Feels kinda unfair that Mercy/Genji, and Ana/Reinhardt can flirt in game, but the only confirmed LGBT character’s girlfriend is not a hero, is never mentioned ingame, talked about by anyone, Tracer doesn’t have any sprays with her like Reinhardt got with his comicbook companion. Maybe there is something coming in the future, like Winston and Tracer talking about Emily but so far it feels mostly forgotten and ignored.

That’s why I really hope Roadrat becomes canon, at least then a gay couple will be just as prominent as Anah//eardt and Gen//cy and people can’t just pretend it never happened the way they do with Tracer and Emily.

Also Emily becoming a hero and getting cute lines with Tracer would be awesome. At least give us some Emily related lines!

how to draw mizar:

-stay up for 56 hours

-drink 4-5 red bulls 

-put on some sweats 

-look in the mirror 

-draw that

noodlepavilion  asked:

How about Sole finds a copy of an old scary movie (maybe Saw? I feel like that could be entertaining) that's not scratched beyond function, and the companions react to a horror movie night? Love your blog, very good stuff.

(Thanks so much!)

Cait: “Well, he’s a right sick bastard.” The gore doesn’t bother her overmuch, as she snacks on whatever’s handy while helpfully criticizing the drama. “What are they, feckin’ pansies? I had to do harder shit than this while in chains. Bein’ all melodramatic about it. Christ.”

Codsworth: “Er, Mx. Sole, I-I don’t think this is a family friendly film.” He’s not really a fan. Very put off by it all. He’s not a big fan of television and stuff in general - he doesn’t get the same entertainment value that humans do.

Curie: “Oh… Oh no!” She’s scared out of her wits, cuddled as close to Sole as she can get, throwing her hands up over her eyes and jumping at every jumpscare, sometimes whining when things get too frightening. She doesn’t have nightmares, but she definitely doesn’t have a great time.

Danse: “I don’t understand what you find entertaining about this.” Despite complaining about it, Danse stays for the whole length of the movie, watching it all the way through, even jumping at some of the jumpscares. When asked if he got scared or creeped out, he stubbornly insists that horror movies are ridiculous wastes of time. The next morning, he’s got shadows under his eyes. He didn’t sleep the whole night.

Deacon: “See, I like the old old horror movies. The real cheesy stuff. With guys in rubber suits carrying off girls in bikinis to their swamp lairs. This stuff?” He gestures to the projection screen as a young man is gruesomely beheaded. “I’ve been inside Super Mutant dens. I’ve seen enough gore to last me a lifetime.”

Dogmeat: He whines and gets upset whenever someone screams, even if it’s just a cheesy fake scream. Otherwise, he just likes an excuse to lay with Sole and rest his head in their lap. Horror movie pets are nice.

Hancock: “You know, this guy really needs a kick in the ass.” He doesn’t enjoy it too much, because he hates the idea of people being at someone else’s mercy. Gets him all riled up. He absolutely loathes the antagonist, and cheers if or when they finally get what’s coming to them.

Nick Valentine: He insists on one a more thriller-esque horror movie. One with a crime drama and a series of brutal killings. He likes being able to get justice on the killer at the end, even enjoying some of the spooks and jumpscares. He makes wry comments on the ridiculous parts and watches intently during the serious ones. He’s actually a lot of fun to watch horror movies with.

MacCready: “NOPE.” After five minutes of begging, he sits down to watch the film, but as soon as a murderer or a zombie or a ghost or anything weird is introduced, he literally gets up and walks out. He refuses. No. Will not. There is no way on this earth that you could get him to watch something creepy like that. Nuh-uh.

Piper: She enjoys the experience. She might not love horror movies - she’s still a sucker for rom-coms and cheesy romance novels - but as long as it isn’t too disturbing, she likes being scared now and again. She gets some popcorn and candy together, and it’s an excuse to have a cozy night in. Even if she is a little scared of the dark afterwards.

