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Luke Hemmings- Mind Blown

Request: Can you write one where you have been having sex with Luke for months but he’s never made you cum and it makes him really mad so one night he insists he wont stop until you do and when it finally happens you can barely handle it? :)


My best friend used to tell me all the time “If the sex isn’t good, what’s the point in staying in the relationship?" 

With Luke and me, he just never finished the job no matter what position we were in. It came to the point where I wasn’t really into having sex anymore, and I think Luke was starting to notice. 

While I was out on the couch watching Mayday Parade music videos, Luke walked right past me and into the bedroom when he came inside. Normally Luke would be all smiles, giving me a kiss then continue with what he needed to do. I paused the video and moved the computer to it off of my lap, then I walked to the room. 

"Luke?” I questioned, opening the door. As I walked shut the door behind me and turned around again, Luke’s lips crashed to mine. He held both sides of my face, deepening the kiss, There was something different about this kiss, it was just as passionate as the other we’ve shared but there was something behind. 

I looped my arms around Luke’s neck as he backed me up against the door. Luke lick along my bottom lip, eager for entrance as I opened my mouth. Luke slid one of his hands, so that it was entangled in my hair. He gripped tightly, causing me to moan into the kiss. I felt Luke smile against my lips, obviously happy with where this was leading. 

Luke pulled away from the kiss, moving his face next to my ear. “Jump.” He whispered, catching me thighs as I wrapped them around his waist, 

This was a different side of Luke that I haven’t seen before, to say that it was a turn on was an understatement. Luke’s decision to take control practically had me dripping, and we haven’t done anything yet. Luke moved from the door to the bed, laying me down as he crawled over top of me. He kissed along my jawline and down my neck, biting softly. Luke leaned up, taking off his shirt and then removing mine. His hands lightly slid down my body, leaving goosebumps in their wake. Luke played with the button of my shorts, before he pulled them down. 

Luke got up from the bed, going to his dress drawer and pulled something out. He hid it behind his back as he crawled back on top of me. “Be ready for a night like any other.” Luke whispered seductively in my ear, as he covered my ears with some type of blindfold. 

I felt Luke’s lips trail down my body, nipping as he made his way down. Luke chuckled softly, before he forcefully pushed my legs apart. The weight of the bed shifted for a moment, then Luke pressed his lips to the crease between my legs and lips. As he sucked on my skin, I felt Luke ghost his fingers over my clothes clit. I tried to close my legs, but Luke held down my thighs. 

“I won’t close my legs, just please do something.” I begged for the first time. 

Luke ripped my lace panties off of me, running his fingers up my slit before he pressed his thumb to my clit and started rubbing circles. My back arched off the bed, as I lost my hands in the thickness of Luke’s hair. He moved his lips to my clit and started sucking, as he pushed two fingers in me. Luke’s fingers rubbed agained my walls, causing me to moan out. Luke swirled his tongue around the sensitive nub, then attached his teeth to it,

“Fuck, Luke.” I breathed out, trying to find a steady breath. 

I felt myself closing in on my high, but Luke removed his fingers right before I was able to reach it. He left me a whimpering mess, it was almost painful to have my orgasm ripped away from me. I scoffed, wanting nothing but Luke to go back to what he was doing a second before but he had already moved off the bed. As I sat there trying to regain my composure, I felt something press against my slit. Luke rubbed the his tip up and down my slit, teasing me until I reached down and lined him up with me,

“All you had to do was ask, babe,” Luke stated, pushing himself into me.

I gasped out, having no time to adjust to his size. Luke rocked his hips in and out, rolling his hips when he was pressed up against me. I bucked my hips to meet his thrust, moaning out his name as we continued to move. Luke took a hold of the blindfold, uncovering my eyes as he looked at me. “I couldn’t stand not looking in your eyes.” Luke said, crashing his lips to mine. 

I tightened around him, hearing Luke groan into the kiss. He pulled away, resting his forehead on mine. My mouth formed a small ‘o’ because of a feeling of pleasure that I haven’t had before. Luke and I locked gazes as we both continued to move. Luke took a hold of my hands and raised them above my head. Surprisingly, this made the feeling more intense. 

My walls tightened around him again and my muscles started to feel like they were burning. My eyes filled up with tears as pleasure washed over me. I came completely undone around Luke, I eyes slammed shut and everything black for a moment. Luke must have finished off, because I came back to my sense he was pulling out. My chest rose and fell at a rapid pace, it was like I couldn’t get enough air in my lungs. Luke traced his fingers against the side of my face, wiping off the tears. 

“Babe, how are you feeling?” Luke pondered, his entire domineer changed. 

“Mind blown.” was all that I could say.

~Brittney c:
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