Credit Crusade

I don’t follow Everyday-Cutlery, nor do I have an Instagram so I have no idea who Mayhemworks is.

The image is hyperlinked if you click on it, redirecting you to the imgur source. I found that image on on page 70-something.

I did a reverse image search on Google and it brings up dozens of Tumblr pages, so you have to go on your credit/source crusade against those people because I did at least hyperlink.

So don’t go fucking hashtagging #shame cause I didn’t credit a source even though I looked. This image has been floating around Tumblr for ages; some have 1,700 notes, another one has 23,000 notes; which is the original? I don’t know and neither do you cause people can upload images on Instagram, doesn’t mean its theirs.

Use your head next time…