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Life advice from the cast of Bungou Stray Dogs


I’m proud to present you a collaboration post I did with my friend @shooshoo96

Dazai Osamu

  • You’re a different person from who you were before, so don’t let your past self control decisions for your future. 
  • I tried and I failed,I failed and I tried.A failure is an opportunity to try again.Learn from your mistakes,you’ll struggle, but the path to success is rough.You’re stronger than you think.

Nakajima Atsushi

  • being kind doesn’t mean that you’re weak. It means that you are strong enough to overlook people’s mistakes
  • There’s always something good in a day.But if you’ve had a bad day,just relax and eat your favorite comfort food.Things will definitely get better.

Kunikida Doppo

  • Be kind to yourself.Stick to your ideals and stop comparing yourself with others.Be the best version of you that you can ever be.Hold your head up and do your best to not have any regrets later. 
  • Stop living in the past.If you always keep mourning and regretting the mistakes you make in the past, things will not work out.

Edogawa Ranpo

  • You don’t have to be smart to be happy or the best. The best people are the sweetest and kindest. Talking about sweets now I’m craving for some.
  • Live your life your own way.When all else fails you gotta trust in your instincts and deduction ability.

Yosano Akiko

  • Be as Sharp as knife so you can cut toxic relationships out of your life.  
  • Never show anyone your weaknesses.Hide them.
  • Don’t wait for people to protect you.Learn to fight and protect your loved ones instead. 

Miyazawa Kenji

  • Don’t let challenges and difficulties faze you. Be strong and face them head on with a big smile,so bright that it will blind your opponent.
  • I’m always smiling but it doesn’t mean that I’m always happy.Don’t fake a smile if you don’t feel like it.Don’t say that you’re alright when you clearly are not.

Tanizaki Junichirou

  • Family is most important group of people in your life. So love them with all your heart. 
  • Also, family isn’t necessarily someone related to you by blood it’s anyone who brings you joy and happiness. And they are your source for love,comfort and safety.

Tanizaki Naomi

  • Be fearless. And live by your own rules.
  • You don’t have an ability so what? As long as you have courage, you’ll make it happen.*Whispers* Maybelline New York 
  • I’ll be there for you

Izumi Kyouka

  • Don’t let other people control your thoughts and actions. 
  • Just do whatever you want.It’s your life, you choose to live it as you wish.Even I was able to do it!I believe in you.

Fukuzawa Yukichi

  • Have the strength to remain calm in the storm.
  • It’s important to be composed and have a clear mind when facing hardships.A calm and composed mind is the strongest ally you can ever have.

Port Mafia version’s here

It’s National Lipstick Day

and here are my best lipstick tips:

1. Please help your fellow humans out and tell them when there is lipstick on their teeth

2. Don’t listen to anyone and wear dark lipstick in the summer and hot pink lipstick in the winter if that’s what you want

3. Buy an angled brush and add a little concealer to it, then line your lips with it after a lipstick application and blend with a makeup sponge or concealer brush. This will create some Pintrest level lips but please don’t try it for the first time 5 minutes before you are supposed to leave, it takes practice. And keep Qtips around for mistakes.

4. Put lip balm on your lips erry night

5. There is a red for every woman in the world: try a cool red if you are pale, a darker maroon red if your skin tone is dark, and an orangey red if you are a redhead.

6. If you are a lipstick beginner, try NYX Butter Gloss or Maybelline Color Whisper for something light 

7. If you love lipstick, you have to try Sephora Cream Lip Stain, Milani Matte Lipsticks, TooFaced Melted Lipsticks, and a NARS lip pencil. 

8. If it is your first MAC lipstick, you can’t go wrong with Diva, Ruby Woo, Myth, or Lady Danger

9. When going out with bright lips, do not forget some tissues, a hand mirror, and the lipstick of choice

10. If someone doesn’t like it, too bad

11. I recommend everyone has around a better than nude shade, a dark “I drink your blood” shade, a “I look great tonight and no, you can’t kiss me” hot going out shade, a neutral pink, and a classic red.

12. The prospect of making out, drinking, or eating greasy food should never stop you from wearing lipstick 

13. There’s nothing sexier than lipstick on a bagel

Spin The Bottle - Sebastian Stan x Reader

Anonymous said: hi! please do 99 for Sebastian :) LOVE your writing!

“I don’t think I’ve ever played spin the bottle.”

It was just one of those days on set. You were all in costume, waiting to go back on set but also having to wait for them to sort everything out. This led to you, Sebastian, Chris, Anthony, Paul Rudd, Elizabeth and Jeremy just sitting together outside. You all wanted to hang out but the trailers were all too small for your collective to fit in, so you sat in what can best be described as an empty parking lot.

