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Canadian wizards. Thoughts?

I don’t want to pull a JK Rowling and write my ideas for an entire wizarding culture when I don’t even know much about the muggle version of it.

10 Random Things

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1. I love pizza and can eat it anytime. There isn’t a time when I don’t want pizza

2. I’ve been up until 4 AM last three nights, mostly simming and editing screenshots. I don’t usually stay this late

3. My back hurts now and I want to go for a walk though I don’t like random walking (well, sometimes I do)

4. I have a really weak voice and I hate it because I’ve always wanted to sing beautifully and speak confidently

5. I’ve been to four countries abroad. Hope to expand this

6. I’ve been to my favourite football team’s game. It was eight months ago but I still can’t believe my happiness

7. I’d love to become an actress and star in some series. Whenever I see the TV shows’ casts, they’re always so friendly, like a real family

8. Once the actor who plays God/Chuck in SPN, Rob Benedict, liked my tweet though I didn’t even expect this, I tweeted him for fun. I was sitting with my mouth open because daaaamn God liked my tweet

9. I’m super slow and unorganized. I’m never gonna finish a few projects that I’ve been doing since forever

10. I’ve never played Pokemon Go. And not planning. I’m afraid of becoming addicted

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You should read my immortal tho. It's an expierence for a lifetime. Your world will never be the same again.

I’ve skimmed parts of it so I kind of know what I’m missing out on. But I haven’t even read The Life And Times yet. If I’m going to read a fandom classic that’s my first choice.

I thought of something kind of weird.

The Goner Kid says the following:

Have you ever thought about a world where everything is exactly the same… Except you don’t exist?

Everything functions perfectly without you…

Ha, ha…

The thought terrifies me.

And we know Gaster is pretty much non-existent. His creations are there, his followers are hanging around when special circumstances are met, but otherwise he’s not there at all really. In fact people who don’t look into any lore don’t even know Gaster made the core.


Gaster, and his followers are pretty much outside of existence. But as Goner kid says, the world moves on exactly the same without them.

And then the tapes in True Lab…

Howdy, Chara! Smile for the camera!

Ha, this time I got YOU! I left the cap on, ON PURPOSE!

Now you’re smiling for noooo reason! Hee hee hee!

What? Oh, yeah, I remember.

When we tried to make butterscotch pie for Dad, right?

The Recipe asked for cups of butter…

But we accidentally put in buttercups instead.

Yeah! Those flowers got him really sick.

etc etc.

My point being is that this is clearly not a one sided conversation. But somehow, Chara’s input is completely missing.

Kind of like Gaster, right?

I think this is a connection that a lot of people haven’t made and thought I’d share it somewhere.

Apology for being late (again) aside, this is definitely interesting to think about. The only time we ever “hear” Chara speaking is when they’re narrating for us. In the tapes, they’re silent. When they gain some sort of physical form at the end of a genocide run, they’re silent.

I never actually considered making a connection with Gaster; given that the story of them and Asriel is told by several monsters, it seems that people definitely remember their existence. But it’s certainly something worth noting.

Though I would like to use this opportunity to bring up something I thought of a while back, but never really made a post about. Since Chara’s definitely conversing with Asriel, and in that one situation, with us, but we don’t hear their voice… since the only time we hear them is when they’re connected to Frisk…

…mute Chara?

On the actual subject of this submission, it’s definitely an interesting idea - but since I am not entirely sure what else I can add (partially the reason I have taken so long to answer), I think I’ll just… put this up and… anyone who does have something to add, please feel free!

  • Ezra:I don't want to be treated like a baby anymore!
  • [Kanan carries Ezra and gently lays him onto his bunk, and Hera pulls a blanket up to Ezra's neck]
  • Ezra:*sits up crossed arms and pouts* I want people to treat me like a man!
  • Hera:Of course you do *hugs and kisses Ezra's forehead* It's bedtime sweety.
  • Zeb:*enters and passes Ezra a mug of warm blue milk*
  • Ezra:Thanks *takes sip* so mommy can we stop with the hugs and kisses. I want to be taken seriously!
  • Sabine:*just entered* Oh then I guess you won't be getting any from me.
  • Ezra:.....NO WAIT
  • Sabine:Too late! *leaves the room while bursting into laughter*

In August 1798, when they were still figuring out ranks during the Quasi-War, Timothy Pickering wrote to Alexander Hamilton,

“My anxiety to see you fixed second in command, has arisen from the opinion which for twenty years I have entertained of your superior genius and talents combined with integrity … My interference has not proceeded from any claims you have on my friendship: for tho’ we were never to my knowledge for one moment at enmity, our acquaintance was never so intimate as in the proper, strict sense of the word to make us friends. My respect, esteem & attachment have been founded on the qualities of your head and heart, as above suggested … you will not, nor would any one who knew as well as you my frank, downright disposition, ascribe to flattery the sentiments I have expressed of you in our correspondence: it was impossible to reason on the subject without expressing them.”


To which Hamilton replied,

“Your friendly letters of the 21. 22 & 23 of August have been duly received. I feel myself at once much flattered and truly indebted for the very favourable opinion of me which you manifest. The good estimation of men of sense and virtue is an ample consolation for the censure & malice of those of a different character. While the expression of your sentiments has all the value which a well known sincerity & integrity of disposition can give. Be assured that I shall be happy to be ranked by you in the number of your friends.”


Here’s my rough translation,

Pickering: Your talent, intelligence, and integrity make you a perfect choice for second in command in the army. And since we’re not friends, you’ll know this isn’t flattery.

Hamilton: Wait…we’re not friends?


“I’ve been playing Pokemon GO while working hard on the manuscript. He he. August’s G fantasy will feature Aoharu x Kikanjuu on the cover, contain a center colour feature and bathroom poster, i’ll put my all into the manuscript too! Though I always put my all into it anyway!

I want to catch rare pokemon~ ^^”

So just to summarize AxK will be on the cover of the issue that comes out next month, it will contain a coloured feature AND we’re getting ANOTHER bathroom poster. I wonder who it’ll be this time σ(≧ε≦o)