I think you guys don’t understand, but I am so glad to watch this scene.

Because it doesnt matter how many times Koushiro calls her “egocentric” or Mimi calls him “insensitive”, this scene proves that true friends can forget their differences and take care of each other.

Maybe Koumi shippers can be a little disappointed because there has only been a couple of scenes with them (and the other one was an argument), but from my point of view, Koushiro had to be focused on research, so he was not allowed to think about “crushes” or something else during the OVA.

In the last episode of Kokuhaku it was so sweet from Mimi, knowing she was still a little mad at him, deciding to check on him and even bringing him his beloved Oolong Tea. She was worried about him because she knows he’s giving it his all for find out a way to meet their partners again, even though the others were not sure about that. They are really the carriers of the crests of Knowledge and Purity. 

So, I dont know about you, but I could see a little koumi development here and I really appreciated it. And with the question: “But what are Mimi’s feelings about him?” .

In romantic meaning, we don’t know it yet. But in friendly meaning well, with this scene, words are unnecessary.

Like, that post on bisexuality visibility day isn’t really meant in this way to act like bi/queer women don’t have issues, or that their issues aren’t serious. The studies seem to show the opposite of that. 

However! I think that it’s not just a matter of convenience that we basically end up seeing the same exact article over and over again. You know the one I’m talking about, the article that is abt how the Primary issue that bi people face is that of Erasure  and Invisibility in the Gay Community when they are just there with their boyfriend, and why do fags keep having to hit on him or why do people think that their relationship is straight (even tho one half of the relationship… thinks its straight).

I’ve seen this article no fewer than maybe 10 times by different authors in the past week on facebook (where a large share of my friends belong to this demo, seemingly), and I just think that there has to be a more important article to be written abt being Bi or Queer or whatever in this world; something that is… if I can be a little callous, actually worth talking about.

I think why this article is so appealing to so many people is that it has a very liberal approach to sexuality. What I mean here is that if you can locate the problem of homophobia (or biphobia in these articles) on like… ignorance or erasure or somewhat standoffish behavior, then you 1) get to say “hey things aren’t really *that* bad for gay people” and 2) position accepting queer/bi/even gay people as ‘changing hearts’ as opposed to very real systems of oppression and harm.

To a certain extent, I think this is partially why these articles are so focused on bi women (that and like the way that bi women are generally fetishized by society), because like any discussion of bi men’s experience actually has to grapple w the fact that Straight People are like causing the primary issues that bi people face, not queer people. 

I don’t disagree that these attitudes exist, and they can be really harmful. But the examples always given really make me mad because they are so abstracted from anything that is actually an issue. Like, we’re not talking abt poor bi women who are isolated by homophobia but also not integrated into women’s communities and suffer for it.  We’re not talking abt bi trans people, or abt the bi butch/gnc women navigating that life, and we’re not even talking abt how that lack of community isolates bi women who face homophobic violence from their male partners for being bi. We’re not talking abt the ways that that lack of True Belonging actually materially affects anyone and how we survive this Homophobic Hellscape engineered by heteronormativity. 

It’s always abt the middle class, relatively feminine presenting cis women who sometimes have rude things said to them, and that’s the extent that they experience ‘violence’ for their sexuality… from the Gays. Do you see how that seems to be a niche article market to appeal to assuaging Straight People’s consciences and doesn’t challenge us the way our writings on bi/queer issues maybe could? 

