ARIES: I heard that somebody with icicles in their chest once told you that spring was only for people that know how to be wanted but they were lying. Hardly anybody takes care of honesty the way that you do and somehow that’s still a surprise. Take the weight of your insecurities and lay them to rest underneath a gravestone. When wildflowers grow from what you buried don’t bother to pick them. They’ll always be there. Don’t you know what it’s like to come back to things? 

TAURUS: The peach pit on your dresser has been sitting there for years and it’s okay that you can’t throw it out yet. Okay that you can’t put it back into the fruit and unbite all of the soft and the sweet and the “maybe this time it’ll be different” that leaked out onto your fingers on the nights that your teeth feel too used to be desired. Wash your sheets and dry them outside. Lay underneath the clothes line and listen. Unclench your fists. Rewrite the grocery list.

GEMINI: It isn’t your fault that not everyone can swallow the parts of you that have sharp edges. You’ve been spending too much time forcing yourself down the linen aisle when you should be finding the nearest comic book store. There’s a reason superman is nicknamed “man of steel” and you deserve all of the iron-throated hearts that you can find. Invest in a metal detector. Don’t be ashamed of what you find.

CANCER: The way you bare your chest to the world is terribly brave and I don’t want you to continue feeling responsible for the people you’ve kissed that have taken advantage of that. Skin-deep damage does not make you unlovable, it gives you new perspectives. Don’t apologize for the ways you have tried to survive this. You’re better than the fires you’ve walked through and the storms you’ve caused. Suck on a peppermint until it loses its flavor. Name the taste after your last heartbreak. Now spit it out.

LEO: Your chest caves in whenever you think about the past and nobody’s ever told you that everything is temporary. Well, honey, I have some news for you. Start checking the mailbox again before the neighbors start to worry. People still want to stain paper with your name and martyring yourself over words is something you’ve become too talented at. Take a break, now and again. Burn the television set if that’s what it takes. Air out the smoke and look into a mirror, admire how powerful you seem as you step out of the haze of what’s gone.

VIRGO: Oh, baby, you’ve made mistakes and you’ve drained the bottles but you’re not the only one who’s felt like this. I know that it’s hard to let yourself feel these things but you have to try, you have to let the light in. It’s so dark in the room you’ve been using to store your regrets and your pallor has become a reflection of the ghosts you’ve been taking orders from. You were made for the sun. Let it kiss you without repercussion. Allow yourself to kiss it back.

LIBRA: So maybe you dropped too many pennies down the wishing well and now your wallet is nothing more than negative space. So maybe you forgot who gave you that good advice that one time and you’re still beating yourself up over it. Go ahead, admit to your faults. Set a place for them at the table and scold them for being late. Eat their portion and kick them out. Being familiar with every side to your geometric personality is not something to be ashamed of. Remember the angles, and keep moving. People like you are not meant to stand still.

SCORPIO: I think that your ears were made for listening to things that break. The shattering of a vase. The cracking of a heart. Does it ever get exhausting to be so awfully aware of how things sound when they forget to function? Nobody expects you to take every smashed hope and piece it together on your own. You are not a bottle of glue no matter how much you feel disaster sticks to you. I promise. You don’t have to carry that toolbox around, anymore. It looks heavy. Set it down.

SAGITTARIUS: You have your father’s mouth and consequently have dreams where you’re ripping it from your face. Somebody told you once that you were inadequate and now there’s a bruise on your ego and you can’t seem to stop touching it. Why are you so obsessed with how long it takes to heal? Why are you so afraid of letting people see you cry? Take off your armor and let your skin breathe. There’s still time to be okay with the idea of loss. You’re not too late. You’re not too late.

CAPRICORN: Stop using the word pathetic whenever anybody asks you to describe yourself. The people that hold you accountable for the abuse you’ve endured are the ones that turn away whenever they see it. You don’t need them, you never did. Can you feel that prickling sensation running up your arms? It’s tomorrow knocking and it wants to show you something beautiful. Let it. You’ve handled tragedy, surely you can handle tenderness.

AQUARIUS: You’ve been fucked over so many times it’s hard not to see yourself as a hotel room on the outskirts of town. Dark red bedsheets and rusty doorknobs and a lampshade that hasn’t been touched in a decade or two, this is where you lie and try to erase the memories from your naked body. You don’t want to belong to anybody almost as much as you don’t want people to believe they’ve changed you. They haven’t, you know that right? No matter how many people hike up mount everest it’s still a mountain. It’s still bigger than what’s stepping on it. It still keeps its name.

PISCES: You’ve become so good at sacrificing yourself for the possibility of something worthwhile that your body looks more like an altar than an assortment of bones. If this is your church I hope that your god looks like your nine year old face whenever somebody asked what you wanted to be when you grew up. I hope your prayer sounds like an exhale and that your choir sings in harmony and that every donation tastes like honey. Don’t forget to bow your head every once in a while. Remind yourself of your feet. Of how fast you’re able to run.

—  APRIL HOROSCOPES, 2/30, Caitlin Conlon

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3. “I care about you.” batfamily (:

Sequel to Maybe This Time Will Be Different that I’ve been promising @preciousthingsareprecious for a while now. Enjoy!

When Bruce gets home late from a meeting with Lucius on a cold winter evening, he’s surprised to find his children waiting up for him in the living room.

Well. Not quite waiting up, he thinks as he walks into the room and sees most of his kids sleeping on various pieces of furniture. Tim is curled up in an armchair, and the love seat across from him in occupied by Stephanie and Cassandra. Jason’s sprawled out on the floor, and all four of them are wrapped up in blankets. On the main couch in front of the fireplace, Duke is dozing on the side closest to him, a blanket around his shoulder’s, too. Next to him is Damian, completely cuddled up to Dick in his sleep, and Dick is…


Bruce’s half-smile falls into a grimace. He doesn’t like that look on Dick’s face. It can only really mean a few things, and based on the arm Dick has curled around Damian and the panic attack in the shower that Dick had had the other day, Bruce thinks he knows what it’s about.

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If you keep feeling a certain way around someone; if you walk away feeling bad, feeling uncertain, you need to evaluate why that is. Because the truth is, sometimes people do have bad motives. Not everyone will act fairly, or towards your self interest. And if you feel fine around others, then maybe it’s time you ask yourself what’s different with this person.
—  T. Wuggles
I obviously wanted to do a One Direction song, and I was literally sitting and going through - you know, ‘cause I wrote quite a few of them, so I was able to like - I know the songs inside out, obviously, so I was going through - I literally sat there with the albums in front of me and went through them all, and in fact I think Fool’s Gold is my favourite One Direction song, so that’s why I wanted to do it. And also it’s a good opportunity for me to just stand there with an acoustic guitar and play, and - maybe next time I’ll do something different, but for this one I just wanted to touch on it a little bit.
10 Tips From a Cosplayer

Okay, so I’ve been doin this nonsense for about 8 years now and here are my 10 biggest tips for anyone else doing this sadistic hobby (This is a bit geared towards people who make costumes just FYI. I will post another more geared for beginners or those who buy later)

1) Remember Why You Do This.

Maybe you showed up to con and were 1 of 74 Jinx’s. Or maybe your costume wasn’t as accurate as someone else’s. Or maybe it feels like everyone else made theirs and you bought yours. So what? Did you have fun? Did you meet friends, and/or bond with the people you came with? Unless you’re in the contests, remember that it ISN’T a contest. And even the contests are meant to be fun. Alternatively, don’t let any elitist fans ruin your fun.

2) Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously.

Remember that being a cosplayer doesn’t make you ‘more’ of a fan than someone who doesn’t. Remember that you do this for your own enjoyment and that is all that matters. Spend as long or as little as you want on a costume, end a con with 20 silly selfies and some new friends, compliment that other cosplayer in the same outfit because you clearly both have something in common, don’t think of them as competition.

3) Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help.

Parents, siblings, teachers, friends, neighbors, craft store employees, theater teachers, art teachers, people online. There are tons of people who could offer help with even little things like what glue to use on foam that needs heatshaping(non-flammable x-treme elmers glue is nice) , what paint to use on leggings (apparently fabric paint stretches with it just fine), ask your grandma what stitch is best for rounded edges on cotton (idk), ask a JoAnn’s associate what thread to use. In my experience store associates are extremely helpful, even with things like a second opinion on matching colors.

4) Use Coupons.

Seriously. If you can, set up an email just for coupons. Going to Michaels for a 2 dollar little thing of paint? Use that coupon they emailed you and now it’s 75 cents and you have more money for other things like fancy fabric or idk food. Check if any stores have student or teacher or senior discounts if that’s applicable, then you’ll have a discount even without coupons. Especially good for big purchases. If you’re buying everything at once there is almost definitely some sort of 5 off of 30 type of coupon out there. If you are able, this is a good way to set up a savings for con or your next costume maybe, just look at the receipt, see how much you saved and set that much (or a part) aside for food/hotel/gas/merch.

5) Look at your Source.

No matter how well you know your character or your design do not go very long without looking at the source. Working on a wig? Have a picture in front of you the whole time. Maybe sketch out the different angles beforehand. Going fabric shopping? Stare at the original. If you print out a reference pic know that it may be slightly off. If you’re doing a costume where the color seems different in every shot (like Rey from Star Wars) then pick the one you like. If you can, consider coloring or painting a swatch of the color on an index card and bringing it with you to compare. Seriously. Keep checking the source when working. It’s equivalent to “measure twice cut once”.

6) Measure Twice Cut Once.

