Summer schedules

Yesterday it hit me that in the afternoons I will be spending most of my hours doing a play for the next month and a half. It’s A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. It’s a musical Vaudeville comedy. This part of the summer might help me get into some improvisation writing. The main reason I say that is we don’t rely on thinking in the theatre; we rely on action. If I spend my time tossing ideas around thoughtlessly I’ll most likely run into some ideas that I want to continue working on and putting thought into. I want to make sure that this project is something that carries a nice momentum and energy… Something that sticks. So, with the time that I have being sucked out of me in the afternoons I’m going to have to work in weird time slots between my daily life and rehearsals. I’m sure I’ll have time. It’s mainly getting in time to work with other musicians and getting all of our ideas and sounds put together.

Vaudeville is pretty high energy, and carries a stable energy through the tales that are being told. Perhaps that can be an inspiration to what is becoming of this project.

Finally! Music!

This last week I was able to finally have a get together with a few members in this project and get working on some sounds. I wrote some words and slapped a title on it… Seems legit. Any way, we ended up coming up with some sounds. We’ve found our sounds blended together have a bit of an alternative rock sound. I’m really pleased with this outcome. We’ve also hopefully found our name, which I’ll eventually announce once everything is settled. This is going to be one hell of a project.

This is the beginning

Here starts the creation of an album. I’ve begun the writing and idea process in the last few days. As it stands I would like to call the album “Mad at You Mad at Me”. Though I’m not sure if it will stick; I would like the album to carry a theme. This means I need to figure out how I will carry a theme through at the least ten tracks. So far I want to write it about people I know, people I love, people I hate, and even people I am only aware of through the words of others. I want the stories of these people to be told through allegories, first person narratives, and simple straightforward storytelling. In the next two weeks I would like to settle down with my idea of an album theme, and from then on it’s going to be a lot of writing.

As for musicians, I am fortunate enough to know a giant handful of musicians that are very talented and very open to creating different sounds. On this particular part of the process I am going to be playing around with the sounds of different musicians and instruments. I am hoping to make this album something that is a free, “summer” kind of album. Perhaps a good example of the sound  I am thinking of is “Wolfgang Amadeus” by Phoenix. The sounds made on that album carry a particular energy that sticks with every song. Perhaps I’ll try to play with the energy presented in certain sounds.

For now, the process has begun and madness ensues.