Living with Yoongi

So someone requested doing the other half of the Daegu line and I’m Daegu line tr a sh so I thought I’d do it today so without further ado, here is the second half of the Daegu line, my highkey spirit animal, a total sweetheart with amazing legs like d a m n, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • Yoongi is a bit different from Tae despite them both being the Daegu line, I see Yoongi as needing some time to fall in love
  • Yoongi seems like someone who prefers quality over quantity when it comes to people, he kinda just sticks to his group and is happy with that and he may need some time to fully warm up to someone enough to be able to say hey ily 
  • Moving in together would probably around the end of the first year or even after it like maybe around the 10 month mark and beyond
  • He needs time to be able to say okay I love you and I’m ready to move in with you and get used to having someone to wake up to and fall asleep with so a year would be good
  • Plus he’s s u c h a hard worker and is so so busy with school and work and he doesn’t really have time to think about looking for a new place to live and packing everything up and then unpacking it and it’s a big deal and a lot of work and he’s just gotta take a few seconds to be able to think about it
  • But similar to Tae, there would be a slow build up, he doesn’t just randomly stop by and give you a key and tell you it’s time to move in together
  • But you do get a key to his place around the 6-7 month area, just for when you feel like visiting or when you don’t feel like driving all the way home and would rather just spend the night at his place bc it’s a lot closer to your work
  • Slowly you two start spending the night at each others places, randomly and then he ends up giving you a drawer in his dresser and some closet space and you do the same for him and eventually you end up spending like two weeks at his place without even realizing it and then he’s just oh well maybe this wouldn’t be as hard as I thought
  • The first place you two get is a lil apartment
  • It can’t be too far from where he lives bc both of you work really close to where his old place was but it was just a studio apartment so you both wanted to get something where you could have more room but you definitely wanted to stay in the area
  • The new apartment isn’t huge it’s a lil more on the smaller size but it does have two rooms and a cute lil living room area and the fundamentals like that 
  • He tries to act all lowkey about it like yeah it’s cool we’re moving in and all but the reality is he’s so fucking happy about it and it’s not until he actually walks into the apartment on the day you two are bringing over the essentials that he gets all :D and kinda just hugs you really tightly and takes a moments to let it all sink in bc here we go here’s the next chapter let’s do this
  • He would most definitely get all of the boys to help him bc there’s so much to do, you guys have to combine two different apartments and turn it into one plus get new furniture, sell the old, choose what you wanna keep and want you to give away/sell he has some music equipment he needs to bring over, help is definitely needed
  • He helps a lot when it comes to picking furniture and decorations out bc even though he’s not picky, he does have a few things he doesn’t want and sometimes he sees something that he really wants to add in
  • You two decide to turn the second room into a hobby/work room where he can store all of his music stuff and you can have your lil area too so you both agree to keep the decorations in there minimal so it can all fit
  • I can just picture Yoongi’s apartment being like black and white themed maybe some grays in there too but I have a feeling that yoon would go for a lot of the black and white things
  • But he would definitely let you pick out a lot of shit too, he likes to say that he’s not at all wrapped around your finger but he’s actually got a huge soft spot for you, we’ve all seen the way he gets with Jimin just imagine how he’d be with his love like he’d just get s o smiley seeing you get excited over something and he’d just smile at you for a second with his lil gummy smile before asking if you wanna get it
  • Living with Yoongi is s o much fun but also so comfortable
  • Like there isn’t any awkwardness and it just feels like you two have been living together for ages and it just feels normal and right
  • He can actually be re ally fucking playful especially in the morning like he’s still a bit -_- bc he’s barely awake but he also makes sure to “accidentally” bump into your arm when you’re putting the toothpaste onto your brush so you get toothpaste all over your hand
  • There are a lot of nights where you two are in the second room and you’re both doing your own thing but you’ve also got your feet in his lap or his hand is absentmindedly rubbing your back or your arm and it’s just peaceful and relaxing and it helps keep both of you from getting too stressed out about anything
  • He does get a bit ?? when there aren’t any cuddles bc even if it’s just some hand holding, he likes to just know that you’re there with him and he feels off if he doesn’t have any physical contact with you also head canon that yoon is a lil spoon byE
  • He has been shown being able to cook a lil bit idk how far his cooking skills range but I have a feeling if he wanted to, he could probably cook whatever he wanted to but most of the time it’s something quick and easy
  • You two both agree on the rule of whoever cooks doesn’t have to clean but he does still help out with some things like I feel like he’d be good at making the bed and making it look nice and he’d be really quick about it and just wo w
  • He wouldn’t mind handling the grocery shopping, he’d prefer for you two to do it together but he’d be good at sticking to the necessities with a few random additions here and there
  • “Yoongi why are there like five bags of chips in our cart”
  • “Idk man”
  • “You’re literally still picking them out”
  • “You don’t rush such an important decision”

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Instead of asking lesbians to examine why we don't find penis appealing, maybe trans women should examine why they are so interested in forcing homosexual women to have unwanted sex.

it’s the ultimate challenge for a bi/het male to fuck a lesbian. the ultimate ego boost. men have been open about this for a long time. i mean they write articles and song lyrics about it. i don’t think transwomen’s motives are different. it’s about their validation. it might validate different ideas about themselves, but it’s about validation through achieving a difficult goal. 