Even in crunch. I know, it’s stressful and scary and frustrating but you know what is more frustrating and scary and stressful? It being 8pm the night before the con and you just cut that last bit of fabric too small. Or your wig too short. Seriously. Just double check yourself.

7) Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself.

Outdated meme but useful tip. If you’re getting anxious to a difficult level, or exhausted physically or mentally  address it. Take a break. Take a nap. Eat a meal. Go for a walk. Watch an episode of that show you’re trying to cosplay. Play that game. Watch cosplay videos if you’re scared of losing motivation. Just don’t push yourself too hard or you risk messing up parts of your costume and more importantly, you risk hurting yourself. Don’t work until you accidentally stab yourself with a hot iron and have a panic attack. Would you rather spend 15 minutes playing with your cat or crying and bandaging yourself?

8) Use It.

Found some fabric you love for that SnK skirt thing, but it’s infused with glitter?Who cares, use it. Every cosplay you have seen of Red Hood has a lot of leather and cargo pants but you want skinny jeans and suede? Use it. The costume is for you. Make it how you want. To quote the great Hilary Duff “Why Not?” Also, go listen to that song if you need encouragement. 

9) Enjoy The Whole Process.

Maybe it is redundant at this point but seriously. Have fun. Not just at the con, party, photoshoot, meetup etc. Have a wig styling party. You finished that jacket? Nice, wear it out shopping and be proud. Make a playlist for each character you work on or general motivational music. is great for this too. Test those seams/that hairgel/ those shoes/ flexibility by putting on your jam and dancing around. Send snapchats to your friends when you test your make up. Skype your aunt to show off that circle skirt. Put your hat on your dog. 

10) Procrastination isn’t Great.

Probably don’t put off making your costume by making a list of tips for other people.

Kara let out a slight gasp when she saw Lena.

Lena was in one of the customary wedding dresses.

And Kara was standing there with her house crest emblazoned on her chest.

Maybe in a different time and a different place, it could have been a real wedding with a different couple, but Kara couldn’t daydream about that right now.

But Rao did she wish it could be something.

Mutual feeling

Hey beauties!! How’re you all? So it there any body who’d to accompany me to fangirl over stranger things!! I just freaking love it so much like idk it’s just amazing and has me all hyped up! And Joe Keery has got me all drooling over him. Okay that’s enough for now. Hope you guys like it !

Word count :: 2000

2 A.M.

You’ve not been able to get a blink of sleep. It was just a simple thought that had you awake the whole night. Did you felt something for him or it was just attraction towards him. But it seemed more than attraction to you this time. Maybe it actually was different. Maybe you were falling for him. The guy with whom you started to hook up a few months before. It all started when you met him in a pub. His green eyes fascinated you. His face had you drawn to him within a couple of seconds and the other you were in his bed moaning and clutching on his hair. His lips traced down your neck covering it beautifully in purple marks. You never felt more alive ever than you did that day.

You started meeting up occasionally where one thing lead to another and then to another. It all was like on repeat. First your meetings were twice or thrice in a month, then it changed into weeks and none of you realized when it become a daily routine to meet and fuck. And a day left without that felt uncompleted to both of you. You weren’t just his fuck buddy but a friend too whom he shared all his deepest secrets with while you laid naked, legs tangled with his and head on his chest while he played with your hair muttering softly.

It was such an irony how the feeling was electrifying wakening up each cell in your body and tranquilizing making you feel like you were floating and drowned in him. All you could think that time was how soft he was with you. How tenderly and gently he took care of you. He wasn’t like other guys you dated that all wanted was just sex and that’s all. Even though you two, too did nothing but had sex somehow  it was different. The way he touched you, kissed you showed he cared. He always held you like you were made of glass and could break anytime if he gets harsh. The way he looks at you makes you go all dizzy. By this point you knew that ity was nothing but love and for some reason you believed that he felt it too. You could see it. Sense it. Feel it.

You heard your phone buzzed. A huge grin covered your face as you laid on your tummy and grabbed your phone. It was a text from harry. Looking at it, you felt those butterflies in your belly going crazy.

H: Hey beautiful

Y: hey handsome

H: Wanna come over?

Y: Right now?

H: I miss you

Y: Be there in 5 ;)

Jumping out of bed you grabbed your coat with other essentials and hopped inside the car. With rolled down windows you let the cool wind embrace you and kiss your face. The dim lights of London streets made the city glow. It all looked so beautiful. You felt so beautiful. It was the cold air, the smell of autumn, crisp leaves and home. If  you could, you’d dance on the street right away. You pulled in the parking in front of his house and made your way hurriedly to his porch. You ran your fingers through your hair.

Pale yellow lights blinded you and there he stood shirtless wearing his sweats, His hair still managed to stay perfect after all the day and his face still looking so pure and mesmerizing. Without waiting any other minute, you attached your lips to his. They felt so soft and delicious. Harry’s hands rested on your bum as he tumbled backwards kissing you back immediately. Closing the door behind you with your feet you licked his lower plump lip and bite on it that made him moan and taking the opportunity you slide your tongue inside his mouth exploring it dangerously. His tongue soon too was busy playing with yours.

“take my clothes off baby.” You moaned and moved down to trail kisses down his neck. But his hands were quick enough to push you back slowly before you could start to leave hickeys.

“what’s wrong?” You asked narrowing your eyebrows at him. He never turned down the idea of having sex and it all seemed a bit weird to you when for the first time he did.

“Ca-can we just cuddle for a bit?” he asked you softly. The way he was looking at you made you realize that he was about to cry so before that could happen, you nodded your head and took his hand leading to the bedroom. You lifted the covers up and motioned him to go under which he gladly obliged, you smiled and climbed in lifting his head up and putting it on your chest. It din’t took much time for him to snuggle himself to you and taking the warmth of your body.

It all seemed a bit strange. Harry was quieter than ever and certainly felt colder than ever. You laced your fingers with his and brought his icy hand to your lips kissing his skin softly. The cold fingertips made you shudder when in touch with your soft lips. You heard him sigh and breath out against your chest.

“Do you think that I can be good enough for somebody?” He asked keeping his face hidden in your chest. Your heart clutched when you his words reached your eardrums. Was he being serious? He’s one in a million.Any girl in the world would be blessed to have him in her life. Yes a blessing. You never saw someone as mellow and tamed like him. Though he had the world at his feet, he was so ground to earth.

“why’d you think like that sweet? You’re amazing and so generous that any woman in this world would be blessed to have you in her life.”You said running your fingers through his gorgeous locks that looked prominent now-growing back.

“It’s just there’s someone whom I think I’ve fallen for and I just want to know that I’m good enough before i confess my love to her” Harry said pulling away from you. You couldn’t believe that it was happening. It all felt like a dream, an illusion that was surreal. Your heart was thumping fast and your mind started flooding with so many thoughts. All you ever wanted was love and for you love meant Harry. You bite your lip and a sheepish smile took over your face.

“You’re always gonna be too good for someone Harry. That girl is very lucky to have you fallen for her. And may I know who that lucky woman is?” You asked him and held your breath. You wanted nothing more but your name to roll off his lips. Small scenarios like going out as a couple, getting engaged, having kids and growing old together revolved around in your brain making you anxious each passing second. The moment was yours. Yours and Harry. The moment was of love~first love was yours. Like a fairy tale you imagination of having true love was was right there in front of you just a mere seconds away to take your name and you were his. He just needed to say the world and you had your word devoted to him.

“Grace. It’s Grace” Harry smiled. Your eyes shot up to look at him. His face was lighted up not by the lights surrounding you both but the illumination of love that his heart held. His face was bedecked with the feeling just like yours was a few hours earlier and still was but now it all drained out. Your poor heart felt like bursting for holding up all the feelings. The same love that made you feel completed now was now crushing you~suffocating you, making it hard for you tp breath.

All of it was just a hallucination of your mind.

“G-grace” You choked and Harry nodded his head with the biggest smile on his face. Grace was your friend to whom you introduced him a couple months back. She was beautiful. Gracious actually, just like her name. You liked her always. She was very kind and was gentle just like Harry. No doubt she was perfect for him and deserved him. She wasn’t like other girls but was simple and liked to have her feet on the ground.

But she wasn’t there for him when he needed a shoulder to cry on. She wasn’t here when Harry had an asthma attack. She wasn’t there when Harry was lonely. It was you. All along. But yet, he decided to fall for someone who was completely foreign to him. Who knew all his perfection but never knew his flaws like you did. You were with him from dusk till dawn. You always promised yourself to take are of him when you realized how lonely he was.

After the night you both first hooked up, there was something that you saw in him while he was asleep. The way his features were, all pure and innocent. His breath as calm as the ocean but you could feel the tide inside of him. He was indeed lonely and lost and that night you promised yourself to be by his side no matter what. He needed someone.

But you needed someone too. That someone was him. He came like a life savior in your life. He was like a compass who helped you find your way. Just like you were with him through thick and thins, he too was there with you. He stood beside you and lead you to dark. He held your hand when everybody else denied to. He was the sunshine of your dark life that resplendent it like nobody else. And even though so far he spent most of his time talking away with you than her, he made her, his priority. Chose to gave her his heart than to you.

It hurt you to know the bitter truth. And there was nothing left but to blame yourself for not confessing him about your feeling earlier. But you weren’t the one to be blame because poor you found out the day he got to know about his feelings. If you would’ve experienced the feeling earlier then maybe, maybe it could be your name. It would’ve been you who made him feel erotic, made him feel the way he made makes you feel. Maybe it would’ve been you behind the reason of this beautiful smile and feeling of love. But you weren’t. And it did hurt you bad in all the possible way.