Though you were in each other’s company that didn’t stop any of you from still being bored, you were laid on the floor looking up at the sky whilst also resting on Seb’s lap (you told him you didn’t want to get all of your costume dirty). “That cloud kind of looks like a dog?”

Sebastian looked up and followed to where your finger was pointing, “really? I think it looks like a dolphin.”

“Oh my god, this is the most bored I’ve ever been.” Anthony whined, causing both you and Sebastian to both look down and towards him, scarily synchronised in your movements. “Let’s play a game or something?”

Sitting up, you grabbed your bottle which had been rested beside you and proceeded to take a drink. “Like what?” You asked, just before putting it against your lips.

The rest of the cast looked towards each other for better ideas, Elizabeth shrugging her shoulders whilst continuing to pick at the gravel on the ground. Jeremy abruptly reached out and pulled the bottle away from you, managing to only drop a bit of water onto your chest. He also took the cap out of your hand and put it back on the bottle, “I have an idea,” he declared as he placed the bottle on the ground and spun it. “We’ll play spin the bottle.”

“Could have asked for it you know,” you grumbled, wiping away the water whilst also glaring at Jeremy, he gave you an innocent look in return. “I don’t think I’ve ever played spin the bottle.” The bottle slowed to a stop and landed on Paul Rudd, “so who asks the question?” You asked.

“I spun it, therefore I should get to.” Jeremy decided for the group, “truth or dare?”

“Truth,” he replied, “wait no, dare. No truth… Dare. Okay dare.”

The group chuckled at his indecisiveness and then promptly awaited whatever Jeremy was going to force Paul into. “Okay, I dare you to go up to someone and ask to hug them.” It was a simple request, the perfect icebreaker for the game.

Rudd seemed to have no problem with what he’d gotten as he stood up instantly, “I have no problem with going and spreading a little love.” He quickly charged over to the first person he saw, you and the cast watched the entire altercation. He opened his arms and requested the hug, luckily it seemed like he’d managed to approach a fan who quickly accepted the offer and then requested to take a selfie with him. Rudd reappeared after another minute with a skip in his step, dropping back to the floor with a look of accomplishment on his face, he then spun the bottle.

It eventually came to a stop on Sebastian who instantly said, “truth.”

“How dull,” you laughed and he stuck his tongue at you. Your relationship with Sebastian had certainly transformed during the shooting of Civil War, he’d become a lot more playful towards you and you’d become a lot more comfortable around him. Hence why you had no problem simply laying down on his lap earlier on. “Real mature, Sebby.”

Lot’s of people offered questions to ask Seb, Anthony was the first to ask a sexual question, Elizabeth agreeing with him and giving you a pointed look as she did so. Elizabeth was another person you’d grown close to during filming and she knew all about your attachment to Seb, though she was great at keeping the secret. In the end it was up to Paul to decide and he settled on the question: “How do you get your hair to look good, seriously, what’s your secret?”

Automatically, Sebastian ran his fingers through his hair and shrugged his shoulders. “I honestly don’t know, I think I was just born with it this good.” He joked, a smirk displayed on his lips.

“Maybe it’s maybelline,” you whispered mostly to yourself but everyone else heard it and burst into laughter. That little comment earned you a nudge from Sebastian but his wide smile told you that he, too, had found it amusing.

When he spinned the bottle it landed on Chris, who threw up his hands into the air. “Oh no,” he moaned, instantly regretting being a part of this game. “Dare,” he eventually decided, making numerous mixed expressions before he came to the decision.

You were quick to lean towards Bucky and whisper into his ear, suggesting your own dare. He thought over it for a second before nodding and turning back to the cast who were very curious to know what you’d said, “give your phone to Y/N and let her make one tweet.”

“What?!” He huffed, “that’s so unfair, it’s not her dare.”

“No, it’s mine, and that’s the dare.” Sebastian sassed quickly, the argument all in jest.

Chris mumbled begrudgingly as he went and got his mobile phone, unlocking it and then handing it to you. Sebastian leaned over you to look at what you were writing, and it felt rather comfy having Seb’s head placed on the top of your shoulder, his warm breath pressing against the bare skin of your neck. He laughed out loud once you’d finished typing it, and then you sent it, handing the phone back to Chris so he could read it out loud for everyone to hear. “It’s true guys, Stucky is real, has been for a while now.”

“The fangirls will go wild,” Jeremy laughed boisterously, almost falling backwards.

Once the laughter had subsided it was Chris’ turn and his victim ended up being Sebastian, there was some debate that it was unfair Seb going twice before anyone else but he decided to be the bigger man and accepted the challenge. “Dare.”

