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Hello! Long time fan here. I just caught up on your blog and saw that you mentioned that you identify as aro/ace. I apologize for the rudeness of the question, but I was wondering if you could tell us how you came to identify as such? Y'see, I'm questioning everything I thought I knew about myself, and I would very much appreciate hearing about your experience. Please do not hesitate to disregard this question if you'd rather not answer. Cheers!

Hi!! Well at first, in high school and at the start of college, I realized that I didn’t feel any distinction between the way I felt towards different genders. My first thought as an explanation was, “I must be bisexual.” I never really desired any romantic relationship like a lot of my friends did, but I didn’t think much of it–the classic “maybe I just have to wait and some day I will feel that way?” I loved spending time with people and making friends, but just in the platonic sense.

But then, this past spring, I realized, “huh, maybe my inability to distinguish how I feel towards different genders is not a sign that I am bisexual, but is actually because I just… don’t experience romantic or sexual attraction. I just am interested in platonic relationships.” And then a lot of stuff started making sense, haha.

I used to think I couldn’t be ace because i thought I had a crush on different people in high school, but I think, again, that was just me misidentifying my affection for people in a romantic sense, just because that’s what’s drilled into you as a kid you know? I’m still a Young Adult so I am not really 100% sure of any aspect of my identity, but the longer I have identified as aro/ace the more I have felt like it is truly what I am, and it’s the label I’m most comfortable with. It’s made me really happy seeing lots of you guys excited to see an aro/ace person just because it seems like there’s not many of us haha. I hope my story is able to help you!!!

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Is Pearl applying all of her determination & full sacrifice towards a different cause? Or a similar cause? (BTW, Pearl being Jasper-like is the best. She'll make a scary villain, I think.) Hope your well!

yeah! Pearl’s got a lot of potential as an antagonist. and while she’s in Jasper’s role in this story, she’s still Pearl. so while she doesn’t have the sheer brute strength of a quartz, she does have focus, skill, and precision. that, combined with her power set and unflinching loyalty to a person and a cause, makes her a very dangerous opponent. though, i gotta stress, neither she nor Garnet are villains, they’re antagonists. first impressions are funny like that.

(you said the thing, i had to. but also: narrative relevance)

Happy December, Adventurers! Your Quest for the month of December is to spend some time listening to someone. Ask an older family member what stories they have to tell. Spend some time listening to a friend about their day. Listen to someone who maybe has a different perspective than you. You never know what you could learn from the people around you! 

Here are some resources on how to be a better listener: 

10 Steps to Effective Listening (Forbes) 

How Can I Improve My Listening Skills (LifeHaker)

Julian Treasure :5 Ways to Listen Better (TED Talk)

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How would Kouen, Muu, Hakuryuu, Sinbad and Judal deal with an s/o who has a very irregular sleep cycle (assuming they live together)? Would they try to adjust to it a little? Or maybe help them to get into a more regular, healthy one?


  • Sinbad is such a sound sleeper, he doesn’t notice his s/o leave bed, nor vise versa. With different schedules, he can get in a few hours to work before they wake and he dedicates his time and attention to them.

Ren Kouen

  • To be honest, Kouen’s sleep schedule is hardly better than his s/o, though he tried to hide that from them for quite some time. Eventually, he adapts to his s/o’s sleep schedule, finding it suits him better anyhow.

Ren Hakuryuu

  • Hakuryuu tries his hardest to help his s/o adjust their sleep schedule. He really does. But there’s just one issue—he can’t manage to keep himself awake long. Come 11:00, he’s out like a light despite his best efforts.


  • Judar can’t stand having being out of sync, with his s/o. His solution? Keep his s/o from falling asleep until he’s ready too, if he doesn’t let them sleep then they’ll be plenty tired when he’s ready to sleep.

Muu Alexius

  • Muu has a near endless list of methods of fixing his s/o’s sleep schedule. Whatever he tells his s/o to try, Muu does too, exercising before bed, cutting out sugar after lunch, etc. They’re in this together after all.
Fire // Theo Raeken

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader

Word count: 2.352

A/N:  English is not my first language so I’m sorry for grammatical errors it can have. I did my best to write this. Please, don’t be rude

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(Y/N)’s phone vibrated for the seventh time since class had begun. Maybe the eighth, who knows. (Y/N) was not the typical girl who passed her clases hanging on her mobile, talking with friends who were practically three meters away. But that day was different, because she like it or not, the game that Theo and her were up to was making her crazy.