The wind that was making you feel alive, choked you now. The lights that glowed you up were now blinding you. The love that once swept you off your feet now pulled you back down breaking everything you had.

“I uh great. It’s amazing Harry. Y-you should go and tell her as soon as possible” You forced a smile. You wanted to laugh at the fact that the smile that was decorated your face once without any efforts had to be forced now. The pain was unacceptable. You didn’t accepted it all to go the way it was going now. You didn’t deserve this.Or did you?

Love is a feeling that heart decides and feels for the person it want to. Certainly, the feeling was mutual. But just happened to be for a different person.

I’m sorry if my writings are not that good and I don’t use much complicated words. I always try to come up with better thoughts and way of writing. Hope you will give me feedback about this.


Maybe This Time Will Be Different


Summary: Dick has his hands planted against the tiles in front of him, his head hanging low as the water runs over him. The Nightwing suit is unzipped down to his waist, and Dick’s panting for breath, his chest heaving. Bruce is at his side in an instant.

ao3 |

The shower’s been on for a while.

At first, Bruce barely gave Nightwing a second look when he’d walked by to shower and change. It was already a late night and Bruce yearned for his bed. It was only when he was finishing up the last details of a case he’d recently solved that Bruce noticed the shower that had turned on almost twenty minutes ago had never turned off.

Bruce has a bad feeling in his gut, and instead of heading upstairs like he had wanted to, he veers towards the changing rooms.

“Dick?” he calls out, but there’s no answer. He finally gets to the running shower, and he stops dead.

Dick has his hands planted against the tiles in front of him, his head hanging low as the water runs over him. The Nightwing suit is unzipped down to his waist, and Dick’s panting for breath, his chest heaving.

Bruce is at his side in an instant.

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Why Do You Build Me Up?

Summary: Tom has, unknowingly, been stringing Y/N along. Making her feel like there could be a chance between them.

AN: this is based on build me up buttercup by the foundations i suggest listening to this song because the plot of this fic is based on this song and also because it’s amazing

Tom Holland x Reader

// Masterlist //

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

“You’re here? As in you’re home?”

“I am. Just for a couple of weeks before I’m off to shoot another movie.” Tom’s smooth voice rang in my ear.

“Oh, um, wow. That’s great! I-I’ve missed you.” Tom and I have been close friends for years. I can’t deny that, in those years, I started to develop feelings for him. He and I would flirt sometimes but nothing ever really came from it. No matter how much I wished there would.

“I missed you too, Y/N.” I blushed. “How about this? I’ll come over tonight. Just you, me and a movie. Sounds good?”

“That sounds amazing.” I bit my lip to stop myself from smiling so widely.

“Great. I’ll be over at 10.”

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Part four of the Halloween AU.

Tony doesn’t call. They don’t call Tony. Tony continues to show up to the diner once a month though so they figure everything’s going alright.

And then suddenly there’s a scream and then hissing from the dining room and Steve nearly flings his spatula across the kitchen in surprise. Then he’s just mad. God damn it. Why. It had been such a good start to the night.

It occurs to Steve after he walks into the dining room that Natasha had never actually met Tony, and that might not have been by accident. Seeing Natasha bristled and ready to strike as Tony bares his fangs at her kind of cinches it for him—either by Natasha or Tony, it had been by design that they had never been in the diner at the same time. They both do that terrifying hissing sound again and Steve notices Bucky backed up against a booth by one of Natasha’s long, spindly legs. Steve has literally never had less time for supernatural bullshit so he takes the spray bottle of water from under the counter and squirts both Natasha and Tony in the face with it. “Cut it out!”

Steve wishes that he’d had his camera because Natasha’s mouth has opened into a hilarious little ‘o’ of surprise and he doesn’t think he’s ever seen Tony look so offended in his life.

“Was that really worth it?” Bucky asks as he uses a special saw on the end of a broom handle to cut Steve down from the ceiling. “Yes,” Steve replies, because even if Natasha had angrily stuck him to the ceiling and flounced out, and Tony had hissed ‘serves you right’ and flounced out after her, it was worth it to see their faces immediately after spraying them. It had also had the added bonus of showing the other supernatural creatures that he was 1) not fucking around about them being civil in his diner and 2) crazy enough to enforce his rules if he was willing to spray both an ancient vampire and a daughter of Arachne in the face with water. They might have thought he was a little suicidal, but… whatever. He’d gotten what he wanted, which was Tony and Natasha to stop fighting.

It works out. Natasha and Tony can be in the diner at the same time without trying to kill each other now. There’s a chilliness between them but whatever; there’s a chilliness between ghouls and specters too. Steve’s pretty sure that, because of this, there’s no one more surprised than Steve when a human comes in to make a pass at Tony and Natasha clocks him so hard that he goes sliding across the floor, knocked out cold. Tony still has his fingers in his mouth from when he’d been licking them clean of grease from his burger. He doesn’t move to take them out as he stares at Natasha. “What,” he says around his fingers. Natasha reaches toward him, one pair of hands holding his shoulders, the other pair going higher to pinch his cheeks. “You precious idiot,” she says affectionately. “If anyone wants to harm you they will have to go through me.” “What,” Tony says again, but she just gently shushes him.

She frightens me, is the first text Steve ever gets from Tony, followed quickly by a selfie taken by Natasha with Tony’s phone where she has two arms wrapped around him and is clutching him to her side, captioned I’m a fucking delight. Tony looks bewildered. Steve saves the picture.

Pepper comes into the diner while Natasha is there. The occupants of the diner all freeze, but relax when she approaches Natasha and Tony instead of anyone else. Pepper gives Natasha an appraising look before saying, “If you hurt Tony, what I do to you will be worse than what the gods did to your ancestor.” Natasha turns to blink all of her eyes at Pepper slowly. “Doubtful,” she says finally. “And my suffering is none of your fucking business.” “Honestly, how does Tony find you people,” Pepper sighs in exasperation. “Trust Tony to find literally everyone who isn’t properly terrified of me.” “Steve’s properly terrified of you,” Bucky points out, then winces when a spatula bounces off the back of his head. “Ow!”

Then, weeks later, Steve gets a series of texts from Tony, lots of letters and numbers that mean a whole lot of nothing before ending with an ominous help. He rouses Bucky from a nap on the couch as he struggles to step into his pants while he calls Tony. “What? What’s wrong?!” he asks frantically when there’s the click of the line being picked up. “I don’t—I don’t know where I am?” Tony’s voice says, quivering with fear. “I don’t know where I am. Everything’s different and—help. Please help me.” Steve puts Tony on speaker and he and Bucky get Tony to describe his surroundings. It’s kind of heartbreaking when he tells them what he sees and then in a smaller, more confused voice whispers, “But there should be a deli here. A deli and a Laundromat and a newspaper stand. Where did they go? I just wanted some pastrami.”

The deli he’d been looking for hasn’t existed for forty years.

“But it was just there,” Tony insists as they gently lead him toward a cab. “Just the other day, it was there, not these—these—” He motions helplessly at the string of shops, none of which sell food. “…It was just there.” Tony is very old, they remind themselves. Ancient even, maybe. Time must look so different for him, when he’s seen so much of it, will see so much more. “C’mon, Tony,” Steve says gently, and Tony wilts and allows himself to be eased into the cab. They’re afraid to ask him where he lives (what if he doesn’t remember? Will that just upset him more?) so they take him to their apartment instead after asking if it’s okay.

“Sorry about the mess,” Steve says instinctively as they enter the apartment. Tony looks around and then looks back at Steve. “There’s a single sock half-shoved under the couch.” “I was raised Irish Catholic,” Steve blurts out. Tony’s expression tells him that he has no idea what that had to do with anything. “Mrs. Rogers kept a… neat house,” Bucky offers after some thought. “Was that your wife?” Tony asks. “My Ma,” Steve cuts in, blushing, as Bucky begins to laugh. “Do I look old enough to have had a wife?!” Tony raises his eyebrows but says nothing, instead taking a seat on the couch, placing his hands in his lap and looking around curiously. Steve picks up the sock and flings it at Bucky’s head because it’s one of his. “You wanna watch shitty vampire movies?” Bucky asks, reaching up to grab the sock and then rub it in Steve’s face. Tony’s ‘okay’ can barely be heard over Steve yelling.

“Unrealistic,” Tony sneers, looking incredibly offended. “I have never in my life said ‘blah’ except to mock people who talk too much.” Steve snorts soda out his nose trying not to laugh.

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This is probably gonna be a quite rude sounding question, but how do you not get bored of doing the "same job" every day? (I swear this isn't meant to be as mean as it sounds!!) I'm 18 and going to Uni soon, but the prospect of doing the same sort of thing every day for a long time sounds horrible to me. I know you love your job and you're incredible at it, but do you ever get bored of it, and how do you combat that?

Well.. I’m sorry to say, but that’s pretty much what a job is, welcome to being an adult, we do the same thing every day and have very little free time :P

But that’s also why it’s really important to actually like and enjoy doing what you choose to do. Not everyone will have that opportunity, especially not straight out of school. Sooner or later you have to do things you don’t want to do, that’s life. I’ve had several jobs I didn’t want or like, in fact most of my jobs I didn’t want or like. But you have to pay the bills somehow. By then it becomes a trade-off of “what can I put up with while I wait for the weekend to start”. Which is basically how I lived my life up until I started working with Jack last year.

