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Hi ate! ano pong masasabi nyo dun sa mga lumilipat na ng blogging platform? do you have any intention to move out too?

Hi Anon! For me kasi, changing a platform is the blogger’s choice talaga. Maybe they found the new platform more conducive and accessible for blogging. But I really miss those bloggers who moved. It’s really different when they move, Im not that updated w/ their post na kasi wala na sa feed ko. I cant get to talk to them na esp those whom I made friends already. 

At some point, I’ve planned to stop blogging, but Im still here. Im also planning to move out, but Tumblr has been my home for years. For me, this is the platform that’s more accessible. Maybe it’s not time for me to move out - yet.

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lol wtf nobody cares if you have long hair, theres fuck loads of guys with long hair who are manly as fuck, you're not changing anything in society because theres nothing to be changed in terms of long hair, you're just jumping on the left wing band wagon and trying to make a change like some sort of good samaritan like everyone else, a tumblr post isnt going to effect a fucking thing you're all so blind fml

Its so sad how ignorant this message is, i’m so sorry you feel this way. I will never stop what I’m doing because I have experienced the ignorance of being misgendered as well as being expected to cut my hair because “thats just what guys should look like”. Maybe you grew up in a very tolerant family, but a lot of people unfortunately haven’t and I’m sorry you feel the need to send this angry ask.

You can’t stop life from happening. Things change. Time moves forward. People leave and people enter. As much as you wish you could freeze the earth’s rotation, time travel, and permanently attach certain people to your side, you can’t. It’s sad and it’s painful and maybe you’ve even stopped sleeping over this, but it’s true. You can’t control what other people do, what happens in their lives, and how it all affects you. However, you can choose how you’re going to react.
Things change and people change, don’t get stuck. So stop making pathetic little excuses; you are only alive for a fraction of eternity, go kiss the stupid boy or go dancing or fucking skydiving just DO something.
—  Things I learned in high school Part 4 
Fat Lady

So, when you realize that you are sitting in the bathroom and can’t see your vagina is because is time to stop eating, like for real, that doesn’t happen to me yet, but I feel like I’m in a point where I need to stop and do something for my self though, usually my tumblr is this thing where I reboot everything I like, that would not change at all, but I’ll start to upload pics of me, so you can see the change and you can tell me if I’m doing right, maybe give some advises too. No pics today anyway, just telling you guys, the ones that follow me, so don’t freak out when you see a pic of fat me lol. Bye bye, and here start my life blog.

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B, C, I, J, K, L, S

You’re too good to me, Ree. :DD (Teen Wolf it is, then!)

B: A pairing you initially didn’t consider but someone changed your mind.
Scydia maybe? Tumblr dash changed my mind :D

C: A pairing you wish you shipped, but just can’t.
Skittles because there’s so much great art but I just can’t go there with Stiles and Scott.

I: Has tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why?
Nope. I try to stay out of shitstorms and if I sense one coming, I blacklist stuff instantly.

J: Name a fandom you didn’t care/think about until you saw it all over tumblr.
The goddamn swimming anime ok.

K: How do you feel about the other people in your current fandom(s).
Generally, I love the Teen Wolf fandom, you guys have been super nice to me. I’ve found great friends too, I love you guys <3
I’m not deep into any other fandom, I see and reblog posts but that’s about it. So I can’t say anything about those. :D

L: Your favorite fanartist/author gives you one request, what do you ask for?
magic!Stiles and wolf!Derek *-*

S: What’s a headcanon you have?
One of my headcanons, huh. (Brain don’t be so blank, not now.)

Okay, let’s go with Stiles. My headcanon is that Stiles is dangerous, or to put it another way, he has the potential to be very dangerous. He has shown that those he cares about, he cares about deeply. So in my opinion, the darkness Stiles battled in S3B could have been his own, not a friggin’ demon possession (really, Jeff, really? You went there and did it.) He’s plenty dark deep down, he would do nasty shit to protect those he loves.

He could learn how to be a decent spark (where did that go from canon anyway….), channel a little magic and use his trusty metal bat to beat the crap out of any monster of the week and the others would get there and find Stiles standing there, covered in blood not from his own injuries but those he inflicted upon his enemy.

Yes, I like BAMF!Stiles fics. Very much. And I’m still so mad over the wasted potential. So mad. You have no idea.

So this nike ad blog post has been popping on my dash for the last 4~5 days. Is this one of those suggested tumblrs by that tumblr mechanism based on what you have liked and posted so far? or just some sponsored ad that happens to show up any one’s dashboard? Would it stop appearing once I liked and reblogged this post? I’m just curious.. Maybe I’ll just like & reblog it if doing so would affect/or change anything hmmm

I miss you so fucking much I can’t handle it. Do you think that I forgot you? you’re wrong I remember you. I want to talk to you again, I want us to be friends again. I don’t know what happened I don’t know why did we stop talking again. I sent you messages on whatsapp but you didn’t answer. I changed my number. and you never replied my messages on tumblr. It’s okay if you don’t want to talk to me ever again, I can’t force you to do it but I don’t want your silence without knowing the real reason.

You know this message is for you, my old friend