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Donald O’Connor (1925-2003)

“I was born and raised to entertain other people. I’ve heard laughter and applause and known a lot of sorrow. Everything about me is based on show business - I think it will bring me happiness. I hope so.”  


An au where ophelia is jules’s sugar momma


I own this album. Classic Track. Chill Vibes 💜… Check out John Mayer Daughters. #WomensHistoryMonth

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Top ten current favorite songs (in no particular order)

1.  Stop this Train by John Mayer

2. Back to You by Twin Forks

3. What You Know by Two Door Cinema Club

4. One Last Time by Christopher Jackson, Lin Manuel Miranda and the Hamilton Cast

5. Sleeping at Night by Caught a Ghost

6. Nice n’ Easy by Frank Sinatra

7. San Diego by blink-182

8. There Will be Time by Mumford & Sons and Baaba Maai

9. Same Drugs by Chance the Rapper (plus the cover by Misterwives)

10. What Do I Know? by Ed Sheeran

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Come Back To Bed Sweetheart...

Song: Come Back To Bed by John Mayer.

A/N: so I did this based on come back to bed by john mayer. its my favorite song by him and I’ve wanted to do a one shot based on it for a while now. anyways here it is, hope everyone likes it!!

Word Count: 1038

“I can’t believe you Dean.” you shouted, your words echoing through the bunker. What had started out as a simple argument with Dean, had now turned into a full blown war between the two of you. You don’t even remember at this point what started it all, but you couldn’t take it anymore. You were rushing around the bunker, gathering clothes and other items that belonged to you, preparing to storm out the door any second. Tears streamed down your cheeks as a mixture of anger and sadness ran through your veins. You weren’t sure if you could get over this one. He brought your brother into it. Of all people. You had met Dean while hunting with your brother, Ian in South Dakota. Ian and Dean had known each other for years and had decided to get together for a hunt, bringing you and Sam along too. It was during that hunt that you lost him. You lost your best friend. Ian meant the world to you. You leaned on the Winchester brother’s for support and they gladly took you in. Dean quickly fell for you and you for him. But now the two of you were fighting constantly. Early that day while on a hunt you risked yourself to save Dean from  nearly being killed by a vamp. Yeah sure, you had a few cuts and scrapes but it was better than not having Dean. But Dean didn’t see it that way. He only seen it as you nearly getting killed yourself. And so the fight had begun. And it ended with his harsh words. You almost didn’t believe he said it at first. But the words flowed out of his mouth clear as day.

“Oh my god Y/N. You just don’t get it do you. Sometimes I swear you’re just as stupid as Ian. It’s this kind of irresponsible shit that got him killed you know.” Dean yelled. As soon as the words rolled off his tongue he regretted it. Silence fell over the room. Before he could apologize, you had stormed out of the bedroom.

“Y/N wait.” Dean shouted as he jumped out of bed and ran down the hall after you. He found you in the library gathering some books. “C'mon babe, I’m sorry. What are you doing?” he asked.

“I’m going to go for a bit, a need some time… to think.” you replied, tears were still pouring out of you. Dean looked to you deflated but you wouldn’t make eye contact.

“No c'mon Y/N, please don’t. We can fix this. I didn’t mean it. Come back to bed please.” Dean pleaded. He cringed at the thought of losing you. If you walked out that door, everything in him would break. He didn’t remember what it was like to live without you, it just didn’t make sense.

“No Dean, I think you did mean it. And I know it, I know what Ian did was stupid and reckless. But he did that for me. He did it to save me. And the thought of that eats me up inside every single day. Do you know what it feels like to have someone die for you Dean?” by now you were screaming. Tears racked your body and all you could do was drop to the floor. Dean knelt down beside you and put a hand on your shoulder.

“I do. Y/N, my dad went to hell for me. And I know that all you want to do is risk it all because you don’t see the point in living without him, but you can’t do that. You can’t risk your life trying to make the pain go away.” Dean’s hand moved from your shoulder and cupped your face, wiping the tears from your cheeks with his thumb. “I can’t lose you Y/N.”

“But I can’t lose you either Dean. Sam and you, you’re all I got now. When I lost Ian my whole world fell apart, and thank god I had you and Sam to put me back together, but if I lose you I don’t think I could handle it. They’d have to lock me up because I’d go insane. I know you don’t want me to risk myself to save you but wouldn’t you do the same thing for me? I hate that just as much as you do, but I know you would.” you looked to Dean in agony. It hurt so much to even think of not having him around, so if you lost him you figured you’d probably go crazy, maybe even forget how to breathe. Dean let out a sigh. You were right, he would die for you. But that didn’t mean he wanted you to die for him. He wasn’t worth it. You meant something to the world to him.

“You know I would. It just kills me that you would do the same for someone like me. You’re beautiful, and caring, and this world needs you. I’m just some beat up old hunter with nothing left to offer the world.” Dean stood up and turned his back to you. He never ever wanted to see you hurt. Wouldn’t even dream of it.

“But you’re mine. You mean the world to me. And I can’t lose you. And maybe this isn’t perfect, hell it’s far from it. But maybe that’s what love is, two people risking everything for each other.” you stood to your feet and Dean turned to face you. “And I love you Dean…” this was the first time you had ever said those words to him. It almost felt foreign to you. Dean wrapped his arms around you and pulled you in close. Your hands traced his biceps and trailed up his shoulders to the back of his neck.

“I love you too.” he replied. Your lips curved up as Dean leaned in and kissed you passionately. He quickly swept you up into his arms, causing you to pull away and giggle. “Now can we please go back to bed?” Dean whined. You laughed and nodded your head as he made his way back to the bedroom with you in his arms.

WATCH John Mayer : Someday I’ll Fly

The feature documentary chronicling the musical evolution of Grammy Award winning guitar player/singer-songwriter John Mayer.

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John Mayer finally back on Periscope 2016.