It sounds cynical and depressing, but I’m not gonna sugar-coat it. You’ll have to find ways of making it work, music, making friends at the workplace, maybe working part time at different places for variety etc. If you DO have something you want to do, keep doing that in your spare time. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up making a job of it. Not every day is going to be fun, regardless of what you do, sometimes you just have off-days. Which is where pride is a good thing. I always want to take pride in what I do, even when I did work I didn’t like I still made sure to do a good job because I never wanted someone to point to me and say I didn’t care.

So basically, primary goal, find something you can put up with, to support yourself. Secondary goal, do the thing you actually want to do in your spare time. Don’t count on it to work. If it does, great, if it doesn’t, well as long as you can pay the bills you’ll get to keep doing it in your spare time. Compromise. And never spend all the money you make. Always, always, save. You will need it, at some point.

The wind had picked up again, though she barely noticed. She was caught up in her own thoughts, in conversations that had long passed, hanging on to the strong words she wished she had said instead of keeping quiet. Instead of letting other people talk and walk all over her. But it was who she was. The quiet one. The girl who never spoke up, busy fading into the shadows when lately she’d been finding herself wanting to stand in the light. Just once. Just for a little while. As long as it would take to be noticed. As long it would take to matter. People walked past her with their hands shoved into their pockets and their collars turned up against the cold, easy laughters in their eyes and unspoken stories on their lips. With a deep sigh, she watched the grey clouds roll in. Upcoming storms always excited her. For some reason, she always hoped autumn would bring her new energy. More courage to shake off her bad habits that clung to her like dried leaves. A change of season always brought along a chance to be someone else, if only for a day or two, until everyone remembered who she was. The quiet one. The girl who had the rain at her back, not the sun. But as the first bolt of lightning struck the sky, she thought that maybe this time things could be different. When the first drop of rain hit her chin, she thought that this time maybe she didn’t have to wait for spring to bloom. That maybe this time she could stand in the eye of the storm instead of watching it from afar. That maybe, with a little luck, she would find the light within herself instead of chasing it. Autumn didn’t bring her new energy this year, it brought her something more worthwhile. It brought her realisation: no matter what kind of person you were - quiet or loud, closed off or outgoing, shy or confident - there was a whole universe hidden inside of you. There were people who did not care for concealed secrets, and that was okay. Because there were also people who searched the world to meet someone like you. And then there was you. You, who had not even discovered an inch of yourself. She smiled as the wind picked up and the rain began to fall, because there were so many words stored inside her mind. And when the storm hit, she released the scream that had been building up inside her throat. This time she would not be quiet.
—  the quiet one / n.j.
an excerpt

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14? 🙏

14 :)

14) things you said after you kissed me

“Please don’t let me forget you,” Yuuri begged, hands fisted into the material of Viktor’s shirt and voice pleading. “Not again.”

“I’m sorry,” Viktor replied, feeling the sickening helplessness flood through him at the knowledge that there was nothing he could do to stop what was to come. He had searched and begged and bargained for a solution to the curse that lay so heavily over them both but everywhere he looked, he found only the same answer. There was nothing to be done. At the stroke of twelve, all knowledge of him would drain from Yuuri’s eyes and they would have to start their story anew, just as they had done so many times before.

They were both cursed, in a way. Yuuri with forgetfulness, a curse brought on by Viktor’s own careless actions. And Viktor with knowledge. Remembering each and every time he and Yuuri had fallen in love, only to watch those precious memories fade from Yuuri’s eyes. If only he hadn’t angered a sorcerer with his forgetfulness all those years ago. If only he had been more careful. If only Yuuri didn’t have to suffer for Viktor’s mistake.

“I’ll still be here,” he promised, holding Yuuri close and feeling the tears well up in his own eyes as he watched the hands of the clock tick closer and closer to the appointed hour. “No matter what, I’ll still be here.”

“But I wont be,” Yuuri replied, voice cracking on the words. “Not me as I am now. Not the me that loves you.”

“We’ll fall in love again,” Viktor tried to reassure him, although it did nothing to stop the tears sliding freely down his face. No matter how many times the curse had come into effect, stripping Yuuri of his memories of Viktor and all the love that came with it, he always fell again. Over and over, no matter what. “We always do.”

Yuuri stared at him for a few seconds, fear and love warring in his eyes. Then he grabbed Viktor by the front of his shirt and pulled him down into a desperate kiss, forcing them together until Viktor couldn’t tell where he ended and Yuuri began.

The chime of the clock echoed overhead, twelve solemn strikes ringing out and Viktor closed his eyes, savouring the kiss until the very last note sounded. When he finally pulled away he kept Yuuri close, held in the bracket of his arms as though force alone could make him stay.

Yuuri’s eyes were closed but as the last chime faded from the room they fluttered open, eyes wide and brown and full of confusion.

Yuuri,” Viktor breathed hoping beyond hope that maybe this time, it would be different.

“I’m sorry,” Yuuri replied, still looking as confused as ever. “But who are you?”

And Viktor’s heart shattered all over again.


Long Distance Relationships

- It’s gonna get hard sometimes, don’t forget why you got in this relationship.

- 80% of your relationship is through text, remember that sometimes it’s hard to talk 24/7 through text and ALWAYS sound excited.

- Skype/FaceTime calls WILL become the brightest parts of your days.

- This time apart isn’t forever, always remember the day you have been dreaming of. It will come.

- The distance will get to you some nights, don’t let that get the best of your relationship.

- Be patient with each other. Sometimes you’ll both be gone, busy, or maybe asleep because of time difference. 

- Communicate no matter what. The distance between you all will make arguments or disagreements that much harder, but communication will really always be key.

- Set dates. Even if for some people they’re years away. Set a date and countdown. Having something to look forward to between you makes things so much better and things easier.

- Remember every single day why you got in this relationship. It’s worth it. Every second leads to a better day. Remember that.

Three Questions

Prompt: What was it like to love him? What was it like to be loved in return? What was it like to lose him?

Pairing: Lin x reader

Warning(s): Angst, cussing, and mentions of sex (the closest I’ll ever do to a Lin smut, tbh).

A/n: Oh boy, here we are at Day 3 of the write-a-thon). This was the prompt (and the AU one too) that I was looking forward to the most and made me decide to participate. Rather than a book, I decided to choose my favorite poem of all time (which is also what my blog is named after) by Lang Leav. I adapted the poem into a story. I hope you guys enjoy!


What was it like to love him? Asked Gratitude.

You sigh when you spot a figure slouched over a desk, their soft snores disturbing the silence of the library. It was a common sight to see a student asleep at the library, regardless of what day of the week it was. There were always going to be students cramming for a test or starting an assignment due the next day that would fall asleep from exhaustion. Upon closer inspection, you realize he wasn’t a student – his face was too mature and clothes too nice to be a fellow peer.

However, like the old saying goes: you don’t have to go home, you just can’t stay here. The library was closing in five minutes and after a full day of classes before coming straight to work, you were ready to go home and relax.

“Hi, sorry to interrupt, but the library is closing soon,” you say, gently shaking the sleeping man’s shoulder.

He groans and brushes away your hand before going back to sleep.

You scoff and try again. “Please don’t make me call campus security on you, sir.”

At the mention of the authorities, he groans but lifts his head from the book he was resting his head on. He wipes the drool from the corner of his lips and blinks up owlishly at you. “What time is it?” he murmurs.

Your breath catches at his voice, low and gravelly with sleep. You were always a sucker for attractive voices, and this stranger just happened to have the kind you loved the most.

“It’s almost 3 A.M.,” you say, watching as his eyes grow wide, “the library is closing now.”

He jumps up from his seat and stuffs his notebook and laptop into his backpack. “I’m so sorry, I don’t even remember falling asleep.”

“No, it’s alright, it happens all the time,” you assure him.

He sighs in relief and picks up the book on the table, which to your surprise, had an interesting topic that was very dear to your heart.

“A book about the first treasury secretary?” you muse, “Either you’re a history major or have a very weird taste in books.”

He grins. “I guess I’m the latter.”

You snort at his answer and watch as he heads for the exit after wishing you a good night.


To your surprise, he was back the next day. You were pushing a cart of books, returning them to their respective spots, when you see him huddled in an alcove. This time, more books about Alexander Hamilton were accompanied with books about James Madison and Thomas Jefferson.

“The Southern Democratic-Republicans?” you laugh, “you do know that they didn’t get along with Hamilton, right?”

His head jerks up from his notebook on his lap, eyeing you intensely. “I do. The question is, how do you know?”

You try not to squirm under his gaze. “I’m a History major with a focus in American History.”

A smile slowly spreads across his face. “Well, what are the odds,” he laughs, the sound making your stomach flutter, “mind if I bother you with a few questions?”

You clutch the handle of the cart tightly, feeling nervous and excited. “Only if you tell me what’s it for.”

His smile gets bigger. “I’m writing a musical about Alexander Hamilton.”

You push the cart aside. “I’m in.”

He chuckles and scoots over, patting the empty space next to him. You step around his books and take the spot.

“My name is Lin-Manuel, but you can call me Lin,” he says warmly, sticking his hand out for you to shake.

You take his hand, trying not to shake from his proximity and the tingling sensation of desire that you felt for him. You were always the type that fell too easily and too fast, a recipe for disaster, but the sincerity and friendliness that you saw in his eyes made you believe that maybe, this time would be different.

“My name is Y/N. It’s lovely to meet you, Lin.”

It was like being exhumed. And brought to life in a flash of brilliance.


What was it like to be loved in return? Asked Joy.

It was during one of your writing sessions with Lin, weeks after meeting, that he first kissed you.