Chris had a sinister look on his face immediately, obviously he was plotting revenge. “I dare you and Y/N to go into the tiny trailer for seven minutes.”

“So you basically want us to do seven minutes in heaven, yeah?” You laughed, knowing that you and Seb were so comfortable together that you’d practically already done it. Plus, you were adults, not teenagers, you doubted that any sexual attention would overwhelm you. Once Chris nodded your head, you stood up and waited for Seb to join you. “See you guys in seven minutes then.”

The trailer was only a short way away, and the closer you got to it the more you realised that it had been aptly named. It was used only for probes, and not anyone’s actual trailer. The door was unlocked as expected, and Seb was the first to enter and you followed. “I feel like this’d be easier if we weren’t in costume.”

“I feel like this would be easier if you didn’t beef up for the role.” You added, placing your hands against his chest. “Am I hurting you?” You asked after you were forced to stand on his feet.

Seb shook his head, “you’re actually quite light.”

“Really?” You asked, shocked because the previous night you’d treated yourself to a mcdonalds… and ben and jerry’s… and skittles. Seb had been there too.

“We could probably start dancing right now,” he chuckled, remembering the overused cliche in some romance movies where girls that can’t dance stand on their partner’s feet so they can do all the dancing.

You giggled with him, “I don’t think that’s what people normally do in these situations, I bet they’re all sat out there expecting us to make out.”

“Would you like to?” He asked casually, though he did look away as soon as the question slipped out of his lips. There was very little lighting coming from the small window on the door, but you were still able to see how a blush formed on his cheeks.

This caused you to blush as well, “no,” you answered honestly, believing that he probably wanted an honest answer. “Not yet anyway,” this seemed to catch his attention away from the embarrassment he was feeling and he returned to staring down at you, “I like you, a lot, but I don’t want to rush into something. Especially if it’s being forced by our friends, let’s just… wait for the moment. You know?”

His head slowly began to nod, “yeah, you’re right.” He leaned down and pressed a kiss to your cheek, a symbol that he’s cool with just cheek kisses as long as you are. And that he’ll be cool with mouth to mouth kiss when you are as well. He was so slow with moving away though, and it actually turned out you were wrong.

Perhaps on the inside you actually were a teenager, as Sebastian being so close to your lips drew you instantly. “Fuck it, life is short and you are hot.” You whispered before meshing your lips against his. It was a surprise for Seb, but not necessarily a bad one as his response to your lips was practically instant. You were pushed further against the wall as his hands pressed against your skin, the metal one going underneath your shirt and causing you to gasp. He took this as permission to add tongues to the mix, which again, wasn’t necessarily a bad surprise.

You weren’t sure how long you were in there just making out, but a knock awoke you from the passionate exchange and you saw Elizabeth’s head bobbing beneath the small window. The smirk very clear from the way her eyes squinted slightly, “you guys have been in there for thirty minutes and they want us on set now.”

“Right,” Seb said, noticing how you were quite breathless.

He went to open the door but you quickly pulled him back, “wait you have ‘I just made out in a trailer’ hair,” you whispered, unaware whether Elizabeth had gone yet. You tried your best to sort out his hair seen as it was mostly your mess, you just couldn’t resist tugging on it. The sounds he’d made had certainly helped continue the make out session and keep it exciting. Once you were done you almost allowed him to leave but then you pulled him back, kissing him again. “That was for luck.” You excused shyly, proceeding to leave the trailer and catch up with Elizabeth who instantly knotted her arm with yours and asked for details.

