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If it would be ok. Can i get a terezi edit where like. She's mostly white (skin, hair etc.) And she's got Dragon wings, tail, and kind of horns but their like her Canon terezi but white. I think, her eyes were teal? Like her whole eyes were teal. And maybe like hints of teal scales? I guess you could say she was her lusus, but still terezi? Sorry if this is to confusing. If it is you do not have to do it!

TG: this is probably the coolest thing ive ever made
TG: terezi is her own lusus now

[RvB] Old Yeller Lived Here

Title: Old Yeller Lived Here

Rating: R to be safe

Pairings: Implied Church/Tucker

Characters: Wash, Tucker, Alpha Church

Warnings: This is kind of dark. Includes implied imprisonment/confinement in small spaces, restraint, non-graphic torture, violence, some implied medical procedures, implied abuse of a prisoner (non-sexual). Minor character death. 

Prompted by @illumynare for @rvbficwars

the AU where Wash is still adopted by the Reds & Blues, but they’re mercenaries who work for Hargrove ;)

Summary: “Rise and shine.”

He squints into the light at the figure shadowed in the door of his cell. Cell, he thinks, is probably a bit generous. It’s more of a box where he can be restrained while they move him between assignments. A cage.

He knows how this works. They let him out when they need him, and pray that they can put him back inside.

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Hi! I just wanna ask for RFA + V + Saeran when planning and proposing marriage to MC and their preferred wedding party! (like motif, scenery, location, etc.) goodluck and stay cool! I love your blogs BTW!

thanks! also, i apologize that this is super late and i’m not too familiar with wedding terms and such,, so i hope that this suffices ; v ;


  • Motif: most likely he’s going to have a relatively formal wedding theme, nothing too out of the blue or wild
  • tries planning everything by himself because he wants to show to you that he’s the right man for you and can handle such a heavy task
  • might end up asking Jumin and Zen for advice, since Jumin has a pretty equal view on things and Zen for the romantic and proposing part
  • he knows that marriage is a big commitment, and he’s not even out of uni yet, so he decides to wait on marraige until he’s completely ready and out of school to propose to you
  • Location: a significant spot that means a lot to you both (and affordable as well)
  • nothing would be better than having a wedding that meant so much to the two of you
  • after he’s out of uni and seems pretty stable with his work and eye, that’s when he decides to propose
  • Zen gave him advice on proposing, which was kind of cliche, but Yoosung formuled his own
  • he couldn’t do something as romantic as Zen or elegant as Jumin, but he knew that it’s the thought that counts, right?
  • when you come home from work, the lights are off in the house; he’s usually home by this time, so where could he be?
  • then, the lights flip on and you feel a pair of arms wrap around your waist
  • “Yoosung?”
  • “I’m sorry if I scared you… but… I’ve thought about this a lot,” he releases you and turns you around, looking into your eyes
  • “I’ve grown a lot these past years, and I hope I’ve grown into the man that can protect and be the best person for you. So,” he pulls out a box and opens it, revealing a ring, “Will you marry me?”
  • your hand flies to your mouth in shock, and start crying
  • you nod vigorously, unable to speak
  • Yoosung puts the ring on your finger and then hugs you tightly, joining in on the crying
  • he’d invite the RFA, and V; he’s grown up and decided that holding a grudge against him isn’t going to help him grow


  • Motif: formal, but Zen saves up money to make it extra special for you, and he wants you to pick out whichever dress you want
  • doesn’t want any sort of money or help from Jumin
  • but there are some things that was needed at the wedding that couldn’t be afforded by just you and Zen, so he begrudingly accepted Jumin’s help
  • Location: since he’s a biggie on romantic stuff, he’d have it somewhere where it’s pretty, perfect, and romantic for a marriage spot, perhaps a special date spot of some sort that holds significance
  • the idea of marrying you sounds wonderful as he’ll be able to be with you everyday of his life, but then doubts start to fill his mind
  • what if i’m not good enough because i’m just a musical actor? and i don’t make too much money from the job, so will i be able to help support MC?
  • but he decides that whatever happens, he’ll be able to work it out with you
  • whenver there’s been a problem, you were always there to support and keep his head up no matter what
  • Zen would treat you to a special dinner after getting off work early (which you know is very rare)
  • you’d be suspicous at first, but let it slide
  • and then BAM he’d propose to you like in romantic couple movies
  • not in front of everyone because he doesn’t want to pressure you in front of a whole bunch of people who would be watching
  • your hands fly to your mouth and your eyes widen when he proposes to you
  • you start crying and people were staring, but you didn’t have a care in the world as you said yes and hugged him
  • invites his manager and other coworkers and of course, the rest of the RFA and V


