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Just imagine Jon being evil and protective over Damian. Both Batman & Superman trying to get back their sons, and Jon just harshly rejects their help, stating that they are unable to protect Damian. Bonus points if Damian was unconscious in that tube thing with Manchester Black. Just imagine Jon being being possessive over Damian sleeping form.

Right?! Like I would have almost loved if Black Dawn took a turn like that. Where instead of being tortured into the brainwashing, he just gets in the brainwashing and Jon figures out his own weird set of morals and realizes that it’s not just that Superman is bad at his gig - all adult heroes are. They can’t protect anyone, they can’t protect children. So he gathers up Kathy and hides her safely behind Damian’s tube thing, meanwhile fighting the dads in front of Damian’s tube thing, screaming that they can’t get near him, they aren’t allowed, because he will not let Batman or his own dad get Damian hurt again, for as long as he lives. 

And Damian doesn’t wake up until way later, after Jon has spirited him and Kathy away into hiding away from everyone, and will not let another human being near any of them. Damian and Kathy are his now. His family. His to protect. His to love. And he will fight and maybe kill anyone who tries to get near them if he has to.

haha honestly, I’ve been trying to think up a story/scenario to write a fic about, where Jon is still evil/’Superboy Black’ and takes Damian/can only be stopped by Damian OR where they’re super-villain husbands where Jon is Superboy Black and Damian is (reluctantly, maybe due to Jon (ie would be evil to stay with his beloved), or by his own choice) the next Demon Head/Ra’s al Ghul (not mindwashed, he is still himself) and basically their families and the whole world is fucccccccccked.

But. I haven’t thought up a story yet, so it hasn’t happened haha. 

Since Diana’s character arc in Wonder Woman is all about how she should save people because of what she believes, even if they may or may not deserve it, can we all acknowledge that Diana saying ‘Man made a world where standing together is impossible‘ in BvS to explain why she stopped helped people at some point after the events of Wonder Woman is a complete contradiction of that message?

  • My brain for weeks: but can Furies have babies??
  • Me: They probably are rendered sterile because the Water of Life messes up the human body pretty badly
  • Me: maybe in some of the less-terrible ends, they eventually manage to calm the effects enough that they can actually reproduce again but who knows what effect it would have on the baby
  • My brain: oh ok that makes sense
  • My brain, 2 seconds later: but can Cardia physically age???
  • Me: *screech*

the toronto pride parade was super fun and i’m glad i went. it was the first time i’ve gone since figuring out i’m bisexual. so like that was Really cool. definitely flirted with a few girls in the parade. very fun.

but i wish i hadn’t gone with the people i went with cause they’re both straight so like it would have just been really really nice to have gone with people from the community. 

i don’t regret going but it could have been better i think.

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Ashley, my emotions are STILL a mess after reading the latest chapter of Palm Trees. I love the story so much and feel so torn up inside because Michonne can't seem to get it together. I know that things are about to get worse, before they get better, IF they get better. I so want them to finally get their happy ending, yet I feel we won't, this is how unnerved you got me! I'll probably be reading the next chapter through open fingers, wanting and not wanting to read it, ha!

Oh man. I honestly did not expect so many strong reactions to this chapter, haha. So many of you guys are thinking they won’t end up together now and I feel a little bit bad, but also not really, because I love how invested you are. But they both have some work to do, so… yeah. It’s not as simple as just knowing they’re in love with each other. 

The next chapter isn’t scary, though! I don’t think. But the one after that… 👀

Idk about anyone else but the only thing I was focused on during this latest episode is the fact that all of a sudden Judge’s eyebrows are bushy. Like I am 99% sure that they were just black lines in the previous episode (like Sanji’s are) and now in this episode they are colored in blond and this is a big deal to me because I want to know what direction his eyebrows go in so his eyebrows are v important to me, okay?