Preston: He doesn’t take very well to it. He makes all kinds of noises when jumpscared, on the edge of his seat the whole time, covering his eyes when the worst parts happen. He’s doesn’t find it fun to scare himself, but he likes spending time with Sole, so he’ll compromise and watch the cheesier horror movies if he can cover his eyes during the really scary parts.

Strong: He falls asleep halfway through. If he wanted to listen to humans scream while something big and scary went after them, he’d just go out looking for dinner.

X6-88: “The killer’s methods are rather inefficient. It would make more sense to chop horizontally than vertically. You would have to wash off the gore and sharpen the weapon after every kill.” He pauses. “I could do it better,” he says thoughtfully. Sole decides to turn off the film.

And now, episode 4! (I really wanted to get this out earlier, but it’s been a really busy-ass day with cooking and visiting family.)

Starting off, an adorable Litten.

And then shows Ash with a Grubbin. A Vikavolt would be a neat addition to the team, tho we likely wouldn’t see one until the fourth island.

Perhaps that is why he fails to catch it.

Great jumpscare on Lillie tho.

If the group splits up later, I want Lillie to go with Ash. (Well, her or Lana. And Kiawe. Or maybe they may decide to shake things up by giving him Lillie and Mallow as traveling companions, and we’d see Gladion become a guest party member later?)

(Oh, yeah, Pikachu gets KO’d by Grubbin so they’re off to the Pokemon Center.)

And Bewear!

And Team Rocket with Jessie trying to catch Mimikyu.

It sounds like Meowth makes a bit of a snide comment, but best I can guess is they’re talking about catching Mimikyu to escape Bewear and its den.

And James’s Luxury Ball succeeds!

Now there’s the problem of retrieving it.

And then it feeds everyone honey. It should probably be a cute/funny scene, but with what we’ve seen (and know) of Bewear and since it decides to do it while Jessie is screaming for Mimikyu’s assistance, it’s a little off-putting.

Cut back to the Center, and Pikachu’s gonna get treated.

Some short exposition and a cut to Ash and Mallow having lunch later and Pikachu’s better.

Also, I just really like these scenes we keep getting of starter Pokemon :)

Mallow and Ash are having another meal, when Bounsweet uses Sweet Scent, which causes Rowlet (mistaking it for a fruit) to divebomb it: (Twice, second shot making it hit a power line)

It falls, so Ash does a diving save before it hits the ground.

Also, double d’aww!

Catching it might be a little challenging tho.

Cut to Team Rocket, about to flee from Bewear’s den, and are immediately set upon by Trumbeak, who are after the berries in the cave.

I like this one Trumbeak too:

And more Rowlet cuteness :D

And TR captures the Trumbeak and Toucannon.

Mimikyu’s really pretty competent for a Team Rocket Pokemon. Just look at the smackdown it gives Pikachu.

Pikachu is saved by Rowlet tho, and manages to get in a Thunderbolt in retaliation:

Which it takes, and would’ve continued the fight too if not for Bewear:

Meowth is so totally into this tho. You can tell he is just relishing this return to competence.

Back to the cave with you.

Ash is all ready to say goodbye to Rowlet, but to no one’s surprise, Toucannon allows Rowlet to leave with him.

Ash’s face just does it for me:

Next episode, Litten :D

I have to be honest, if I was going to pick one companion from da2 to come back for da:i, Varric would not have been the one I picked.

I get that he’s a beloved character, and maybe he’s the most popular from da2, but considering the events of da:i I just don’t really get why he got to be there.

I mean just imagine having Merrill with you for the elf-heavy story? Not even just for the eluvian/ temple/ mythal goodness, but imagine having banter between her and Dorian about blood magic, imagine banter between her and Solas!

I guess Anders couldn’t come back, not because he could be dead because the writers don’t care about that, but because he’s been in two games already? But imagine a mission where you could recruit the infamous Anders, one of the leaders of the mage rebellion? (Or have him executed/ imprisoned for people who don’t want him as a companion.) Imagine Anders, who is possibly even less in control of Justice by now, meeting Solas and Cole. Imagine Anders’ personal mission being trying to reverse possession? Or the banter between him and Vivienne!