  • Motif: traditional wedding colors and clothing; both of you wear white dresses (nothing too extravagant, however), some decorations and/or cake may be laced with gold
  • gold seems to fit both you and her 
  • Location: her own coffee shop… same-sex marriage is illegal in SK, so it’d have to be private if you wanted it to happen in the first place
  • as for her proposing, she’d probably be pretty straightforward about it
  • it won’t affect her job as a coffee shop owner as opposed to being an assistant at C&R International, where it could potentially harm her and her job
  • and it’s not like she has family that would come anyway
  • her familiy is the RFA and you, so again, a very small audience for the private wedding
  • after mulling it over with herself, she’d finally decided to ask you to marry her
  • even with her usual stoic and calm demeanor, she’d be nervous and shaking with excitement to ask you
  • after everyone has left the coffee shop and when you were cleaning up, that’s when she’d ask you to be her wife
  • “But, same-sex marraige is illegal here…”
  • “Yes, but if we have it privately here and with just the other RFA members, it should be fine.”
  • you’re more than ecstatic at the fact that you’ll be spending the rest of your lives together


  • Motif: cat themed something very elegant and extravagant since it suits you two perfectly, cost of things is definitely not a problem for him
  • going to be extremely picky about everything, and you have to remind him that not everything has to be perfect
  • but he tells you that everything must be perfect for you
  • you give up telling him that because he’s not going to budge
  • Location: because he’s such a popular figure, it’d be inevitable and end up having a very large wedding for the two of you, so whatever place that is significant to the both of you and would be able to hold many people
  • but he’ll make a small reception for just you and him and the rest of the RFA, perhaps at the place where you all hold the RFA party
  • Despite him proposing to you at the RFA party in front of many guests, including his father and the Choi sisters, he also wanted to do a private proposal to you
  • very meticulous about when, where, what time, and the right moment to propose to you
  • probably has a script on what to say because he doesn’t want to mess it up and ruin the moment
  • he’d be so unnaturally formal fjajfdlkfslf;s
  • “Jumin… you’re talking to your soon-to-be-fiance, not the head of another business company,” you gently scold
  • he chuckles lowly, tossing the script to the side
  • “Yes, you’re right.”
  • he gets down on one knee, just like at the party, taking your hand and brushing his lips over it
  • “MC, will you marry me? I would love nothing more than to be able to spend the rest of my life with you.”
  • you tear up and accept his proposal once again


  • Motif: very… modest and pure? if that makes sense? like as in there would be a lot of white, and he’d be the one to wear a white tuxedo along with your white dress
  • white signifies purity and safety, even though he’s lost his purity a long time ago, and also represents successful beginning
  • but that successful beginning to your lives as a couple happens after Saeran’s rescue and recovery
  • Location: the church he attended as a child, but i could see him making a special trip with you beforehand to the space station
  • even as going as far as bringing your wedding dress and his white tux
  • when he said he wanted to marry you in the space station, he really wants to marry you in the space station
  • so you two have a private non-traditional wedding there and he gets really emotional
  • he cries tears of happiness when he explains how much he loves you and he will always protect you and that he will cherish you for eternity
  • “So will you be my wife, MC?”
  • “Yes…! Yes… I’ll be your wife!” his tears are contagious as you begin crying as well, barely being able to muster out more than one “yes” and hug him very tightly
  • you two hold each other in a loving and tight embrace
  • “I love you, Saeyoung…”
  • he hugs you even tighter
  • “I love you, too, MC… I love you so much…”
  • some time after that, he announces to the rest of the RFA that he’s proposed to you and plans on having it in his church
  • the church holds a lot of significance to him still, but since you two secretly already married, you guys act it out pretty well at the church
  • he’d only invite the rest of the RFA, Saeran, and Vanderwood to his wedding, because they’re all he has