She read the text on the creen, without needing to unlock the pone, but did not answer. She had not answered any of the previous ones, so this time was not going to be different. Even so, she smiled. As much as she tried to avoid it, she always smiled.

Are you gonna admit it now? The text said.

Without moving herself excessively in her seat, (Y/N) turned her head to the side until she caught Theo’s sight, who was seated on the same row as her, just two tables to the right. As she expected, the boy was wearing the widest and cheekiest smile that (Y/N) had seen in her life. Althought that was not entierely true, since Theo had been giving to her that same smile for the last two weeks.

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Gut Microbe Movements Regulate Host Circadian Rhythms

Even gut microbes have a routine. Like clockwork, they start their day in one part of the intestinal lining, move a few micrometers to the left, maybe the right, and then return to their original position. New research in mice now reveals that the regular timing of these small movements can influence a host animal’s circadian rhythms by exposing gut tissue to different microbes and their metabolites as the day goes by. Disruption of this dance can affect the host.

The research is in Cell. (full open access)

Still haven’t seen the clip (yes I’m at work but hush) but omg he got text from his mom…i’m crying (still at work I’m a mess) one thing I didn’t talk about yet was that text Isak sent different it was from the text he sent to his dad..when he came out to his dad he was all rebellious and had that ‘what ever’ attitude. But to his mom he was gentle trying to make it as soft as he could..and now she replied the way every mother should.. that she loves him no matter what.. I was thinking that this would be the direction they gonna take this.. making Isak closer to his mom again.. maybe starting to get use to idea that she has her own problems same time starting to accept Even’s too.. I can’t stop saying how amazing Skam is.. after the desperation of yesterday they are giving this small ray of light..and everything doesn’t feel as hopeless anymore..

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I'm very depressed. I'm surrounded by clutter because I've been very sick and I hate that I still don't feel well enough to clean, where to begin, it's insane. It's giving me panic attacks and depression but I'm physically ill so there's nothing I feel I can do and I'm giving up. I hate my life and don't know what to do with it anymore.

Darling I love you for reaching out to me. I hope maybe you can talk to me without anon. I really do understand where you;re coming from. But please know that the world will be different without you. These dark times are so hard and so fucking painful, but maybe, if you can, just take one step at a time. You don’t have to clean everything but perhaps make a start on one small section? Put on some music and dance around whilst doing it. I promise you will feel better if you do. Please talk to me off anon if you can. Tell me everything you feel and I’ll be here to listen. I want to help <3

Five Times Lucky

read it on the AO3 at

by stellahibernis

“Why can’t it be just you and me, Ma?” Steve asks one night as she is tucking him in.

She smiles and ruffles his hair.

“Because,” she says, “there’ll be a time when you’ll find someone who will become so important to you that they will always be a part of your heart. Maybe one person like that, maybe more. They won’t be the only people that you care about, there’ll be more of those because you have a big heart. They will be different in that you’ll always be connected to them.”

“But are you sure?” Steve asks, still remembering how other people look at him. “What if there’s no one like that for me?”

She’s completely serious when she looks at him, and he can’t help but believe. “I’m absolutely sure. You’ll meet them, and they will be the dearest people you’ll know. It might not always be easy, but you will always be glad to have them. Just keep an eye out and you’ll find them.”


Five people Steve is lucky to find in life. And one he’s lucky to find again.

Words: 9666, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

Take me back

To my favorite soundtrack 

When letters were sent 

And hands were held 

Where gentlemen walked

And knew how to talk 

When the music rocked

And you used to call

Just to hear my voice 

And that was your only choice 

And the cars cruised on

With the windows down.

This romantic fantasy

Lies only cause I want

To be taken to a different time

When maybe I could call you mine. 

plans for December

Ȿ update DTR

Ȿ update Meow Cafe

Ȿ write at least three prompts you guys wanted from the prompts list

Ȿ do some Christmas type of event with fics, because I might be a Grinch because of tedious time at work, but I really want to write some Stony Christmas fluffiness!!

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preference for what kind of lingerie they like on a girl?

Cancer Crew - What Lingerie they Like.

a little bit different from the ask, but oh well.

Max will literally love everything on you, but at times he might suggest what colour he likes on you, or what he thinks compliments your body, but overall whatever you like, Max will love, especially when its on you.

George will know what he wants, and since he knows your body like the back of his hand - maybe even better than you know it yourself. Joji could either range from something simple, to something so out there and just different.

