforts with the mental war in her head telling her to look back at him, she ignored them and started walking to the door to leave.

Just as Y/N wrapped her hand around the cold brass doorknob, the timber of his voice sent a shiver soaring through her veins. “Y/N. Please don’t leave. I’m sorry. I just want you to be safe.”

Reluctantly, Y/N turned around to see the tear filled eyes of her best friend. A best friend that Y/N knows she’ll be lost without. Y/N could feel her heart breaking to see Jack in this unhealthy state. It broke Y/N even more to know that she was the cause of it.

“I don’t want to have to bury my best friend. Please don’t make me have to Y/N. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I need you.” A gasp escaped Y/N mouth as Jack grabbed her by hips and pulled her flush against his warm body. The pungent scent of Jack’s familiar cologne wafted through Y/N clogging her senses and clouding her mind. Just as like the magnetic pull between Y/N felt when they first met years ago, it was back again and this time, Y/N knew she wouldn’t be able to ignore it.

“You deserve so much better. You shouldn’t have to deal with someone like him. You need someone who loves you and will treat you like the queen I know you are.” Jack gripped Y/N tighter, locking his beautiful blue eyes on Y/N, unable to look away even if he wanted to.

“And who would that be Jack? Who could possibly want a beaten, battered and weak little girl like me?” Y/N said, her voice cracking as cheeks became stained with each tear that fell.

Jack’s warmed breath fanned her cheeks as he leaned in closer. Soft hands caressed her cheeks and wiped away the fallen drops. His breathtaking eyes went from the delicate face he caressed to her eyes.  “Me.”

Y/N licked her drying lips and with a shaky voice said, “You love me?”

Jack eyes seemed to sparkle just a little more than normal as the corners of his mouth tilted upwards. “Since the day I met you Y/N, you’ve been all I can think about each and every day. You’re truly the most amazing and strong person I know. Through the passing years is when I finally realized how much you mean to me and how much I can’t be without you. You’re everything to me and if you would, please give me a chance? Let me show you I can be the man that you need in your world. That no one else can or will love you the way that I will. I promise y-“.

Without a second thought, Y/N connected her lips with Jack’s. Jack stood stunned for a moment before he wrapped his arms fully around her curvy body and kissed her back with more vigor. Y/N smiled into the kiss and returned the beautiful embrace.

Y/N felt as if she was floating on a cloud being in his arms. The thick scent of Jack’s Calvin Klein cologne invaded Y/N’s nose, making Y/N feel like she could bask in it forever. A gasp left Y/N’s lips as Jack trapped her in between his solid warm body and the door. The cold metal from Jack’s nose ring tickled Y/N’s nose as his thick tongue began to peruse Y/N’s mouth battling with hers.

Reluctantly, Y/N pulled away catching her breath. Eyes misty with drunken lust, Jack’s now dark blue eyes caught Y/N’s. “I guess that was a yes?” A lazy grin danced across Jack’s rosy lips as he waited for the answer he knew he was going to get anyway.

“What do you think Mr. Maynard?” Y/N giggled, rolling her eyes playfully.

Y/N quickly wrapped her arms around Jack’s neck, burying her face in his neck. “Thank you Jack, for never giving up on me.”

Just as quick as she hugged him, Jack could feel his neck becoming wet with Y/N’s tears.

Y/N was grateful that he didn’t say anything; but instead, wrapped his strong arms around Y/N and pressed a soft kiss to her forehead.

“You’re welcome baby. I’ll do anything for you.”

�� ��


Maynard Carbine
Massachusetts Arms Co. 
Chicopee, MA

As southern secession and even a possible war against the Union became more realistic by the late 1850s, many southern governments looked to bolster their armories. Thus, as demand for both edged weapons and firearms spiked around the country, arms production became big business – and not just for gunsmiths. Practically anyone with even a remotely practical idea on how to gain a battlefield advantage through superior firepower could cash in, and from the mid-1850s through to the end of the Civil War, an influx of firearm alterations, gadgets, gizmos and other weaponized curiosa emerged.

One such offering was the Maynard Carbine, named for its inventor, a New York dentist named Dr. Edward Maynard, whose southern advertising campaign emphasized ease of use:  “Nothing to do with a Maynard but load her up, turn her north, and pull the trigger; if twenty of them don’t clear out all yankee-dom than I’m a liar…” The ads worked. Southern armories ordered about 1,600 of these first-model, breech-loading pieces prior to secession, and the Confederate Congress placed an additional order of 1,000 guns for assorted Cavalry units throughout Virginia and the Carolinas.

Carrying a nickname of “pop-gun,” the Maynard was anything but. It was an efficient weapon to say the least. Factory warranted to fire 12 rounds per minute with an effective range of 1600 yards, it was simplistic in its workings as a breechloader and, moreover, utilized brass cartridges. But, despite its overwhelming popularity, the Maynard had its shortcomings. The lack of a forward stock, for instance, forced the shooter to place his hand on a bare metal barrel, which after six or so rounds became quite hot to the touch. More of a liability, however, was its paper tape primer (similar to toy cap guns still around even now). In an effort to cut down on reloading time, Maynard devised a rolled length of tape embedded with multiple mercury fulminate capsules. Unlike the single-shot percussion caps, however, these capsules were embedded at measured intervals inside the tape and would automatically feed into place when the hammer was cocked. 

To be fair, Maynard’s paper tape priming system worked great - at least until it started raining. Despite its varnishing, the tape roll still proved unreliable in damp conditions, and was soon replaced with the standard metallic percussion cap action. 

Weaponry Wednesday: Each Wednesday we post an object (or group of objects) from the Charleston Museum’s diverse weapons collection. Many Weaponry Wednesday items may be on permanent exhibit in our armory or elsewhere in the museum, but some pieces rarely see exhibition, temporary or permanent, but are well worth sharing.  We hope you enjoy our selection each week – do let us know if there’s something in particular you’d like to see on WEAPONRY WEDNESDAY! Also, we always want to learn more about our collection - if you have some insights on a piece, please feel free to share!  #WeaponryWednes