That would of course have required them to actually do the whole mage/ templar rebellion justice but that’s besides the point.

Varric is nice, but really his presence would probably be better for a dragon age game focused on the dwarves? He has some nice banter, and he’s a nice character to have around, but it just seemed so odd to choose him. And yes he brings us Hawke, but let’s be honest, Hawke really didn’t need to be in this game, and any other companion could also have been the Hawke-contact if they really wanted Hawke there.

Who would be interested in, for lack of better description, “astral blueprints”?

Ronan and I were talking, and the idea came up of creating what are effectively templates of things for people to build in the astral. It would be a very detailed description of structures, features, etc, that one could then use as a blueprint to build their own stuff in the astral or journeyspace. 

Ronan is an incredibly skilled writer and able to come up with wonderful settings (trust me, I’ve been writing/roleplaying with her for something like ten years now), so she could definitely create some really great descriptions for people to then build for themselves. Maybe places to go to meet with guides, gods, or companions, or just spaces to kick back and chill while traveling? 

What do you all think? Would this be something you’d be interested in–possibly something you’d want to purchase? 

(If it did go the route of selling stuff she–or we, if we work together–may also include a physical token as well, an object to hold while grounding.)

So N, the healer spirit. She’s what I’d call “middle aged” for her kind.

She does not approve of the way I make my coffee. Imagine a kindly lady behind you as you make… Well, it’s basically caffeinated chocolate milk. With ice.

“You know, you should really try it black one day. Let the subtle undertones come out, really appreciate it for the roast.”

I mean…. Maybe someday. But all I really drink it for is so I won’t get a caffeine headache.

“That’s a shame. It’s really quite exquisite.”


You can’t just be like “bro leave me and my garbage bean juice alone”

anonymous asked: know how in canon riza can sense homunculus despite not being xingese or a alchemist? Could you write a short au i your royai star wars universe where she can sense force things despite not being able to use it? It's a secret, but she tells Roy when she thinks she can help him with his emotion-force stuff, partly at her own expense,maybe with some kind of force bond. Some parallel to the tattoo/alchemy connection they have in canon

This is interesting! And also, any excuse to write for this Star Wars/FMA AU is one that I will gladly take. This is a companion piece to this drabble. I’ve got another request for this AU, so expect another one here soon enough. Also I apologize for this getting way out of hand; I really dove into Riza’s history, which isn’t something I normally do (but should) with her character in my AUs besides the daemon one. But also I got too interested in how Roy deals with the Force.

give me a pairing and an au and i’ll write a drabble

Riza never quite understood the strange sensations she felt while growing up. It was like the hairs on the back of her arm would stand up at attention, a tickling in the back of her mind, the sense that there was something just out of the corner of her eye and she could almost see it if she turned around slowly enough. Of course, she never saw anything. It was just the same old house, the wood creaking in the dark, the wind whispering through cracks, her alone as she washed dishes while her father was locked away in his office.

She didn’t remember the day her father realized that she wasn’t Force sensitive. She was too young to recall the memory of being tested by her father, only to fail miserably. However, she can imagine how it must’ve felt: the embarrassment creeping up on her, only to overwhelmed by shame and then disappointment. Her father’s entire life revolved around the Force and she probably fainted trying to do something as simple as move a pen a few centimeters. After that, she was pushed to the edges of her father’s life, any chance of involvement in his research gone, and she learned to do other things. Like picking up a blaster and memorizing its weight in her small hands, sneaking around the old house silently as to not disturb or alert her presence, even playing on her mother’s old VR flight simulators.

She became someone else that could live outside of the Force, but it didn’t make her feel any better and it didn’t make her father pay more attention to her.

The strange sensations never went away, but became a part of her normal life. She figured it had something to do with living in such close proximity of someone that used the Force so often. Every now and then, she wondered why her father had never been picked up as a Jedi, back when they existed not so long ago, but she supposed that she should be grateful. She probably wouldn’t have been born or her father would’ve been killed when Order 66 was initiated and Jedi throughout the galaxy were eliminated.