Shrinking Blonde's Guide to Makeup Pt. 2 (Drugstore Brands)
Not only am I a beauty junkie, I work as a style section editorial intern at a magazine which has lead to me to some amazing and some not-so-amazing product discoveries. To save you money, time, and lots of headaches, I’ve compiled a list of the best makeup I’ve tried, both luxury and drugstore brands alike.  DRUGSTORE BRANDS
  • Foundation for oily skin: Revlon Colorstay. The best drugstore foundation I’ve ever used in my life. It applies like a luxury foundation and really stays! It doesn’t make me oily, but it can be shiny so be sure to set with a powder along your t-zone. 
  • Foundation for dry/regular skin: L’Oreal Lumi. It’s incredibly luminescent and sooo glow-y. It’s just gorgeous. I actually just bought this yesterday and mixed a tiny drop of this into my MUFE Mat Velvet and it brought out such an amazing glow. This stuff is a perfect dupe for Yves Saint Laurent foundation. It looks great on everyone, but I’ve noticed it looks the best on really dark skin tones. Literally it looks like you’re glowing from within. Just gorgeous.
  • Undereye concealer: Maybelline Dream Lumi. It is pretty similar to my MAC Prep + Prime stick at a fraction of the cost. They looks really great in the inner corners of eyes as well! 
  • Blemish concealer: Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda. This comes in a little palette so you can treat different skin issues with ease. The really yellow stuff will neutralize dark spots, the light shade will help with redness, etc. You just need a tiny dab on your concealer brush and you can practically do your entire face in one go.
  • Eyeshadow: NYX shadows are by far the best of the drugstore lot. They are sooo silky, easy to apply, and legitimately last. There is a little bit of fallout with these shadows, but this can easily be fixed by doing your eye makeup first and then applying your foundation. 
  • Eyeliner: Maybelline Eye Studio gel liner. I use this every single day of my life. There is no other. Like, skip the pencils, skip the luxury brands. Buy this. No really, BUY THIS RIGHT NOW!
  • Lipstick: Maybelline Color Whisper. These come in the prettiest shades ever and are so creamy. They don’t feather either!
  • Mascara (general): Maybelline The Rocket. This is honestly one of my favorite mascaras of all time. The brush is so perfect for strong yet soft lashes. One or two swipes is perfect for day-to-day, but layer it on for the most gooorgeous dramatic lashes of all time.
  • Blush: Milani baked blushes. I’ve only tried these a few times, but they give a really pretty flush. They’re shimmery without being to glittery, so it’s still natural-looking for day time.
  • Bronzer: Milani baked bronzers. I used this bronzer all through college and really loved it. It has the perfect flecks on gold in it, so it will flatter all skin tones. A little goes a long way, so be careful!
  • Makeup brushes: Real Techniques. A lot of professional makeup artists I know have some of these in their kits, so I went out and bought a few yesterday. I got three for like $12 and they feel like good quality. I used the blush and powder brushes today and have been really satisfied so far. 

anonymous asked:

what are your makeup stables? what do you use for everyday? what do you use when you go all out? which products are your current faves?

okay full disclosure for this post - any makeup recs i make should be taken in the context that i am really, ridiculously pale. like vampire, i-can-see-your-veins, get-some-sun-miccaeli okay-mum-jesus pale.

everything but lips

  • primer - point no. 1 and we’re already hitting elf, which proves how awesome they are lmao. elf is one of those brands that has a whole lot of high end dupes at really great prices that are still pretty good products themselves. I use the elf mineral primer in clear (they do have colour correcting primers, but if you’re gonna colour correct you should probs have a dedicated product for that). garnier perfect blur is also a good buy, and it’s a bit more heavy duty but benefits porefessional is very much worth the hype. HIGH ENDsmashbox primer, bar none.
  • concealer/highlighter - i don’t use a lot of concealer but like. the under eye area is an ISSUE. i fluctuate because i haven’t found the perfect one, but i like maybelline’s fitme, even if they always market it as ‘breathable’, which is creepy and weird. nars creamy concealer is good too. for highlighter i use revlon skinlights, which is both awesomely named and legit makes you look like some kind of glittering midsummer night’s dream-esque florence and the machine otherworld creature
  • bb cream - i use bb cream instead of foundation because i hate the feel of product on my face so i like to keep it light. i use maybelline and i like garnier’s as well, though it’s veryyy drying. i’ve tried just about every bb cream under the sun so
  • blush - blush is imo probably the most versatile makeup product, because it comes in so many different forms. i tend to like liquid/gel blush the most, because i feel like it gives a more natural look than powder. i use elf blush in headliner, l’oreal bb blush, and for powder i love thebalm’s blushes both for their staying power and their bomb ass packaging (they’re in a compact mirror/case, i usually keep one in my bag), and milani baked blushes. HIGH ENDnars outlaw, dolce vita and mata hari, any benefit blush
  • brows - honestly i don’t do as much to my brows… i hate the feeling of wax on them lmao. but anastasia dipbrow is THE brow product, the nyx brow kit is also pretty good, as is benefit gimme brow/brows a go-go
  • eyeshadow - i use urban decay potion primer, but elf primer is a great, cheaper option. i also really love maybelline’s colour tattoo eyeshadows, which are a cream blend that can work on their own as eyeshow or as a base/primer. For actual eyeshadow, URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTES. I have them all and I’d say 3 is my favourite because I love the rose hues, but I probably use 2 the most, and people say it’s the most universally flattering. for day to day i love to use eyeshadow quads, because they come in complementary colours you can use for your crease/inner eye/etc without having to think about it. I use clinique (because my mum gets them in those gift bag giveaways lmao. god bless), chi chi and i have ONE chanel les 4 ombres quad that cost a frankly ridiculous amount and which i cherish accordingly. HIGH ENDLORAC PRO PALETTE. mac eyeshadow pots, and they’re not high end but i have a few barry m palettes and i love them
  • mascara - mascara is one of those things that seems pretty simple… until you start looking for colours other than black. black mascara ALWAYS ends up smudging on me and it makes me look hungover and not in a fun way, so i prefer dark/blackened brown for every day. revlon’s lash potion is awesome and i use rimmel extra super lash as well. i tend to use non-waterproof mascara because waterproof is honestly a fuckin bitch to get off. for blacks i like covergirl’s clump crusher (honestly so much of a mascara is about the brush, and covergirl always has good brushes), maybelline lash stiletto won’t give you volume but nothing beats it in length, and physican’s formula just feels nice. no high end for this cause like, it’s mascara, though i guess MUFE counts so smoky extravagant. i will say though that i think benefit they’re real is TOTALLY OVERRATED 
  • eyeliner - i started using liquid eyeliner first because im one of those throw urself in the deep end ride or die bitches. the nyx curve liner is really good and is so easy to apply because of its shape, i like the elf essentials liner, and i use gels for tightlining - rimmel and australis. i have glitter eyeliners from both elf and nyx. HIGH ENDstila all day liquid liner, i know it’s hyped a LOT but honestly it deserves all the praise and more. this shit does not fucking BUDGE even if you don’t prime, it’s amazing
  • brushes - i love real techniques brushes, they’re AMAZING.

