maybelline the falsies volum' express

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that mascara is so on point, how ;_;

the mascara is Volume Express: the Falsies by Maybelline

What I like to do is sort of hold the brush at the base of my eyelashes, and move the brush up as i blink, slowly and gently. multiple coats is a definite, be careful of clumps

but the gentle curve of the brush and the long bristles makes clumping more difficult to me 8D

OKAY so people have been asking for a while what skin care and make up products I use, so I decided to make a lil post about it. (by the way, I’m not doing the products in order that they are in the picture)

1. face wash- I am completely religious to the noxzema classic clean moisturizing cleansing cream. it’s ALL I use for face wash and it has cleared up my skin by 90% since I started using it (approx. a month ago). (p.s. note that I have combination skin, so both oily & dry) 

2. moisturizer- I am not that picky about moisturizer, but right now I really like the olay lotion for sensitive skin. it doesn’t have any scent, or leave your skin feeling oily, yet it moisturizes really really well. 

3. mattifying moisturizer- I love mattifying moisturizer because it takes away the oily feeling while also moisturizing your skin, and the body shop seaweed mattifying moisturizer is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend it if you have annoying oily skin.

4. acne/pimple cream- I use this for those annoying, red, painful pimples. the brand I use is the life brand clear action acne medication. you don’t have to get this one exactly, just know that if you get one with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, make sure to get a 2-5% one, you DO NOT want to overdry your skin. it just creates more sebum aka more pimples.

5. primer- it get a little costly when it comes to primer, but I use the smashbox photo finish more than primer blemish control. ITS FUCKING AMAZING. that’s all I have to say.

6. foundation- I barely use foundation because I tend to keep my makeup on the lighter side, but when I do use it, I use the almay nearly naked liquid makeup. It doesn’t come out streaky or anything and it’s just a really cheap and reliable foundation.

7. bb cream/tinted moisturizer- I LOVE MAYBELLINE DREAM FRESH BB CREAM, I cannot stress that enough. if you want light-medium coverage or bb cream underneath your foundation, this is an amazing bb cream and it’s super cheap!!! the other bb cream/liquid foundation I use is the lancome teint idole fresh wear ‘18 hr matte makeup’. This stuff makes your skin matte, has spf 15 and has a nice solid medium coverage. 

8. concealer- I use two amazing concealers. First, I use the garnier 'anti pimple tinted roller’. it’s basically a concealer with acne medicine in it which is fucking great. and the other concealer I use for acne scarring, which is the maybelline fit me concealer. I recommend it BIG TIME. it’s amazing for eye bags, acne scarring etc. and it doesn’t look cakey.

9. powder- I love love LOVE the almay smart shade skin balancing powder. I bring it EVERYWHERE with me, and it doesn’t make your skin look cakey or anything. it’s just if you’re feeling a little shiny or blotchy it’ll take that away like that.

10. mascara- I have tons of mascaras and I’m not too picky about mascara at all, but I like the essence brand 'get big lashes’ mascara (it’s like 2 dollars), the maybelline falsies volume express mascara, and the 'great lash’ mascara from maybelline.

11. eyeliner- OOoooOOK so I barely use eyeliner, but when I do, I use liquid liner, and the liquid liner that I’m completely in love with is the essence brand liquid liner (it’s super super cheap)

12. lip chap/balm- I didn’t add this in the photo but I found the BEST lip chap in the world (besides vaseline) and that’s the nivea 'a kiss of moisture’ lip chap. it’s FUCKING amazing. trust me- buy it.

aaaand that’s it. I hope I helped you guys, and message me HERE if you want any prices/links/more comments on the products and I’ll be happy to help you out! also if I forgot and make up/ skin care products that you want to know about, just ask!

xox -Emma

My LONG routine for POT dates

Some girls can go on POT dates with little to no make-up on and look absolutely flawless…I am NOT one of them. I’m pretty but definitely choose to glam it up for all of my POT dates (and any SD dates I may have after that). Here’s my POT routine. It takes me 2-3 hours to get ready but it’s really a fun process for me. It makes me look great and I feel confident afterwards. This routine is SUPER cheap, so it’s perfect for girls just entering the bowl or those like myself who spend money on stuff other than expensive make-up. :)

Again, this process isn’t for everyone, just what I choose to do. Oh! And good luck to jinininini who is new to the Sugar Bowl and has her first weekend with a SD tomorrow. Sending you lots of sugar love!

