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The "Bi overhaul" mod is amazing for some Alistair action! I just finished a playthrough with it, and my Cousland became a prince-consort of Ferelden, and even Awakening acknowledges that in one absolutely adorable conversation (the mod doesn't really affect Awakening, so there's a bit misgendering on Alistair's part, but it's noting crucial, and Origins has no misgendering at all). Also, I absolutely adore your Alistair/Warden couple! And I wonder... how did the "lamppost" talk go for them?

I still haven’t tried this mod (only because I’ve not been playing dao), but just hearing about this makes me so happy it exists. 8D

And thanks. I actually have thought out a comic about the lamppost-conversation. Been in my head for a ages so it’ll probably be the next one I draw. And since I have now declared this here I guess it’ll have to be relatively soon …