Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Ficlet: Albus’s Magic

Because I often write from Albus’s POV, I have described Scorpius doing magic in great detail. However I’ve never written about Albus’s magic from Scorpius’s viewpoint before, so I thought it would be fun to rectify that! This is about 1.5k words of Scorpius marvelling over his boyfriend’s magic. (Thanks to @platinasi for the inspiration.)


Sometimes Scorpius watches Albus do magic. It’s become almost a pastime for him. When he’s finished all his work, or he’s mastered whatever spell they’re practising in class, or he simply knows that Albus is somewhere close by weaving incantations, he stops what he’s doing and just watches.

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Mayhem and Mischief

*i finish placing the last of the snacks and alcohol on the island and put on some music before yelling for everyone to get their asses in the living room I just spent all day (and a significant portion of J’s money) on to turn it into our own personal party zone.*

HURRY THE FUCK UP OR IM GETTING LIT WITHOUT YOU! *mumbles* And we all know how that turned out last time…

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anonymous asked:

I really love your work, it's great! and I always wonder why people hate the idea of ​​Jon and Dany being together? i would like to know your opinion.

Hello anon!

Thank you, glad you enjoy the mayhem.

As to your question, it’s my impression that most fans who are opposed to the paring of Dany and Jon fall into one of two categories. They are either oppose to it because of the incestuous nature of it or they are oppose to it because they find the paring to somehow be a cliché and/or predictable.

Let’s deal with the opposition to incest first.

Now, in modern day real life most people are opposed to incest because of a number of very valid issues. Most of us wouldn’t even think of engraining in it. But A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones is not modern times and it most certainly is not real life. However, it is loosely based on medieval European history.

The vast majority of fans who oppose this paring on the basis of incest assert that Jon Snow would never marry his aunt because he was raised a Stark, and the Starks and Northerners in general do not believe in incest. This assertion, however, is not really true.

From what we have learned from history, the books and the supplementary works provided to us by Martin we see that culturally the Starks are not opposed to certain degrees of incest.

I won’t give you an in depth history lesson because I’m really not qualified for that. But if we look at history in general avunculate marriages (marriages between and uncle and a nice or an aunt and a nephew) were not that uncommon, especial amongst nobility. The most common incestuous marriages amongst nobility are cousins but we do have more than a few examples of avunculate marriages (almost exclusively uncle and nice). Strangely enough, in this modern day we still have certain culture that continue to practice avunculate marriages.

So, that’s a real world example. In universe we have three separate occasions in which the Starks engaged in marriage with close relatives, i.e. incest. The most recent example is Jon’s maternal grandfather Rickard Stark, who marries his first cousin once-removed Lyarra Stark. We are talking about Ned’s parent, so this is very recent. It’s in the family tree, I’m sure everyone knows about it. Not a problem.

The next two examples are a bit more distant. These marriages are about two generations before Rackard and Lyarra married. These are the marriages of Edric Stark to his half-niece Serena Stark and the marriage of Jonnel Stark to his half-niece Sansa Stark. Jonnel and Edric were brothers while Serena and Sansa were sisters. Neither of these two marriages seems to have been political in nature as neither brother was the Stark heir and there were plenty of Starks around. So there was no need to unite the family.  It seems that they were both love matches and I believe Rickard and Lyarra were as well. If there had been any issue regarding the uncle/niece marriages, once the first one took place the second one would not have been allowed.

Coming back to Jon’s beliefs regarding marrying a relative, I think we have to take into consideration that these sorts of marriages were not seen as wrong, they weren’t common place but they certainly took place within the Stark family.

One shouldn’t argue Jon would marry Dany because he learns that he is a Targaryen and decides to somehow forsake his Stark upbringing and embrace the Targaryens practice. That’s a mistake. Jon is a Stark, he’s lives by the values instilled in him by Ned, he’s culturally a Northerner and nothing will change that.

