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Well I was lazy and did a two for one last week.

After doing the ugh worthy Sleek Makeup I-Divine palette I tried another new buy…
Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.

I’ll admit it…wings are my kryptonite. I love them but they don’t always love me. I struggle to get a perfectly matching wings. So much so that next month I’ll be ordering a Vamp Stamp next month (more on that later) and knew I’d need a gel liner as I’m refuse to pay £20 for theirs.

I usually stick with a felt tip liner by the body shop or NYX but I decided to go for it and try free hand. And I gotta say it’s not bad. My skills that is, not the liner.

So it stays on incredibly well and comes with a brush that can line on one side and smudge on the other. It stays on pretty damn well once it sets also.

I have to say…this is a keeper!

My Makeup Routine

First thing is a really good shave. I go against the grain a little with the razor to get it really close to the skin, it makes stubble much easier to hide. After that I moisturise to keep the skin hydrated and soft - it really helps to have nice skin before applying makeup.

Next is a primer to help the foundation sit- I currently use a Sephora photo ready primer as it’s cheap. I’ve got a mac one for special uses. On top of this I apply an orange colour corrector to hide the blue of the stubble, then use a sponge to even it out. I then powder this with a setting powder to seal it.

The foundation I use here is Mac Pro full coverage foundation which is a creme foundation, very opaque. I use a sponge to apply this, trying to get a good coverage and even out the skin tone, to create a blank canvas. Once this is on, I use a buffing brush to smooth it all out (this step is important).

Usually I go for the brows next - that could be a whole other post. Powder first to remove moisture, then I use Anastacia Beverly Hills dip brow and a small angled brush to draw them in, and elongate the tail.

I do contour in two stages -wet using a stick, and dry with a powder. The stick I have has light on one side for highlight, and shadow on the other, this one was from Etude House which is Korean. I draw where I want to shade/highlight then carefully blend with a sponge.

2nd part of contour I usually do later.

For eyes I first prime with urban decay primer, to help the shadow stay. For this one I used the urban decay Naked 2 palette, I’d recommend that. Use a round brush to apply gold on the lid, then a darker colour into the crease, then blend with a Mac 217. A lighter colour on the browbone and inner corner of the eyes too. Used a bit of gold under the eye too.

I use Maybelline gel liner, I find this is a really good drugstore level product. It takes practice but is worth do the wings. Kohl pencil on the lashlines, smudge the lower one slightly.

Now I go for the second lot of contour - starting with shadow and building that up where I want to minimise areas - in my case the jawline. Big tip for blending - my MUA friend told me to blend like into like, so powder into powders, creme into creme. For this I use a light powder to act as a lighter tone to blend into. I apply highlight on top of this, mostly on cheekbone. After this blending where needed with a soft brush. (notice how much I mention blending? This shit’s important).

I put blush on next, this one is a mac one, using a blusher brush. I avoid too much, it’s just to add a bit of colour.

When I’m happy with my face shape, I apply a layer of powder. This sets it, and helps get that airbrushed type look.

Lips are the last thing, this is a Mac retro matte lipstick, I didn’t use lip liner here but I should have really to help get a better line. I seal this by pressing a piece of kitchen towel on them to get rid of any excess.

Also lighting is really important, there was lovely soft morning light here which is great for photos. It’s much harder to get a good look using artificial light.

Hope this helps any of you who are wondering what to do with makeup. The above takes me about 45 minutes, would take longer but certain things such as contour are pretty much in memory.