You were explaining to him Alexander’s childhood struggles, the challenges that he endured as he rose his way to the top, and the bizarre parallel of his life to Aaron Burr’s.  When he was still silent after you finished, you became worried. Was it too much? Did he need you to clarify a specific part?

Your fears melted away once you saw the tender look on his face.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered, brushing away a stray hair that escaped from your bun. Without another word, he leaned forward and captured your lips for a kiss. You whimpered, and it spurred him on, his hands cupping your head to kiss you deeper.

Your heart did cartwheels, happy that he felt the same way towards you. The lingering stares, how his hands would purposely brush against yours when you both looked over a book, and how he’d rest his arms on your shoulders and lean towards you when you’d talk… It was all because he adored you too.

Your first kiss with Lin awakened something delicious – a dangerous spark that made your body hum in excitement.

From then on, Lin would wine and dine you in the late hours of the night, conversations about Alexander Hamilton long forgotten. You shared your dreams, your struggles, stories about your childhood with each other.

The spark ignited a flame, an even more hazardous burn that made your heart and soul feel alive.

During the nights where he felt adventurous, he’d fuck you hard against the bookshelves, whispering dirty words in your ears as he covered your mouth with his hands to muffle your moans. Most of the time, however, he’d take his time loving you in a bed, staring deep into your eyes as he thrust into you.

You press your cheek against his damp chest, relishing in the afterglow of sex.

“I love you,” you whisper, the words feeling so natural, so true.

Lin’s hand slides down to rest on the curve of your back and presses you closer to him.

“I love you too.”

It was like being seen after a perpetual darkness. To be heard after a lifetime of silence.


What was it like to lose him? Asked Sorrow.

It was a rare weekend where you didn’t spend time with Lin, so you decided to go grocery shopping – a task that you haven’t had time for since your whirlwind romance began.

You were quietly humming the tune to one of Lin’s songs as you pondered over which fruit you wanted to buy: oranges or apples?

“Honey, didn’t I tell you to take it easy? Stop lifting heavy things, you know it’s not good for the baby.”

Your lips quirk up in a smile at the conversation, finding it adorable how affectionate the husband was to his wife. For a brief second, you let yourself daydream, imagining a baby girl that had Lin’s curious eyes and your hair or a boy that had his nose and your penchant for learning.

“Lin, I’m the one carrying the baby. Don’t you think I know what’s good and not good for him?”


“I know but – “

There was no mistaking it.

That was his voice.  

You whirl around, dropping your basket of groceries when you see the scene before you.

Lin was standing next to his obviously pregnant wife, softly reprimanding her as she lifted a watermelon from the display.

Lin had a wife… and a baby on the way.

Your world came crashing down on you.

Lately, you’ve had a strange feeling in your gut, as if something big was looming over the horizon, whenever you spent time with Lin. You chalked it off and blamed it on your inexperience, your insecurity, and fear of loving someone so much for the first time in your life.

But now it all made sense.

He’d insist on spending nights in hotel rooms or even your own apartment, claiming that his apartment was too small and cluttered, failing to mention the fact that he had another woman waiting for him in his bed. He’d always spend time with you late at night until early dawn (you thought it was sweet that he worked around your schedule), never during the day. But truthfully, it was the perfect time where he could escape from his pregnant wife. You thought that his habit of touching his ring finger with his thumb was endearing – a quirky trait that made Lin so cute and special – but now you realize it was because the weight of his wedding ring was no longer there.

You felt sick.

You stagger backward, hitting the fruit display, causing a heap of apples to tumble to the ground.

A single apple rolled towards them, stopping their conversation, and Lin looks up to see the cause of the runaway fruit.

You stood there, frozen, as a flash of recognition danced across his eyes.

It really was him.

To your horror, he didn’t acknowledge you. Instead, he wrapped his arms around his wife and leads her further into the grocery store, leaving you behind without a second glance.

His stories, laughter, and declarations of love were all lies.

Your heart shatters into a million pieces.

You were a fool.

It was like hearing every goodbye ever said to me – said all at once.


Apparently when I first posted this, the post didn’t work for a lot of people :( I’m so sorry for the inconvenience! there’s also probably hella mistakes

genre: fluff

member: nct’s mark

word count: 5,048

Originally posted by nctyonq

“Everything’s cleaned up!” You said, calling to your boyfriend who was behind the counter.

He peaked his head over the counter, where he was putting things away from today’s work. He smiled at you.
“Good job baby, want to share a milkshake before we head out?”

You smiled. “Sure, sounds good.”

You met your boyfriend, Mark, when you first came to work here. You applied for this job at a little diner just to earn a little bit of cash, but ended up finding your best friend, who so conveniently became your boyfriend.

As you were taking off your apron, you heard Mark’s phone ring.

“Y/N? Could you bring me that?”

“Yep yep!”

You grabbed the phone and examined the contact name. “Taeyong”

Who is that? You wondered.

You brought the phone to him. He smiled at you, and answered the phone.

“Hello?-Really? Right now?- Yeah we just closed the shop- It’s me and Y/N- yes, my girlfriend. -That’s fine, See you then!”

Mark tucked the phone in his back pocket and walked to a nearby table to set down your milkshake.

You sat down and plopped your straw in milkshake and took a sip.

“Mmmm” you said. “This is exactly what I needed after a day of work, thank you!”

He smiled, a blush tinting his cheeks.

“Just leave some for me, and don’t get a brain freeze.”

You took a long sip before trying to playfully hit his arm, and him backing away from your abuse, giggling.

“Hush, you.” You responded. “Oh yeah, who was on the phone?”


“Taaaaeyonng..?” You repeated.

“He is one my roommates, you haven’t met them yet. But…”

He said, scratching the back of his head nervously.

“Buuuuttttttt..?” You repeated.

Mark looked at you, then put his hand on your head to mess up your hair. “You’re too cute.”

You blushed then turned to look away from him.

“They’re coming by here in a few minutes, so I guess it’ll be your chance to meet them.” He continued.

He went to grab the milkshake. Before taking a sip, he shook it a little to make sure you didn’t drink it all. You tried to hit him again in response.

“Well, are you nervous?” You asked, calming down and playing with your hands in your lap.

“Nervous? Why would I be nervous?” He asked.

“Those are your hyungs, they’re important to you, and take care of you.. what if they don’t like me?”

“Don’t say that!” He said.

Then he quickly swiped some whip cream from the top of the milkshake and dotted it on your nose.

“They’re gonna love you, just I like I do.”

You smiled and went to wipe the whipped cream off your nose.
“Nu uh uh!” Mark said, leaping over the little table you were sharing to grab your hand, and kiss the whipped cream off your nose.

“You’re crazy.” You said giggling.

“Uh oh, I think they’re here”.

 You turned to the front door to await the arrival of Mark’s roommates. You heard them walking up, they were loud. Like a group of 50 people.

These were the people you needed to impress in order to be accepted completely into Mark’s life. You really loved him, and needed this to work out perfectly.

Then the tall boys shuffled into the shop, all looking around the shop in awe.

“Hey, Mark!” One with dark brown hair said, high-fiving your boyfriend. “So this is where you work?”

Their eyes wondered all over the diner, finally landing on you.
“So then that means, this is-” one with purple hair spoke up.

Mark smiled, then walked behind you, putting an arm around your waist, pulling you close.

“Everyone, this is my girlfriend, Y/N.”

The room was silent for the first few seconds, making you nervous.

Why aren’t they saying anything? You thought.

You examined their faces, and finally saw some approving looks.

“Awe, she’s cute Mark.” Spoke one, considerably smaller than the rest.

“And Y/N-” Mark spoke. “These are my roommates Taeyong, Taeil, Johnny, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Winwin, and Haechan.”
He pointed to each one individually as he said their name.

“N-nice to meet you.” You said in low voice. The boys looked at each other, then to Mark, unsurely.

You looked over to Mark.

“Eight people are coming to the shop? After hours?” You said, eyes widened.

Mark smiled “Sh, it’s our secret.”

You rolled your eyes and started walking behind the counter.

“Ouch.” Yuta said, clutching his heart. “She didn’t even let us greet her.”

“She’s just a little nervous. Give her a second to adjust. She’s very delicate.” Mark said, blushing.

“Oooo, ‘delicate’” Johnny teased. “I didn’t even know you knew that word, you must really like this one.”

Mark hit his chest and they laughed.

“Seems like she doesn’t want us to be here..” Doyoung said lowly.

“No! She just doesn’t want to get in trouble with our manager! Which we won’t, even if we did, I’d take the blame before she would have to.”

Yuta walked over and hooked his arm around Mark’s neck lovingly.
“What a gentlemen~” He cooed.

You walked around the kitchen in the back, pacing back and forth.
Nothing awful has happened, yet.

You put on your apron, and grabbed your notebook you took orders in.
You know, you’ll serve them, and show off your kind people skills that you picked up while being a waitress.

You thought if you had to be friendly with them, the best way to do it was by the trained steps you took everyday, being nice to customers was your job.

You walked out to see the boys in a booth, and Mark standing up.

“Mark?” You said. “You can sit down, I want to take this one.”
“Awe, It’s okay Y/N! I’ll take this one, you can sit here next to Taeyong and talk to the guys.”

“No!” You yelled, a little too quickly.
The boys looked at you, bewildered by your outburst.

“Why not? I’m supposed to be the one taking care of you and my hyungs I can do-”

“Mark, please leave me alone to do this.” You said, voice tinting a little frustration.

Mark’s face fell. “Well, a-alright..” he said, lowering himself down next to Taeyong.

Your heart sunk a little. His words were soft, and they sounded a little hurt. But he said them with such a soft smile, so you that wouldn’t worry about him.