But that doesn’t exclude a paring between him and Dany because they are related. Starks are nobles and as nobles they have engaged in incestuous marriages before. Jon might not want to marry Dany because of whatever reason, he is still an individual and has his own likes and dislikes, but that reason would probably have a lot less to do with incest than what most opponents to this paring think.

Regarding Dany’s view of incest, well, she is a true Targaryen (culturally speaking). She grew up believing that she would marry Viserys and as recently as A Dance with Dragons she opines that if Aegon, Rhaegar’s son, had lived she would have married him:

“A crown should not sit easy on the head. One of her royal forebears had said that, once. Some Aegon, but which one? Five Aegons had ruled the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

There would have been a sixth, but the Usurper’s dogs had murdered her brother’s son when he was still a babe at the breast. If he had lived, I might have married him.

At least as far as Dany’s concern she would not be oppose to marrying Jon because he’s her nephew. She might not want to marry him because she’s not attracted to him or doesn’t think that he would make a good political match (he would make a good political match) but incest would not be something she would be opposed to.

So, to those who oppose this paring because of incest, I say to them that’s entirely your prerogative but don’t insert your modern day values into these characters minds. What they have grown up believing is right or wrong in regards to these marriages is different than what you believe.

Now, to my least favorite argument opposing the paring of Dany and Jon. I can understand the incest dislike, totally, but to call this paring a cliché is to pretty much ignoring the story, the character development or the circumstances in which these two characters will probably meet.

If Dany and Jon had met in the first book and fallen in love at first sight and been separated because of this or that and then reunited towards the end of the story, I would call that a cliché, predictable and boring. But that’s nowhere near the story and the story arcs we have read so far for Dany and Jon.

First, they haven’t even met, and we are close to reaching the third act of this story. Second, these two characters have already had intense romantic relationship with people who they both believe were the loves of their lives. We are in book five and these two are still mourning the loss of Drogo and Ygritte. And third, well they are aunt and nephew and they don’t know about it.

So, I ask those fans where is the cliché? Other than having the main young male protagonist get together with the main female protagonist, there is nothing ordinary about their story. There is going to probably be all kinds of angst, misunderstanding, and whatever else GRRM decides to throw at this potential relationship. He so far given a very interesting, in depth, deconstructed of the high fantasy tale, while still keeping a lot of fantasy tropes within his story. Why then would he turn around and just give us some “Disney fairy tale” between Dany and Jon? Do you have so little faith in GRRM’s ability to bring these two characters together, have us root for them and still think it’s a unique paring because of who these characters will be when they meet. I don’t, I trust him completely to make me root for them and then break my heart somehow.

And by the way I have no problems with cliché, they work, that’s why they are used over and over again.

So, anon, that’s my really long winded (sorry) answer to why I think a portion of the fandom hates the idea of a Dany x Jon paring.

P.S. Also, why is GRRM talking about Targaryen aunts and nephews marrying? I’ve seen the Targaryen family tree and there are no such marriages there…Freudian slip perhaps (minute 27:30).

P.P.S GRRM didn’t have to add those uncle/niece marriages to the Stark family tree. He added there for a reason.

princeasimdiya12  asked:

Hi there. Can you do a drabble for Kiki/Leni with number 123 please? :)

When Leni had invited Kiki over to her house for smoothies, Kiki was not prepared for the wild circus of mayhem that was Leni’s ten siblings.

As soon as Leni let her in, Kiki was ambushed with a cacophony of voices and noises. There was an older teen girl chattering away on her cell phone, a pair of 6-year-old twins playing tug of war with the TV remote, rock guitar music and a chemical explosion from upstairs, all topped off with a screaming baby. And this was only six out of the ten siblings she was told of.

“Hi, Kiki!” Leni said, smiling cheerfully as she shouted to be heard over all the noise. “I’m so glad you’re here!”