The night before:

Chances are your POT will at some point during the date touch or look at your hands – make sure they’re smooth and elegant. I always love looking at the hands/nails of ladies in the 1950’s. They always look so graceful! The night before a POT date I give myself a manicure (and a pedicure) and rub a ton of coconut oil on my hands. I like doing this the night before because nail polish takes a while to completely dry and I don’t want to go on a date with the smell of nail polish around me.

The day of:


-make sure hair is completely brushed before hopping in

-wash face with Cetaphil

-shampoo first and put conditioner or Argan oil on immediately afterwards

-while conditioner is in, exfoliate entire body and shave

-hop out of the shower and moisturize entire body with coconut oil

*Turn on the tunes. I like Lana Del Rey or my Dean Martin Pandora station. It reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany’s glamour. :)*


This is usually what takes really long for me because I try to take my time and get it perfect. All of my products are drug store but if anyone has some amazing and worthwhile expensive products they recommend, let me know!

-Primer (Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer)

-Foundation (Revlon Colorstay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin) << this is seriously the BEST foundation I have ever used (drug store and not). I have mild acne and serious acne scaring and this covers everything without making me look orange.

-Concealer (cheap NYC concealer stick)

-Bronzer (also another cheap NYC product)

-Blush (surprise! NYC again)

-Eyebrows (eyebrow brush and ELF brow kit)

-Eyeliner on inside of lid (black NYC stick)

-Eyeliner for small wings and top of lid (NYC pen)

-Eyeshadow (random pallet with like a million colors – I usually go for a gold or purple and create a slight smokey eye)

-Mascara (one layer of Maybelline New York the Falsies Volume Express, then a couple layers of Rimmel London Volume Flash Scandal Eyes) I have TINY blonde lashes and this combo makes it look like I’m wearing falsies.

-Lips (cheap lip liner in a dark, neutral tone not something bright) As much as I love the look of lipstick and lip gloss I’m too self-conscious right now to pull it off. Lipstick looks silly on me and my hair always gets stuck on lip gloss. I like lining my lips, making them look bigger than they are, and then using the stick to shade in my lips, and then using a finger to spread everything out. It reminds me of Pamela Anderson every time I do it and makes my otherwise tiny lips look really sexy.


I have long, thick hair so this process also takes a really long time for me.

-Brush hair out completely

-Dry upside down

-Tease my hair like crazy. Like 1980’s crazy. Brush it down to get rid of fly aways.

-Curl or straighten hair in sections

-Hair spray profusely as you apologize to anyone you live with and the ozone layer. I’m 97% sure I’ve contributed to most of the earth’s destruction with my hairspray habits. Make sure you use an unscented or nicely scented hair spray if you’re going to do this. I like the Aussie line.


I’m not a fashionista by any means so this is the trickiest part for me. My general rule is that if you’re showing leg, then don’t show cleavage and vise versa. It’s freezing nipples in NYC so right now my go-to outfit is a tight, short black dress, black tights, high heeled boots, and a blazer (and a scarf and overcoat, of course). I put on my favorite lingerie (NO, I’m not sleeping with anyone on the first date. The lingerie is for me, not you, silly daddy) and then put on my outfit for the night.

I spritz my favorite light perfume on my wrists and chest and choose one piece of jewelry, usually earrings that I can flirtatiously play with, hehe.

I do a last check in the mirror and walk out my door looking and feeling fabulous and knowing that whoever my POT is is a lucky bastard. ;)