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i follow you on ig and oml sis how do you blend ur eyeshadow so nice??? and what eyeliner do you use? xoxo

omfghjfgd this is the best compliment thank u so much angel

  • i lov the too faced shadow insurance it never does me wrong, sometime i don’t have time to take off my makeup b4 going to the gym and my foundation will look a MESS but my eyeshadow looks exactly how i applied it twelve hours prior.
  • the THING w/ too faced shadow insurance is that she’s a DIVA. she HATES being applied over any other product, which is fine 4 me bc i do eyes b4 foundation but on days where i do foundation first, i’ll still do the shadow insurance first + set it w/ a skin coloured shadow and THEN do the rest of my face just bc even if i avoid putting foundation on my lids she hates the setting powder that gets there smh.
  • ALSO WITH SHADOW INSURANCE.. if it’s a new tube you should apply it and then wait thirty seconds before setting it w/ a shadow, like you wait with lash glue, BUT if it’s almost empty set IMEDIATELY bc it’s had time to oxydize a little within the tube bc there’s more air in there. 
  • I use morphe m433, m505, s26 and zoeva 228 brushes 2 blend but tbh just google the m505 morphe brush and any brush that looks like that should do the job
  • i always use a light orange/peach transition shade b4 any other shaddow
  • I try to avoid adding shadow too far from the crease bc the blending gon blend it up there anyway so if i did apply it to where i want to blend it to then it wouldn’t work bc the blending would blend it into my eyebrows u know

ALSO i use the maybelline gel liner i lov it


Liner is 100% essential and everyone has a preference of brand, types, and color. I feel like we should all have a sticker or something when we first meet people with liner information. It really says a lot! 

here is mine :) Hi! I’m Delaney and I like

  • dark brown, grey, and black
  • I work best with pencil or pot and angled brush
  • bobbi brown gel pot, maybelline soft liner, kat von d liquid, and nyx kohl are some of my favorites 
  • I use the edges of a make up sponge to sharpen my wings 
  • white liner saved my life
  • it took me over 3 months to really get a consistent wing 

anyway, here is some info about liner I hope it helps :) message me anytime! 


I decided to do something a bit different with this holiday makeup look when Sreejita gave me an entire pack of nail art decals a while ago. (I’m not a nail person, I just can’t be arsed.) I’ve been seeing this image floating around the interwebs for goodness knows how long now, so I thought I could do my own take on it. Here’s how I went about things:

I did my usual base with the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream and the Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder. I’ve grown to like a more natural looking finish than I used to, and I don’t like complicating my makeup routine with way too many products, so it’s BB Cream all the way for me! I personally prefer the Sleek BB Cream with regard to texture, but the Smashbox one is closer to my winter skin tone, so it’s what I’m using at the moment.

Then I lined my upper lids with the Maybelline Gel Liner (eyeliner of choice for 2 years now!) followed it with MAC’s Superslick Liquid Liner in Pure Show on my lower lids, and did my upper lash line with Rimmel’s ScandalEyes Mascara. I brushed my eyebrows into shape with a brow brush and followed it a swipe of Maybelline’s Brow Drama Mascara. I love using a mix of drugstore and pricier makeup, and Rimmel and Maybelline are my most favourite cheap+excellent brands.

Now, I wanted to get hold of some eyelash glue to stick the little stars on with, but it was impossible to get hold of at short notice, so I went with some good old Boroline. Boroline - the pride and joy of all Bangalis - is an intensely sticky borax and lanolin based cream that’s used to treat everything from chapped lips and cracked heels to minor cuts and burns. In its absence, you can use Vaseline just as effectively to stick similarly sized decals to your face. This Etsy store has a huge variety of holographic stars, hearts and glitter by the way, if you’re looking to recreate this look! I used an old lip brush to dab the Boroline in tiny bits onto my cheek, and applied the stars one by one with my index finger.

I finished the look with understated, stained lips, using a mix of the Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Always Red and the Josie Maran Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil that I’ve posted about before. My ASOS velvet spot dress (which I’m yet to style properly on the blog eep!) and star hairclips by Flimsymoon went really well with it, I thought. This wasn’t a hard look to do at all, and I hope it can serve as inspiration to go out of your comfort zone with makeup once in a while! After all, this is coming from someone who was terrified of makeup not so long ago, and I wish I’d discovered the fun of it way earlier! So happy experimenting, and happy holidays everyone!

Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links and I’ll receive a small amount of compensation if you choose to buy anything through these links. Thank you for supporting my blog! ♥ Photos by Sreejita Biswas

as someone who has been winging their eyeliner nearly daily for the past 5 years, i am always looking for a better eyeliner. for some reason lately brands have stopped making liquid eyeliner with a brush, like the one shown above, and markers and gels have become more popular. for those just starting out with eyeliner it’s a lot easier to achieve a cat eye with marker style eyeliner and gel pot liners, but for those who don’t need tape or spoons or tutorials anymore the classic brush style liquid eyeliner is best (as i have found). i tend to not use pencils except when tightlining or when lining the waterline because they are easier to smudge and less precise (as are gel liners) and i like sharp lines.

i wear contacts and have dry eyes, so i am constantly putting in eye drops and rub at my eyes more than the average person. i also have oily eyelids and as i said before, i prefer thick dramatic sharp lines.

ive tried tons of eyeliners. kat von d’s pen/marker smudges very easily, makeup forever’s pencil dries up very easily, milani’s eyetech extreme fades and smudges, maybelline + mac’s gel liners always end up in the crease of my eyelid, wet n wild + prestige’s liquid applicators are a nightmare, nars’s pencil dries up quickly, and so on. the best eyeliners i had found were urban decay’s 24/7 liquid eyeliner (which is now being discontinued) - it usually lasted throughout the day, it usually lasted when swimming, it peeled off easily in the shower, and the applicator was great. but the packaging always came apart and parts of the “bottle” would break off, it was $20 for a product that lasted no longer than 4 months (usually less), and urban decay is no longer cruelty free anyway. jane cosmetics’s liquid eyeliner is similar to urban decays but not as long lasting and smudges and melts off of oily skin much easier, although the packaging held up a lot better and was less expensive. the best pencils i have found are marc jacob’s, buxoms, and urban decays, in that order. unfortunately none of these are cruelty free and i received all of them in sample form.

i thought the search for the perfect eyeliner was hopeless. i had accepted that the gray smudge under my eyes after 4 hours of wear was inevitable and that eyeliner just wasn’t meant to stay in place and last a long time on oily, watery eyes like mine.

but then asi was looking through milani’s website, i found a new candidate, their infinite liquid liner. i was so excited to see eyeliner in the classic brush style applicator form and i ventured out to 3 of the closest CVS’s to find it.
unfortunately, only one store carried it, and they only had one. the product in the bottle looked stiff like it had been sitting there a while. but i took the chance that it may have been solidified and bought it anyway, because the only other eyeliner i had planned on trying (makeup forever’s aqua liquid liner) was $13 more and i had been using prestige’s eyeliner with jane cosmetics’s brush for the past two weeks; i was desperate.

i’ve been using milani’s infinite eyeliner for the past week or so and it is the best eyeliner i have ever tried. although it wasn’t solidified, it is kind of thick and globby, and has the same consistency as tar when applying it. because of this it’s not as easy to get an even line as jane’s or UD’s, but it is still possible. i’m pretty sure the likeness to tar is just the bottle i bought, i’m going to try and melt it by sticking the bottle in some hot/warm water this weekend and see if that works. even if it’s not just that bottle i bought, i will still repurchase this because it stays on forever. no smudging, no melting, no leaking. ever. it stays in perfect place all day, from when i apply it at 6am til 11pm at night, after i’ve showered and rubbed off my mascara already. it never comes off unless you use a makeup remover (i suggest MUFE’s sens’eyes for this one!!!). although it doesn’t look as smooth, sleek and thin in texture as other liquid eyeliners, the longevity of this product is like a miracle of god. i’m so happy with this product, i recommend it to everyone. if you’ve used it before please share your experience with it to me! wish me luck in my attempts to thin out/melt it.

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Are there any good makeup brands you recommend for people on a budget?