We sit down for the last time and it’s frightening similar to the first time we met: we are strangers in a crowded place.

His hair is a bit longer that before and his demeanor is a bit different, but I can tell he’s the same person he was eight months ago when he walked away.

There is silence for a while. I tap my foot and watch the clock move slowly. I remember everything feeling like it was zoomed in - like looking in a magnifying glass - every moment felt so close. Maybe it was because this is the first time I had seen him since that night. Since I had seen his name pop up on my phone. Since the time we fell up his winding stairs in his loft. Since all those things we never told them about.

The few words he speaks are in a shaky voice that mirrored his hands. I could tell he was doing that thing where he tried to seem collected but he was breaking down from the inside. He did it the night his father didn’t come to graduation. And he was doing it again in front of me.

I try to stomach the salad in front of me and there is endless and pointless conversation before he tells me he’s sorry. That he messed up. That he has regretted every single moment since he left.

I tell him thank you. That I tried so hard to be the girl he missed and that girl he misses doesn’t exist anymore.

I don’t remember much after our last meeting like if we ever hugged goodbye or if I asked him to tell his sisters I said hello. All I remember is that while walking to my car I realized something.

Everything about him was the same. Except for the girl he used to love.

All I can give - Preview

Hi! I have this in my mind and i have to write it! this will be a multichapter fic. let me know if you like it and if you want more of it! I’m new at this sooo be clement with me. A very big Thank you to @bethisinwonderland who did the proofread. Enjoy!

Meredith POV

Finally it all went for the better. I’m here, in a church, looking Owen and Amelia declare eternal love for one another. Today I was a great sister. I stood next to her and she was able to find the courage to be happy. Even after all I said and did today, I can’t not think about the last time I saw Owen this happy. That time we were at my house and the woman that was in front of him could not be more different. Owen, maybe, doesn’t have to call her, but I do. She is so far away from all of this, but she will be always my person. I have to call her to tell her what is happening in Owen’s life. She has to know.

The wedding is done and during the party I find a moment to sneak out and call her. Now the phone is ringing and I almost lose the courage to talk to her, but then…

“Mer, why are you calling so late?”

Damn, I forgot our different time!

“Hi Cris, I have to tell you something now and I don’t have much time. Don’t take this in the wrong way…”

“Mer, just talk!”

“Owen married Amelia today”

She’s silent. Now I’m worried.


“Mer, I have to go, I have a surgery”

I don’t think she is ok now, but I can’t do anything. These are the moments in which I really want to be with her. She’ll need to dance it out with me or down a tequila shot with me, but I’m not there. Maybe for her it would have been better not knowing…

Cristina POV

Married. With little McDreamy. Another one that was charmed by their perfect hair and puppy dog eyes. I knew that this moment would come one day. He has to rebuild his life. The life I destroyed going away. Maybe she can give him all I could not, but I’m not ready to really lose him. He is really not mine anymore now. I chose the surgery, but I was never completely sure of my choice. He has never left my heart. Maybe I could be happy with him and our child. We could build together the perfect life he deserves so much. I was the right woman for him and he was the only one for me. I’m not ready for let the hope of having him go. All these years I dreamt about the day he would come here to make me remember all the thing I was missing. I dreamt about all the moments with him, all the glances, the goosebumps at every light touch… all our life. I have to do something. I can’t stay here when the love of my life is there. Because I love him, I love him still. Without thinking I’m buying a plane ticket for Seattle. I have to be sure that I tried everything for us before let him be with her.

Previous Pokémon Games: 

You know, it’s pretty inconsequential which game I’m going to get. Yes, I might like the exclusives in one game better than the other, but overall I think I’ll just pick which one has the more appealing title. 

