Commission for @stormyjynx!! .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙

I really need to practice drawing cats one of these days (maybe draw some Exceeds as legit cats? idk), but overall I had lots of fun with this one :p

The amount of time it took me to make this just because of the amount of schoolwork I have to do at the same time made me realise that I really need to close the commissions for a while dang I hate my uni

Rogues as shopper types

Jonathan Crane: The extreme coupon/bargain hunter. You want 27 orange juice containers for some reason? He’s got a coupon for that. You want a bunch of guns without the consequence of blackmail later? He’s got 3 coupons for that. You want a pack of Oreo’s, but don’t have a coupon?  Well put that shit back on the shelf b/c it’s the coupon way or fear toxin way, no exception.

Edward Nigma: The thrift shop prowler. May it be a Value Village or some obscure store, he will have visited it at some point. Why spend $50 on a new cane when you can get an old one for 99 cents, and just modify it? Where else do you think he buys so many suits, Abercomie & Finch? Nah, he’s too busy devising plots designed for tormenting Batman to make money for that. He’ll wear your grandpa’s hand me downs any day, and just say it’s high class (What? It probably was at some point).

Poison Ivy: The window browser, aka the ‘i’m shopping but not really’ type. Spends more time admiring the clothes than actually buying them, unless she’s with friends, in which case she may indulge a bit. If she see’s someone else admiring clothes, she will vigorously insist they try it on until they decide to buy it. She’ll probably have everyone else blowing all the money before the end of the trip, and then walk away herself with a full wallet. The only exception to this is the organic beauty product store, or any organic store in fact. All products will be bought from the shelf before the end of the hour, and some poor sucker will be seduced into carrying it home for her. What a queen.

Harley Quinn: The no limit spender. Every shopping trip is a fresh challenge to see how far she can push the newest credit card she stole. Everything she buys is worth it in her eyes, and if she ever runs short, she can call up some ‘gal-pals’ to persuade Mr.Wayne into loaning his money to them again. Even though it barely stays in her hands, she seems to always have an endless flow of cash from somewhere.

Jervis Tetch: The know it all. This man is in the scene. You want tea? He knows a store. You want cute doily shit and flower headbands? He knows a store. You want mind controlling technology and maybe some cat food? He can probably hook you up with the mind tech, but he knows a store for cat food as well. You want books on neurosciences and the working of the brain? He knows several bookstores with that shit, cause he shops there frequently. You want access to the most exclusive stores in town? He can do that. He’s a shopping champ.

Harvey Dent: The indecisive shopper. Go shopping with him, and you’ll spend more time looking at the stuff in the store than actually buying it. He’ll hum, and huh, and flip his way through every item that may have caught his attention. If he see’s a suit, he’ll spend a solid 20 minutes deciding if it’d be better two toned, or monotone. Don’t try to tell him to buy it or not either, or you’ll be standing for even longer as he contemplates wringing your neck in the store or parking lot.

Joker: The erratic buyer. He’ll go from socks to swords in minutes, and you probably won’t fully grasp what the fuck is going on throughout the entire trip. He’ll be pushing a cart that’ll have kazoos, guns, a goldfish, twenty something pairs of underwear, a golf club, and a laser cat pointer, and somehow he’ll manage to make it into a functional plan. Only shop with him if you want to get doused with laughing gas, or get a massive headache out of sheer confusion. Whichever one comes first.

Victor Fries: The miracle worker. Browses around, purchases only the necessities, chips in to help whenever you’re a dollar short or something, somehow knows all the best deals, and is the ideal shopping buddy. Just keep him away from stores involving ice, cryotechnology, or couples things. It may be several hours before he decides to leave them.

Oswald Cobblepot: The snob. His motto is ‘Shop? Why shop when you can just commission everyone to make the clothes for you!’. He’d rather invite Black Mask to tango dancing than be caught in a Target.

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What would bee Erik's, Christine's, Raoul's, Meg's Patronus?

Ooh, this is hard. Erik’s would have to be something solitary and highly intelligent.

(My immediate reaction was one of those bald cats. I love them. They look like little mummies.)

Maybe some sort of cat?

Christine’s would definitely be a bird of some kind. Delicate but strong and lovely. Raoul’s is a golden retriever. 3000% a good boy, 10/10 will fetch your scarf AND a stick from the sea.


……a giant, hardcore wolf. With a tutu.

(Even though it’s not necessarily canon, Meg will always be a consummate badass in my mind.)

