mayday raven


1000th Post for 1000 plus follwers!!!

Want to be featured in the party, heres your chance


(Left side)

1st Row: Vaudeville, Buttecheese, Cherry, Dizzy, Passion Paniting, Princess Blueblood, Piny Twilight, Tomboy Rarity, Brainy Twilight.

2nd Row: Wuta & Yuta, Star Singer, Skype, Silent Kosmo, Ace, Fluffle Puff, Corel-Lee Mclovin.

3rd Row: Emerald Knight, HyperBrony, Drift, Pinkie Tai, Wiggles, Serious Dash.

Above: Lola Cloudmaker

(Right Side)

1st Row: Joen Klausen, Banana Pie, Lovely Pages, GL Applebloom, Dimlight, Coffee Talk, USA Pony, Art Spark.

2nd Row: Pirate Dash, Mayday Mayday, Clockwork & Skydrifter, Raven, Timber The Wood Pony, Time Lord Dash, Lovely Laughter.

3rd Row: Sweden Pony, Lion Heart, Albino Pie, Cookie Cutter, Edgar Allan Poeny, Checkers

Above: Deadpool <— (Theres alot of those blogs somewhere)


Swiggity Swoosifer my name is Lucifer

(sorry I’ll try and stop introducing sentences like that)

(also sorry again because I couldn’t figure out how to make it any louder than that)

(um yeah so watch the thing I’m ~*acting*~)


Video! It’s kinda boring, just a summary of the week. Forgive me, I’m sleepy!!