Pokémon Sun and Moon: 

Oh god! I can’t decide which Lycanroc I like better! Nor can I decide if I like Passminian more or Oranguru more! Maybe I’ll be able to handle the time difference, or maybe not! Do I want to fight the buff mosquito or the one that is totally not Lusamine (or a clone of Lusamine)!? I heard a rumor that the starters evolve like Rockruff does, so that means that one game might have better starter evolutions than the other! Nintendo, just reveal the starter evolutions soon so I know which one to preorder!!! 

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Hello~ I wanted to ask if, only if you could do UshiIwaOi with pregnant Iwa AND Oiks at the same time? (... and maybe with ABO dynamics? You dont have to if you arent comfortable with it or anything ...)

Pregnant Iwa and Oiks? Oh man that’s the dream. And with Ushibaby? I’m dead. I love this. Also I’m like… not well versed with ABO so if you don’t mind I’m just gonna make it regular mpreg. Thanks for this!

Ushijima really didn’t know how to handle one pregnant person, let alone two. Two very different people with very different personalities.

Oikawa had always been loud and emotional and talked with his hands. But as his stomach swelled larger with their child these things were magnified. He cried more, at commercials about dogs, about the bugs that Ushijima killed right after he begged him to kill them, when Iwaizumi wouldn’t kiss him because he wasn’t feeling well. He was louder, always whining about things that he would eventually get because he was a princess. He was more animated when he spoke, mouth moving at a million miles per minute and hands waving around frantically.

Iwaizumi was more subdued in his emotions but of course, pregnancy had magnified his emotions as well. He didn’t cry as much as Oikawa did, but he grew frustrated and angry easier, something that Oikawa absolutely hated. A frustrated, angry Iwaizumi usually meant a karate chop to Oikawa’s head, not being able to hit him anywhere else because of the baby.

But both of them had one thing in common, the one that really got to Ushijima, and his wallet: the cravings.

Iwaizumi and Oikawa were only a month apart in how far along they were, which meant they were roughly experiencing the same thing at the same time. And that meant they got cravings. At the same time. Ushijima was suffering.

Watermelon. Mackerel. Pickles. An array of various cheeses. Kale flavored everything. It was often that Ushijima was woken up in the middle of the night to go buy these things. Sometimes he would tell Oikawa no just because he could but never Iwaizumi. Iwaizumi with his low grumbles and puppy-dog eyes made Ushijima melt and comply to his every whim. Nobody would have expected that. But then again, nobody would have expected Iwaizumi to be knocked up as well as Oikawa.

“Wakatoshi.” Oikawa said, draping himself over the back of the couch and over Ushijima’s shoulders. Iwaizumi was already asleep with his head in Ushijima’s lap, breathing even. Ushijima was absently drawing patterns into the skin of Iwaizumi’s stomach where the shirt had pushed up a bit. He loved both of their bellies, loved rubbing them and feeling the babies kick each hand. They were each having a boy, Oikawa whining of course saying he wanted to be different and have a girl. But Iwaizumi was happy, he would have been happy regardless.

“What is it Tooru?” Ushijima asked gently, feeling a kiss pressed to his cheek, soft and loving.

“It’s unfair how you get to cuddle with Iwa-chan and I’m stuck here with no room.” Oikawa pouted, lips puffing out comically. Ushijima pressed his thumb into Oikawa’s lips, feeling another kiss pressed to the skin.

“I’m sorry. Would you like me to move him?” Ushijima asked, already moving to shift Iwaizumi and himself so Oikawa could come sit.

“No!” Oikawa exclaimed, “He’s so cute.”

“But you just-”

“Don’t move him. I’ll just sit over there.” Oikawa sat in the armchair looking less than pleased that he didn’t get to cuddle. Ushijima really didn’t know what to do. Sometimes he didn’t know how to handle Oikawa’s childish mood swings but he was just glad that Iwaizumi didn’t react like him. Then he really wouldn’t know what to do.

