A little MLP fanart based on a episode I watched with my lady. YES I watch the show WITH her, lol. It was a fun ep. and I thought I’d jump on the Flutter/Discord bandwagon… Sides, John de Lancie… his voice… perfect. 

Anyway- I tried to doodle something original. Discord was a blast to draw. I actually had a harder time with Fluttershy. Go fig?

Anyway MLP and characters © Lauren Faust/Hasbro

My darling mayhemomega came to my stream last night and stuck through it long enough to get a sketch out of me ;3 Team Dark’s opening from Sonic Heroes came on and I was ranting about how much I love Shadouge. So he asked for this. Gosh it’s been years since I’ve drawn them!!! *cries*

Don’t ask about the pose it was 3am she’s squishing his cheek with her boob.

You know… I drew Pathfinder (my OC) quite some time ago… In fact, he  was first doodled up when I was in middle school (I’m 30, so that should give you an idea). Before I even knew what or WHO Scourge was. Years later I see this hedgie pop up and think, “Whoa! How cool is that? A green (formerly blue, I know) hedgie that is a bad ass! I mean, of course he’d be badass…anything that’s green is automatically awesome.. even if it was with a lil’ assistance from the Master Emerald..

Anywho- Scourge sharing a few words with Pathfinder

Path mine
Scourge © his respective owner(s)


Lemur! Saw this stick-lovin critter while visiting the Tampa aquarium with my fiancé :) I’m a goober, I know.

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Out n’ about with my lady. We done do’d this ❤ Mmf

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