lips - another preface: as previously established i’m pale as shit, and i have cool undertones so i don’t lean towards warm/orange hued lip products. it’s all pale pinks and blue based reds for meeeee

  • lip treatments/balms - maybelline babylips are a fav, and i love their pink electro pop, but honestly once i started buying lanolips i stopped buying every other lip treatment. it is SO GOOD and i use it as a clear balm, as a base for drying creams or matte shades, you can even use it when you wake up first thing in the middle of winter and your lips are dry like the sahara. also i like lush’s lip tints, especially it started with a kiss.
  • glosses/stains - NYX BUTTER GLOSSES. OH MY GOD, THEY ARE SO FUCKING UNREAL they all smell like birthday cake? some kind of sugary baked product and the colour range is sooo good and they’re completely buildable, from sheer to solid AND THEY LAST FOR AGES honestly go right now and buy twenty. revlon’s whole line of stains/balms/clinique rip off sticks are AWESOME. HIGH END ysl glossy stains. l’oreal makes a pretty good dupe but honestly you buy one of the ysl ones and it’s like shooting yourself in the foot because YOU CAN’T GO BACK. as always, i go for blue based reds, like rouge goache.
  • liquid lipstick/creams/lacquers/WHY ARE THERE SO MANY KINDS OF LIP PRODUCTS - this probably didn’t need its own section but honestly i just wanted to rec NYX LIP CREAMS, which in this stupidly long makeup rec post could be my favourite product. they’re named after cities (which makes no difference to the product. i just love it) and they come in heaps of different colours/shades, and these things FUCKING. STAY. they’re a pretty dry formula but they are NOT BUDGING FOR ANYTHING. you can eat and it’ll still be perfect after, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. i have almost every colour lmao. for liquid lipsticks i like elf’s, which are dupes of stila, and rimmel apocalips lip lacquers.

lipstick lmao this is ridiculous, i know



Essie Nail Polishes - 8.50 x 11

eos lip balm - 2.99

Maybelline color whisper - 5.99

revlon colorburst - 6.50 


Maybelline Color Elixir - 6.99

flower foundation-  14

l'oreal cc cream - 11.50

l'oreal skin beautifier bb cream - 8

l'oreal magic lumi primer - 11

JC Penney

bikini top - 28

earrings  - 12

bath and body works 

lip glosses- 8.50 x 3


nyx eyeshadow pencils - 4.50 x 3


lemon aid primer - 20

deborah lipman nail polish - 19

dallas benefit bronzer - 28

dallas benefit lip gloss (not pictured) - 16

coralista  benefit lip gloss - 16

hervana benefit blush - 28

urban decay liquid eyeliner - 19

urban decay cannonball  mascara - 20

urban decay lipstick - 22

naked urban decay lip glosses -  20 x 3

sephora pro airbrush - 34

 TOTAL -  521.47


Drugstore makeup starter kit, plus a 9-step everyday beginner makeup tutorial!