I don’t feel like I belong in this current decade. it feels so wrong and artificial… iphones, instagram “baddies” this obsession w drake or the weeknd, like everything that’s trendy now all feels so wrong. I’m only interested in things from the past or things that feel like they’re from the past, things only feel right when they feel like they’re from the 80s/90s. there’s something that always unsettles me deep down when I watch modern shows and see the iphones or current pop culture references. the old shows/movies that represent the times where people weren’t cellphone dependent like dazed and confused, the breakfast club, or old school degrassi, those are the types of things I hold on so tightly to, even if maybe the 90s weren’t so different and as far away as this current world makes them seem. maybe the idea I have of the 90s in my head is wrong, but I’m never letting go of it because that’s the type of world I feel safe in

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Once Larry comes out and they fulfill their portion of the prime time interviews and magazine spreads, do you think their management will persuade them to maybe do periscopes or live streams with the fans? Like just to keep them engaged and feel like everything won't be different within the band etc?

Heavy question because we genuinely already know too much, if you know what I mean? I’m sure they’ve discussed how much of their lives they want to share and I’m hoping the fandom won’t expect them to share everything because I can already tell they’ll be disappointed. These two have been followed by cameras pretty much 24/7 for at least five years and when they weren’t papped then creepy Cal taped them. I wouldn’t be surprised if it made them cautious and contemplative on WHAT they’d really want to share when the time comes and I feel like they learned how much they want to share. I do believe in some way we know too much because they rebelled against their closet.

I don’t see why any livestream would be needed to reassure fans that *life goes on*. They just have to show up all 4 or do something non-work-related together all 4 and that’s all the message ever needed.

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I am homeschooled and take all my classes online, however I find myself preparing food for so long every day and it's breaking up my day and I feel like I can't get anything done. Just wanted to know if you had recommendations for meal prepping that will keep me interested while also eating healthy. Thank you parents!

MICROWAVE.  We have a Trader Joe’s vid with everything you can make in 5 minutes.

For everyone who doesn’t understand the difference between ionizing and nonionizing radiation, get a rice cooker and just make large batches to keep in the fridge and heat them up on the stove like its the stone age.  

I was practicing some 1 minute prep videos a few months ago :)  maybe I’ll give them a go again :)  You can do anything quickly if you manage your time wisely. 

lots and lots of J2 smut

A list of my fav J2 smut fics you’re welcome

Fate, Or Something Like That: Jared never bottoming, but he wants trying something new for his (30-35)st birthday: he hires young (18-19) hooker Jensen, who have no problem with fucking Jared’s virgin ass. Jared enjoying his first time so much and never wanted top again.

A Day In The Life : J2 loves spending time with their daughter (some smut with bottom!Jared)

                                         ↠ Alpha/Beta/Omega J2 ↞

Jared Changes: Jared and Jensen are long time friends who are kind of in love but have never done anything about it because they’re both alphas so it wouldn’t work. Jared starts researching and decides that he wants to change into an omega so that he can be with Jensen. So it’s Jared’s choice to change rather than a fight. Maybe dealing with Jared’s struggle to come to this decision and the aftermath, how his life is different now that he’s chosen to be omega.

Surviving Challenges: (sequel to Jared Changes) Jensen is so happy when he finds out that Jared is pregnant, Jared is happy too, but this is still a bit strange and new experience for former alpha.

Desperation : Jared goes into heat but Jensen isn’t there for him and Jared goes into shock and his body start to suffer because he needs his alpha.

Fill Me Full and Breed Me: Once they decide to have a baby, it becomes all Jared can think about. They’ve been mated for years but wanted to wait a while before starting a family. And Jared was on board with that. But now that the idea has been planted he becomes obsessed with it. Thankfully his heat is due in a little over a week. He can’t fucking wait. The day his heat actually starts, Jensen is at work.

Meant To Be : If Jensen wants to be honest, he knew Jared was his the moment he met him. Tall and built – Jensen actually loved the fact that Jared wasn’t some meek, delicate little wisp of an omega – but sweet and adorably shy, smelling like spun-sugar and warmth and home. Jared had smiled at him, bright and dimpled, and Jensen’s brain, heart and soul screamed Mate, mine. Jared seemed clueless. Not a big surprise, alphas usually feel the bond, the pull, first. Jared would catch up. Jensen hadn’t thought that it’d be right in the middle of a scene though.

Finally :  Jensen doesn’t like other alphas sniffing around his unmated best friend. One night Stephen or Zachary or Tahmoh or any other guy takes the flirting too far and Jensen finally, stakes his claim publicly. Turns out, Jared’s been waiting for him to come around for years.