Foundation: Loreal Infallible (matte/ aka for oily skin), Loreal True Match Lumi (dewy/ aka for dry skin), and Loreal True Match (natural finish/ for combo/ all skin types)

Blush: MILANI they have baked blush with gorgeous shimmer but they also have regular powder blush which are all gorgeous, NYX has good blushes too 💖

Bronzer: Wet n Wild contour duos (for medium-fair skin), NYC and Physicians formula have gorgeous warm toned bronzers, WET N WILD bronzers are gigantic, Hard Candy I’m sure makes bronzers too

Highlight: Hard Candy (one of their bronzers is light and shimmery and perfect for highlighting), Elf and NYX liquid illuminators, a concealer 2 shades lighter than your skin tone, Rimmel stay matte powder to highlight/ set concealer


Concealer: HARD CANDY GLAMOFLAUGE I SWEAR BY THIS SHIT it’s a dupe for Kat Von D tattoo concealer but I swear it’s even more heavy duty, Maybelline Fit Me concealer, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer

Shadow: Wet n Wild shadow palettes (comfort zone palette has a dupe for MAC’s bluebrown!), Maybelline color tattoos, Loreal and Maybelline both have eye palettes (both called something along the lines of nudes and blushed nudes) which can be dupes for Naked palettes, NYX PIGMENTS OH MY GOD no one ever talks about NYX loose pigments and they really need to, NYX shadows in general, Elf smudge pots, NYX has a palette but I don’t remember the name, Elf actually has a nice baked shadow palette I’ve seen it at Old Navy lmao, IF YOU WANNA SHOP ONLINE makeupgeek and colourpop have shadows sold individually for $5-$8?? Dollars so please check those out they’re literally the nicest quality anywhere

Liner: NYX matte liquid liner (ALSO COMES IN WHITE WHICH IS EXCITING), Wet n Wild liner, NYC liquid liner (also matte I believe), MAYBELLINE GEL LINER IS THE BEST THING EVER, Elf cream liner


Lipstick/ stain: Elf lip stains, Wet n Wild lipsticks (dupe for MAC some say), NYX lipsticks/ soft matte lip creams/ ANY NYX LIP PRODUCT I SWEAR, Loreal double ended liquid lipstick, Maybelline lipstick (I have one and it’s coral and I forget the specific name but it’s beautiful)

Lip liner: NYX is the only one you truly need to worry about their lip liners are perfect

Lip balm: Burt’s Bees mango, medicated Chapstick, NYX all over balm, Chapstick double ended (one for daytime the other side for night time), EOS and Babylips if you’re one of those demons, COCOA BUTTER VASELINE BELIEVE ME ON THIS, Bath and Body Works night balm



Tutorial of previous post
Press Play

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link to full tutorial is in my bio!

BROWS- @anastasiabeverlyhills brow definer in chocolate and clear brow gel

EYESHADOW- @nyxcosmetics jumbo pencil in milk as base and @urbandecaycosmetics naked basics palette

EYELINER- @maybelline gel liner in blackest black! I use the @sigmabeauty e06 brush for my winged eyeliner.

LASHES- @shopvioletvoss eye donut care

BRUSHES- @sigmabeauty (use code TANIALOVESU for 20% off your entire purchase)
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Made with Instagram

Smoked liner look inspired by: @lustrelux
Lashes: #mac35lashes with #salonperfect black Demi wispies.
Liner: Maybelline black gel liner.
Eyebrows: @anastasiabeverlyhills dipbrow in dark brown.
Eyeshadow: #toofacedchocolatepalette


Makeup details, as requested! ☺️

Eyes: Orange Soda, Sienna, and Rum Cake from the Anastasia Lavish Palette, E4, E25, E54, E71, and E76 eyeshadows, all from Morphe, Maybelline EyeStudio gel liner, Red Cherry #43 lashes, a leeeettle bit of Mary Lou-Manizer by TheBalm in the inner corner and on the brow bone, and Anastasia DipBrow Pomade in Dark Brown for da browz.

Face: Covergirl Outlast 3-in-1 Foundation and Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation mixed, Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, Kat Von D Shade Light Palette, and then I bathed in more Mary Lou-Manizer.

Lips: Colourpop Dalia Lip Liner and then Revlon Black Cherry lipstick! 😘🍒