Is it me or did Lance seem ……strained this season? Most of his lines were rambly, he was confused as to why the mermaids would want HIM to help, he talked to the dog-alien (who’s name I forget) about how cool is teammates are yet called himself a seventh wheel.

It just felt off, like he was making up for something or trying to be loud so they wouldn’t forget he was there. He seemed really, really happy too when Shiro called him sharpshooter but then really mad when Shiro chose Keith to go instead of him. I really hope next season is gonna focus on him or Hunk because I want to know if he’s alright.

I lied. I do believe in love, I believe in it more than anything. I just say I don’t because then I’m safe. Then I don’t have to admit I’m in love with you. I’m too scared to admit it because I feel that I will never be good enough. I think I’m unloveable, so it’s easier to pretend. I believe in love, but I don’t.
—  5-9-16

Okz, I finished him faster than I expected hehe….and it didn’t take two hours….maybe 45 minutes or whatever. Anyways it still looks like crap cause I can’t draw good what-so-ever….so…yeah. welp…I think I’m going to sleep….it’s way too late for me…and I can hardly keep my eyes open. G’ night peepz.
Goth by: @nekophy

You make me scared. You make me so unbelievably scared and I dont even know why. Its like suddenly im afraid ill say the wrong thing or make the wrong move and that thought becomes too much to bare and I let it over whelm me. Maybe im afraid because this time I cant see how its gonna end, I can predict it but I dont know for sure this time. Maybe im afraid because im letting my insecurities and anxiety over whelm me. I dont know what it is thats making me so scared but I hate it. I hate how when your not here I miss you like crazy even if its just for a day. I hate how I get jealous about the other girls that get you. I hate how I notice the way you throw your head back laughing and how that dimple in your right cheek pops out in the process. I hate how i notice the way you use the most random memes at the most random times! Then again who doesn’t… bottom line is is that your driving me crazy and I dont think I hate you. Not even close, not at all…

I can’t stop thinking about a zimbits proposal. Where Bitty thinks Jack is taking him on a date and they end up at the Samwell rink. They walk in, it’s dark and empty and all of a sudden Halo starts playing over the sound-system. Confused Bitty is all “Um, what’s this babe” and maybe low lights come on or a disco ball (where’d samwell get a disco ball?) starts swirling, and Jack leads Bitty on to the center of the ice and drops to one knee and holds out a ring and just smiles up at bitty and bitty just starts crying and alfjslaldhvddjalf I have made me cry. I love them.

marco’s death is so heartbreaking….he couldn’t understand why his friends were hurting him and was still wondering why they didn’t just talk things through even as they abandoned him. i doubt he even felt anger towards them - not that he had much time to feel anything, but he seemed more confused and scared than anything….marco is too good and pure for snk….he offered everyone nothing but friendship and understanding and he just deserved so much better

Jiminy awoke, in what must be a huge palace. He’d never even seen a bed, or a bedroom, this big before. How had he ended up in a palace? He didn’t know, but everything looked strange and wonderful.

Suddenly, something else in the bed moved, and Jiminy jumped away. It lifted up its head, and Jiminy realized it was a dog. He got to sleep with a dog here! Wow!

Wait, where were his parents, or any adults for that matter? Maybe he should go find them. He didn’t want to find his parents, but he really didn’t know what else to do …

Suddenly, the dog was sniffing him, and he giggled as their noses touched. Jiminy had always wanted a dog, even if his parents said they were useless animals. “Good boy!” he exclaimed, scratching his head. The dog looked confused too; maybe he didn’t know how they’d got here, either.

“Come on boy, let’s explore!” he jumped out of the bed, bare feet hitting … carpet! He was in a palace that had carpet! Whoever owned this place must be super rich! He giggled as he walked to the door, enjoying the sensation of the soft material on his feet. Which brought up the question; where were his shoes? For that matter, what was he wearing? It looked and felt odd. He tried to examine it, but was distracted by a loud thump, and he looked up to see the white dog with black dots coming toward him.

“You ready?” he asked, standing on his tip-toes and opening the door. The hallway was carpet to, he realized, happily dragging his feet along the soft material. And, there were no grown-ups in sight. Were his parents even here? If not, then he wouldn’t have to steal! And, if there were no grown-ups at all, then he’d be free to do whatever he wanted!

He saw stairs, and was instantly curious. Jiminy ran down them, followed closely by the dog. He jumped the last few, hitting the ground with a thud. He giggled, his parents would be so angry if they saw him playing like this, but they didn’t so it wouldn’t matter. No one had seen him, and he doubted the dog would tattle.

Suddenly, an odd-looking door in a nearby room caught his attention; it didn’t look like it’d lead to anywhere. He went in, curious, and laughed some more at the stone-like material touching his feet; it was cool and smooth and felt almost as amazing as the carpet. He made his way over to the door, opening it, to discover a blast of cold air. “Whoa, magic!” he exclaimed, staring at all the things in the cold little room. It was filled with shelves, and … was that an orange? Jiminy had never eaten an orange; they were too expensive, but he saw several of them just lying in the cold room. Surely no one would notice if he grabbed one.

He stood on his tip-toes, barely able to reach the treat, but as he grabbed it, his arm knocked off a container of … he couldn’t really tell what. Whatever it was, it hit the ground with a loud thud, and it splattered his bare feet with cold … something. It was thin, worm looking things, covered in a red sauce, and it looked like it’d be delicious if it wasn’t all over the floor. Suddenly, the dog decided to help; licking the floor, and Jiminy’s feet, clean. He giggled as the tongue tickled his feet. “Thanks for helping me, boy,” he said, picking up the container the odd food had been in. The container was weird too, he realized, tapping it to try to discover what it was made out of.