Dear Yoshi-P,

Please give me a Nyzul Isle equivalent in FFXIV.

“ace lesbians don’t exist”

“asexuality isn’t a real thing.”

ur right i don’t exist i’m actually one of the minor characters in steven universe and i’m dating all of the crystal gems so jokes on u.

(also jamie the mailman and i are best friends.)


I hear you Toriel
I hear you
I was half convinced I’d waken
Satisfied enough to listen
Happily I was mistaken

I’ll see you Toriel
I’ll see you
Do they think that doors can hide you?
Even now I’m at the entrance
I am in the dark beside you
Sweetly buried in your pure white fur

I hear you Toriel
And one day
I’ll see you
Till I’m with you then
And I am sure
Sweetly buried in your pure white fur

One day

Well guys..

I’m gonna go look at some tutorials for colouring hair and/or skin. Well, because I gotta draw some Valentine’s things for some friends of mine.
Here’s what I’m planning:
- Subaru
- Tokiya
- Shu
- Ren

You guys know who you are x3

So, if you guys need me, I’m gonna be drawing, listening to Reiji Sakamaki’s songs or something and maybe draw some more. ///I should get paid.