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kilokishes  asked:

Best matte lipsticks under $20? Ones that aren't too dry?

When wearing matte lipsticks you want to always make sure to exfoliate your lips with a tooth brush or lip scrub either the morning of or night before. Also try to use a good lip balm at night so you wake up with moisturized lips ready for matte lipstick! You might even want to apply lip balm 30 minutes to an hour before applying lipstick and pat off the lap balm before applying any lip color. :)

Try lipsticks like

Maybelline Matte Lipsticks $6. These are very new so you might not find the new Maybelline Matte’s line in stores yet but keep an eye out! The formula is matte but still creamy, very impressed!

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks $5. Also a more creamy, light weight formula.

Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks $1.99. These arent completely matte, they dry to a more satin finish. These are extremely moisturizing and creamy without looking glossy or shiny. Such a steal!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams $6. These go on more creamy and dry to a matte finish. 

Two favorite concealers of all time. 

Number 1 favorite, Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer. I used to love Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer the best, but Urban Decay takes the cake. It is so easy to blend and looks so beautiful on the skin. My favorite drugstore concealer is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer. 

Urban Decay concealer in “Light Warm” (going to have to get a darker shade when I’m tanner) and Maybelline in Light Pale (it’s a bit darker than the UD)

Top three make up tips for people just starting to wear make up

1. You don’t have to wear liquid liner. There’s a reason people are so proud when their liquid liner is on-point: Because it is difficult. There are a lot of easier alternatives to liquid liner. Crayon liners provide the precision of liquid liner without the temperamentality. I use a combination of black eyeshadow and black pencil liner for a smokier look.

2. It’s okay to go to cheap, but not too cheap. If you’re trying something new that you may not end up wearing a lot, my recommendation is to hit the drug store. Maybelline and Wet & Wild have both served me well over the years. Avoid the dollar store because chances are the stuff there will be so low quality that you’ll have wasted your money. (Daiso seems okay.)

3. If you’re going to get one thing in high quality, make it your foundation/BB cream. If you look or feel greasy, it doesn’t matter how nice the rest of your make up is. You can get everything else from a drug store, but I recommend buying foundation from a real cosmetics brand like Sephora. Learn to blend, whether with your fingers or a sponge. Make sure the foundation matches your skin tone. When in doubt, go lighter because it’s easier to blend away light patches than dark ones.

Bonus: Experiment! A lot of learning to wear make up and figuring out what looks good on you and your specific skin tone and eye shape(/lip shape/face shape) is trial and error. Stock up on make up remover, and then lock yourself in your bathroom and play. (Bathroom lights tend to be gentler and more flattering than natural light.)

I picked this up because I heard someone talking about how it’s a BB cream that’s good for acne because it has salicylic acid in it. I love wearing BB creams by the pool for something light and with sunscreen but I find myself breaking out more because I’m sweating and getting oily, etc. So I’m hoping this will help. I wish it wasn’t as sheer because I like BB creams with a little more coverage because I don’t always have the best skin. So we’ll see how this works out.