Meant To Be: Jared and Jensen are fairly newly mated - less than a year - and Jensen is either pack Alpha or future pack Alpha. Jared is either from another pack or an orphan or from a not very old bloodline (or all three!) like the Ackles. But they are true mates and nothing can split them up. Danneel (or OFC) comes back to the pack - she was either part of the pack or daughter of another pack Alpha close by - and Jensen is thrilled to see her. They were friends and dated for a while - two or more years - but she left to go somewhere and Jensen wanted to start looking for his TRUE mate. Danneel/OFC tries to come between them, tries to convince Jensen that Jared isn’t worthy of being his mate. Jared is afraid that maybe she’s right. Jensen gets very angry - he loves Jared - and is very protective of Jared, defending him. Turns out Danneel thinks Jensen is her mate - even though he isn’t - and doesn’t care if he’s with Jared, he should be with her. Happy ending for the J’s.

Love Found Again: When Sam and Dean return to the site of a hunt their father abandoned when they were small children the past catches up with them in a way they couldn’t begin to understand (J2/Wincest)

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Can someone please explain the patronus test to me? Because it won't let me click on anything any time I try and then it tells me I'm too slow. Am I doing something wrong?? I'm very confused!

The test has a time limit, so that’s why it’s saying you’re too slow. Maybe try a different browser or computer if you can’t get it to work on the one you’re using. :)


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Have you ever met someone online and really just 'knew' that you wanted to be friends (or maybe date them, i dunno), but you found our they were in an extremely different time zone than you? How do you think you would handle that (plus if you're anxious about not being able to do good as a friend from half the world away or demean yourself into thinking you're just wasting that person's time)?

This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO omg how do I explain this.

YES. I have.

I’ll list a couple.

Obviously @isaac-lacey. I saw his icon and was like “DAAAAMN he’s fuckin’ CUTE let me hit this boy up” and if you read the ask the other day about how we met and shit, you’d know what happened after

@elliewants2write. I was liek godDAMNIT she’s fuckin’ pretty I need her in my life ((platonically, I’m a hopeless romantic but not obsessed))

@shaelinwrites I saw her videos and then also her blog and was like “pls friend me omg” and was fangirling for a while and now we actually talk on a regular basis, self five

@tyleroverall We met on Facebook and I saw his first post on this writing group and was like “NEED” and I’ve literally never had a friend that understands me so well ((playing into the anxiety portion: Am I being a shitty friend? No, Max. You are not. He GETS it. But still like maybe message him every once in a while))

And I’ll end this list off with a bummer, being my ex girlfriend. We met on Wattpad and I loved her books so much I asked her to write one with me. Thus started our I Knew You Were Gay series, thus started our friendship, thus started our relationship. From our first conversation I was like “I gotta be cool” and trying to impress her and shit and it was vise versa so when we were on speaking terms we liked to send each other screenshots from, like, two years ago like, “Yo, remember when you used to say holy dick?” and “eating whales with the president” and “ily2 bby” and the other would be like “STOOOOOP” and honestly it was super cute. We were goals ((other than crushing emotional and psychological damage)). ^_^

Anyway, as for the timezone part, absoFUCKINGlutely. Pretty much all of my friends are online and pretty much all of them are in different timezones. These days Isaac and I really only get, like, ten minutes of conversation in a day, and it’s kinda depressing because I miss the shit out of him.

Okay, I’ve rambled enough. As always, I really appreciate your ask and thank you <3

Who would you have over for dinner?

I read a New Yorker book review (can’t link it, because it doesn’t appear to be on their website) of Emma Donoghue’s new book “The Wonder” (which sounds fascinating, incidentally) and the review contained this line:

“Donoghue [is] a writer of great vitality and generosity–one gets the sense that she would gladly have her characters over for dinner … .”

And I was struck, as I always am, by how unusual some people seem to consider this. I really only write about people I’d like to have over for dinner. I’m going to spend so much time in their heads; if I don’t like them, I would find that excruciating. Maybe I would feel differently if someone was paying me to write about these people, but I think what my brush with publication ended up mostly teaching me was I do a terrible job of writing to other people’s specifications. My writing is too caught up with my mental health, which means I write all about people I’d either like to be friends with or like to marry, doing things that I find interesting and entertaining.

