sweetteaqueenie asked:

i COMPLETELY agree with you on your comments on that JB picture. i HATE when celebs say that. it annoys me at skyrocketing levels.

yes!  Someone who agrees with me!  I get how the Selena hate is troubling, and how so some beliebers themselves are troubling tweeters.  and those nutjob girls who snuck into his hotel room in England..  Oh, don’t forget about that crazy old man in Spain, who thought he had Justin’s poopy toilet paper and lock of hair!

so, it’s understandable that with the good, comes bad.  But honestly, he created the monster that Beliebers are capable of becoming.  with his constant tweeting, and status updates, he continues to make himself available.  Being so freakin nice.  If he just shut down his twitter, there would be an uproar, people would go crazy, but eventually people would stop spamming the rest of his team, and give it up. hahahaha But he couldn’t do it.  He’s just as big a twitter whore as the rest of us are.  he couldn’t even stay off it when he went on his mystery camping trip.  he practically challenged Beliebers to find him.  I am just waiting to hear about some that actually do.  Someone has got to recognize that water shot, or the river.  and at least have a starting point.  Cant you just see car loads of girls roaming the woods with flashlights and their iphones?  

for my life, I have been unable to figure out who he is with.  I have stalked everyone on the team’s twitter.  Everyone seems previously engaged.  

Anyway, thanks for your thoughts.  I’m a ramblr, as you can see.  I love to chat/write/talk!!!