mayhem fest scranton

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I went to Mayhem fest in Scranton PA on the 2nd of August. I was there to see a lot of bands but my #1 band I wanted to see was Asking Alexandria. I have been a fan since their first album and they are my life. They’ve helped me through so much. I had the pleasure of meeting them last year but I wanted to meet them again since I couldn’t really say anything to them last time since I was crying so hard. We got in line to meet them and once they figured out how to get around the fence, into the tent (It took them awhile. James got lost in the process), it was my turn. I went down the line, to each guy, telling them how much they meant to me. They thanked me and signed my CD. Afterwards, we were walking to main stage but we decided to sit by a fence and take a break. As I was walking towards the fence, I saw Ben Bruce and Danny Worsnop walking to their bus! I screamed “BEN!!!! BEN!!!!” And he looked around cuz he heard his name but didn’t see me. And then Danny drove the two of them away in a golf cart. I thought to myself “Okay. If Danny and Ben were just here. James, Cameron, and Sam have to walk by too! I waited for 10 minutes and then I finally saw them walking towards the bus. I practically leaped onto the fence and screamed "James!!” (he’s my love) and he waved to me and walked over with the rest of the guys. I said “Can I take a really quick picture with you guys?!” And James said “Yeah!” And the security guard said “No guys, we really gotta go. It’s almost 4.” James got mad at him and screamed “Let me take the picture!!” And we took this picture! (I just barely got Sam in it but he’s so cute) I told them I loved them and later that night, their set was AMAZING.