What were you doing? Did you really just snap at your boyfriend, just because you didn’t want to be alone with his hyungs? You winced at how selfish you were being.

You put on a smile and took everyone’s orders. They all wanted a few ice creams to share amongst one another, which was easy enough.

Once you walked out, Taeyong spoke up.

“Does she always act harshly to you like that?” He asked Mark.

Mark played with his hair, looking down.

“She wasn’t acting harshly, she is just tired from working today, that’s all.”

Mark knew you were a sweetheart, you were adorable, and kind, he knew that. You could’ve just been having a bad day, that’s all.

“She seems a little intense.” Winwin said, head resting on the table, looking up at Mark through long eyelashes.
“She’s very pretty and straightforward, but.. in an intimidating way.”

Mark cocked his head. “Huh? No she’s not? Y/N is so cute, and so sweet.”

“I believe you, kid. She’s probably just having a bad day.” Taeil said, slapping
Mark on the back.

Mark smiled. He glanced at Taeyong, and he could see his uncertainty. He was skeptical of Y/N, and Mark could tell.

Taeyong was like his big brother, he looked out for Mark more than anyone. It was really important to Mark that he got along with you.

You walked out with a tray of 5 ice cream sundaes, the boys awed in excitement as they saw you bring the frozen treats over to them.

“I like her already.” Winwin said, taking a huge bite of his and Yuta’s sundae.
You smiled.

“You only say that because you’re obsessed with ice cream.” Johnny said, rolling his eyes.

You stood beside the booth, which was full, so you couldn’t really sit down if you wanted to, which didn’t bother you.

But it must’ve bothered Mark, because he grabbed you and sat you in his lap, so you could sit at the table too.

You blushed, but looked at Taeyong who was eyeing you. He then rolled his eyes from you and continued to get a bite of ice cream.

Your heart stung a little. Did he not like you?

You looked down at Mark’s arm around your waist, and quickly went to stand up from his lap.

Maybe sitting like that was distasteful infront of all these people you never met before.
Mark looked up at you. “Is everything okay Y/N?”

“Yeah, I’ll just go grab a chair.”

“Are you sure you’re okay-”

“Well that’s what I said.” You said, frustrated again.

This whole situation was frustrating. No matter what you did, you couldn’t stop thinking they already hated you. Mark’s kindness just kept making you feel worse. You just wish you could sit down without anyone speaking to you.
Mark looked disappointed, Haechan looked in his direction and gave him a look like.
“Damn, we know whose in charge here.”

Mark rolled his eyes from Haechan’s gaze and smiled as you pull the chair up to the edge of the table.

Really, this whole ordeal was too much right now. You could tell by some of the reactions and looks you received they were unsure of you. Maybe you and Mark’s relationship wasn’t ready for this yet. You didn’t have time to mentally prepare yourself before meeting his hyungs. Maybe another time things would be different. Maybe now it’d be better to leave and and try again later.

“Mark.” You spoke up over the approving noises and comments on the boys favorite ice creams flavors. He turned to you.


“I am gonna go home now.”

Mark looked shocked.
“W-why? Are you feeling okay?” He inched closer to you, and you touched the side of his face.

“Yeah, I just have a headache, I would much rather go home now.”

He looked down, then to his members.
“Well, okay. I’ll see you later then?”

You nodded, giving him a sweet smile.

“I love you” you said.

“I love you too.” He responded.

Then you headed out the shop.

“She is hiding is hiding something.” Taeyong said, finishing the rest of this sundae, not even looking up at Mark.

“Excuse me?” Mark said, automatically defensive.

“She didn’t seem happy to see us, I don’t think that means she’s hiding something, though.” Jaehyun said.

“In my opinion, I don’t think she even likes Mark that much.” Haechan chuckled.

Mark frowned. What were they saying?

“She seems pretty conflicted and unhappy the entire time, not to mention how much she snapped on you.” Taeyong said.
“-she left kind of fast too.” Taeyong continued.

“You heard her.” Mark said. “She had a headache, and I’m kinda glad she left, you all seem to be against her, no wonder she couldn’t be herself.”

“I’m not against her! She is pretty and gave me ice cream I’m content 10/10.”
Winwin said, holding up and “ok” sign.

“She might seem fine when it’s just you two, but you don’t think she was acting a little cold?” Taeyong said.

Mark slumped in his seat. “Y/N is a great person, you’ll see.”

“I think it’s good how he defends her, I think her presence in Mark’s life is helping him mature.” Taeil said.

Mark smiled. “Thank you.”

“I think she’s good too! Honestly, she did make all of us ice cream, free of charge. I’m sure Mark would’ve made us pay.” Johnny teased.

Mark was happy he had at least a few people on his side.

But Taeyong seemed very uneasy, and was just being a jerk.

Doyoung spoke up. “Let’s give her another chance.”

“Yeah!” Mark agreed. “This was really unexpected. She didn’t know you guys were coming, and on top of that she worked a full shift today.”

“Let’s invite her to the dorms.” Yuta suggests.

“She can’t come into the dorms without snacks.” Winwin said, only person agreeing being Yuta, who gives him a high five. im yuwin as fuck

Taeyong rolled his eyes at the idea

“Taeyong?” Mark said.

“I think she’ll break your heart Mark, if you take her to the dorms, or do anything more with her, you’ll just fall for her more. It’ll hurt less if now, you just-”

“Taeyong.” Mark said sternly.

Taeyong returned the look. “Yes?”

“I’m gonna call Y/N now, and she is going to come to the dorm tomorrow to hang out.”

Haechan spoke up. “Ooooooh shit.” He cooed. i hate memechan

Taeyong stood and slammed his hands down on the table, making the empty glass sundae bowls shake.


Mark didn’t even look in his direction, he was too busy dialing your number.

Jaehyun grabbed Taeyong’s arm and looked up at him. “Maybe we should go, let’s trust Mark on this one.”

Taeyong let out a huff and moved from the booth to storm out the door.

Doyoung and Jaehyun stood.

“I’m not gonna say that we fully support you and Y/N yet, we’re gonna go calm Taeyong down, and you find a way to make this okay again.” Doyoung spoke,

Jaehyun quickly agreed.

Mark agreed to their statement. He knew what kind of person you were, he knew you weren’t going to let him down.

“Wait why is everyone getting up I want more ice cream.” Winwin spoke up.
“You heard the man more ice cream.” Yuta said. yuwin

Mark chuckled. “I’ll make one more sundae, but you gotta pay. Can’t just let you eat free all the time.”

Winwin huffed. “Whaaaaat? I want Y/N to come back now, she didn’t make us pay.”

Mark smiled. “I want her to come back too.” He said to himself.

Johnny and Taeil looked at each other and smiled.

Haechan spoke up. “So is it true? Y/N is coming over tomorrow?”

“Oh yeah.” Mark said, walking over to his phone on the counter with your contact on the screen. “I still need to call her.”

“Tell her snacks or no deal.” Said Winwin.
“Yeah, snacks or no deal.” Yuta repeated. yuwin

“Hello?” You answered.

“Hey baby, where are you at?” Mark said.

“At home, I’m sorry for dashing like that.. I hope you can forgive me.”

“Hush, of course I can. I know this was unexpected and I’m sorry if you felt uncomfortable. The boys and I want you to come to the dorm tomorrow. This time things can be a little more planned.”

You smiled. “I’d like that, Mark.”

“Alright, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 7.” He said. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” You responded.

The time had arrived for you to go to Mark’s dorm. You had never been there before, all your dates usually consisted of going out and doing things in town, or coming back to your apartment to cuddle and watch movies. The boys were always at the dorms, and you preferred alone time together.

This time you really needed to make a good impression. This time you wore cute, yet comfortable clothes. An oversized sweater, skinny jeans and some slip on skater shoes. You waited for Mark to get here, so you could walk together to the dorms.

Then your phone rang.
“Are you ready?” Your boyfriends soothing voice echoed in the phone.
“I sure am.”
“Come open the door.” He said and hung up.

You skipped over to the door and opened it to reveal your handsome boyfriend waiting for you. He wore jeans and white dress shirt, tucked a little in the front.

He looked so good, you fell into his arms for a hug. He stumbled back a little, surprised by your action, then wrapped his arms around you, and squeezed you lovingly.

“Mark?” You spoke up.

“Yes?” He responded.

You wanted to apologize, you wanted to talk about yesterday. But the moment was so nice, and so pure. You just wanted to rest in his arms, just a little longer.

“Nothing, I’m just really glad we’re doing this.”

He smiled. “Me too.”

 You walked down the the street, honestly you never realized how close the dorms were to your house. It wasn’t but a 5 minute walk. You walked, hands clasped together in front of you. Mark watched as you bounced cutely with each step.

How could Taeyong call this adorable, harmless girl “cold”?

You then stood in front of the dorms, and Mark spoke.
“Hey Y/N, if anyone makes you uncomfortable, you can pull me aside and tell me.” He sighed. “Especially Taeyong.”

You gulped. Taeyong. Why Taeyong? Were your suspicions correct? That he already didn’t like you? You knew Taeyong was one of the most important people to Mark. Your heart felt weak, like you had let Mark down.

You nodded your head lowly.

When the door opened you were greeted by Johnny, who quickly whipped an arm around your shoulders and ushered you in.
“Hey Y/N! Looks like we can finally get better acquainted.” He joked.

You giggled. “I guess so.”

You walked into a room which you guessed was the living room, where Taeil, Doyoung and Jaehyun sat together on the couches. Haechan was sitting infront of the TV, playing some video game. Taeil got up quickly to go shake your hand.