By the time her father took on an apprentice of sorts, a boy close to her age who apparently had been cursed with being Force sensitive in a time when being such a thing was dangerous, that those odd feelings became more noticeable. Roy didn’t have the same tendency to hide the Force from Riza like her father did. Instead Roy would use it casually, pulling a book off the top shelf or twirling a pen in the air. She couldn’t tell whether he did it to impress her or genuinely didn’t think about it. The only reason she thought it was the former was because he was careful to not use the Force whenever her father was around.

The number one rule was that Roy was to not use the Force in public, especially in front of people that were not anywhere near Force sensitive. That included his teacher’s young daughter. But she could tell that Roy felt sullen when he was forced to suppress his natural abilities. It was like dimming a light or muffling a sound. The colors of the world faded the longer and harder he shoved his Force sensitivity into a locked box and did his best to ignore it.

Keep reading

Lover, Companion, Fool; Moriarty X Reader

Requested by Anon:

 …. Totally my fault I lost the request. Basically Jim tries to make up with the reader by giving her cake and she ignores him. So Jim has to “win her back”.

I will say I felt like crying this entire imagine… Maybe listening to the Philharmonic Disney Orchestra play Beauty and the Beast wasn’t the greatest idea. However, it would be a nice song to play along with this if you so desired. This is another imagine I’m really proud of!!!

Jim had decided to surprise you with a night out which wasn’t something Jim normally did. Usually he would come after work, at god knows what time, and just get ready for bed. Sometimes you wondered if he forget you were even there. However you still remembered the times when Jim would return and you two would be able to spend at least a couple minutes together.

You and Jim were sitting across from each other at a rather nice looking restaurant. “Y/N…” Jim said.

“Yes?” you replied, not looking up from your menu.

“Please look at me.” You obliged and Jim continued, “I’m sorry I’ve been so absent lately. I didn’t expect work to need this much of my time. I know you’re probably very upset because things aren’t like they used to be but let me make it up to you,” he begged.

“Go on…”

“Well… I ordered us cake.”

You looked at him utterly confused and slightly disgusted. “A cake Jim? We’ve barely talked in the last 3 months and you really think cake is going to erase it all!”

“No but… it’s a sweet place to start,” Jim told you to lighten the mood but instead you rolled your eyes and got up.

“I’ll be at home Jim.”

Jim walked through you flat door with a card and flowers. The flat seemed empty so either you took a cooling walk around the block or you had gone to bed without him. Jim sighed into the empty room and left his things on the counter.

He had screwed up badly. You were the best thing in his life and once again work had come in to take it all away. He loved you more than anything and didn’t want to lose you. How could he let you slip through his fingers?

Jim sat down on the couch and let the tears spill over. The pain of losing you would be too much for him to handle on his own.

Eventually you came out of your bedroom, finally ready to face Jim. However you were met with a card and flowers on the kitchen. “Oh original Jim,” you thought before taking the card and opening it.

It was a pretty mediocre card with some cheesy line written on the front. You opened the card and you felt the breath being knocked out of you.

Dear Y/N,

I don’t know how you expect me to make my failures up to you because I don’t either. I have failed you. I honestly don’t know how to make up for the nights spent alone or wondering where I was. I just don’t know.

What I do know is that I can’t live my life without you and I don’t really want to try. You light up my life by just knowing that you’re going to be there when I come home to take me however I am. Knowing that you have the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen and knowing that through those eyes you somehow look past all my faults and wrongdoings and one way or another pull out good in me that I’ve never known I’d had. Your mind is one to be rivaled with and with it you settle my worries and calm my storms. You have an ability to eloquently bend words and you bend those words to tell me that I’m actually worth something while spreading kindness to me and to others.

It truly is a mystery how someone so wonderful could put up with me daily and accept me for who I am while striving to make me someone better. Y/N, I have failed you. I’ve failed as a friend, as someone you can confide in, and as your boyfriend. I don’t know if you’ll ever be able to move past these failures but if for some reason you do, let me fix my mistakes, let me become someone better, and let me love you like you deserved to be loved.

