Just 10 of the images taken last night at the O2 Arena of the brilliantly talented John Mayer.

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  • Level
  • John Mayer
  • Unreleased 2009

In August of 2009 John Mayer hosted a series of Internet radio shows for his fans and followers.

During these broadcasts Mayer played some of his favourite tracks from other artists (both old and new) and even debuted a few unreleased bonus/demo tracks of his own.

One track titled Level was debuted live with Mayer acting as DJ and talking over the track. He sampled Kanye West’s Gold Digger and experimented with the mix as the song played. You can definitely hear D'Angelo’s influence in this recording - one artist Mayer has been a huge fan of for some time.

Excluding JM’s collaborations, Level is arguably Mayer’s first (own) foray into Hip-Hop…That he’s shared anyway.

I thought I’d take what JM aired that night and re-cut Level without any of the Kanye West sample, mixing, or talking from John.

  • LISTEN to the original live aired radio version HERE



A wonderful documentary about John Mayer.

Made by fan and video editor, Eastwood Allen.

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