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What's the deal with people thinking Smash 5 will be an NX launch game? Is that a rumor or something?

A rumor came out last week that Bamco is working on a Smash game for the NX launch.  He also stated that he didn’t know if it was Smash 5 or just a retread of Smash 4 Wii U.  If some Smash will be available at the NX launch I think people thinking logically would think more along the lines of Smash 4 getting an update with all DLC as part of the package and maybe some 3DS stages or something to make it more unique.  Anyone thinking they are cranking a Smash 5 out by launch I feel are way more hopeful and should really hold back expectations if that is what they feel.

Picture this:

Video game gym. It’s a gym where you go and work out, but every machine has a game or two attached. They could even have prizes! For example, the treadmill could have a screen that makes it look like you are running from zombies; if you reach 7 mph, you get a token. You could use the tokens to get a smoothie or a t-shirt or even a discounted gym membership!

5 Paper Mario Wii U ideas

So with Paper Mario rumored on the Wii U I figured what could be more fun then trying to think of what I would want to see from it. Here is 5 ideas in no particular order. If you like these 5 ideas maybe check out my other content where I list things some times too.

3 Person Party: I think the basic mechanics of Paper Mario could still work with a 3 party member system. It’s not that I want it to hit a classic RPG feel but we have seen in the Steven Universe mobile game that a Paper Mario feel is possible in varying numbers of party members. My favorite part of Paper Mario is the characters and I would love to see a lot in the fold. 

Mario Characters as a party members: This isn’t to say I don’t want new original characters that is part of the fun of the series but I always find it odd when Mario’s friends aren’t helping Mario on giant world saving adventures. More then anyone I would love to see Peach get a playable role like Super Paper Mario. I mean in Paper Mario we got bits of playing as Peach but I would love it here if she was an active part of the goal. It could be cool if this game starts as maybe Peach and Luigi’s quest to save Mario assuming it was bowser. They take down bowser in like chapter 3 or 4 but turns out it wasn’t bowser at all and he is mad that some one other then him got to Mario so now he has to help the crew. Something like that could be quirky and funny. There is plenty of ways to add other icons like Roslina, Daisy, Wario or whatever as well along the way. 

Returning Party Members: This franchise isn’t know for bring back characters but the franchise oozed the best Mario characters to ever exist. it’s a shame they only get one game. I say bring back some of the very best like Vivian and Gombella. I can’t remember every characters name but despite them being based on species in the Mario Universe I can still remember every character design. They are really fantastic and I mean so many are worth returning as choices for this game. 

Online Vs: This isn’t a feature I think people are dying for but if this game had a pretty expansive roster I think it could be really fun to like in Pokemon get on and just for fun battle some friends. I would love to compare strats and ways of playing against friends or even strangers online. 

Unlockable Amiibo Support: This game is going to have Amiibo Support if it exists and I think it should follow after the very best Amiibo support and all be unlockable in game. The amiibo should act as a quick way of unlocking things that are in game content to me. I think Amiibo support working as costume unlocks or potentially even as a method to unlock cross over partner characters could be amazing. However, it be a shame if we couldn’t unlock them without amiibos as well.  Maybe you can buy partner characters from a dimensional rift but scanning an Amiibo is one jumping out to you for free or something like that. 

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old and fat

I am 23 now and I am sick of being the fat friend, not being able to find cute clothes that fit, nice work clothes that aren’t made for whales. Today is a new day. I am going to commit to this.  Although I know it is going to be tough as my boyfriend still lives on nothing but processed breaded and battered foods and chips!  I need to find willpower from somewhere.. anyone got any tips to keep on track?  Literally anything will be appreciated. I’ll try anything.. I am going to go to the gym but until my assignments are all handed in I wont have time between uni and work to get there. So home work outs for me… maybe I will try the wii fit again  and try not to gag at the weight difference since I last used it…  Just thinking about it is making me nauseas. 

 I’ll be starting this today. Wish me luck

Love L x

Gamer builds computer inside of Super Mario Maker

Gamer builds computer inside of Super Mario Maker

Super Mario Maker is a blockbuster hit for the Wii U home gaming console, according to Nintendo. And maybe that is because the create-your-own Mario game is so powerful that you can even build a computer inside of it.

Mario Maker player Trousers designed a level called “Run a Tiny Computer!”using the popular Nintendo game, and it really works. It’s simple, and it can only add the numbers 0+0,…

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thedoommerchant asked:

1, 28, 38, 43, 60, 70, 72.

1 (first console you ever owned):

  • it was a wii
  • my family was never really into consoles, we did more computer gaming

28 (who got you into gaming):

  • um i guess my dad!
  • he and my sisters and me would all play ultima and myst on our desktop computer while my mom was at work

38 (have you ever tried a game, hated it, and then tried it again and loved it):

  • oh gosh.
  • maybe? but i don’t think so. 

