April 18

My dryer broke today, which sucked. I think it’s the belt & it looks like a pretty easy fix, so I’m gonna take it apart tomorrow to make sure I get the right part number & whatnot, & then I’ll go ahead & order it online & hopefully get it in ASAP. I wash an absurd amount of laundry, mostly pet stuff (between fleece for my five Critter Nations & towels to clean up the dogs’ irritating habit of peeing in the laundry room constantly). I am kinda stressed about it & I’m hoping I get it in soon, I’m about to go out of town for a week & I have to get the cages cleaned & my bedsheets washed before I leave.

Had to run a few errands–I had to return a couple of library books I hadn’t had a chance to read, which sucked, but I didn’t want them to get overdue since I’m gonna be out of town soon. I picked up a few more & I was able to get The Zone of Interest again since I only got halfway through it a few weeks ago, hoping to actually finish it this time!

I went to Aldi & THEY HAD FROZEN SPAETZLE I was so excited I almost screamed in the store. It was kind of expensive, I think it ended up being like $1.50 per serving if I remember right, so I only got one, but aaaaaaaah it was so tasty & I think I might have to go back & buy a few more tomorrow. I love Aldi but I also kinda hate it because I fall in love with their clearance items & then they’re gone forever & now I will never again have tasty corn nuggets or those veggie flatbread things.

Went to mayisay-ilovedyoumore‘s house & buried almost all the rats that have been in my freezer for ages. I’ve still got to take a few to be cremated (Pax, Rorschach, Courage), but I’m gonna wait till the summer when I’ll have more money. I ate a great deal of food, as I always do at her house. Mmmm starchy goodness…mashed potatoes, rolls, macaroni & cheese (& we added a vegetable! cheesy broccoli) SO TASTY I WANT MORE NOW

Came home, played with all the rats & did some cleaning around the house. Stanley & I watched the first episode of Daredevil IT WAS SO GOOD I SHOULD HAVE NOT WATCHED IT RIGHT BEFORE BED BECAUSE IT GOT ME ALL PUMPED UP. WHAT A FUCKING BADASS OMG HE’S SO SEXY AND AWESOME and I didn’t recognize him as Tristan until halfway through the episode & now I wanna watch Stardust & I’m going to be good & self controlled & watch one episode of Daredevil a week & continue with my one episode of Firefly (which is also difficult to not binge watch, but at least it doesn’t usually get my adrenaline pumping like Daredevil did, I wanna like, run around the house in the dark & punch imaginary bad guys, except that sounds like a good way for me to break limbs).

August 16

Today was nice, a little more hectic than I typically prefer my Sundays, but not unbearably so.

Woke up early & laid in bed for an hour spooning the dogs & letting them playfight all over the bed (this is my favorite Sunday activity). We left for the dog park not long after. No one was there except this guy who works with me & he’s pretty hot but I’m not attracted to him. He lives near me & he’s very active with his dogs, so I see him once or twice a week at various parks nearby & I always worry he thinks I have an obsession with him or something. I guess I’m being overly paranoid, but I know he thinks I’m weird & our minimal interactions have been REALLY awkward at work & I don’t want him to think I’m dangerousweird. I overly loudly went “HAHA I SWEAR I’M NOT STALKING YOU GUYS!” as soon as I saw him & the lady that he was holding hands with was very pregnant & so I almost said “Oh, I didn’t know your wife was pregnant!” but then it occurred to me maybe it was someone he was cheating on his wife with & not actually his wife. Plus, he’s been with a woman most of the times I’ve seen him & I never noticed she was pregnant before & I probably should have, so I didn’t want to seem rude. It’s entirely possible I did not notice the pregnancy because I have no interest in babies & also every time I see him, I’m usually concentrating on trying to hide so that he doesn’t think I’m stalking him. I never really cared about him before but now I will create elaborate mindstories about how he is having affairs with ten or twenty different women & spreading his seed throughout town.

