THANK YOU ! I mean, sometimes I question whether my parents should have named me Falmata, but somehow I always end up embracing it because of the fact that virtually NOBODY  else has my name (that I know of) and it how it has a pretty interesting meaning. But yeah, thanks for feelin’ me on this one. I shall call you Ra-ja if I ever run into you ! :)

animalupset-deactivated20141209 asked:

Hello! I have a quick question for you! How do you take full body selfies? Do you have someone help you or do you do it yourself? But more importantly, I think you're super cute and intelligent! I learn a lot about the trans/queer community through the things you reblog. I'm trying my best to be a good ally and become as aware as possible! Furthermore, I love you and Owen (I follow him too). Have a wonderfully sexy evening!!!

hi! to answer your first question: with a lot of difficulty haha. but seriously, it’s so difficult to take full body selfies by yourself. it’s much easier to get someone else to take them for you.

also, thank you! you’re very sweet :) and i’m glad you’re educating yourself and trying to be aware. woo

and ty again! :)) (i love him lots too haha)

have a wonderful sexy evening yourself!