  • Motif: he lets you decide since you’re going to be the one who can see it better, so you decide on something simplistic but also has touches of elegance to it as well (maybe a touch of teal as well because of his hair?)
  • Location: his favorite place to take photographs, something very scenic and bright and that would compliment you and your dress
  • so something like this

  • he’d think it over a long time before proposing to you, however
  • because of his plan to marry Rika and then what happened, it’d take him some time to recover and heal from those wounds
  • but he finally decides that he truly loves you and and wants to spend the rest of his life with you, if that’s what you want as well
  • V would propose to you when he thinks the time is right, like Jumin, and do it in private
  • he’s suuuuper anxious though because doubts started filling his mind like, would you want to marry a nearly blind person? he’s basically usesless in terms of sight.. so would you still want a husband like that?
  • when you accept, he starts crying happily, which he hasn’t done in a long, long time
  • he talks about his anxieties from before and you reassure him that you want to be with him, even if he’s almost completely blind
  • you remove his sunglasses off of his face and wipe his tears away
  • Definitely would invite the entire RFA, not sure about his other family
  • he wears a teal bowtie to match his hair~


  • Motif: edgelord attire hmm, probably.. white like seven’s? he has to think it through and he’d feel as if the typical b/w tuxedo wouldn’t suffice for someone special like you
  • when he finds out the meaning of white, he’s a little tentative at first because he was and still sort of is the complete opposite of that pure and “safe” but it reminds him of how you are
  • you’re like a safe haven for him, so he decides on white
  • he’d definitely ask seven for all the help, because he’s basically clueless about how to propose and how to dress and all that stuff
  • Location: the church seven attended
  • despite him not being a catholic like seven, saeran believes that it’ll be a nice and quiet place for the wedding and maybe even wash away his past sins and it’s a chance for him to begin anew
  • as for trying to propose to you, he’d… have a pretty hard time
  • first off, he’s not good with emotions in general, and usually what he says comes off as misunderstood
  • secretly, he’d look up wedding proposals to see how others did and and would decide the best way to go about it
  • also, asking seven for advice is on his list on how to propose
  • saeran would take the time to find the right words, time, and place to ask you to marry him
  • when he does ask you, he’s trying to propose the way he practiced with seven, but his words get caught and his emotions are all over the place
  • “What I’m trying to say is… I guess… do you want to be with me…”
  • “But Saeran, I’m already with you…”
  • “as my… wife…”
  • when it hits you that he’s proposing to you, despite the extreme informality, you happily accept and pull him into you tightly
  • “Yes…! I would be so happy to be your wife!”
  • on the inside, he’s so freaking happy and proud of himself for doing such a big task
  • wants to keep the crowd small, and you understand this so that his anxiety doesn’t flare up
  • so the guests consist of the RFA, Saeyoung, and Vanderwood

what should i make graces friendship bracelet say i was gonna put ******** until i realized she goes to the other one dhwkdjwkcjen maybe just ❤️ ily gracie ❤️ colors… red and green but those are ugly maybe red and teal to stay thematic but add blue

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And to the girls: what's YOUR favorite color?

I like purple, personally.

I kinda like darker greens. They’re very peaceful colors.

I guess red. Haven’t really given it much thought.

I admire yellow colors. They are so vibrant and joyful!

Maybe teal. I like both blue and green, so it’s kinda like those two put together, right?

Darker colors are nicer I think. Brighter colors can be too intense.


