May Day NYC 2015 | International Worker’s Day Movement building in barrios deserted for profit Allotted only to those who wear ropes bearing fruit at their ends Year after year, the exploited the wretched the muck of barrels traded for bodies Dented by chains still shaking to rocky seas After hurricanes too big to contain the vanguard, the reserve, the unpaid, the Yolk of humanity , boiled , who’s skin was shattered for their hands and their hands only Never shall we forget the foundation who’s backs we stand on since Yesterday’s war against mother eve Caught by nets hanging off the shores of a black oasis, too sacred to describe #MayDay2015 #MayDayNYC #WorkerPower #PeoplePowerMovement @peoplepowermovement #nycphotographer #nycphotography #protests #photojournalism #streetphotography #canonrebel #every28hours #BlackLivesMatter #Ferguson - Photo by #JayEsPhotography See the rest of the photos at:

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