1. Apply a BB cream or tinted moisturizer with your fingers, a sponge, or foundation brush. BB creams are more natural, and blend into the skin more easily than a foundation, which can cake up. I like this one because it has a medium coverage and is not thick or oily like some BB creams. Pictured: Rimmel Matte BB Cream in Light.

2. Brush on a lightweight, brightening concealer and blend in with your fingers. Apply under the eyes, around the nose, and on the chin (plus any other areas where you have redness). For acne spots, use a drier, less glowy concealer. This one by Maybelline melts into the skin flawlessly and brightens without looking fake. Pictured: Maybelline Dream Touch Lumi Concealer in Ivory.

3. Use a fluffy brush to dust powder on your skin. If you’re oily, brush it all over. If you have dry skin, lightly dust onto the forehead, nose, and chin, making sure to set all the areas where you put concealer. This powder keeps oily skin matte, but is not dry or cakey so it is suitable for all skin types. Pictured: Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Light.

4. Apply a light, matte bronzer with the same fluffy brush. Follow a 3 and E shape on either side of your face- your temples, cheekbones, and chin. Less is more with bronzer. Pictured: NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder in Sunny.

5. With a fluffy brush, dust a natural blush onto your cheekbones. Make sure to not bring the blush too far in towards your nose. This blush is matte and flattering on all skin tones because it is a natural, pinky nude shade. Pictured: NYX Powder Blush in Peach.


6. Option 1: Apply a light champagne cream eyeshadow all over your eyelids with your fingers. This one by Maybelline is long-lasting and foolproof and will brighten up your eyes. This is the best option for someone who doesn’t like to apply eyeshadow on a daily basis. Pictured: Maybelline Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow in Barely Branded.

Option 2: Apply a peachy champagne color all over your eyelids with a flat eyeshadow brush. Pat the color on, don’t swipe. Use the same flat brush to apply a light brown shimmery shade to the outer half of your eyelids, bringing up slightly into the crease if desired. Use a fluffy eyeshadow brush to gently buff around the edge of the peach color and the edge of the brown color. When in doubt, blend! Apply a light off-white shade to your inner corners with a small brush or your fingertips. Pictured: Wet N Wild Color Icon Trio in Walking on Eggshells.

7. Use an eyeliner “marker” to line your upper lashline (you can use a pencil eyeliner if you prefer a more smudgy eye look). Hold the eyeliner horizontally along your upper lashline, and make a series of small connected strokes along your lashes (don’t try to do it in one full swipe!) Make the line thinnest at the inner corner of the eye and slightly thicker at the outer corner. The line should follow the natural curve of your lashline. This liner’s tip is very thin, so it is easy for a beginner to use. You just have to be patient and practice! I chose a dark brown shade as a softer alternative to black. Pictured: Wet N Wild Mega Eyes Defining Marker in Dark Brown.

8. Curl your lashes and apply mascara! This one lengthens, defines, separates, and gives natural volume with no clumps. Pictured: Maybelline One by One Mascara.


9. Apply a natural, pink/nude lipstick or gloss. For everyday, a more balm-like lipstick is easiest (you don’t always need a mirror to apply, and you don’t have to worry about feathering or lipstick on your teeth). Maybelline’s Color Whispers are my favorite- they have soft, sheer, and moisturizing pinks, nudes, berries, corals, and reds. Pictured: Maybelline Color Whisper in Pink Possibilities.

anonymous asked:

can you recommend more drugstore nymphety lipstick/lipcolour? you have great stuff on the makeup tag :)

Thanks here are some more that I like…

Maybelline Baby Lips I like them all but the most nymphet ones are… Cherry Kiss, Cherry Velvet & of course Pink Lolita I also like cherry me, pink punch, peach kiss and just peachy

Maybelline Color Whisper in Cherry on top

Maybelline Color Sensational in Very Cherry

Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss in Peach Sorbet

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Celestial

Revlon Super Lustrous Pearl Lipstick in Cherries In The Snow

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Cherish

Revlon  Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Pango Peach

Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter

Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Lip Balm in Coquette

L'Oréal Paris Lip Stick Shine Caresse in Lolita 

L'Oréal Colour Riche Le Gloss in Baby Blossom

Bonne Bell Lip Refresh Tinted Lip Gloss in Coca-Cola Cherry

NYX Butter Gloss in PEACHES N’ CREAM

Pixi Tinted Brilliance Balm in Baby Bare

Give Face for Real Cheap: The Best Beauty Products That Are Basically Under 10 Bucks (in the US)