Ian wouldn’t be that bothered by it. Because when the time came, he’d be ripping it off you anyway, but to him, everything seems to look the same until its on you. But, he probably likes something simple, but revealing.

I feel like Chad would like something like a one piece, but then sometimes it might frustrate him when all he wants to do is take it off. He’d want something that shows off his favourite parts of your body.

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What's your take on the fact that Gillian and pm both street their houses for sale AT THE SAME TIME? I believe in gillovny but what the FUCK

Actually, they don’t. Gillian is trying to sell her house for more than a year. It went on and off the market multiple times, it just came back now but it doesn’t mean the reasons she was selling for a year ago are different than the reasons she’s selling again right now.
I don’t know why PM is selling, im not particularly invested or interested in his life, maybe he has decided to go back to Vienna to live with his family.

@ttachibana replied to your post “ok but like… as a follow up to the post i just reblogged: people have…”

I agree, no matter how long Victor speaks english, it’s not like he speaks only english and spends time mostly with english speakers, so his accent is hard to get ridden of and it should be heard while talking in eng

maybe op just didn’t knew much about accents? ;;

exactly; people from russia have accents speaking in english, just like people from japan or people from india (unless of course they spent considerable time with native english speakers) so technically yuri would’ve noticed that viktor’s (russian) accent was different from his own (japanese) accent

besides viktor had a russian coach + didn’t really leave st. petersburg that much before going off to coach yuri so

but it’s not a big deal lmao im just… super nit-picky about language things

do u have an accent tachi?? :0

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I had a kinda tough day today. Had to be around family I'm not out to and was stuck being misgendered all day (i'm nb) do you have any tips on feeling less bad about the whole thing?

1) remember your gender is valid and is not determined by the people around you.

2) affirm yourself and your pronouns in your head, and/or get a friend or some tumblr people to do it to.

3) have some alone time. Get away from it and help your mind relax and not focus on it.

4) think about a day when it’ll be different. Maybe you’ll be on your own with friends in the future. Maybe your family will acknowledge and respect you. Maybe its just you and a SO. Maybe you’re happy and completely on your own! Just imagine the day to come where it won’t be like this.

5) read about other people’s experiences with the same thing. It helps immensely to know you’re not alone.

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Sapphire Dipper: do you accidentally freeze stuff when you get scared or worked up?

“Uh, yeah, sometimes. Still I’m nowhere near as bad about it as Mabel is about setting things on fire accidentally. Which is why she likes to get back at me for it by-”

Swap!Mabel: “BOO!”

Swap!Mabel: “Uh oh, bro-bro. Looks like you “iced” again! Maybe you could use a little… warming up.”

Swap!Mabel: “There, is that better?”

Swap!Dipper: “…Yeah… it is.”

(HELP I’M DYING FROM FEELS OVERLOAD LOOK AT MY PRECIOUS TWINS EVEN IN DIFFERENT AUS THEY ARE SO ADORABLE AND WONDERFUL AHHHH! But yeah, another headcanon I forgot to mention in that list I made earlier is that because of their elemental powers, Mabel is usually very warm to the touch while Dipper is generally cold. So there will be quite a few times where Mabel will get hot enough that she’ll just have to ditch the sweater for comfort’s sake. At the same time, Dipper constantly piles up the blankets when he sleeps and he only really drinks hot things like tea or hot chocolate (or coffee, but Pearl tries to keep both of the twins from drinking coffee for… reasons). 

@ the people that have sent requests for me to answer certain shorty anon au prompts with drabbles:

I don’t know how but you all managed to request different AUs, lol. Like there are 10+ requests sitting in my inbox and they’re all for different AUs. Unfortunately, I definitely don’t have time to write them all. So from those requests I’ll probably pick 1 for now. If I don’t pick yours I’m going to hang onto your ask (i.e. not respond) so that if I get some time in the future maybe I can do them.

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I'm 5'1 ish, around 112-111 pounds and I've been stuck for a long time, the lowest I got was 109 and for some reason I can't get back, I want to be around 100-96 lbs. Any advice?

Maybe change up your workout a bit- try different exercises or increase the length or intensity of your workouts! Good luck x

story of another us is so beautiful and heartbreaking. you’re depending on this moment w someone, where you think things will finally be different. but what if things don’t change? what if the thing you’re depending on never happens? even though you know you’re not fit for ‘long term plans’ you still put yourself out there. your love for this person gives you hope that maybe this time, things will be different. and even if you know that time will never come, you still hope it’s a possibility.