Came home, cleaned some cages, started reading David Cullen’s Columbine (which is phenomenal, I can’t put it down!). Got all the rats played with & cleaned a couple of cages. Went over to Blaze’s house & photographed her new rats, chickens, dogs, & her mom cut my hair.

I’m so overwhelmed by my new car having six CD slots. I had really focused on getting my number of CDs down over the last few years & moving more towards just having mp3s of my very favorite songs but now I want to move back towards CDs. There are a ton of albums that I really like the songs from, but I either just have the mp3s or I have the artist’s greatest hits instead & now it’s driving me bonkers because like, I want all of Born to Run or The Chain & I want it on CD & aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah it’s going to cost like twenty billion dollars to get everything perfected for my car why are things so expensive?!?!?! I am trying to calm down & be reasonable, most of the CDs I want are classics, so I can get them for under $5 each & maybe I can buy one or two a month so it won’t cost as much, but it’d be so much more satisfying to just buy fifty CDs right now. I think I’ll try to hit up the flea market next weekend & pick some up there, everything I want should be very easy to find.

Alfie did really well today. I think the key to her being in a good mood is to not wake her up to bring her out. I have been taking her group out when it’s convenient for me to do so & that often involves removing her from the space pod & she doesn’t SEEM pissy about it, but I’ve noticed her behavior is not as good on the days when I do that vs. when she’s actively begging to come out (which she does a lot if I wait until nighttime to take her out!) She also behaves much better for banana baby food than most of the other flavors. She didn’t bite at all today & licked my hand a few times. YAY ALFIE

June 7

I went to bed too late last night & the night before so I’ve been tired all weekend but TONIGHT I WILL ATTEMPT TO GET ENOUGH REST!!!

Woke up a little later than I intended to & then wasted a ton of time trying to catch the neighbor’s little dog who was out running around. He doesn’t really get enough exercise & he loves my dogs a lot, so I’m thinking about offering to walk him when I walk mine. I wasn’t able to catch him because he’s super crafty.There was all this weird neighbor drama where other neighbors were out screaming about how someone was ringing doorbells last night at 3am & then someone called the police & another person was angry because they were out smoking weed on the front porch & didn’t want the police to come. I was unaware any of this was happening at 3am since I was asleep, but the neighbors seemed to be trying to involve me in the conversation or look to me for some sort of opinion as to whether the police should’ve been called or not, so I finally just awkwardly skeedaddled with the loose dog happily following me & my leashed dogs for the entirety of our walk.

Came home, played with the rats, caught up on Game of Thrones–that episode was SO FREAKING GOOD UGH CAN’T WAIT TO WATCH TONIGHT’S EPISODE TOMORROW while sitting with my hand in Alfie’s cage. She did pretty well & only bit me one time, I petted her a lot.

Went over to Blaze’s house afterwards & played with her dogs & her boyfriend’s super-fun boxer. A lady that just got hired at my work had been talking about how she had a chicken that she didn’t want any more & was hoping would get hit by a car. Blaze said she’d take it & I okayed it with my coworker, who was out of town all weekend but said we could just go pick it up. We went to her house & there was absolutely no sign that a chicken lived there, we didn’t see a coop, food, water, poop, feathers, or anything & she lived right between a busy road & the woods, so it seemed unlikely a chicken could even survive there. It was a little bit eerie & felt like a scene from a horror movie where the lady was going to come bursting out of the woods & kill us after luring us there under the false pretense of chicken rescue. Just as we were about to leave, I saw some white feathers in the bushes & Blaze crawled in & grabbed a big chicken. We put it in the carrier & got it back to her house & set it up in a nice coop with feed & water (which it was SUPER stoked to get). Not sure what sex it is but I have named it Travicus. I also got to visit the other chickens, I don’t really like any of them except Mykerion, who hatched in my hand two years ago. Mykerion is now sitting on some eggs & soon she will be a mother, so I will need to go ahead & think of potential baby names for the little chicks.