maybelline lash stiletto

Amanda Steele knows how to do makeup on-the-go. Get the look she wears to blogger meet-ups with Maybelline Spider Effect Mascara, Dream Pure BB Cream, Master Precise Curvy Eyeliner. That bold brow? She got it using Brow Drama Pomade Crayon.

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what are your makeup stables? what do you use for everyday? what do you use when you go all out? which products are your current faves?

okay full disclosure for this post - any makeup recs i make should be taken in the context that i am really, ridiculously pale. like vampire, i-can-see-your-veins, get-some-sun-miccaeli okay-mum-jesus pale.

everything but lips

  • primer - point no. 1 and we’re already hitting elf, which proves how awesome they are lmao. elf is one of those brands that has a whole lot of high end dupes at really great prices that are still pretty good products themselves. I use the elf mineral primer in clear (they do have colour correcting primers, but if you’re gonna colour correct you should probs have a dedicated product for that). garnier perfect blur is also a good buy, and it’s a bit more heavy duty but benefits porefessional is very much worth the hype. HIGH ENDsmashbox primer, bar none.
  • concealer/highlighter - i don’t use a lot of concealer but like. the under eye area is an ISSUE. i fluctuate because i haven’t found the perfect one, but i like maybelline’s fitme, even if they always market it as ‘breathable’, which is creepy and weird. nars creamy concealer is good too. for highlighter i use revlon skinlights, which is both awesomely named and legit makes you look like some kind of glittering midsummer night’s dream-esque florence and the machine otherworld creature
  • bb cream - i use bb cream instead of foundation because i hate the feel of product on my face so i like to keep it light. i use maybelline and i like garnier’s as well, though it’s veryyy drying. i’ve tried just about every bb cream under the sun so
  • blush - blush is imo probably the most versatile makeup product, because it comes in so many different forms. i tend to like liquid/gel blush the most, because i feel like it gives a more natural look than powder. i use elf blush in headliner, l’oreal bb blush, and for powder i love thebalm’s blushes both for their staying power and their bomb ass packaging (they’re in a compact mirror/case, i usually keep one in my bag), and milani baked blushes. HIGH ENDnars outlaw, dolce vita and mata hari, any benefit blush
  • brows - honestly i don’t do as much to my brows… i hate the feeling of wax on them lmao. but anastasia dipbrow is THE brow product, the nyx brow kit is also pretty good, as is benefit gimme brow/brows a go-go
  • eyeshadow - i use urban decay potion primer, but elf primer is a great, cheaper option. i also really love maybelline’s colour tattoo eyeshadows, which are a cream blend that can work on their own as eyeshow or as a base/primer. For actual eyeshadow, URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTES. I have them all and I’d say 3 is my favourite because I love the rose hues, but I probably use 2 the most, and people say it’s the most universally flattering. for day to day i love to use eyeshadow quads, because they come in complementary colours you can use for your crease/inner eye/etc without having to think about it. I use clinique (because my mum gets them in those gift bag giveaways lmao. god bless), chi chi and i have ONE chanel les 4 ombres quad that cost a frankly ridiculous amount and which i cherish accordingly. HIGH ENDLORAC PRO PALETTE. mac eyeshadow pots, and they’re not high end but i have a few barry m palettes and i love them
  • mascara - mascara is one of those things that seems pretty simple… until you start looking for colours other than black. black mascara ALWAYS ends up smudging on me and it makes me look hungover and not in a fun way, so i prefer dark/blackened brown for every day. revlon’s lash potion is awesome and i use rimmel extra super lash as well. i tend to use non-waterproof mascara because waterproof is honestly a fuckin bitch to get off. for blacks i like covergirl’s clump crusher (honestly so much of a mascara is about the brush, and covergirl always has good brushes), maybelline lash stiletto won’t give you volume but nothing beats it in length, and physican’s formula just feels nice. no high end for this cause like, it’s mascara, though i guess MUFE counts so smoky extravagant. i will say though that i think benefit they’re real is TOTALLY OVERRATED 
  • eyeliner - i started using liquid eyeliner first because im one of those throw urself in the deep end ride or die bitches. the nyx curve liner is really good and is so easy to apply because of its shape, i like the elf essentials liner, and i use gels for tightlining - rimmel and australis. i have glitter eyeliners from both elf and nyx. HIGH ENDstila all day liquid liner, i know it’s hyped a LOT but honestly it deserves all the praise and more. this shit does not fucking BUDGE even if you don’t prime, it’s amazing
  • brushes - i love real techniques brushes, they’re AMAZING.

lips - another preface: as previously established i’m pale as shit, and i have cool undertones so i don’t lean towards warm/orange hued lip products. it’s all pale pinks and blue based reds for meeeee

