mayday bbc one

I’m currently watching MayDay (2013), this BBC One’s drama thriller where Aidan plays a shady widowed father who happens to have affairs enjoy the company of basically teenagers YOUNGER women

what are you up to man

Watched the last episode of Mayday. I literally couldn’t stop laughing when Gail gave her dog her husband’s ashes - I probably shouldn’t’ve found it that funny… The only thing I didn’t really understand - or that they didn’t explain very much (though that was probably on purpose, knowing the BBC) was the whole thing between Fiona and Everett. I don’t really like how they killed (if they did) Seth. I also didn’t really like the Caitlin turning into Hattie thing, or how they handled it at least. I hope there’s a second series. I don’t really know how they’d stretch it out or whatever, but I really liked the show and want more.