hey y’all: what games would you guys like to see me play on my channel??

Okay, so me and my sister were talking and we got on the subject of pokemon. Unlike me, she’s not really into the games anymore. But, she remembers she played and enjoyed Diamond and Pearl. So, we thought it would be fun if I showed her some of the old characters from the games and she tried to guess who they are. (My sister’s words are in bold.)


Oh, I know that guy. That’s Cyrus.


Oh, that’s a guy?? Is he Jupiter? Galactic Grunt maybe?


Oh, so THAT’S Jupiter. Right?


So that’s not Saturn ok


Who the heck is that? Is he like Professor Oak’s less attractive brother? Oh maybe he’s like one of the grunts’ grandad. Yeah. He doesn’t even work there he just tagged along.


Is that Archie?? Doesn’t he have red hair and glasses too? Did he rob a fire truck or somethin


Peter Pan’s twin sister


Wii fit trainer

Crasher Wake:

Professor Oak in a mask. He gets really excited about Magikarp.


Jupiter again?


Archie’s dad


She looks like Pippi Longstockings




Oh!! I remember her. Cynthia right?

Lucina: Master of Comedy

Don’t worry, Robin, it will all work out. Well, maybe.

I hope nobody is offended by the use of “screwed”. I understand that some people view it as a legitimate curse word, while others do not. I had originally planned on using “doomed”, but I didn’t feel that it had the same effect. Besides, Lucina does seem like the type to have a coarser vocabulary, don’t you think?

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friendship between Cody and Jeff pleeeease. maybe Cody using his Student Council powers to help Jeff out? Or Jeff using a Gundam to help Cody out. Just Cody and Jeff being buds.

(Heck yeah!! Their friendship gives me life. I reference this fic I wrote awhile ago briefly, so feel free to read it too:

“Dang, Cody! How did you pull this off?!” Jeff asked, grinning as he stepped into the school cafeteria. The cafeteria had been transformed over the weekend into a video game arena, complete with Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, and Wii Sports.
“I called in some favors with the Student Council,” Cody said, shrugging, but smiling all the same. “I told them that school was stressful, so in order for the school to combat the stress it creates, then they should have a relaxation weekend here! With things like food, dancing, and of course, video games!”
Jeff beamed. A video game day at the school had been his idea, and the fact that Cody had taken it seriously explained why they were best friends.
“What do you want to play first?” asked Cody.
“Not Five Nights at Freddy’s.”
“I’m glad we agree that we’re never doing that again. What about Wii Sports?”
“Heck yeah!”
It was always fun to play Wii sports with Cody because while Cody was an amazing player in real life, it was hard for him to control the Wii, therefore Jeff, who was good with the Wii, was evenly matched with him. It was a shame that there was no Wii hitball (er, dodgeball), but neither of them wanted to talk about what had happened during that one game. For now, they were content with just being two friends playing video games (until they got to Mario Party, in which case all bets were off).


Reggie Fils-Aime wants to see more RPG’s on the Wii U. I say hell fucking yeah to this idea. So damn many franchises I could bring up that started on there or are exclusive to Nintendo. Then all the companies that they could work with to maybe make this happen like Atlus or XSeed for example. In any case, this is awesome news.



So the trailer for the “Nintendo Switch”, oreviously known as the NX, has been released and has revealed to us Nintendo’s new console thingy. And since I have my opinion is incredibly important (maybe) I figure why not give my first impressions.

First of all, whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit this is pretty Nintendo. For those who havent seen the trailer the way it works is like this. Imagine the Wii U Gamepad, only the sides can slide out and you can Switch™ to a sort of wireless two-stick control scheme, which is similar to the wii but it looks like without motion controls. Also if you put the gamepad thing into its docking station, then you play the game on your TV. I make it sound complex, but it seems like it’s pretty intuitive.

With a layout like this, it seems like all the previous console gimmicks from the motion controls to the dual screens of the Wii U have been scrapped, which I think is for the better. Granted thats not confirmed, but its my own speculation based on what I saw in the trailer. The only downside to a loss of motion controls/dual screen is a likely loss in backwards-comptibility, but then again Splatoon was seen being played, so that means either A) Motion controls are still a thing B) They are rereleasing some of the Wii U library for Switch or C) said Wii U games are getting a patch to adjust to the Switch. Or I could just be completely wrong lol

Another thing thats super cool is that they seem to be going back to cartridges, these being similar to that of the 3DS games, which is pretty neat imo.

A lot of people will probably gripe on how the hardware isn’t going to make the graphics look good enough, and honestly there isn’t a definitive way to tell in this commercial, but judging by the product and the concept of progress, I see the graphics being at the very least better than the Wii U’s graphics which, in the end, still looked pretty good.

The only thing I’m on the fence about is multiplayer. The primary example they show is how the Switch’s dual sticks can each be used as a separate controller. This implies that the gamepad should be symmetrical, which seems strange to me. Granted all of this could be remedied by just getting more controllers, the solution we’ve always used.

So final thoughts, I liked the Nintendo Switch’s first impression. It seems to be what Nintendo promised: A console-portable hybrid. It’s got some fresh ideas that dont seem gimmicky, and any problems seem minor or fixable. Hoping it lives up to the hype!


Very tiring day at work today, so I worked on hoodies to get things off of my mind and maybe get some good karma. At least I figured out a very tasty drink, I love mixing teas! And soon I should have a Wii U, I am so excited for Super Mario Maker! ;///;

I am NOT accepting any more hoodie requests! Just keep watching for whenever I do my next giveaway! c:

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