What sayest thou, phandom?

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hey Gopher, i'm feeling kinda gross right now. could you maybe send me some cat / plant photos? sorry to be annoying, thank you ♡

YOU ARE NOT ANNOYING BABY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND YOU’RE MY FAVE CAT IN THE WORLD. I read that as cats with plants instead of plants/cats so oh well, now you get these images I gathered off of my desktop for you! I tagged you in more pics of my cat too in another post, feel better soon!

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Hello I am usually not this person but the entire universe is kinda crashing down on me because I have an ancient Egyptian curse so could you maybe perhaps hmu with some cats


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Crime lord x innocent one AUs? Or something along those lines?

What a wonderful idea :)

  • I just got the shit beaten out of me over a bad deal and my ass ended on the side of the street, where you just so happened to stumble across. you stared at me for a slick moment, then offered a cigarette and a nice talk.
  • “I’m relatively new in town and you often stop by the restaurant I work at for brunch, and it honestly took me a long while to notice how tense everyone got when they spotted eyes on you cause apparently you’re some renown drug kingpin? and you kill a lot of people? and I knew absolutely none of this? or else I wouldn’t be chatting you up like a sweet old lady every time I served you instead of watching my every word? dUDE??”
    • “you made it very clear though that I’m your favorite person to visit at restaurants and honestly I have no idea how I feel about a crime lord having a very clear crush on me cause man,,im jus tryna pay the bills and maybe adopt some more cats..? yeh i dont have time to be dealing with alla that”
  • I caught sight of some deal going south so I did what any dumbass would do, and stepped in to stop one of them from killing the other. Y'all have some damn anger problems though cause I ended up getting cLOCKED IN THE NOSE BUT JOKES ON U CAUSE sURPRISE I GET ANGRY TOO AND SMACKED THAT RIGHT BACK BUt you started laughing bc apparently some lil thing like me getting angry and violent was not something you were expecting
    • wha t the fuck is going on there’s a half-dead man on the ground and my nose is gushing blood and somehow this is turning really funny for the both of us because! what the f uck! is happening! and no! i dont want a job???
  • “I wouldn’t say I’m a criminal per say–more like an accessory to the criminal organization that I sometimes help with money laundering and accounting, but yeah blood? aha no, no. just no.”
    • “look I understand that with crime stuff there’s gonna be blood and that you’re the boss and everything but seriously, can you wait to beat someone up until I’m gone? I’m just here for accounting advice man idk it’s sorta a phobia?”
      • “okay I wasn’t actually expecting you to be concerned at all about my feelings but now you’re offering to help guide my way through a sea of bodies in an accidental shoot out without me seeing any of it and…thats actually…kinda sweet”
        • “who knew a person who just finished killing like ten guys would be offering to hold my hand so gently alrightyyyy aha ur kinda cute”
  • I kidnapped you for a ransom bc you know this rich prick I’d done business with before and about halfway through of keeping you chained to a chair I realized we lowkey already met before at a party hosted by said rich prick, soyeah……..hey how you doin’
    • we were also flirting like nonstop that entire night too oops
      • maybe almost hooked up
        • okay we had sex, but this totally isn’t personal
          • ……….you seeing anybody?

  • Ive lived for a very long time, made many deals, built many empires and basically ruled everything i wanted. and yet. no matter how many years have passed and how many mortals have died, i still see you. just you. walking around like you have no care in the world. immortals arent supposed to be like that, theyre not even supposed to exist anymore, and yet here u are…just livin life as you do with ur dumb happy smile and sunshine laugh and beautiful face
    • and yet my miserable ass is still here, hating you and the world for the fact that i cant breathe a word to any other immortal without stripping away their life span along with my own
      • and that really fucking sucks sometimes because youre everything i wish i was and something i need but never deserve

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This isn't a question of IF you'd bring Peg-Leg Pete into this, but IF you did: tail or no tail? Because honestly, it gets harder each year to believe he's a cat. Maybe like a cat with some dog in him, like how Gladstone and Gus are part goose, but not a cat straight up.

More than likely wouldn’t, as he is neither bird, dog, or pig. But if we did for some weird reason, I’d like tail. I have an abiding love for Steamboat Willie.

Imagine the Host Club genderbent in dresses

Tamaki Suoh

Very vibrant to let you know they’re in the room. Très chic dans Paris. They would want it flowers on it, as it is the symbol of romance and no matter what form Tamaki is in, they will always crave romance and extravagance. 