“Hey Y/N, it’s nice to see you again.” His friendly smile beamed at you, and you returned the smile.

“It’s nice to see you too, Taeil!”

“Awe, she’s so cute!” Said Doyoung from the couch. “Hello Y/N!”

“Hello Doyoung, and Hello Jaehyun.” You sad waving to them on the couch.
Jaehyun waved back silently, a soft smile on his lips.

Johnny moved his arm from your shoulders and hooked it around Taeil’s neck instead.

“Say, Mark, Let us give Y/N a tour of the dorm, you can go check on the one in the kitchen.”

“Alrighty.” Mark said. “Is that okay, Y/N?”

You smiled and nodded. “Yes I’m fine.”

Mark smiled back and kissed your forehead, before heading to the kitchen.

 It was just you, Johnny and Taeil. Out of everyone they were the most friendly towards you. You felt comfortable with them, no wonder Mark had such cool stories to tell about them.

They showed you everyone’s room, they mentioned that they had just cleaned for your visit. It had many rooms, which were shared by the members. One of the rooms they showed you was Winwin and Yuta’s.
The door opened and you saw them, Winwin in a chair scrolling on his phone, and Yuta reading a book on his bed.

They both looked up at you and smiled.

“It’s Y/N!” Winwin said cheeringly. You smiled at his enthusiasm.

“I’m glad you came over, now Taeyong will finally cook us something.” Yuta said rubbing his belly, “I miss home cooked meals.”

You tilted your head. “Taeyong is cooking?”

Johnny nodded. “He knew this was important to Mark, so he took up the cooking job for dinner, even if he doesn’t agree-”

Taeil hit Johnny’s chest, Johnny realized what he was about to say and stopped.

“Here, let’s show you me and Taeil’s room.”

“Wait!” Winwin called you before you exited his door frame.“Y/N, did by any chance Mark tell you to bring snacks?”

“Oh yeah!” Yuta said.

“Oh.. no? Why, was I supposed to?” You said, confused.

Winwin and Yuta’s head both drooped.
“No, it’s okay.”

You went up to them and tapped their shoulders, causing them to look up at you.
“I don’t have any snacks sadly, but, I do have a awfully weird craving for ice cream.?

Winwin’s eyes lit up after you say the words “ice cream”.

You grinned. “How about me and you guys go get some after dinner? We can get other boys to go with us too.”

Winwin and Yuta looked at eachother happily. “Yes! We would love that!” Yuta said. yuwin

Winwin gave you a hug, jumping up and down. You jumped, giggling with him.

You still can’t believe you were scared to talk to these boys, they were all so nice. 5/9 of the boys in the dorm were already taking a liking to you, and that made you happy. You wondered if you could find a way to be friendlier with the rest.

 After Johnny and Taeil showed you the rest of the dorm, you ended up back at the living room where you started. You saw Haechan still on the floor, playing his game. 
 Johnny and Taeil were going to walk you to the kitchen where Mark was, but you stopped to examine the TV. Haechan was playing one of your favorite video games.

“Haechan!” You called. He didn’t even break eye contact with the game.

“What do you want, woman?”

You ran over and plopped down next to him on the floor. “This is my favorite video game! Are you stuck?”

“Yeah, I’ve been retrying this part all day. I can’t seem to figure out what they even want me to do.”

“May I?” You said.

Haechan paused the game and looked at you, “I guess it’s worth a shot, I’m nowhere close anyway.”

You took the controller and beat the part Haechan was stuck on in no time.

Haechan looked at you in awe. “How did you do that?!” He asked.

You explained the game and what that significant part meant, and what you had to do.

“I would’ve never thought that, thank you Y/N.” He said.

You smiled. “Anytime, I love video games.”

“You know” Haechan says. “You’re not as bad as Taeyong says.”

Your smile quickly faded. “Taeyong thinks I’m bad?”

Johnny and Taeil quickly rush over to you and grab your arms, shooing away Haechan’s words as a mistake and untrue.

But in your mind, you knew it was true. And everyone knew it.

 Once you got to the kitchen, you saw Taeyong and Jaehyun working over the stove, and Doyoung and Mark making drinks.

“We’re all done showing her around.” Called Taeil. Mark looked up at you.

“Great!” He said pouring the last drink. “What do you think Y/N? Is everything okay?”

You nodded happily. “Yes, everything is just fine, everyone is really nice.”

“I’m really happy to hear that.” Mark said, grabbing your hand.

“Food’s ready!” Doyoung said. “Jaehyun, can you go get the rest of guys so they can come fix their plates.

“Sure.” Jaehyun said.

Taeyong turned away from the stove, eyes automatically locking with yours. He gave you a rather rude look, then turned his attention to Doyoung, who was beginning to make his plate.

Wow, Taeyong really didn’t like you.

Mark noticed that scene, and saw how your head hung in defeat. His hand went to your chin and tilted your head up.

“Hey, it’s okay.” He whispered calmly. “I promise, he’ll warm up to you.” You smiled at your boyfriend’s words of encouragement. He always knew how to make you feel better.

Once everyone made their plate, you sat on the couches in the living room.
When you first sat down, Winwin and Haechan fought over who got to sit by you, which they solved with rock, paper, scissors. Haechan ended up winning, sending Winwin over to sit by Yuta with sad eyes, Yuta seemed pretty lowkey happy Winwin was sitting by him though. yuwin

Mark put his hand on your thigh while you sat beside him, he was enjoying how friendly some of members were acting towards you. The way you cracked jokes with Johnny and corrected everyone with Taeil. Having nerd talk with Haechan, and  helping Yuta save Winwin whenever someone picked on him. Things were falling into place. Except, how quiet Taeyong was.

“Alright, what does everyone want to watch.” Exclaimed Doyoung. “How about a action movie?”

“Oooh, what do you have in mind?” You asked.

Doyoung eyes lit up. Apparently Doyoung was a movie fanatic, and you talked in depth about your favorites movies. Eventually, Jaehyun snatched the remote from Doyoung, and picked a show of his choice. You giggled and Jaehyun smiled at you, he was very quiet, but he didn’t seemed opposed to you.

“I’m going to bed.” Declared Taeyong standing up.

“Hyung, is everything okay?” Haechan asked.

“Yeah, I just have a headache, I’d much rather go to bed now.” You felt your heart stop, as he recited your line from yesterday. You could feel the white flash of panic rise from your stomach and fall down your shoulders. You really just wanted to cry.

The tears pricked at your eyes, and Mark turned towards to grab you, and snug you into his chest.

“Don’t cry, please. He’s just grumpy, that’s all.” He said calming you, running his fingers through your hair. The other members watched, feeling guilty.

They saw how much you wanted to be liked by them, and how much you needed them to accept you, for Mark. They could see how much you and Mark needed eachother, and how much you loved eachother. They felt awful for ever doubting you.

You lifted yourself from Mark’s hold and smiled at him, caressing his face and whimpering a small “thank you”, trying so hard to hold back tears. You didn’t want to have an emotional breakdown here.

You cuddled with Mark on the couch, as everyone watched a movie in the living room that Doyoung and Jaehyun agreed on after fighting over movie titles.
You thought about how hard Taeyong workedon dinner for your visit, when he didn’t even like you. And how tired he must’ve been for already wanting to go to bed. You thought about how dirty the kitchen must be from cooking that much, and how many dishes there could be.

“Hey Mark, I’ll be right back.” You whispered.

Mark yawned and nodded. “Where are you going baby?”

“Just to the kitchen, I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

He nodded.

You swept the floor, cleaned the counters and reorganized the leftover spices and ingredients that were sprawled all over the counter top. You tried not to make too much noise, you didn’t want anyone to wonder what you were doing.

You thought if Taeyong knew you were the one who cleaned the kitchen, it wouldn’t matter as much. You’d much rather him believe someone he cared about did it, like his roommates.

Then you started on the dishes. You were halfway done until you felt two arms wrap around your waist.

“Have you been cleaning in here? It’s looks amazing!” Mark said, rocking you back and forth as you washed another pan.

“Yes, why are you in here though? Is the movie off already?”

“No, you’ve been gone for some time now, and I wanted to see what you were up to.”
Mark smiled. “-Are you cleaning the kitchen for Taeyong?”

You frowned. “Please don’t tell him.”

Mark pecked a kiss on your cheek. “But why? You’re just being sweet.”

“I know he hates me. I made a fool out of myself yesterday. I feel like I let you down, not making a good impression on your best hyung.” You said, voice cracking.

“Y/N, you’re perfect. And Taeyong doesn’t hate you, he just doesn’t know the real you yet. It seems like everyone else learned the real you today and love you. I’m so proud of you and who you are.”

You turned around from the sink to face Mark, your hands gripped his shirt and you put your face in his chest. Then, you looked up to him.


“Yes Y/N?”

“I’m sorry if I was mean to you yesterday.” You said, tears welling up in your eyes.
“-I never want to make you feel bad, you were just trying to help. And I was being selfish and stubborn.”

“Hey, hey, you weren’t mean to me. It’s okay, please don’t cry.” He said, brushing your hair away from your eyes, as they were sticking to  yourface from the wetness of your tears.

“I just love you so much-” You breathed through your sobs. “-And I want this to be easier for you, I wish I could’ve been suitable for you in Taeyong’s eyes, so everything wouldn’t be so complicated.”

Mark hugged you tightly. “You are always suitable for me. You’re good enough, you’re more than enough.”

“Alright, Alright.” A voice said, coming from the kitchen entrance. “Calm down everybody.”

