Lucina: Master of Comedy

Don’t worry, Robin, it will all work out. Well, maybe.

I hope nobody is offended by the use of “screwed”. I understand that some people view it as a legitimate curse word, while others do not. I had originally planned on using “doomed”, but I didn’t feel that it had the same effect. Besides, Lucina does seem like the type to have a coarser vocabulary, don’t you think?


Very tiring day at work today, so I worked on hoodies to get things off of my mind and maybe get some good karma. At least I figured out a very tasty drink, I love mixing teas! And soon I should have a Wii U, I am so excited for Super Mario Maker! ;///;

I am NOT accepting any more hoodie requests! Just keep watching for whenever I do my next giveaway! c:

Check out the pokeholidays tag to see all the completed hoodies so far (and all the ones yet to come)!

Splatoon map info Chrome extention
(only work in google chrome)

I saw somebody posting this in Splatoon-Québec this morning, and its exactly what any Splatoon player need! No more ‘I need to open my Wii U to know’ and maybe be deceived when you wanted a specific mode or place.

Just sharing to fellow Squids and Kids!

we all have these cute ideas of what joel/ray would be like if they dated but honestly they would probably never leave the house, order takeout and work/play video games all day. Maybe once a week to stay in shape and make sure their legs still work they’d get out the wii fit and burn off some energy

my wal-mart, my dinky little wal-mart in my dink little town HAD SPLATOON AMIIBOS. i spent $30. but at least i spent $30 on two and have them now then spend $30 online for one of them. Boy ad girl inklings, maybe I should have gotten 2 of each…

I’M A KID I’M A SQUID, i’m actually still a kid because i don’t have a wii u or the game

also they’re shinier than the smash amiibos

penvellynsa asked:

9, 20, 39?

9. Most regrettable purchase?

hmm most of the shitty games i got were either like two bucks or less, or part of a bundle that was five bucks or less, so there’s not a lot of regret.  there’s a double cart of klax and marble madness for gba that i got, but the marble madness port is awful, and klax has always been bad, so there’s that.

i guess maybe trauma center: second opinion and/or elebits for the wii were full price and disappointing.  trauma center being an enhanced port of a ds game i already had (and the enhancements not worth getting it again) and elebits was cute but… boring?  the gamefeel was real bad; they tried to copy katamari damacy but without the rolling ball mechanic and it just didn’t work.

20. Game that you know like the back of your hand?

sonic 3 & knuckles, i play it thru about every two years

39. A sequel that you would die for them to make?

half life 3 ok but seriously, i think most of the games i really and truly love were either well-concluded stories, are continuing franchises, or have sequels (some of which are terrible).

oh shit oh wait F FUCKING ZERO like they put big blue and mute city in mario kart: hovercar edition as like, “this is good enough right?” but no it IS NOT I NEED TO PILOT THE DEEP CLAW

kuviraesthetic asked:


8: Played any sports?
I used to play baseball and floor hockey in school but lately I’ve been Wii Sports Resorting, and I’ve bowled a bit in the last couple years.

11: Do you like someone?
I do, yeah

15. Have any pets?
two cats, though technically not mine

16: How exactly are you feeling right now?
I’m pretty happy because Mum made chicken salad for dinner and it’s loaded with veggies I have been craving for the last couple days.

27: Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
I dunno. Maybe.

30. What’s irritating you right now?
This damn heat

33. Do you have trust issues?
Yeah, actually. It’s something I’m working on.

36. Do you give out second chances too easily?
idk maybe. Considering the fact that I usually weigh whether I’m willing to give you a second chance against what happened, it might be right to say no. idk.

57. Do you believe in true love?

Nintendo has kept the 3DS going since 2011 and then moved on to the New 3DS this year, but the New 3DS is still in that console family and is practically the same 3DS console. It’s had many upgrades and is awesomtacular, but it is still a 3DS. With Iwata gone they may very well abandon the WiiU over time, but I’m hoping they keep it alive a while longer. I think personally that the Wii U still has potential for future games/software. Who knows, maybe the NX will work alongside the Wii U. That would be epic!!

xenablade asked:

Hey! I saw your worthless post and I want to share my opinion! So.. personally, I loved The Last Story just as much as I loved XC. I mean, yeah, TLS is linear and you don't get to explore much, but actually, you are exploring the background and history of the characters you use and lets you connect with them thru secret scenes and quests. As for PT, I'm replaying it rn and it is definitely worth playing. However, the "game breaking" glitch can be worked around, and is only in the NA version.

ah! I see! Thanks for the input on that!

I’m in the EU so the PT glitch doesn’t affect me in that case, so that’s good to hear and it’s nice to hear some thoughts on TLS too as a lot of the stuff I’ve seen about it is just really vague.

I might grab PT on the Wii U eshop at some point and maybe just maybe try to hunt down TLS for as reasonable as a price I can get when I have some spaces in my game backlog which is honestly a total mess right now lmao

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!