RoyEd Week - Day 3: Vulnerable

“Edward- What the hell happen to you?”

“As usual I got into a fucking fight because I can not walk on the damn street without someone-”


“Seriously Roy, they are not more than a few scratches”

“Edward is the fifth time this week, and we are on Wednesday”

“Sorry for being a fucking trouble magnet!”

“You know I did not mean that… this has to stop. I know the last thing you want is to get away from your research but we need to take care of these attacks, to initiate an investigation-”

“Or we could just go for some takeaway from Deli and go home.”

“Edward, this is serious.” 

“…please Roy, just let’s go home.”

I don't know what is really going on in these picture, maybe some kind Modern AU and of evil organization is trying to get something out of Ed´s research [nothing new].

Happy week people! :D