Kiki cupped her hand around her ear and leaned closer, trying to listen to Leni’s voice over the noise. “Huh??” she shouted back, perhaps a bit too loudly. “What did you say?? I can’t hear you!!”

Leni took Kiki by the hand and started pulling her to another room. “Come on! It’s quieter in the kitchen!”

This turned out to be true, and Kiki quietly thanked her lucky stars. “Wow, you live with this ever day?” she remarked, ears still ringing. “And I thought living with one sister was nuts!”

Leni giggled and opened the fridge. “That’s how it always is around here,” she said as she gathered ingredients for making smoothies. “What’s it like at your house?”

Kiki leaned against the counter, rubbing her temples to soothe her headache. “It’s pretty noisy with my sister playing loud music and my dad yelling for her to turn it down. But this is a whole new level of crazy.”

“What about at work?” Leni asked, not looking up from the fridge as she rummaged around. “Your dad runs a fish stew shop, right?”

“It’s a pizzeria,” Kiki corrected. “Fish Stew Pizza. It can get pretty hectic during tourist season. Phones ringing, oven timers beeping, cash registers opening and closing and customers lined up out the door…”

“Wow!” Leni said, arms full of milk, peanut butter, bananas, and an ice cube tray. “I could never handle all that,” she said as she closed the fridge with her foot. “All that stuff going on all at once would make my head spin!”

Kiki giggled. “Hey, you need some help with that stuff? It looks pretty heavy.”

“Nah, I got it.” Leni winked and placed her armful of food on the counter. “If there’s one thing I’m good at around here, it’s making smoothies. Now step aside and watch a pro.”

Kiki wondered if Leni really was as good as she said or if she just wanted to impress her. Maybe it was both.

So along with never owning up to starting the Apocalypse in season 4 (Cas knew Lilith was the last seal), I’ve haven’t seen Cas express any remorse for his part in the death of the innocent Nephilim girl.  Cas only seemed troubled when he cause death to his fellow angels and mayhem in heaven, but he doesn’t seem to regret the human lives he destroyed on earth.  Hannah had to guilt Cas into looking up the remanent of the Novak family. 

The season 12 promo of Cas saying he has to stop Lucifer (since he freed Lucifer) to save the world, maybe Cas would finally start owning his past actions?

oblitusrex  asked:

But just imagine that at TP zelink wedding, the ENTIRETY of Ordon village comes to castle town and causes mayhem and Link laughs and tells Zelda "I told you so!", because he warned her when she sent the invitations that Ganondorf couldn't cause half the chaos Ordonians could. But then the villagers bring amazing food and generally make the wedding perfect and Zelda wonders if they could visit more often


Plague did agree to let Locura the Demon of Madness take over his body during the night time in the month of October. So at Night Ya’ll get to see this fella walking around causing mayhem.


There was more slithering than actual pouncing today; if he’d been in the mood, it seemed to have burned out in the earlier mayhem and chaos. He’d had the decency to change into something less scorched, at least, even if it was Danny’s, and while he paused to rest his chin over Plas’s shoulder, a light tickling to the ghost’s other cheek would probably make Pit Snake known, too.

Had they met? Well, whatever. Now they had.

“How d’you go from that to…going back to dealing with heavy shit again? ‘Cause I don’t wanna.” It was half a pout, half genuine complaint, and he exhaled a soft huff through his nose. 

Honestly, I think a whole month of “Halloween” really ruins how special the night is supposed to be. A month of preparations, costume making, scary movies and candy? Yes. But Halloween should be one crazy night full of madness and mayhem, not a week of parties.

For his photo project ‘3 Glasses,’ photographer Marcos Alberti took 4 portraits of his subjects: one before, and one after each of 3 successive glasses of wine. Source

There is a saying about wine that I really like and it’s something like this “The first glass of wine is all about the food, the second glass is about love, and the third glass is about mayhem.” I really wanted to see it for myself if that affirmation was in fact true.

Marcos Alberti Photography