The door is always open if you decide my shortcomings are too much and I wouldn’t blame you. In fact I might encourage you to walk out that door and go live your life again. Go be the person you were meant to become without me dragging you down. Go help others like you’ve helped me. Go.

Your eternal lover, companion, and fool:

Jim Moriarty

You looked over where Jim lay on the couch with tearstained eyes sleeping and then back down at the letter. You walked over to the couch and studied Jim. Peaceful, finally. You took you spot next to him and laid your head on his chest, resuming your role as Y/N Y/L/M, Jim’s faithful lover, companion, and fool.


Pairing: Irina / Karasumo
Anime: Ansatsu Kyoshitsu

She cannot pinpoint the time and space when Olga gave her a throughout class about silence. She does remember, however, the benefits and drawbacks of that vociferous absence. Silence would always be the last resort. It would be both an ace up her sleeve and her betraying companion.

“Silent makes you a target, ” Olga started, “so you want that pretty mouth of yours to never close and always do wonders…”

It was a weapon. Double-edged and bearing far too many risks.

Did she need it? Not really.

She had those ravishing, revealing and attractive outfits. That would do the trick…And if she needed more physical appeal, then she could carefully move her hips as she walked and…. If it really came to that, maybe the dexterous movement of her hands as…

Definitely, she had the array of abilities. Irina did not need the silence.

Nonetheless, now that she is staring at this ‘guy’. This nefarious, idiotic, dense and perfect man, she cannot find the correct words to get rid of that blank space. To get rid of that great divide.

… And for once in her life, she finds out how wounding silence can be. Repeatedly. Every single day…

"For someone so feisty, you look awfully quiet today,” Karasuma looked up from his computer.

She did not answer. He played the silence card everyday, and she was getting so tired of her one sided love. She might as well do so today.

He tried to peer through her facade, “Hey. Are you ok?”

No response. She adverted her eyes from his. 

Irina,” he made her look at him.

“This is how it feels when you ignore me,” she gave him a wry smile.

“Right now is not the time Irina, you know I–”

“With you it is never really the time. Here I am trying to reason with you. Do not play with my feelings just blankly reject me so I c–” 

He kissed her. To silence her.

"Let’s talk about this once the entire assassination complot is over and preservation of the human race goes unspoken,” he looked away a tiny blush creeping on his cheeks.

She nooded, eyes teary and heart uncontrolled.

“And talk, is lonely without your bickering,” he snickered.


He laughed. 


[come over]

Lygari didn’t need anymore than that. Standing up from her position, which had been sitting upside down in an imagined chair, she stretched and let the blood flow back into her body and out of her head. Once she felt balanced again, which was just a few seconds later, she turned to look at her floaty ghost companion.

“We really need to change your situation”, she noted, looking Veritas up and down, before shrugging. They could do that later. Maybe. “For now though, to Steelio!”, she “commanded” with a grin and finger in the air.

Veritas just sighed deeply in return. She still didn’t know why she helped Lygari at all, but she really didn’t have anything better to do. And she got candy out of it, most of the time, so she was okay with it.

Just a minute or two after Steel had send her last text, Lygari plopped into existence next to her. She tried to usually be so kind as to not land on top of her friend anymore, though she still landed on the ground with a fall anyways. She should start trying to land on her feet, but who cares about something like that?

“You called?”, Lygari grinned up to Steel, like she usually did. Either she visited Steel randomly, which wasn’t that often, or she was “called” to come over. And that happened a lot more than not.


Alt Drifter Co-op! It’s a thing!

Hilariously, she turns back into Drifter for a couple frames to form her duplicate or dismiss it (and maybe some others are missing? I don’t remember), but otherwise it’s fully functional and a helluva lot of fun to play. She handles a little different than Drifter, and I really like it.

Also I love how Co-op Altie looks like she’s got a tongue sticking out on her helmet-snout. : 3

Also, Companion bots for days.

shadowbreathing  asked:

Are there any story arcs you would like this character to explore?

((Now that I think about it, there are many! I really love the 1st chaper and would like to explore more about the consequences of the plague on the city and its population. Also the “making friends with companion part”. Like when Rith first met Linu tomi, Sharwyn etc. 