I want you lovely people to be able to give major face, even on a budget. I know a lot of you are on a ramen noodle/well whiskey drink budget. I feel that. Makeup can be extraordinarily expensive, and although I’ve gotten some shit for making lists about drugstore makeup by people who believe drugstore makeup is crap (and if any makeup, drugstore or otherwise, irritates your face, return it immediately/set it on fire), I still stand by all this stuff. I’ve waded through a lot of drugstore dog doo for this, and I think it’s a strong compilation of good, long-lasting, all-skin-tones, not cheaply made stuff. Also–do you have faves you don’t see? This isn’t the end-all list. Send em to me but in the meantime, babes…I’m here to keep the wallet afloat while you look hot at boring parties. Here’s the big ass list–

L’oreal Butterfly Mascara
CoverGirl Clump Crusher
Jordana Best Lash
Maybelline The Rocket Mascara

Maybelline Eye Studio Quad in Copper Chic (a smoky eye for the darker toned)
Maybelline Expertwear in Charcoal Smokes (a traditional smoky eye)
Wet’n’Wild Color Icon Collection Trio in Walking on Eggshells
NYX The Natural Palette
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded or Bad to the Bronze
CoverGirl Eye Enhancers in Mink or Champagne (Dupe for Stila Kitten)

Rimmel ScandalEyes in Nude, Brown, or Black (pencil)
ELF Essential Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (liquid-ish)

NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil
ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit
NYC Browser Brush-on Brow Kit

L’Oreal True Match (great range of colors for darker skin tones)
CoverGirl Stay Fabulous Foundation (great for pale/pink-toned skin)
Maybelline FitMe Foundation (perfecto for yellow-toned skin)
Maybelline DreamFresh BB Cream

L’Oreal True Match Stick
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer Treatment
NYX HD Concealer (dupe for NARS)

NYC Sunny Bronzer
Maybelline FitMe Bronzer

Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder
Revlon Photo Ready Powder

Elf Studio Blush in Twinkle Pink (Dupe for NARS Orgasm)
Elf Studio Blush in Pink Passion (for the bright!)
Milani Baked Blush
CoverGirl Cheekers

ELF Studio Baked Highlighter

Wet’N’Wild MegaLast Lipsticks in Purty Persimmon, Dollhouse Pink, or Vamp It Up
NYX Butter Lipsticks
NYX Macaron Lipstick in Chambord (V Black!)
Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain
Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Black Cherry
KateMoss for Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte in 113 (Nice nude)

Lip Glosses:
Maybelline Baby Lips
Maybelline Color Whisper in Oh La Lilac or Pink Possibilities
NYX Butter Glosses
Neutrogena MoistureShine Gloss (for those who LOVE glossy lips)

Real Techniques Brushes for Face or Eyes
ELF Studio Brushes


▹Physicians Formula Nude Wear Touch of Glow $13

▹Benefit Dandelion Ultra Plush gloss $16

▹ELF Studio Blush in “Pink Passion” $3

▹Too Faced Candlelight Glow powder $30

▹NYX Stick Blush in “Pink Lotus” $6

▹EM Cosmetics lipstick in “Showstopper” $15

▹Maybelline Color Whisper in “Oh La Lilac” $7

▹NYX Love in Paris eyeshadow palette in “Let Them Eat Cake” $10

▹NYX Butter Gloss in “Eclair” $5

▹Revlon Lip Butter in “Cupcake” $7

sparkleyy  asked:

hi i'm going to my first year of college soon and i was wondering what things in your opinion are must-haves for school?

Hi there! Good luck on your first year of college! I’m a third year now and college is really fun :)

For long days of classes I think having a good long wearing foundation is vital! Try some long wearing foundations like

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear (they make a light version w/ light to medium coverage)
  • Covergirl 3 in 1 Outlast 
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hr Foundation

If you’re living in the dorms like I did you might want a BB Cream to throw on and walk to class. BB Creams are super easy to apply you can even use your hands and walk out the door. Try long wearing BB Creams like

  • Garnier BB Cream for Oily/Combination Skin
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Glow All Day BB Cream
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer

I also love tinted lip balms for a day of classes! Easy to reapply during class, adds some color to the lips and moisturizes because sometimes classes can be super cold and dry your lips out! Try tinted lip balms like

  • Maybelline Baby Lips
  • Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment (fav!)
  • Maybelline Color Whispers
  • Revlon Lip Butters
  • Tarte Lip Surgence

You may also want to have a good touch up powder! Personally, I prefer pressed translucent powder as touch up powders because they add no coverage so it never looks cakey. Sometimes touching up with your normal pressed powder can look a little cakey. Try pressed translucent powders like

  • MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Pressed Powder 
  • Makeup Forever HD Pressed Powder
  • Urban Decay De Slick Mattifying Powder 
  • NYX Blotting Powder (hint of coverage)
  • Rimmel Stay Matte in Transparent

toekneechestnutnoseiloveyou-dea  asked:

Do you have any suggestions of some nice drug store pink or light pink lipsticks for light brown/ tan ish yellow undertones ?( sorry , I'm not that great at describing my skin tone type ) any suggestions would help :) ps: I love your blog !! It's so helpful for a non makeup expert such as myself !

