This inscription, NON OMNIS MORIAR, is engraved beneath the image of a snake on a tombstone in the Greyfriars churchyard in Edinburgh–where J. K. Rowling a number of character names she would later use in the Harry Potter series, including Tom Riddle. I used to wander around there a lot but just noticed this for the first time on my last visit and was for obvious reasons struck by the imagery and the accompanying aphorism–NON OMNIS MORIAR. “Not all of me shall die.” Think this might have been inspiration for Voldemort’s last horcrux or Slytherin House? I don’t know, but you’d have a hard time convincing me it wasn’t.


Knowledge of extraterrestrials has long been denied by every strata of government, but denial does not mean they do not exist.  Mycroft Holmes, among his many duties, oversees the program responsible for ‘managing’ any evidence of otherworldly life.  This time, that evidence is particularly interesting… and for more than professional reasons…

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MJ: "the characters have minds of their own". Oh yeah? Then I'd love to know why it's always Riley, and in SLP2 Josh, continuously tell Maya what she feels. I'm so tired of other people dictating to Maya what she is and what she feels. Riley's been doing since she told Maya that Maya had feelings for Lucas in Texas, and has done it up till recently when she told Maya that Maya actually didn't like Lucas. And it needs to stop.

“But I do know that if you let someone say who you are, then you really won’t be who you are, and you certainly won’t end up being who you were meant to be.”

Slight annoyance about SDCC

I’ve been talking with a few people and reading other posts about it and I feel like SDCC for OUAT has really changed in the last couple years.

I felt the same way last year but it I wrote it off to the fact that they had only filmed two days before they had to go but now I’m left with the same sort of feeling.

Other than the Aladdin/Jafar/Jasmine news was there really anything else to talk about?

During SDCC 2014 it seemed like every interview they did dropped a new little spoiler. Hook & Emma were going to go on a date … Hook was going to get his hand back, Rumple was going to be blackmailed by someone … these were all specific yet vague and perfect teases …

And now ???? I think I heard the phrase “well, I can’t really talk about that” way too many times. Give them something that they CAN talk about. Provide them each with one or two teases that people can get excited about. 

What is the point of this huge day of press if you only have one piece of news that you’re willing to share?

I mean, good thing the cast is fun to look at and funny in other ways. And don’t get me wrong, I loved SDCC but the interviews in the press room are almost becoming pointless ….


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I spent a month on this and finally done it! This is design for the dakimakura-style pillow (35 x 35 cm) with swap Papyrus which will be avilable for sale probably in september. Maybe later I will do more stuff for sale (cuz I’m poor student with no money), but for now I am a little bit busy and bored, sorry

Also the second design is the @bananaonnius‘s skelesona Papaya, I’m not serious about it, and I did it because I can, lol

“Don’t ye think I’m getting a bit old for these shenanigans?”
A request for @ask-doctor-dimension! I wonder if characters that start reaching those older ages do get kind of bored of these kinds of shenanigans. We may never know.
Requests are open!

A collection of all the doodles I have saved of @scarlet-lipstick‘s awesome character~