“Taeyong?” Mark called.

Taeyong looked at Mark, and then to you with a soft expression.

Did he just hear everything you said?

“Did you- hear? Mark said, still holding you to his chest.

Taeyong nodded with a soft smile. “Yeah, I heard.”

Taeyong began examining the kitchen, walking up to one of the cabinets examining its contents and moving things around.

“Almost everything in here is in the wrong place.”

You sniffled. “I-I’m sorry.” You said lowly.

Taeyong looked at you. “Thank you though, Y/N.”

You looked up, Taeyong was smiling. That was the first time he had ever spoken to you.

You looked at Mark, who was beaming.

“So, you approve now?” Mark said, playfully.

Taeyong chuckled. “If she cleans my kitchen every time she comes over, then sure.”

You smiled, your chest filling with joy. And you just wanted to cry again, from being so happy. You looked at Mark, and he picked you and spun you around as you both giggled uncontrollably.

“YYYYYYYYY/NNNNNNNNNNNN!” You heard a voice yell, running to the kitchen, the voice getting closer and closer.

Then you saw a dashing Winwwin, with Yuta falling behind. yuwin

“The ice cream place closes soon!”

You giggled. “Oh yeah, I promised these two to an ice cream date, should we round up the rest of the boys?” You said, looking between Mark and Taeyong.

“I think they’d like that” said Taeyong.

Mark hugged you close, pressing a kiss into your hair. “You’re too cute.”

Then you heard Winwin speak up.

“Yuta, when we get there, if you try to kiss ice cream off my face again I swear to God I’m gonna deck you.”


Golden | Jungkook (M)

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Summary: Jungkook will show you just how golden he really is.

Word Count: 6,670

Genre: Smut/fluff

A/N: Jungkook smut for my thirsty followers who didn’t get enough in AL. Btw I hope you enjoy it @helloblamebts :)) sorry for the wait bc I know you’re just as thirsty as everyone else

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do we ever think about the hearts we break? i still feel bits of you in my hands, i still feel warmth of you in my veins. my apologizes are wrapped into bottles of alcohol you drink in hopes to forget. maybe one day time will work in our favor. i left one last piece of my love into your arms and took one last piece of your dreams into my heart. do we know real absence until we lose the one we love? we still write promises into every step we take. we still kiss stars into every lullaby we whisper. do we ever think of each other? maybe at the same time, maybe into different fractions, maybe never, maybe too fast, maybe too late. these maybes are getting me crazy. maybe i miss you maybe i don’t. maybe you love me maybe you never did. i can’t think straight. the light is gone, the truth has run wild, the words are useless. the lies hurt less when we spin them around us pretending not to see, the truth hurts more when our heart is blind. when do we think when it’s too early or too late? will there ever be a right time for us?
—  k.m
Timeless Memories

The battle felt like it had taken eons.

Considering the nature of it all however, it might as well be all wrapped up in one eternal fight.

At first they had started slow, testing each other. One had been weakened to the point where he had to take his human form, the other had pushed hard to become stronger.

Then Zelda had regained her senses and conjured her bow of light. Link could see that she wasn’t fully in charge of her wits, how her feet shifted as though the ground under her was tilting, and sometimes the magic arrows missed their mark and dissipated into the trailing cloak of shadow that clung to their enemy.

Some still managed to hit, and Ganon snarled as one pierced into his left shoulder. His nerveless hand dropped one of his dual swords and he felt the warm pulse of blood under his robes.

He pressed hard on the Hero of Time. Link’s tunic was ripped in many places but showed no blood; testament to his use of a bottled fairy. Ganon had a disdain for the Hylians, with their potions and fairies. The Gerudo magic was of the body and made them strong, not dependent on glowing fluids.

But still he had to chuckle as his blade clashed with the Master Sword. Here he was, bleeding out from various wounds, and the hero in green looked barely winded.

Another arrow sunk into Ganon’s thigh and he faltered. He sank to one knee but managed to block the overhead blow as Link leapt at him.

“Why do you fight me boy? You know it’s useless.” Ganon pushed up with enough force to send the youth sprawling. He stood and snarled as his leg spasmed in pain.

“You’ll die here Ganon. Just like all the other times.” Link winced as he stood, but swung around his sword and braced himself.

“Then I’ll come back, same as you, and same as your pitiful princess. And maybe next time, maybe you’ll find things are different.”

“Things have always been this way. And I will always defeat you!” Link jumped high again, and Ganon raised his guard to meet the impending blow.

A mistake, as now his torso was exposed. Just as their blades clashed, Ganon felt a heavy thunk in his stomach. He looked down in time to see the light arrow fade away.

He had not expected the princess to recover so quickly.

He had, as usual, misjudged the constitution of the poorly form Hylians.

His other sword fell uselessly to the ground. Ganon sunk to his knees. Link approached him calmly, the sword held down at his side.

“Kill me boy,” Ganon said and paused to cough up something wet and thick. “Kill me and we can begin this farce anew.”

Link raised his sword and angled it. He would strike downward through his chest and pierce the Gerudo’s heart.

“May the Goddesses show you mercy.” He plunged down his blade.

Death was supposed to be instant. But what is an instant in the face of eternity?

As the blade sank into his skin, Ganon was impaled by the force of his past. His memories of defeat rushed over him like a great wave.

He remembered, with great clarity, every instance of his death at the hands of the Hero of Time.

He felt rage and shame. He felt a burning fury that promised to cauterize his wounds. This would sustain him. This would bring him back.

Damn it, he would defeat these cursed Hylians!

But then he felt fear. He felt sadness. He felt, love.

The hand of the Hero of Time was clasped in his own. The palms and fingers were callused. They were hands that he had taught to hold a bow. To hold the reins of horses. To scale a wall.

This was his boy. His skinny child who tried to keep up with his much bigger sisters. His heir who used to curl in his lap and sleep as Ganon read.

How could his son do this? How could his beloved child be his killer?

How could he have hurt his own boy?

Ganon looked up and into the eyes of the Hylian. Tears fell from the boy’s wide gaze and he knew, he was seeing it too.

The Master Sword had resided too long within the Temple of Time. It existed always in its perfect form in every reincarnation. It did not notice that the hand that wielded it had lived a different life. It was, practically, the same hand that always wielded it.

The guilt that surged in Link made his stomach twist violently. In every lifetime, he grew up without a family. He grew and then left behind whatever community had brought him in. He fought, and sometimes died, in protection of a kingdom he hadn’t seen until the day he was called.

He did it because that was his destiny.

But there was one time, one lifetime, where he did not.

He grew up with an indulgent father and way too many stern mothers. He remembered burning under the harsh desert sun. He remembered meeting the princess for the first time and being confused by her small stature, her quiet manners, and her lack of tattoos.

He remembered being with Ganon as the man died. As was his place. But this time, the death of the Demon King was a time of sorrow.

Link felt fear. He felt anguish. And the disgusting guilt.

“P-” He couldn’t force the word out of his throat.

When the point of his blade pierced Ganon’s heart, Link watched as the life left the Gerudo man’s eyes. Tears had fallen down the weathered face. Ganon slumped forward, and then fell to his side.

Link fell backwards, his sword jutting perversely out of Ganon’s body, and he fought down the urge to vomit.

Suddenly, he felt arms around him. He put a fist to his mouth as he felt it burn and tighten.

“I’m sorry.” He managed to whisper. Zelda knelt beside him, pulling him closer to her.

“It’s okay. You’re in shock.”

He hadn’t been speaking to her.

There was only white light.

He did not know if it was a room or a void or what, but it was peaceful. He felt like he had been there before. Perhaps many times.

A woman approached him.

“Din.” He said and bowed. The woman, the Goddess, nodded her head.

“You must choose a form before you meet with Hylia.” Din said and he wondered how he had bowed with no form.

“Can it be anything?”

“Any of your past lives. Choose wisely.”

“That’s not my part.” Din smiled and he, Ganon, chose his form.

He wanted to feel that moment again. He wanted to feel love.

“The others are coming.” Din said. Ganon began to feel nervous.

Another woman approached, a figure at her side.

“He cannot be dead. He lived!” Ganon cried and Din put her hand on his shoulder.

“Time means nothing here. But yes, he lived.”

The figure was not a wolf, thank the Goddesses for that.

The figure was not in green.

“Son!” Ganon rushed forward to embrace the man in the crimson robes.

“Papa!” They crumpled together, sobbing loudly.

“I’m sorry Papa.”

“No my son. It was my fault. If only I had remembered.”

“Naryu is approaching.” Farore said. The men rose, shakily, and still held onto each other.

“Let us see if the Triforce can heal this time.”

The Mistake (Bonus #2) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The One With The First Dance”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall & Reader

Author’s Note: I’ve been trying to think of songs that they would have danced to back in like 2006 and I think I hit the nail on the head with pretty much all of these. More bonus chapters to come. :) These are weirdly so fun to write. 

Song: First Day Of My Life - Bright Eyes

#1 - #2 - #3 - #4 - #5 - #6 - #7 - #8 - The Mistake Masterlist

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Stiles stood next to Scott, chewing the growing hangnail on his thumb, and watching you dancing with your other friends to Britney Spear’s “…Baby One More Time”. You had dragged him and Scott to the last dance of eighth grade, for reasons beyond Stiles’ understanding, and then deserted the two of them when they refused to dance at all, with anyone or to any song. He was annoyed because he had watched you get pulled on to the dance floor to dance with Matt Daehler about an hour before to some slow song by The Beach Boys, so he was particularly in no mood to dance at that point. 

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