Hello :) 

When choosing a pink for a medium to tan skin tone you want to avoid anything too pastel and baby pink because it will look slightly ashy on medium to deep skin. Rosy, mauve shades will be more of a light to medium pink on your skin tone. 

Try some medium to light pink shades like

Loreal Julianne’s Nude (part of the celebrity nude collection)

NYX Butter Lipstick in Pops (nudey pink)

Revlon Pink In The Afternoon (warm medium pink)

Maybelline Color Whisper in Pink Possibilities (sheer medium pink)

Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Honey

curlyma  asked:

Hi Michelle!!! Could you tell me some good everyday lipsticks? (Preferably cheap) Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️

Hello! :)

Some great neutral, every day drugstore shades are

Rimmel Airy Fairy (medium/light neutral pink)

Maybelline Nude Lust (pinky nude)

Maybelline Creamy Matte lipstick in Lust For Blush (light pinky mauve shade)

Maybelline Color Whisper in Rose Of Attraction (these are semi sheer so they have many great wearable, every day shades!)

Revlon Primrose (pale rose/medium pink shade)

NYX Butter Lipstick in Pops (pinky beige)


▹MAC Beauty Powder in “Pretty Baby” $30

▹NYX lipstick in “Minimalism” $4

▹Revlon Lip Butter in “Red Velvet” $7

▹ELF Studio blush in “Mellow Mauve” $3

▹City Color Be Matte blush in “Blackberry” $3

▹LA Colors lipstick in “Caramel Cream” $1

▹Maybelline Color Whisper in “Berry Ready” $6

▹Maybelline The Nudes lipstick in “Blushing Beige” $6

▹NYX Love in Paris eyeshadow Palette in “Merci Beaucoup” $10

▹Wet n’ Wild Color Icon trio in “Knock on Wood” $3

internationalsmile21-deactivate  asked:

I love lipsticks but I feel like they look so bad on me!! I'll apply some and it'll look even but then when I look closely it looks clumpy and dry in some areas. What can I do to prevent this?

I have the same problem! 

I’d suggest a few things

  • Lip care. Exfoliate your lips every night before bed either with a lip scrub or gently exfoliate the dead skin off your lips with a toothbrush. Don’t forget to follow with a good lip balm, something really soothing like a lip oil or rich lip balm. You want to get into a good lip care routine if you plan on wearing lipstick frequently so your lips will be smooth and ready for lip color in the morning. 
  • Exfoliate your lips gently prior to applying lipstick. This again will just make sure your lips are smooth and the lipstick is sticking to a good base.
  • Opt for moisturizing, tinted lip balms. Add some color to your lips with sheer washes of color from sheer lipsticks and tinted lip balms. Try products like Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment, Maybelline Color Whispers, Revlon Lip Butters, Clinique Chubby Stick Tinted Lip Balm.
  • Use a lip liner under lipstick. Lip liners are extremely pigmented and will act a base color so you don’t have to over apply lipstick causing it to be clumpy and uneven. 
  • Use a lip brush to apply lipstick. Using a lip brush will give you the most even application to prevent it from looking heavy and clumpy.  
  • Less is more. When you layer on lipstick it may look good in the mirror but close up it can look cakey and heavy on the lips. Apply a thin layer and reapply through out the day. 
  • Try liquid to matte lipsticks. These go on really pigmented and set matte so they last all day and look even. These don’t cake up because they dry before you can add more. Matte finishes typically look smooth and more even. Try liquid lipsticks like Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks, Kat Von D Everlasting Lipsticks, Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks. 

Good luck! Xo

kayleegean  asked:

When I try to pick a lip color that's neutral but still visible, I keep ending up with colors that blend in with my natural lip color. It's as if I never put anything on! I'm looking for something that adds color but isn't too daring (I've never really worn lip color before, mostly because I don't know what color would look good with medium beige skin.). So, my question is what kind of drugstore lip color would be noticeable but not over-the-top for a daily look?

Hi! Check out beginner friendly shades like..

Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Honey. 

Maybelline Color Whisper in Rose Of Attraction (A Plum Prospect also a great option)

Milani Plumrose

Revlon Lip Butter in Pink Truffle

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 104

Revlon Pink In The Afternoon