43 (favorite sidekick or companion):

  • tbh i hate playing with companions bc i love stealth and they’re always terrible at that
  • sooo
  • none!

60 (the game you are best at):

  • borderlands 2 probably!
  • i certainly feel v competent at it
  • but only when playing as maya

70 (do you play any mobile games):

  • nah i have some on my phone just in case i get super bored somewhere with no service but in general i don’t

72 (any guilty pleasure games):

  • nope i’m pretty okay with playing all the games i play
  • tbh in general i don’t really have “guilty pleasures”
  • i try not to feel guilty about the things i enjoy
Gamer builds computer inside of Super Mario Maker
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Super Mario Maker is a blockbuster hit for the Wii U home gaming console, according to Nintendo. And maybe that is because the create-your-own Mario game is so powerful that you can even build a computer inside of it.

Mario Maker player Trousers designed a level called “Run a Tiny Computer!” using the popular Nintendo game, and it really works. It’s simple, and it can only add the numbers 0+0, 0+1, or 1+1. But what else do you expect from a calculator that runs on Mario enemies?

Nintendo reported early this morning that it missed its earnings expectations for its fiscal third quarter, but it also noted that it saw a strong reception for Super Mario Maker. It has surpassed 3.3 million copies sold. The publisher said that it wants to keep focusing on the game going ahead because it thinks that more people will want to see the kinds of stages that people like Trousers can come up with. That could translate into more hardware and software sales, but it could also lead to more people potentially spending money on downloadable content if Nintendo decides to make an expansion for Mario Maker.

We took a look at this computer level, and we found some complex computer science. Put simply, the level creator used Bob-ombs (the walking bombs from Mario games), coins, and P switches (which turn bricks into coins and coins into bricks) to create gates that turn on and off to perform calculations. That way, when you try to add together 1 and 1, the level can process that information through these gates to give you an answer.

For a deeper understanding of how this works, check out the video below to see the level in action:

More information:

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And so the final Smash Bros character step onto the stage.

When Cloud was announced and they said “final smash bros direct” I said, “if they do a batch deal for all three, I want in on that”, especially since I’m buying them for both versions. So time to start working toward getting one of those Eshop cards.

Maybe get one of the bigger once since I found out the new characters revealed for the 3DS version of Hyrule Warriors ARE playable in the Wii U version… But you might only be able to unlock them with codes from what I heard of the japanese release.

Man DLC can get annoying in ways.

Nintendo of America looses Senior Manager of Developer Relations

It’s a strange and terrifying time to be alive. Other people can find out what you are doing with your life before you tell them. And maybe sometimes before you even really know yourself. LinkedIn, a unique social network created to manage business connections, provides insight into the happenings of major companies before official statements get out.

Recently, Steve Okimoto the Senior Manager of Developer Relations for Nintendo of America, updated his LinkedIn page to indicate he “took an early out from Nintendo,” and is ready to strike out on new ventures.

Okimoto, with Nintendo since 1991, worked with developer relations for the GameCube and Wii before being bumped up to the Senior position when the Wii U rose to prominence. From about 2010 to 2015, he communicated with developers working with Nintendo, both on games and the tools they use to make them, as well as technical support for third parties.

It’s always hard to discern exactly how an individual has contributed to things like game releases, but this move could allow someone to swoop in and better position Nintendo to rouse support from outside developers it lacked on the Wii and Wii U.

wavecontrol asked:

:oo !!! it's for the wii (really hard to find it for that apparently tho) or the new 3ds, I do suggest it bc it's a unique concept (civilization on the corpses of two giant beings who waged war against each other) and all the protagonists are gr8. but yeah I recommend it and it's a lot of fun!

i have the old 3ds but idk maybe it’ll work?

3ds games are so much fun right now i’m on the new pokemon mystery dungeon bc nostalgia feels.

Beatthe story mode stuff in Splatoon. I still have the amiibo challenges left to beat and I’m only Level 13/Rank C for online play so it’s not like I have nothing to do but I’m gonna focus on Yoshi’s Wooly World now on my Wii U. And maybe get back to my much-neglected Wii and work on The Last Story. We’ll see.

I had a mini heart attack today

I finally decided to attempt to get The Secret World to work. And it worked! Except I needed to use an activiation key that was on the back of the Instruction Manual

And I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE. I searched the entire house, up, down, left, right (and I found a pair of devil horns in the progress heehee) but couldn’t find it!

Until I went to recheck the basket with our WII games. Maybe it was accidentally in one of the cases. And then I saw a map with all books that came in the game cases.