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gotgconspirator  asked:

Ravager wet T-shirt contest

The immediate image brought to my mind was not in fact a sexy-yet-awkward contest that you likely were imagining.

Instead; my brain was all:

Yondu dunking t-shirts into water and throwing them as hard as he can at people.  

Because of course he would.

Yondu: Wet T-Shirt contest! >:D
Kraglin: Sir that’s not what they- *knocked off of chair* mfmf!!
Peter: I WANT IN >:D -grabs a bunch-
Yondu: Thas’ my boy!
Random Ravager: WET T-SHIRT FIGHT!!!!
-mayhem ensues-


Hi guys this is my first post i hope you like it💖
Hair @leahlillith Recolor: @salem2342
Brows: @pralinesims
Lashes: @kijiko-sims
Makeup: @mac-cosimetics
Choker: @pralinesims
T-shirt:Original by @sims4-marigold Recolor: @streetxsims
Jeans: @puresims Shoes?
Tattoos: @streetxsims
Bracelet&Ring: @leahlillith

Hair: @adedarma Recolor: @kenzar-sims
Brows: @pralinesims
Lashes: @kijiko-sims
Makeup: @mac-cosimetics
Necklace: @leahlillith
T-shirt: @mayhem-sims
Jean Shorts&Socks: @savage-sims Bracelet&Ring: @leahlillith & @toksik
Boots: @simpliciaty