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Do you know those big pics made of 9 different pics that sometimes people post on ig? Like brands do it a lot. Maybe Harry is about to do it and will slowly reveal the whole pic. And in the end its a pic of him with Louis

We’ll sit here forever speculating while he posts 3 pics at a time only to find out months later that he’s just building out a giant pic of The Beatles White Album cover. 

i’ve decided to meme my feelings away and make jokes at my expense until i am Over It™ 

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HERES SOMETHING that doesn't require teeth: its one of those days thats raining alot, and andrew and neil are just sitting at home, sitting next to each other, maybe their cats in their laps, and hot chocolate on their table

i finally procrastinated writing my book enough to write this so thank u nana

  • when neil and andrew are still on different pro teams, they dont get to spend a whole lot of time together
  • theyre always travelling for their respective teams and its only every few weeks that even one of them can come home
  • its even longer between the times where theyre both home at the same time
  • now though its one of those days where neither neil nor andrew have to be anywhere and they get at least a couple of days together now
  • its lucky that they werent planning on going anywhere because the rain definitely would have stopped them, not that either of them mind it
  • its actually pretty soothing when theyre inside
  • its cold though and neil wont stop shivering (”i’m fine andrew”) so andrew throws his minyard hoodie at neils head (”fuck off neil and put on the stupid hoodie”)
  • the tv and internet are down because its pretty much storming outside so they have to find some way to entertain themselves
  • andrew makes them both hot chocolate to keep warm. he didnt want to leave neil to make them because he didnt want burnt hot chocolate
  • now of course they dont cuddle on the couch because thats not them
  • but do they sit with their legs tangled comfortably together (”for warmth andrew”) and a blanket covering the both of them
  • king fluffikins and sir fat cat mccatterson arent going to go without attention so they end up on neil and andrews laps respectively
  • now they have to think about something to do and it doesnt take long for neil to think of something other than sitting there in silence like andrew is obviously pretty comfortable with doing
  • “andrew will you read to me?”
  • “neil wtf”
  • “its either that or you can listen to me talk about exy until the power comes back on”
  • “pass me the fucking book”
  • its then that neil finds out that andrew had a pretty great voice for reading
  • andrew doesnt do the voices for different characters that neil’s mother used to do when he was really young but thats a good thing
  • andrews voice is just calm and soothing and soon neil finds his eyes getting heavy
  • his head drops onto andrews shoulder but he manages to stay awake to listen to andrew reading
  • hes so sleepy that he doesnt stop to think about the fact that they are actually pretty much accidentally cuddling right now (andrew denies it later) 
  • neil ends up falling asleep on andrews shoulder and its only when andrew glances down at him that andrew notices
  • andrew puts down the book and just lets his fingers drift over sir’s fur until the rain finally starts dying down
  • there were other ways they could have spend the day, but this feels pretty perfect right now

You know, there was something I noticed about Steps into Shadow when I first got the spoilers. Ezra kills people, abuses his powers in frankly horrific ways, lets his pride overrule his judgment, isolates himself from others, and has been emotionally and mentally manipulated by the Sith holocron. He’s not fallen yet, but he’s been corrupted, and the parallels to Anakin are obvious. And yet there’s a very, very important difference between him and Anakin.

Because the thing is, Anakin did this all the time in TCW. He tortured prisoners. He stabbed an unarmed guy in the back when he could have just grabbed the detonator with the Force. He killed and assaulted a lot of people that he could have spared and even joked about their deaths. Sure, it was spread out rather than being put together in one episode like Ezra, but it was still there. And what did he get? Maybe a question here, Obi-Wan being exasperated for five seconds, Ahsoka maybe calming him down, and then…nothing. No consequences, no one stopping him, and thus he kept going into a downward spiral until RoTS pushed him over the edge.

But as soon as Kanan and Hera realize that something’s wrong with Ezra, they call him on it. The holocron gets removed, his promotion is suspended and he’s reprimanded, the rest of the crew call him out during the mission (and Zeb even admits they shouldn’t have followed him).  And for his part, Ezra is genuinely remorseful and takes the punishment with grace, then works to rebuild his relationship with Kanan.

In addition to Empire Day/Gathering Forces and Legacy, this seems like another chapter in “things that should have happened to Anakin”. Just like Anakin received alienation and standardized platitudes while Ezra received validation and support, no one paid attention to Anakin’s darker actions while Ezra’s family noticed and staged an intervention.
A Second Chance at First Love
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: taradiane | Word Count: 27,908 | Rating: M

Summary: "… I just wanted you to know that you weren’t the only one who’d had a shitty existence for a time. Maybe I hated that you thought I was someone I wasn’t. Maybe … maybe I hated that I thought you were someone you weren’t, but never realised it until Voldemort gave me those glimpses of your life. Our experiences, they weren’t so different after all.”

Review: So warm and sweet and fluffy, with just the perfect amount of angst to make it a little interesting :D

Harry and Draco, sometime after war became friends - thought they hadn’t defined themselves as such yet, despite how very close they were, in a way that couldn’t have been possible with any two other people, because of who they are and their shared histories and experiences. However, things falls apart between them because Harry is too tired after the war, and doesn’t have it in him to fight against everyones distrust of Draco, and so dismisses and hurts him.

Skip a couple of years, and a guarded Draco is back from Australia as a healer in St. Mungos, and Teddy is very sick and Harry has a lot to make up for.

Content/Warnings: Illness, Pining, Forgiveness, UST

Mood Music: Latch - Kodaline


Summary:  Picking up immediately after Uninhibited, Hannibal calls Will and the two have an all-night telephone call. Stories about first loves, food and more and the two grow closer together. Part of the Giving Themselves Completely series.  For sweet @llewcie who gave me an unintentional prompt for this. <3  And thanks to @devereauxsdisease for all her comments and support.

It was 7:35, and Will sat across Hannibal during one of their regular appointments. Only there was nothing regular about this particular appointment. Over the past few weeks, both Will and Hannibal felt a shift occur in their relationship; this shift making itself painfully present.

Will felt it happen ever since the Tobias Budge incident; he and Hannibal had become closer in a different sort of way – or maybe he was just imaging things? Hannibal knew this change was not imagined as he had orchestrated its conception. It was only a matter of time before Will saw it, for the first move had to come from Will. And so, Hannibal waited with patience, and worked his way slowly but surely, into Will’s heart.

Just last week, Will had called Hannibal, at night to chat. Sure, Will was high as a kite but how lovely to be the first person he thought of. Maybe even the only? The conversation had been charged, as both men opened up…

“What’s the craziest thing you did while high? My friend.”

“Well, I went skinny dipping.”

“I bet you looked nice.”

“Everyone is lovely in their youth.”

“I bet you were beautiful…still are.”

“Does pot always make you uninhibited, Will? Is this the high speaking, or you?”


Of course, the moment Hannibal pushed, even slightly, Will retreated. And so, Hannibal continued to play the waiting game.

And now they sat, studying one another, smiling, until Will broke the silence.

“I’d like to apologize for my behavior the other night.”

“There is no need. I am glad that you feel you can call me whenever you need to talk – no matter the situation. As I’ve told you before, I am your paddle. I am here for you.”

Will smiled, “Well, I’m sure you weren’t picturing a stoned me, when you said that.”

Hannibal tilted his head; “You didn’t cross any lines – if that is what you are worried about.”

“What? I…no, I mean,” Will stammered. “I wasn’t trying to cross any lines.”

“Then you have nothing to worry about, good Will. No harm, no foul.”

Will furrowed his brow. Was this disappointment he was feeling? Was Hannibal kindly rejecting him?

“So tell me, Will, how has work been going?”

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shallura + age angst tho!!! if they have kids, what if the kids take after their momma and age slowly too and they have to watch their once super strong dad become frail and elderly and allura is upset but is able to remain calm but the kids (who i guess would be adults by the time shiro is old? idk how altean aging works) have trouble processing it. and maybe shiro's ptsd gets really bad and his flashbacks and panic attacks last longer and sometimes he doesn't recognize them in the throes of it

more shallura + age angst because im terrible! what if one of the kiddos looks altean but ages like shiro and at first no one can really notice the difference but then one of the kids starts getting those tiny signs of aging like gray hairs and wrinkles and it’s really hard for the others to know that they will outlive their sibling and shiro is really distraught by it. allura would be too, like she has to watch both her husband and her child die of old age. actually this is too sad… rip nvm


(where’s the 10k fanfic outlining the painfulness of every detail i need this angst in my life)

So the game was over…or rather this inning was over. The game would always continue, maybe different players at different time and place.

She hung back till Sherlock was done arguing or teasing John, till he remained unapproached by anyone else.

“Molly.” The same slightly arrogant tone, the haughty stance, the superior air.

She was going to miss it all. The game would always be on but she was hanging up her boots.

She smiled and placed her hand on his heart, managing to find the courage to look into his eyes.

They were wary, which made her smile yet more.

“You have a good heart Sherlock. Dont ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Dont ever let your mind convince you otherwise. You are indeed a good man.”

She had caught him unawares, she knew. He remained silent as she turned and walked away, a new arena awaiting her.

I feel a little silly grieving this much for my dog. I just feel like it’s so unfair that we’re losing him and he’s only 7 years old. And maybe if we would’ve done something differently he would’ve had more time. I just want some more time with him. 

He’s so special. I’ve had a couple dogs in my life, and met many more, but no dog is quite like Gabe. The breeder told my family he’s what they call a “velcro dog,” where they just want to be near you all the time. Gabe will be standing next to you and still want to be closer, so he leans his whole body against your legs. He’ll curl up right on top of your feet if you’re sitting down. He lays his enormous head in your lap. When he was younger he would regularly try to curl up in your lap as if he wasn’t aware he weighed 70 pounds. He is so endearingly dumb. Every time I had him at school he made so many friends. He would run up to so many strangers and charm them. He has the softest fur I’ve ever felt. His eyes look two completely different directions. He is the truest example of unconditional love in this whole world. I will always love a little better because of him.

I feel like I’m losing a friend. And there’s no easy way to say goodbye to a friend. It’s really hard. And I feel silly. But Gabe is special. So this is just the process of letting go. I love my sweet pup. I always will.

As of Monday there are TWO WEEKS to go! All the internet high fives to those of you who are ahead of the game. And to my fellow procrastinators: I believe in you! Please continue to tag your previews with klarolineauweek! A reminder of the themes:

Monday, October 10 - AU: Fusions and Crossovers: This is the day to have Klaroline interacting with characters from other books/movies/shows (the crossovers!) or simply taking elements from other works and adding Klaus and Caroline (the fusions!)

Tuesday, October 11 - AU: Right Place, Right Time: Kind of a mash up of themes. Anything taking place in a different time period (past or future - we had requests for Regency and Medieval) or place (Klaroline travel fics! Maybe even space?) goes here.

Wednesday, October 12 - AU: Because Magic!: For all manner of magical shenanigans. Curses, hexed objects, awkward spells, fixing the baby nonsense, it all falls under this theme

Thursday, October 13 - AU: All Human: The perennial fave! For any works where Klaus and Caroline are human. Celeb!AUs, Office!AUs, College!AUs… There’s always plenty to choose from!

Friday, October 14 - AU: Canon-ish: Using TVD or TO canon as a jumping off point. PreCanon was requested (Human!Caroline, anyone?) but down the line fix its, or jumping off from any episode you like works too!

Saturday, October 15 - AU: Myths and Legends: For creatures and beings from folklore and myths! For works casting Klaus and/or Caroline as something else. There’s been plenty of cool ones every time this theme happens and I can’t wait to see what comes up this time (but also mermaids…)

Sunday, October 16 - AU: Tropes: A trope is essentially just a common plot device found fanworks and I thought a broad theme to end the week is always nice. I had suggestions for things like Crime!AU, Superhero!AU and Royalty!AU (Mates is also hugely popular and encouraged!) and all those things fit the trope theme. Peruse this list at fanlore for inspiration if you’d like! There are tons of options.

Can’t wait to see what everyone has been working on!

Some time ago, I told you all that I’d be selling my ASL Acrylic Charms. I’ve done the prep and am almost ready to make it available to you guys!

1. Would you prefer me to use Storenvy or Tictail? Maybe something else? Or does it not matter whichever? (๑•﹏•)

2. I’m thinking of adding a postcard for each purchase of a keychain (Since I’ve made you wait so long). If you buy all 3, you get 3 different postcards! Would you like that? 

If yes, do you prefer to see a preview or let it be a surprise for when you receive it?

The Approach of Chapter 23

Note: This will be wordy, so bear with me…
Well, the time has come when we start fan-girling, squealing about the new releases of Saezuru. We’ve been waiting for a long time since chapter 22 came out. We’ve been wishing for the day Doumeki and Yashiro will finally have sex. However…there’s been some doubts I’ve been reading from different sites. Some say well maybe they’ll have a short conversation and get on with it. Others say they won’t have sex because of Doumeki’s impotency is gone and so forth…

There’s so many predictions to believe in, but we all wish the best for them. Plus the situation with Ryuuzaki and his girlfriend/wife, whom happened to be raped by Hirata’s guys. There’s so much “stress” that’s been going on, so it’s to be expected if there’s even more predictions coming in.
Now, as for me I’ve been thinking that maybe Doumeki will accept his boss’s request. I mean since the earlier chapters he did narrate he wants to defile Yashiro. To make him his and no one else’s. It happens whenever two people been together for a long time and they start developing feelings for each other. But it’s hard to cut the thread when there’s consequences later on. Now near the end of 22 Yashiro did have a “sad” expression after giving Doumeki head. Either he was surprised in a way, a bit fearful, or probably guilty for Doumeki to hold back for so long. Since he did say he’s glad he’s impotent. And because of that he apologises.

There was a bit of a cold atmosphere in this chapter. Eapecially to Doumeki. He’s the guy we all know and love, but we don’t want him to get fired because of his feelings for Yashiro. He was told he had to fire his previous worker because he loved him. To me Yashiro is afraid of being loved. That’s why he would rather forget by firing the people that are and should be important to him. Now the actual question to all of this…will they have sex? We don’t KNOW if they’ll do, only Yoneda-san knows. But I believe they will. This might give Yashiro a different perspective on how important Doumeki is and what he’s trying to present. The way he caresses his hair, those long stares he gives when he’s looking down on boss. The tears he sheds…those important things were never shown by the men he encounters with. They only pleasure him with just sex and nothing else. Well, what do you expect from the Yakuza…
So this is my true thoughts on Saezuru and hopefully things will turn out for the best. (Gosh I want to see yummy scenes) *cough* ///
But just one thing though…there’s his feelings for Kageyama, so…let’s just wait and see what happens.

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I am homeschooled and take all my classes online, however I find myself preparing food for so long every day and it's breaking up my day and I feel like I can't get anything done. Just wanted to know if you had recommendations for meal prepping that will keep me interested while also eating healthy. Thank you parents!

MICROWAVE.  We have a Trader Joe’s vid with everything you can make in 5 minutes.

For everyone who doesn’t understand the difference between ionizing and nonionizing radiation, get a rice cooker and just make large batches to keep in the fridge and heat them up on the stove like its the stone age.  

I was practicing some 1 minute prep videos a few months ago :)  maybe I’ll give them a go again :)  You can do anything quickly if you manage your time wisely. 

It Only Took Him a Song - Slash

Pairing: Saul ‘Slash’ Hudson x Reader

Words: 1227

Request:  Can I request a slash imagine? + Um I mean I have a bunch of ideas like maybe you’re a musician too so you colab on your record and then things turn romantic or like modern times and there’s an age difference? Idk really whatever creative freedoms you want to use. Smut or fluff is fine

A/N: I’m sorry it took so long, I hope you like it anyways :)

The studio was quiet, there was crumbled paper on the floor, and a small coffee table in front of a red, leather couch, a was a recording booth with red walls, a microphone, and a window that let anybody who was in the room, see the inside of the booth. This was the place where I had been spending almost the whole week. Only leaving to take a shower, and an occasional meal. Writing and recording a record was rather hard, and the pressure of the label wasn’t helping either.

It was nearly 11pm when the phone rang, usually I wouldn’t have answered, but no one else was here. Standing up I walk towards the phone that hangs on the wall, besides the door.

“Hello” I say as I pick the phone.

“Hey (name)?” A male voice answered.

“Um who is this?” I say, my eyebrows furrowing.

“What you mean who’s this? We saw each other less than a month ago, it’s Slash” he said with a chuckle.

“Oh, hey what’s up? How did you know where to call?” I ask him, resting my shoulder against the wall.

“I called your house, no one answered, so I called your studio, thought you might be there”

“Oh well, do you need something? I’m sort of busy at the moment” I drifting my eyes towards the crumbled and empty papers.

“Actually yeah, I don’t know if you remember, last time we talked you said that you were gonna release a record and I thought maybe you wanted to collab, you know we write a song or something, you on vocals, me on guitar, what you say?”

Another time I would have said no, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate or work if he were to be with me, but with writers block at the moment, having him here, helping me and having a good time doesn’t sound bad, and without realizing, I’m already saying yes, promising he would be here by ten on the morning, I hang up and make my way to the sofa, sitting and thinking about ideas of what to write about.

A tap on the shoulder wakes me up, followed by a laugh. I open my eyes, and I find the figure of the one and only, Slash, his black, curly hair had a black a hat placed on it, his signature glasses on, and a smile on his oh-so-kissable lips, a cigarette between the, a white shirt covering his chest and a pair of black leather pants.

I sit up straight and rub my eyes, trying to fully wake up, I don’t even remember when I fell asleep.

“Funny that when I finally show up on time, the person I’m supposed to work on isn’t even awake yet” he says, a teasing smile on his lips, taking a drag of his cigarette.

“technically, I was here first” I say, stretching and standing up, hugging his muscular figure.

Hours past, drinks had been taken, lyrics had been written, jokes were said, riffs were played, stories had been told and the song was finished. It was almost 4pm when, satisfied with how the song had turned out to be, we recorded it, it took around an hour to finally have the perfect version, the label and my manager where definitely happy with the results.

Walking towards a small bar-restaurant, that was close to the studio, hungry and tired, we started talking about the first time we met, sharing childhood stories, good memories we had.

“You know, I’ve always wanted to know” he started, the mood between us changing completely, “the night that we met, we hooked up, but… why did you left?” he finished, turning his head to make eye contact with me.

Meeting his eyes, I noticed sadness on them, like if he were hurt by my decision.

“You had a girlfriend, I felt bad, guilty even” I replied, drifting my eyes to the ground.

“Bullshit” he spats, “look I don’t I just need to know the truth, whatever it is, I’m sure I can take it”

I close my eyes and sight, “look, I was going to leave, you were also going to leave, I had an upcoming tour and so did you, whatever would have happened that morning, I decided to avoid it instead of having my feeling get hurt”

“So you felt it too” he quietly says.


“We could have made it work” he said, opening the doors of the place, letting me in first.

“How?” I ask, walking in and finding an empty table, I sit down and a few seconds later Saul sits down on the sit opposite to mine.

“I don’t know, we could have seen each other on breaks, we would call each other, visit even” he states.

I remain quiet as the waiter arrives, after he takes our orders he leaves, leaving us in an awkward silence.

“I- I’m just bad at relationships, I didn’t want to fuck up the friendship we had built that day, I don’t want to fuck up the friendship we have just because of some feeling”

“So you just want to ignore the feeling that we have, just keep on being friends?” he says with a sad tone, “because I don’t”

“What if we do something wrong? What if-

“what if everything goes right? Have you thought about that?” he interrupts.

“I’m bad at relationships”

“You can’t fuck your life away” he states; I know he is right, “what are you so scared of?” he asks.

“I just… you are a very important part of my life, and I don’t want to lose you for something I might say, or do.”

“Let’s take the chance, take the chance, who knows, I might be the love of your life” he suggests, a flirtatious smile on his lips.

“Are you willing risk this?” I say, motioning my hand towards him and I.

“Are you?”

I stay silent for a while, I close my eyes and listen to the mental battle going on in my head, I slowly nod and look at him, his eyes light up and a smile from ear to ear is placed on his face.

“You’re not joking right?” he asks, his hands moving to sides of his face.

Shaking my head, he stands up and walks towards my seat, not taking much longer, he grabs the sides of my face and presses his lips to mine, it didn’t take long before I kissed back, enjoying every second of it.

“I-umm should I just… leave this here?” a voice interrupts.

Turning towards the waiter, I nod, Slash taking the sit next to me. The guy leaves the plates in front on us, placing the pair of beers next to the plates. A small thank you leaves my mouth, and a heavy arm is placed around my shoulder, a blush appearing in my cheeks.

“you look cute when you blush” he whispers in my ear, removing his arm from my shoulder and taking a bite from his food.

I look at him, tilting my head a little; a smile creeps into my lips, before I grab a fork and copy his actions.

“I can’t believe that the only thing I had to do was write a song with her” I hear him mumble, earning a quiet laugh from me.

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I'm wanting to write a story about a girl going back home to her town after being away for five years and a big secret that almost the entire town covered up starts to come to surface again (possibly the reason she left.) Any ideas on the secret and why she'd come back? Definitely looking for a darker/mysterious edge. Thanks for any help!

People move away and back without strange circumstances all the time! Sometimes it’s easier to live closer to parents or the town you know. Maybe that promotion stayed for a while but you decided it wasn’t worth it and came back. Maybe there was a neighbor you had that only ever fought and you heard they moved or the devilish HOA only just got scrubbed. As simple as a lease was up and they had a different place in mind. People move.

Towns, like offices, gossip. A ‘town secret’ is only ever going to not be a secret. That’s why there are stories about their secrets, to bring them to light. Especially the younger generations in the town. In my experience, anything our parents want to keep ‘this big secret’ becomes a town-wide meme by high school. 

Social ostracizing will only propel the story so far, but can be a factor in why she left. And how big of a town is this? It would have to be extremely small for this to make an impact on her. In a town of ~1500 I don’t recognize or care for most of them unless they were my teacher, personally knew my parents. or were in my school year. (Or again, as simple as the major roads were broken at the time and now fixed or there were ‘party neighbors’ who celebrated everything down to national cashew day.)


Merman Lance and half Merman Keith. They’re designed after Bettas, but are from different merfamilies –

Keith doesn’t have cat ears by the way, they’re fins with a silver streak in them.

Where Lance has scales on his skin, Keith is freckled instead. Lance has claws and fangs… Not sure if Keith should or not – maybe not.

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stupid questions maybe but I´m confused have Tom move three times in London? He move in a apartment in London 2014 did he stay in that place to he and Lance move tp this mew place this year 2016?

They rented a flat in Stratford in 2014 then moved to a bigger flat in 2015 which they bought in a different location. This year they bought a townhouse.

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You’re busy bumbling down the stairs towards the kitchen, humming to yourself. You’re still a bit tired from having recently taken a nap, but you figure that while you’re awake you might as well make yourself a cup of tea or two. Maybe make yourself and sandwich.

You start to whistle quietly as you enter the kitchen, getting down your favorite teacup before starting to look through the different types of tea, taking your time on deciding which one.

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I think maybe people who have followed you for a while aren't use to the more critical posts. They want a blog with mostly fanarts or other things one piece related and not so much a discussion. This is just my guess. I think you should keep on with the discussions though, it's your blog and I personally think it's interesting to see the fandoms different thoughts on topics. Have a good day!

This blog spent like a year running on queue. I simply entered a couple times a day and queued some posts, because I didn’t have the time or the interest to do more. So yeah I guess some people who follow me might be surprised that I can actually talk.

But the thing is I’ve got time now, and if I ever feel like posting rants about the things I don’t like, or things I like, or whatever, I will. If the people who unfollow me simply don’t want to come across all the discussions, hey, I get it, I scroll many of those posts on a daily basis. If that’s why you’re unfollowing me I’m cool with it, but you can also send me an ask saying “hey, could you your op discussions?” and I will.

In fact, that’s what I’m going to do from now on, I’ll use the “One Piece discussion” tag whenever I post something that’s not fanarts or gifs or whatever. 

So yeah, go ahead and blacklist #one piece discussion if you don’t feel like reading about all that stuff