Kyouya Ootori

Something slim yet alluring. Showing off their figure but still covering up. Looking professional yet sexy. 

Kaoru Hitachiin

Fun and simple but don’t think it ends there. They plan to dress it up with all sorts of accessories! Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and hats! You name it, they’ve got it.

Hikaru Hitachiin

Hikaru wants a fun dress, something that shows they have a personality. Short to make it a bit sexy, also a clutch, earrings and a necklace to add to the look. Accessorizing is the twins’ speciality.

Mitsukuni (Honey) Haninozuka

Pink and girly with a black accent to add some flare. A very innocent look yet fashionable.

Takashi (Mori) Morinozuka

Mori refuses to wear a dress. They stay somewhat masculine and label themself as a tomboy. 

Haruhi Fujioka

Not much changes for Haurhi. Instead of dresses with her jeans, they wear a nice sweater. Maybe their dad’s wristwatch to complete the look. They don’t care much for appearance anyway. 


Ritsu Kasanoda

Black and punk. That’s all there is too it. (Maybe add some cat ears ;) )

Umehito Nekozawa

A black gothic dress to suit their personality. (shall with a hood) Beautiful details to represent there is more to the darkness than you originally see

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rhaegar would have grown up better if he'd had a pet goat. maybe some cats but his daughter had cats and they didnt help him

i just think he needed an ass kicking but okay, goats are good too

Louis is Harry's Itty Bitty Kitten
  • Harry: What is it boo?
  • Harry: I don't even know what the problem is!!!
  • Harry: That why you're in my lap getting your hair stroked?
  • Harry: I'm sorry love. You are the tallest of men, so very menacing. Everybody cowers when your short little legs carry you into the room.
  • Louis: Guess someone will be sleeping on the couch tonight.
  • Harry: Well I'll just get you some blankets. Because you know that you're the only one who fits on here my precious, itty bitty kitten.
  • Louis: I will bite you.
  • Harry: Nasty kitten. No warm milk for you. Maybe some cat nip if you're good.

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I hope this counts as Halloween or Autumn but could I get something with an s/o who loves scary movies but is terrified afterwards? They always fight back with "I've watched too many horror movies to be scared!" but they still look behind them every 5 seconds. Could I possibly get McCree, Genji, and whoever else you want for this one? Thank you! (I love your blog btw ^3^)

It could be one or the other, ahaa X’D and of course! both of them are my babes~~ i’m glad you like the blog~!!


  • The cowboy doesn’t believe that his S/O isn’t scared of the horror movies even with the countless of times they’ve watched them, because the first time he had a horror movie marathon with them, he always had to comfort them after.

  • Jesse doesn’t mind them hiding behind him, he finds it cute and also just a big ‘I told you so’ for him as well.

  • The gunslinger jumps every so often when there’s a jump scare along with his S/O, and he’d also hold them while screaming if it’s a really bad one.

  • Most of the time he finds the horror movies cheesy and typical, aside from the times when he gets caught off guard by the jump scares.

  • After the movie, Jesse always asks if they’re sure that they’re not scared, but he knows that they are. Of course if his S/O gets mad at him for teasing, he’ll say sorry with a chuckle and hug them as comfort.


  • The cyborg understands that they still have their fear, even though they’ve watched horror movies countless times. It always lingers in the back of your mind.

  • Like McCree, he doesn’t mind his S/O hiding behind him whenever it’s a suspenseful moment for a potential jump scare, though the ninja would probably look away as well.

  • Would definitely jump with a sound of shock when a jump scare comes up, and would totally attempt to pretend that he never did so, it’s hard to tell behind his mask though.

  • After the movie he would ask if his S/O is okay, like really. Even though he’s always told that they aren’t scared of the movie, he’d still want to be sure they are actually okay.

  • If they’re not okay, cuddles always work as a remedy for his S/O to feel better, and maybe some cat and puppy pictures as well.

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tell me abut urself

I’m a fairly uninteresting 19 year old who just finished her first year of college as an English major and creative writing and history minor. I’m supposedly smart and I have a lot of anxiety and honestly just bad genes in general. I consider myself a pretty funny and nice gal, but I can be Fierce when it comes to social justice. The only thing I love more than sleep is storytelling, whether reading, writing, or watching. My main goal in life is to be able to create freely with as few real-world inhibitors as possible. And to have dogs. Lots of dogs. Maybe some cats too. Contentment. That’s what I’m going for.