In the dream, we are strangers knee to knee on a train. It’s the most we ever touch. I still write about you. I still end up here. There is something to be said for a love that refuses to melt. A love stored in the freezer, in a ziplock bag. Stashed behind the ice cube tray. Always waiting to be pulled out. Willing to thaw, to forgive like spring, to pick up right where it left off. You, cradling a phone in the crook of your arm. Me, crying about produce. You call, and I answer. You say, “Do you know what an air traffic control room looks like? All those switches and buttons blinking? When I hear your voice, everything lights up all at once for me. Nobody else does that.” I don’t say anything eloquent. So we’re back on the train, with the knees, only this time you’re looking me in the face and I’m staring out the window. What do you think happens when love gets left out too long?
—  Trista Mateer

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What do you think of Jewish! Pidge?

i think it’s awesome!!! especially because apparently bex taylor-klaus, pidge’s voice actress, is jewish too! so i think it’s cool how it can all connect :3c

you prolly won’t see any headcanons from me though, i’m not jewish and i don’t really know anyone who is so i’m completely out of my depth lol

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"Times when Chuuya made him laugh with talking like a rich girl" what do you mean by this?

You can find this interaction between them in chapter 11 from the manga:

Dazai predicted it. And Chuuya did it for real.

In this I think you can clearly see here that Chuuya might did such things when they were partners back then. (In the Anime you can see this scene in Episode 10. But sadly they left out Dazai’s laughing about this.)


For tumblr FINALLY raising the gif limit to 3MB, I had to make some gifs of “How To Steal The World/The Seven Wonders Of The World Affair” :) Enjoy!