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hi i'm newly getting into got7 are there any big things i should kno? like what are the eras and stuff and signature songs lol :) thanks

jinyoung has a nice ass

jb has abs

so does jackson

and mark (oh btw the visual of the group)

bambam tried

and heres some misc stuff and infamous moments

that’s just the intro

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magnet chiropractor in armor oh yes. I tried to give him as close to historical Norse/ viking armor as I could (minus the parka lol), but if there are mistakes please forgive me!

also a bonus bunch of magnuses with headcanon appearances based on who his godly parent might be. I personally like the way the Baldur dad Magnus turned out.

It’s interesting to see how people here are so focused on criticizing Bollywood movies for having white girls (or any non-Indian women, for that matter) as background dancers…but does no one else realize that they are almost always portrayed as inferior? They are always the ones with the skimpy dresses and attires that the Indian dancers don’t wear, and are most of the times presented as “loose”. Bollywood literally treats any foreign woman like she’s dirt, so I honestly feel like that’s the actual problem. I say this because people make it seem like these non Indian girls are included because the directors think it’s better, when in reality they need someone else to wear or do things they feel are too inappropriate for their usual background dancers.



Okay my doctor put me on Prednisone for the allergies which I have apparently developed from living in this godforsaken swamp (seriously one of the doctors in my choir - we have like 6 doctors in my choir - referred to local allergies as the “Tidewater Crud” because just everyone has it). 

Anyway - I can BREATHE. Like …get actual breaths. And not just like, one good breath every half hour or hour. Like every breath actually works. All of them??? And I’m like….okay but what next, like what’s the catch. I s2g I can’t remember ever breathing this well in my whole life and I am really confused.