#inktober 4 - Benedict in the Smaug mic headset part 2, the fluffy sequel (part 1). Ballpoint in my spiral sketchbook. took so dang long (but it was fun). open in new tab, thanks for looking!

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“Hi, my name is Sonic, and I like chili dogs, sunsets, long walks on the beach, and destroying cities.”
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Kaneki: “Ah so you are a king now a king as well, gaining power by paving a dark path of blood thru your own family… an usurper king. And I am the newly oninted One-Eyed chosen by my adopted father. We must now play a bloody game of chess as the white and black king. fighting for the world we envis…”

*Chess piece flies by Kaneki’s head

Kaneki: “What the…”

Furuta: *Grabs more pawns and a bishop.

Kaneki: “Sit down and play the game properly!”

Analyzing Wang Jung

I called this a Jung “defense post” before, but that’s not really what my intention is. I just happen to find him really interesting. I’ve spent some time thinking about him—as with every aspect of this show, way too much time—and I wanted to share some of my thoughts because I haven’t seen them commonly expressed.

In fact, by and large the SH:R fandom seems collectively put out with Jung. I somewhat expected he would annoy folks sooner or later, but I thought Ji Soo-mania would temper it a lot more than it has. Surprisingly, that is not the case. Not to say that I agree with Jung’s conclusions or that I don’t think he very often behaves like an ass, but let me play devil’s advocate as a mental exercise. I think it will result in a deeper understanding of the show at large.

One of the foremost complaints about Jung’s character is that people simply don’t understand why he’s acting the way he is. Why he hates So and is so stubbornly set against all of his goals. That it just seems like dickish obstinacy and sheer immature stupidity at this point. And I agree, it really does seem that way. But in actuality the show has given us plenty of information to piece together the “why” of Jung’s actions, but it drip fed us details about his character so gradually since the early episodes, it’s not terribly intuitive, unless you’ve spent way too much time thinking about and writing about the show.

Let me try to trace it back for you.

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TADA! The Noire cosplay I bought from @teahiro came in! I’ve been wanting to cosplay Noire, but didn’t have it in me to make the costume, so when I saw it for sale I was really happy. I almost couldn’t get it, but I’m so happy I did because it’s so well made!
I need to add some parts still, and my makeup is a little sloppy, but I just wanted to try it on ♪( ´▽`)

(Teahiro still has some stuff for sale~ You should go check it out!)

anonymous asked:

Do you plan to make a sad/angsty/emotional comic of Mob at 100% because whenever you enter a fandom you gotta make us laugh and cry mod that's just how you roll

anon don’t

ask for things that cause us all suffering

and by that I am meaning me and my horrible schedule dear god who am I kidding I already have ideas for like three angsty comics but I GOT THINGS TO DO (also ONE already got me 1000% beat on emotional devastation with this series I won’t even make a dent in his record)