But I’m wondering how the rest of you creators out there feel! Do you usually want to have dinner with your characters? Or are you so sick of them you like being able to send them home at the end of the day? ;-) Is it different for fic vs. OCs? Any thoughts?

And, if you have could have dinner with any of your characters, which would it be? Are there any you’d hate to have dinner with? I feel like I would love to have dinner with almost all of my characters but especially the NBT edition of Arthur and Eames, who I think would be amazingly entertaining and also interesting to talk to. (I also think the PSL edition of Arthur and Eames grow up to be fantastic dinner party guests. They probably grow up to be something similar to the NBT edition. Those two versions would get along very well with each other.) I would hate to have dinner with the iterations of Sherlock’s parents in N&N or B&C. ::shudder::

What about you?

Conquest! 2.0 is out! Join us in our little adventure!

Conquest! is a  multiplayer, real time, online strategy game set in medieval times, with integrated chat function. You can choose one of 6 different classes you wish to take, be a Mage and mix those magical  components, summon the strange creatures to do you bidding, or go as a barbarian and loot the cities or realm, maybe take a path of nature and with the Ranger class and let all of those forest creatures assist you or take a noble path of a Fighter and set that crown of a king for your goal! We assure you what ever path you set for yourself it will be an adventure! Pick your allies, deploy your spies, and wage war with or against your friends.

It’s a free, fun and you can play with friends or with bunch of random people in real time.  Join today!

Download the game: ( Free downloads and we promise no in-app purchase)
App Store  /  Android

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Relationship status: Single.

Dogs or cats?: Find both cats and dogs really amuzing. They are just different! Dogs are more responsive and emotional, cats are more independant and I’ll-let-you-know-when-I’m-in-the-mood-to-interract-with-you-human) Maybe I’m a bit more a dog person but I feel very interested in dealing with every kind of pets)

Coke or Pepsi?: I don’t really like fizzy water to tell the truth. It seems to me that something scratches my throat when I try this kind of stuff (brrr). Not very pleasant 😣

Day or night?: Every time of day has its own beauty, magic and secrets. But at night the mood is so special – everything seems so mysterious, my inspiration tends to wake up in the starlight, the river of thoughts flow in a very particular way. Night seems to be the time when the vail of the skies is lifted and we can see the other world silently looking at us in response…

Text or call?: Text, I suppose. A kind of modern tiny letters)

Chapstick or lipstick?: I always use some good lip balm because I like my lips to be protected, smooth and soft. And to have a sweet taste)

Favourite colour: In love with many colours and constantly open new and new surprising facets of new and new shades. Some of my favourites are blue (various tinges of it), violet, maroon, leaf green, ginger, tea brown…
Recalled a story connected with colours! Once I tried to find a name of the colour I liked (got roses in that tint) and the register showed it like “побег папайи” (Russian lg) – a spraut of papaya. The funny thing is that the word “побег” [pobeg] means not only a spraut but also an escape, runaway. And (hello unconventional mind!) the first and only thing I imagined at a second was a papaya fruit running somewhere on its own little legs :D Honstly, I was surprised by such an unusual name of such a tenderly pretty colour and didn’t pictured this word combination in any other than that strange though a truly eloquent way, until I told about my discovery to my mom and then some other people to find out the first thing that appers in their mind was absolutely different and much more logical) Just a strange story about strange me and my strange way of thinking)

Pets: Had a corrella parrot Chunya. She was really smart and pretty, we loved her a lot. Tried our best but couldn’t help her with her sudden illness…
Now I have a turtle named Terry (from Terra – the Earth, cause she is a terrestrial one) and three little snails)

Wake up time?: When I need to go somewhere – from 6 (what a pain!) am to 9 am. Depends on the time my studies/work start/s. When I don’t have to – from 11 am to 1 pm (owly owl).

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anonymous asked:

Sadly I don't have time to read the light novel But do you know if the manga will continue?

Hopefully! So far, there’s been a different manga (and mangaka) for each arc. We’ll see what happens when it reaches Arc 4. Maybe there’ll be a new manga, or maybe the third manga will carry on to the next arc. I don’t see why there shouldn’t be one, though, especially with how popular the series is now.