maybelline superstay

Stop fucking opening shit in the makeup department
Like if you are 110% gonna buy it, go apeshit, but if just wanna “try it” or want to touch up your contour, you and your little grabby illegal hands are what keep me up at night. Cause you know what happens after you put it back?
or even WORSE
Someone buys your gross af face printed makeup and rubs it all over their face and lips!!!!!
Like I’m sorry if the only way you can get kissed is through making out with the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick then letting some poor idiot buy it, but it gets thrown out!!!
Stop “trying” makeup products in the store! It’s gross! Don’t be gross!

shonna said: What are the best primers for oily skin?

After spending ages applying your makeup and ensuring your foundation is well blended, one of the most frustrating things is shine and oil seeping through your makeup throughout the day. 

The Prep

First up a primer can only do so much at combating oil and keeping your makeup on. If your skin is excessively oily you may need to look beneath the surface. Sometimes when the skin has become dehydrated and dry it goes into overload and starts producing loads of oil to compensate for any oil that it has lost (or is missing) Ditch the harsh foaming cleansers and switch to a cleansing oil (oil is attracted to oil so this will help decrease excess oil and re-hydrate your skin) and ensure you are using a moisturiser.

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F  A  V  O  R  I  T  E  S  

I have finally got around to making this ridiculously long list of my favorite products that I use pretty much every day! I gave as much detail as I thought fit for each product and included various pros and cons. I will not provide links since a quick Google search will give you all the information you need on where you can purchase these items. All items are split into categories to make this post more organized. I do not have any affiliate codes or links. I created this list as a way to share my most loved cosmetics and to give honest reviews of drugstore and high-end products. Your feedback is welcome and much appreciated. Without further acknowledgments, let’s get started:

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dupes/alternatives masterpost pt. 2 [focusing more on color]

hi this is a part 2 to my dupes masterpost. these dupes are from super hard research that i did, instagrammers, youtubers, bloggers, etc. remember these are dupes AND alternatives, meaning they may not be the exact same in color, performance, quality, wear time, texture, etc. but i tried my absolute best to find alternatives that are as similar as possible. also i want to promote more indie/black owned makeup brands, the latter will be labeled with (b.o.m.b.). some of these products you can purchase at either sephora or ulta. if you can i recommend shopping at ulta because their rewards system is a x1000 better. i personally recommend researching products and their formulas to see which you like the best, the cheaper product doesn’t always mean it’s a better deal. this is a list mostly if you want to find alternatives to brands you’re boycotting, trying a new brand, making sure you don’t have similar colors in your collection, etc. there are so many makeup products out and you never need to buy in the hype of a product, there are a ton of products that are similar. i also recommend watching kimberly clark’s anti haul videos, stephanie nicole review videos, and scrolling through the makeuprehab subreddit page to be a smarter consumer and have less unnecessary buys.

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dyannapelayo  asked:

How to hide pimples using drugstore make up ): it's a reckkk.

Step 1:

If you have a lot of pimples or blemishes, you can use color correcting concealers that come in variety of colors. Keep in mind that different colors are used to conceal different kinds of spots: mint green is used to cover red areas; yellow or orange concealers are used for dark spots (also can be used to cover dark circles under your eyes); lilac or pale green for a yellowish tint. You may need more than one color to cover the problematic area properly. I recommend Wet n Wild CoverAll Correcting Palette, $4. It contains all you need to balance out any imperfection in your complexion. 

Step 2:

Choose oil-free foundations with no or as little parabens as possible because foundations containing those ingredients may clog your pores and irritate skin, causing more pimples to appear. You can also look for foundations that contain acne-fighting ingredients, here’s some of them:

Step 3:

If you still see some pimples after applying foundation, cover them with a concealer. stila Stay All Day Concealer is amazing at covering spots and blemishes, plus now it costs only $5 instead of $23.

Step 4:

Finish off by applying a little bit of matte loose powder to help set the foundation and concealer. It will make your makeup last longer. Matte Maker Mattifying Powder, $12 provides good coverage and feels light on the skin. The powder creates a silky finish and controls oily areas while minimizing the look of pores and other small imperfections. Plus, it does not make your face look cakey.

Step 5:

Consider using products with tea tree oil to prevent new break outs. Tea tree oil kills bacteria that causes acne and break outs and prevents new pimples from forming. Apply tea tree oil on clean, washed skin.


Ello darlings!

Todays #MOTD is a simple purple and gold look using my Technic Wow Palette. Its HUGE and has lots of vibrant colours from pretty pastels and shimmery metallics to neutral earthy tones, I love it! Get it:

On my lips is Maybelline 24hr Superstay Lipstick in Delicious Pink. Its a gorgeous colour, but I find that if you try to reapply it gets very cakey an’ flakey. If you stick to one coat and dont eat oily foods its ok. Not my best buy, what long lasting lippies do you have/recommend?

anonymous asked:

Hey I was wonder what's a good foundation for a face with acne. I don't want to look like I have too much makeup caked on but enough to cover my red bumps. I would really appreciate it if you answered this thankyou!!!

