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there are tons including me liking alfie and his videos. if you don't find them creative enough go find someone you like and promote them. what's the point of trashing someone just because you don't find them creative. this is getting ridiculous now. or go find someone to trash like rapists, sexist idiots. stop hating on people just because you don't like their videos. grow up.

Right okay the problem I’m trying to point out with Alfie is not exactly that he’s not creative. I’m “trashing” him for not crediting Phil for the 7 seconds challenge video, and then only crediting him later on when someone called him out. It makes me so angry that Phil is already so under appreciated, the last thing he needs is some bigger youtuber going around taking credit for his original ideas. And then the fact that he stole a fans idea for his merch without even mentioning them?? That’s literally so sick because he’s making money off of something that someone else came up with??? All I’m trying to say is that a little crediting wouldn’t hurt anyone. I admit that some pretty hurtful things were said and for that I apologize. However I still feel that this situation shouldn’t just be forgotten because Phil still deserves recognition for his hard work.

ahhh i just remembered, when shouyous va first appeared in the flashback to him picking up gintoki, calling him a not so scary demon, i thought his voice was too deep for the shouyou i imagined (realistically probably cuz there wasnt too much character background for shouyou at the time). then during his second appearance, or the first time we see shouyou’s eyes, the va’s voice sounds lighter, kinder, as he makes the pinky promise with gintoki

and i realized now, the deep voiced shouyou might make for a great utsuro, and storywise we could explain it through shouyou being more utsuro at the time. but later on, after years of teaching and fighting against his own burdens, we hear his voice change in accordance with his whole identity

i have sooo many videos of me shooting up and snorting nd stuff , a lot ive never posted and some ive only posted  a small portion of- im bored so im going to make a huge super cut of sll the videos and upload it when im done . maybe ill set it2 musi


inside joke with reference to a previous post and a cameo of my hetalia oc from another blog.

Icekit picked up an interest of writing mostly from watching his master work with a pen before. The movement of the pen and ink fascinated him. The kitten is quite a sentimental writer too.

However, he is unaware of the fact he can’t write well.

Let’s just hope it’s not permanent marker Alice.


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I think this is all out proportion mostly because people are relating it to the cheating rumors and how he dumped her, but no one but them & their friends know what happened during their relationship. There is no way to truly know how the relationship ended or what went on bc they aren't going to tell us and they 100% don't have to. I just think that this "damsel in distress/poor weak heartbroken girl" narrative is overplayed. Both of them should be taking responsibility for shading each oth

seriously? it was so obvious everything that happened and went on with them. so yeah we can say “oh we dont know” but we know. we all know. denying it doesnt make it not true. and everything like this stems from what happened in their relationship. everything. as it does for normal people as well. 

and no one is calling her a damsel in distress, but she literally was heartbroken. and the fact that you are trivializing that is kinda sad. she stood by him for years. even through the “rumors” and cheating bc she really believed that in the end, he loved her. she believed so much that they were getting married and going to be together forever, that she agreed to purchase a bigger house with him just WEEKS before the break up. i dont need ~receipts to see how insanely hurt and upset she must have been and how cowardly that was of him. 

so yes i agree neither of them should be shading the other, especially publicly and it is very childish on both their accounts, but she herself hasnt done anything disrespectful to him, but yet hes all up here being a butthead just bc he ~can. and its nagl at all. 

Guys, Markiplier just makes me so incredibly happy! I just started watching his videos a couple of weeks ago and he’s so awesome. Here’s a few reasons why: 1) He’s freaking hilarious. He has a great sense of humor and is completely silly & ridiculous. Whenever I’m feeling down, I’ll head over to his page and within the next couple of minutes he has me laughing/grinning like a fool, 2) He’s passionate about video games; which, I would say, is always an important attribute to look for in a PC/console gamer. But you can practically FEEL his passion/excitement. Like, his face lights up whenever he starts talking about something he’s super interested in and sometimes he needs to take a moment to fanboy over things and it’s all just very endearing :) 10/10 would highly recommend going to watch his videos right this second!

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LEXI YOU ARE LITERALLY THE BEST. The constant stream of bears didn't even mean anything, but then you sTARTED WRITING SMUT AT THEM INDIGNANTLY AND IT'S A THING NOW AND I JUST THINK IT'S HILARIOUS. You're glorious. Never change.

I don’t even know how it happened. I maintain that I was tired and had no idea what was happening and that’s why I thought it was a good idea to do this. And now that I’ve made my bed, I suppose I should sleep in it, meaning that I only have one more bear in my inbox so I’m gonna write porn for that and I’m done. ilu Becc <3

No but I find it hilarious that Banksy is screening DHMIS at Dismaland because the first film achieved something Dismaland is utterly failing at: parody-based criticism of media aimed at children