I don’t wanna over share with you guys…but I have a strong feeling that if I were a Pokemon I would be killed off because the pokemon owner boy would not love me back…its getting me down but I need to pull my socks up and get on with it.

Maybe I was meant to be a ho

Because nothing turns me on more than a salt and pepper haired, well dressed, suavemente, 35-55 yr old married man. I know some SBs are totally against seeing a married guy but omg.
Maybe it’s the excitement of the secret or that I’m literally the devil but I’ve only had married SDs. I think it’s cause I get all the good parts and his wife deals with all the bad and that’s so shitty but there’s something so attractive having someone that isn’t yours.
Although I would never cheat with a man that isn’t paying me soooo idk man lol