For a super natural look, I recommend applying a concealer on the blemishes and then setting it with a translucent powder.
It looks the most natural and is super simple as well.
Here are my top concealers:
• MAC pro longwear

• Nars radiant creamy

• Makeup Forever full cover

• MAC pro conceal and correct palette

My favorite foundations that look super natural but still have good coverage:
• Makeup Forever HD foundation

• BareMinerals bareskin foundation

• Nars sheer glow foundation

• Maybelline superstay foundation

• L’oreal infallible 24h foundation

ruthlesslyabsurd  asked:

Could you tell is your all time favorite foundation and why? Just curious

I have a few different foundations I use for different occasions! Keep in mind I have combination oily skin and prefer a more satin/semi glowy finish.

My top 3 favorites are (i’ll list some dupes below)

  • Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua
  • Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk
  • Dior Skin Forever

My every day foundation is Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua because it’s super light weight (water based), gives a good medium coverage and looks really natural and glowy. It never looks cakey or over done which I love for every day like school, grocery shopping, errands, etc. I have combination oily skin so I love that it melts into the skin through out the day instead of getting oily it just looks dewy and fresh all day. Make sure to shake the bottle before each use since it is water based!

My flawless foundation routine would include Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. It has a medium to buildable coverage so i can get a fuller coverage finish when I want to look extra flawless. The finish is so beautiful, like a glowy satin, not dewy but not matte. Think NARS Sheer Glow but with more coverage and more long lasting. Just make sure to shake the bottle before each use because it will separate!

When I want my foundation to last all day I got for Dior Skin Forever! It has a medium to full coverage and a satin finish. It’s very creamy and blend able so it looks really flawless on the skin. It’s long wearing without being too drying and matte. Great for more combination skin like mine!

Some dupes for these/drugstore foundations I enjoy are Loreal Magic Lumi Foundation (Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk dupe) and Maybelline Superstay (Dior Skin Forever dupe).

christ so i was looking at all the shades for maybelline superstay lipstick and they all have names like “everlasting sunset” “all day cherry” “timeless rose” and then theres fucking

mollyandherbabes  asked:

I'm trying to find a good blue based lipstick? I don't even know what that really means but I heard they make your teeth look whiter...

Yes blue based lipsticks will make your teeth look whiter, as opposed to warm/yellow based lipsticks that will accentuate the yellow in your teeth.

To understand what a blue based and yellow based lipstick is you have to have a little understanding of the color wheel :)

All the colors on the left side of the wheel are blue based so any pink, purple, fuchsias, blue reds will make your teeth look whiter. And on the right side are warmer colors like orange, peach, coral, red orange shades will make your teeth look a little more yellow.

Any pink lipsticks that lean a little more purple will have strong blue undertones. Pinks with a hint of lavender/lilac will be more blue based than more neutral pinks. Bright fuchsias and barbie pinks are also very blue based!

Try pink lipsticks like MAC Snob, Maybelline Superstay Lipstick in Perpetual Peony, Revlon Stormy Pink, MAC Girl About Town, Covergirl Spellbound.

laurenmarierose  asked:

I'm going back to school soon and I have no idea what foundation to get. I already have the NARS Creamy Concealer but I don't no what to pair with it. I don't like super heavy foundations, but I like more coverage than the average BB cream. I'm acne prone too. Thanks😊

Some great school friendly, light to medium coverage foundations are

  • Urban Decay Naked 
  • Revlon Nearly Naked 
  • Rimmel Stay Matte 
  • Maybelline Superstay 
  • Loreal True Match
  • Covergirl 3 in 1 Outlast (good for oily skin)
  • Bare Minerals Matte (their original version is a tad shiny, when used with a kabuki brush you can get awesome coverage)
  • Garnier BB Cream for Oily/Combination Skin (good coverage!)
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Light (less heavy than original version, good for oily skin)
  • Dior Skin Forever 

All these foundations are light weight, a satin (semi matte) finish so they’re more long wearing and have a medium to build able coverage. All easy to apply and easy to wear foundations, nothing too crazy or cakey! :)

explosivesapphire  asked:

Hello Michelle! ^^ I was wondering if you could please recommend me a long lasting drugstore foundation w/o SPF in it for Prom? :3 Thanks! <3

Hi :)

Try the Maybelline Superstay 24 Hr foundation! It’s on the liquidy side which makes it more light weight but you can still get a more full coverage finish by adding another layer. Long lasting, beautiful satin finish but no SPF so no white face. Great for prom!

The new Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse foundation is great as well! No SPF and has more of a matte finish, rather than satin like the Superstay. 

You might also want to try a primer like the Rimmel Stay Matte primer to help keep your makeup on all night. You can get a few free samples of primers from Sephora, Nordstrom, etc to test out before prom if you don’t know if you want to commit to buying a primer just yet :)

calif-ornia  asked:

hi! i have a formal coming up and im doing my own makeup for it, i was just wondering if you could recommend a really good primer and foundation that will last all night :) I have combination skin, so am quite oily on my t-zone and especially seeing as the formal is in the middle of summer i don't want my foundation sliding off for photos!! thank you :~)))

Hello :)

Try foundations like

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear (medium to full coverage)
  • Covergirl 3 in 1 Outlast (medium coverage)
  • Maybelline Superstay Foundation (lightweight/runny with medium coverage)
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation (medium to full coverage)
  • Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation (very full coverage)
  • Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation (medium coverage)

Try primers like

  • Rimmel Stay Matte Primer
  • Murad Oil Control Mattifer
  • Hourglass Mineral Viel Primer
  • Smashbox Photofinish Light

All of these products are very long wearing and topped with a light layer of powder you should be good to go! Have fun at formal! Xo