Nightclub AU

“ I’m trying to seduce you with some sexy dance moves but I can’t dance for shit , so now I’m attempting to awe you with my poorly choreographed maharana dance in this fucking club while some weird song plays in the background.”

“ It’s your 18^th/21^st birthday and your friends brought you to my club to get waisted, but you ended up flirting with me the whole time I was covering for my sick bartender.”

“Somehow she ended up as a winning dance duo on a dance battle at the club, you may be drunk but damn, you know how to move those hips.”


Liam Talking About Zayn

(Best Song Ever was the last song of the encore at Croke Park during WWA, the fall below happened right at the beginning of Best Song Ever)

(By saying that, Liam basically told everyone to go look it up)

(Louis is from Yorkshire, but Liam uses the plural and Zayn is the only other one from Yorkshire)