  • lip treatments/balms - maybelline babylips are a fav, and i love their pink electro pop, but honestly once i started buying lanolips i stopped buying every other lip treatment. it is SO GOOD and i use it as a clear balm, as a base for drying creams or matte shades, you can even use it when you wake up first thing in the middle of winter and your lips are dry like the sahara. also i like lush’s lip tints, especially it started with a kiss.
  • glosses/stains - NYX BUTTER GLOSSES. OH MY GOD, THEY ARE SO FUCKING UNREAL they all smell like birthday cake? some kind of sugary baked product and the colour range is sooo good and they’re completely buildable, from sheer to solid AND THEY LAST FOR AGES honestly go right now and buy twenty. revlon’s whole line of stains/balms/clinique rip off sticks are AWESOME. HIGH END ysl glossy stains. l’oreal makes a pretty good dupe but honestly you buy one of the ysl ones and it’s like shooting yourself in the foot because YOU CAN’T GO BACK. as always, i go for blue based reds, like rouge goache.
  • liquid lipstick/creams/lacquers/WHY ARE THERE SO MANY KINDS OF LIP PRODUCTS - this probably didn’t need its own section but honestly i just wanted to rec NYX LIP CREAMS, which in this stupidly long makeup rec post could be my favourite product. they’re named after cities (which makes no difference to the product. i just love it) and they come in heaps of different colours/shades, and these things FUCKING. STAY. they’re a pretty dry formula but they are NOT BUDGING FOR ANYTHING. you can eat and it’ll still be perfect after, I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. i have almost every colour lmao. for liquid lipsticks i like elf’s, which are dupes of stila, and rimmel apocalips lip lacquers.

lipstick lmao this is ridiculous, i know

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What is your daily make-up? Like for work and that stuff as i get that you need to stay in 'high standards' and I'm curious

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrè - I got hooked on this moisturizer when I lived in Paris. It’s silky and gorgeous and perfect for me.

MD Solar Science Mineral Creme SPF 50 - FUCK MAKEUP, WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY. This sunscreen doubles as primer and has a noticeable blurring effect. It has the same “crushed pearls” texture that many high-end primers have (which I’m sure is some terrifying chemical) but with added super legit sun blocking benefit. Yes, I wear sunscreen every single day and have since I was 24. Those who have met me and seen my face and know my age will attest that it was worth the effort.

Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer Concealer - If my skin is looking really good, I’ll just dab a bit around my eyes and over any redness and blend with the pictured H&M BB cream brush. If not, I spackle this shit on my whole face. Either way, the brush is SUPER important. If I try to blend with my fingers it looks like crap, but with this $10 brush it looks smooth and perfect and awesome. I’ve never been a makeup brush person, but this brush THIS BRUSH. The concealer is outrageously expensive for such a small amount but it goes SO FAR. I’ve had this one for a year and it’s not even close to half used.

Kevyn Aucoin Pure Powder Glow Blush - because I am very very white and like to have rosy pink cheeks. Why yes, I am a Kevyn Aucoin acolyte, thanks for noticing. I apply this blush whereever I feel like it with this Muji Travel powder brush. 

First off I have a horrifying Mascara that I clearly need to replace, but it’s Maybelline Lash Stiletto and I love it. I used to use They’re Real! and it’s great, but one time I dropped mine in a puddle and I was on my way to a meeting and needed something NOW so I bought this one in a drug store and liked it so much, I’m not on my 4th or 5th re-buy.

Below that we’re back to my Kevyn Aucoin obsession with the Kevyn Aucoin Precision Brow Pencil which has an A+ spooly brush on the end for good blending.

Givenchy Liner Couture felt tip eyeliner. This eyeliner has terrible reviews and is notorious for being sticky, but mine is fine? I’ve tried a zillion different felt-tip liquid eyeliners and I have no loyalty. This one was good, but I also liked the Marc Jacobs Magic Marc’er Precision Pen.

I have about a hundred lip colors, but this is what I wear nearly every day to work. 

Rimmel Moisture Renew (in Rose Blush, which for me is nearly a perfect match to my natural lip color) followed by Lucas Papaw Ointment which is the fucking JAM. You use it exactly as you would use vaseline but without all the petrochemicals. I put it on under lip color in the winter to avoid chapping, and on top of lipcolor for a tiny bit of shine without stickiness.

The biggest piece of cosmetics advice I can give besides FUCK MAKEUP WEAR SUNSCREEN is buy from places you can return to if you don’t absolutely love it. You’ll notice that a lot of my links go to Bergdorfs. Sephora used to be great about returns, but now they’re getting grumpy as hell about it. Buy from the fanciest place available and they will take it back a year later, without a receipt, without a box, and a quarter used. Return EVERYTHING you don’t absolutely love. 

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What are your favorite *DRUGSTORE* mascaras? :)

I’m quite obsessed with affordable mascara, so this list might be a tad bit longer than necessary, but I hope you find some of these to your liking! Thank you for sending in a message, love you. :* 

  • Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Mascara 
  • Maybelline Lash Stiletto Mascara
  • Rimmel London Sexy Curves Mascara 
  • CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara
  • L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara
  • CoverGirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara 
  • No7 Lash Impact Mascara
  • Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara 
  • NYX Propel My Eyes Mascara 
  • Rimmel London Wonder’Lash Mascara