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Hi i think tumblr ate my first ask, so im resubmitting. i'd like an ace moodboard with the colors purple and teal and maybe green? if that's okay? and maybe music as a theme if that's not too much to ask

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Ruffled Feathers - CocoaChoux - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Pairing: Levi/Eren
Rating: Teen (though there are suggestive themes…)
Word count: 4.5k
Other Tags: Fantasy AU, harpy!Eren and demon!Levi

A certain birdie caught a demon’s attention.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MAJESTIC @magickitt!!! (♡´❍`♡)*✧ ✰ 。* Thank you so much for sharing your amazing fanart to this fandom and being super adorable. ;D I was inspired by this devil Levi and winged Eren that you did and combined the two into the same universe (thank you Siren for helping me)!

Hope you have an awesome birthday honeybun! (♥→o←♥)

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1.12 - The Big Goodbye

Friend of the blog Deborah mentioned this to us, like, six months ago and then we never did it, and then friend of the blog Alex mentioned it to us like two weeks ago and reminded us that there was some “40’s by way of the 80’s realness” (just like that one part in Xanadu) so I was like “I’m on it.”

This is the first Holodeck episode, and what happens? THE HOLODECK TRIES TO KILL EVERYONE. Of course.

First off, though, the Captain is trying to learn how to perfectly pronounce this alien language because if he doesn’t, the aliens in question will be offended and kill everyone: 

Still easier to learn than Welsh

Deanna is helping coach him in a lovely season one Mardi Gras Beads Hair Accessory:

And of course, great cleavage #respect

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Should I get you here?
Should I get you there?

Should you be teal?

Or maybe I should stay clear.



A BuJo?

Does it really matter though?

Which planner I get now or next. 

You will all be mine in the end though! 


✕✕ spot was out getting more tea, the boxes stuffed into his black backpack as he walked down the sidewalk, as he trotted down the pavement he noticed a human- their hair this bright blue, or maybe it was teal.. he couldn't pinpoint it, but lanky legs swung forward as he walked toward the human, giving his face a scan before talking to them- just making sure they weren’t mad or annoyed. 

✕✕ the taller male stopped walking and turned to face the same way as the blue haired human, he let a moment pass before leaning slightly closer and a bit down, “ i like your um. hair–” he nodded and glanced at the human with his deep brown eyes,  ‘’but –um– did your hair come out of your head blu- teal.’’ he decided it was teal- he was speaking to the human as if this conversation was some sort of top secret information– but he was curious about it, he hadn’t read much about humans hair color. 


I’ve always wanted to do something crazy to my hair. I kind of want to maybe add teal highlights, or blue ends or do something absolutely wacky. I actually did another job where I had to dye my hair like a really, really dark brown—almost maroon and I didn’t know if I could do it with my hair, but they actually ended up wigging me instead and it was kind of perfect. And also, my hair didn’t have to look nice for a whole month—it was amazing.

Time for Oosh to get serious.

Which, for those who have followed me, you know thats kind of hard and usually requires some kind of alcoholic beverage. Unfortunately, I cannot reach out for a glass of wine (for those wondering I am 24.) as I have a job interview tomorrow which can make my promotion permanent and, well, it means I can do things with my life. but thats not important look at me, i’m rambling. I feel like Markiplier doing a vlog.

I joined Mark at around 800,000 subscribers just over 2 years ago. It was so exciting to see him creep towards 1 million. I didn’t really know what to do. I had only just started this blog, I had barley any followers so I dork flailed with excitement in my room alone. In 2 years 9,200,000 people have pressed that red subscription button and what a ride we have been on: 

Finishing Vanish
Moving to L.A and THAT live stream with Bob and Wade
Finding Tiny Box Tim
BUNNIPLIER (although I think that should stay in the pits of the tag)
Ridiculous amount of moulah raised for charity
The pyjama pants
THOSE pyjama pants pictures
The emergence of Jacksepticeye
The 8 million subscriber video
(And so much more. My brain cannot think - add your own)

Its been a glorious journey to have been a part of and one I am very much looking forward to continuing on. I could bore you all with how much Mark and this community has changed me; how you’ve helped me in my lowest times; how you’ve made me see myself as ‘good enough’ again; but I dont think you want to read that.



So, thank you Mark. Thank you for being the best you can be. Long may it continue. Maybe with teal hair. Just…just saying.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing