You guys! <3

I have had this blog for a wee bit over 3,5 years now, and I must say: In all this time I have received anon hate maybe …twice? Three times? If even?

What amazing followers I have! What beautiful humans you all are! I am so proud that you all find me worthy of following, and I am so thankful that none of you are the heinous kind that sends anon hate to people. 

I mean, sure, it’s a bit weird to thank people for being DECENT HUMAN BEINGS, but why not? This is me trying to shower you all with love because you ARE WORTH IT <3 

Thank you so much for being who you are. ALL of you! I have the utmost love, pride and appreciation of every single one of you <3 <3 <3

If you read this: Please carry with you all day long that you are awesome, wonderful, beautiful, kind and worthy of all the love in the world :) <3

I let my art dream be crushed, and though I rose from the ashes like a phoenix, art is always going to have negative connotations for me, and when people look at me the same way they looked at me when I expressed my love for art as I now do writing, as I’m not hiding my passion for writing anymore, it makes me wonder what the world has against creativity, and passion.

- Maybe in a weird way that’s why I find it harder to write, there’s that nagging fear that my passion will turn to hatred. But in a weirder way, my fear turns to determination, turns to me being a better writer.

You have to keep up with your passions, and give that passion and inspiration to those who need it and those who fight you. 

anonymous asked:

I'm your age and honestly I feel so weird watching skam and liking evak and all after finding out the actors are so so young. .17. Babies... doesn't it bother you?? It even made me sad afterwatds ..I have no idea why.

oh my god i feel you so badly… i feel so strange feeling this for people that are actually 17/21. It makes me feel so weird but i can’t help it, i love them and they are the sons of my life, so pure, so young, so beautiful.
And yes, it makes me feel quite sad too… like nostalgic about that age maybe… idk, i feel quite old thinking about this.

People may think that I’m hard to be with. Maybe because I don’t socialize that much and when I do, it’s always with a few people. I’m not snob. I’m not anti-people. I’m not just comfortable being in a large group. I don’t know how to converse or how to even get along. I always think that I’m boring and people may think I’m weird and corny. I don’t know. I really find it hard. That’s why you might see me alone all the time. I usually preferred being away from everybody because in that case, I don’t have to try hard and won’t be pressured to talk with the people surrounding me. Being alone frees me from these anxieties. I just hope that people will get to understand that everyone is not good at conversing with other people. There will always be fear of judgement and rejection.