I think the period of Aribeth’s betrayal would be cool too. (Maybe a bit overdone though)

The passage when Rith goes back in time to the ancient race palace was pretty cool too, it would be amazing to plot something in that setting. 

Apart from that, Nasher and Rith relationship, and also the reunion with her friends after she return to Neverwinter. But for that it would be great to have someone rp the companions, unfortunatly there aren’t any rpers for them here ;_;)) 


Trespasser DLC Sera Romance Spoilers!

Playing the DLC with my Female Lavellan, Safeen.  I knew there was a reason why I dumped Solas with his shady ho ass (sorry, Solavellans!!!) and rolled over for Sera instead.  Didn’t even question her on the subject, just barreled into her arms.  NOW I AM WIFEY!!!!!!!!

With shotgun wedding pics.  Or is it an exploding shot wedding? Doesn’t matter.  THIS IS SO FRIGGING ADORABLE.

Best part were the companion comments. 

Cassandra: (on getting married) You did? Here? In the palace? Oh the garden would be perfect for a wedding!

Dorian: A married woman! My, my, isn’t that something? I should call Sera “Mrs. Inquisitor” from now on.  Maybe teach her to crochet. She’ll love that!

Cassandra: I wanted to say, you looked lovely, Sera.  It was a surprise.

Sera: Josie wanted me in a dress so foofed you could lose a ham in it.

She looked really frigging cute in that dress too.


Eliot Spencer and the cute blond woman who gets called to go up next but her muscley-yet-nerdy companion is still in the bathroom and he doesn’t want her to have to sing the duet by herself so he joins in he hopes they won’t mind but the blonde puts her arm through his and gets really into and then her boyfriend is back and he is just watching them with a huge grin on his face and eliot has to admit they sound pretty good together and maybe he’ll buy them both drinks after but wait what happened to his wallet

Companions React: Piper’s Notes

(Requested by @wonderingasparagus

The gang reacts to finding out Piper’s notes are just bad doodles and letters to Nat.

Ada: “You humans are so mysterious,” She mused, “I wish I had the capacity to draw like this.” 

Cait: “Wow, you’re quite the reporter, huh?” She laughed, “But the letters to your sister are really sweet. It’s important ye cherish her.” 

Codsworth: “Well, it may be a bit…eclectic, but I find this method of note taking to be quite charming!” 

Curie: “Ah, maybe sometime we can compare notes, yes? I have many journals filled with observations about ze wasteland!” It has to be explained to her that Piper’s notes weren’t those kind of notes. 

Danse: “Scribe Haylen wouldn’t do this. Maybe she can help give you a few pointers? You do seem like an excellent reporter.” He says, not realizing how patronizing he’s being. 

Deacon: “Oh man, this doesn’t come close to Tinker Tom’s notes. That stuff can be straight up disturbing. Maybe I’ll show you guys sometime.” He smirks. 

Hancock: He drained the last sips of a beer bottle and tossed it away, “Whatever floats your boat, sweetheart.” 

Nick: “Huh, you really had me fooled that you took copious notes. Still, the information you gave me was always detailed. Bravo.” He pondered, stroking his chin. 

Preston: “Well, maybe she’s on to something here. Pictures can convey more information in less space compared to writing. What’s the pre-war saying? A word is worth 1000 words?” 

MacCready: “If it’s drawing tips you want, just come talk to me,” he pompously placed a hand over his chest, “I’ve made a few comics, maybe you’ve seen ‘em.” When everyone says they haven’t seen them he gets a little butthurt. 

Piper: “Ugh, guys! Maybe drawing is just how I remember stuff, okay? Give me my notes back!” She blushes, slightly sheepish that her notes are exposed to all. 

X6-8: “Maybe you ought to get a camera. Then, you can recall events as they exactly happened. The Institute has used this technique for years.” He calmly suggests among the ruckus. 

Dogmeat: Bark bark bork bark

Strong: “Why stupid humans argue about paper?” He whines, “Strong want to go fight.”