“Now I’m standing facing west. Tracing my fingers around a silhouette, I haven’t gotten used to yet, but it’s the brightest thing I’ve got. When I’m covered in rain.” His music is what I need today and everyday for the remainder of my existence. #johnmayer #mayermusic #mayermorning #ifonlymylife #jcm

Mayer Mornings, you know. They are the best kinds of mornings, because you get to wake up and enjoy the music, face, and over all essence of a man who goes above and beyond in his every day live, sharing all of his awesome, unique, and completely humorous traits. I just dig him, all the time. #mayermorning #mayerneverleft #johnmayer


This is what every morning should sound like #johnmayer #mayermorning #mayermondays

I love music of all genres, but there’s something about @mrjcmayer ’s music that shines brighter than the rest. “Look at the stars, don’t they remind you just how feeble we are. Well it used to I guess. Cause ever since I tried, tried not to find. Every little meaning in my life. It’s been fine, I’ve been cool, with my new golden rule.” That’s what I love #bklovesmayer #johnmayer #mayermorning #ifonlymylife


If this doesn’t make your morning, I don’t know what will 🎶🎸😁✌#johnmayer #mayermorning

So incredibly jealous of those who got to hear him sing that song last night. I can just hear it now “you can paint that house a rainbow of colors. Rip out the floorboards and replace the shutters but…” Jeezze I love that insanely talented, gifted beyond belief man. He makes me very happy this morning , well you know every #mayermorning #johnmayer #happy #ifonlymylife #83 #andthesedays #hartfordct #mysavinggrace #bornandraisedtour This is why I need to go to the Atlanta show! Just one more time! #addictedtojohnmayer 😁💕🎶