This Town (1/2)

pairing: bucky barnes x reader

summary: inspired by this town by niall horan. bucky and the reader have broken up, and it’s harder than bucky thought to move on.

Bucky rolled over on the bed, groaning when he realized it was time to wake up. The sunlight that was peeking out from the shades hit his face, making him grab a hold of the covers and pull them over his head.

Then he forgot for a moment, and reached his arm out. When it was met with nothing but the sheets, realization hit him like a truck.

This realization made him wake up, and he pulled the covers off of him with a sigh, a frown forming on his face.

It had been almost two weeks since you and Bucky had broken up, yet he still found himself reaching out for your body in the mornings. He had grown accustomed to pulling you against his chest, and nuzzling his nose in your neck as the two of you enjoyed your last few moments of sleep before being forced to wake up for the day.

Bucky was having a hard time adjusting to life without you. He found himself tossing and turning at night, the spot next to him where you used to always be now empty.

“Get yourself together, Barnes,” Bucky whispered to himself. “She’s not coming back.”

But that didn’t stop him from wishing you would.

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“Oh c’mon it’ll be fun! Please get dressed” you begged your roommate Ashley, who was lying face down on her bed. “Here,” you rummaged through her closet and pulled out a flowy mid-length skirt and a crop top for her and laid it on the bed, “Put these on and we’re leaving in 10.” 

“But Y/N I haven’t had time to do my hair or makeup!” she whined as she started putting on the top. You rolled your eyes, she always started getting her rear in gear whenever you gave her a countdown time. 

“Well Ash I told you literally 4 hours ago we were going, so tough nuts!” you laughed, pushing her into the bathroom. “Now you sit and do your makeup and I’ll do your hair, chop chop!” You both worked with your i-Pod playing a pump up playlist in the background. After 7 minutes her makeup was practically flawless and her hair was in a braided half updo. You both gave each other the once over in the mirror and smiled. She had a very cool indie vibe about her look, with the skirt and top you picked out for her, and she did her makeup with a bit of winged eyeliner and nude lips. Ashley picked out a pair of cute cobalt blue heels that popped against her silky chocolate skin. You on the other hand were in a pair of skinny jeans with a thrifted band tank top. You tied together your look with slightly messy curls and very simple makeup.

“Alright we look hot, let’s go!” she squealed, grabbing your hand and dragging you out the door. With her stilettos and your wedges echoing through the back streets of your campus, you made your way to the notorious Sigma Gamma Pi fraternity house. This house always hosted the most epic parties every Saturday night and for once in your natural life you were going to attend one. 

“You know,” Ashley started, “this is very out of character for you, you’re usually cooped away in your room forever….Like when was the last time you saw the sun?” You faked a laugh but couldn’t help but grin.

“Har har. Yeah I know I’m not the most……social person but I want to try something new. You know it is the most essential college experience to go to a frat party, and I know these guys won’t disappoint.” You waved your arms to the scene you had just entered: a house with blaring music, solo cups strewn across the yard with a game of beer pong on the grass, people smoking on the porch and around the street. You and your friend walked up to the door but there was a guy with bright red hair and an eyebrow piercing, tattoos littering his arms. 

“Excuse me ladies, it’s $20 to get through the door” he said, voice deep and his brows furrowed. 

“Um yeah, excuse you, who do you think you are? Huh?” You closed your eyes slowly as Ashley started going off. “Listen, I don’t know what your deal is but we are not….”

“Mikey what the fuck bro!” A tall dark and handsome young guy wobbled over and slung an arm around the red haired guy, Mikey, who was now giggling to himself. “You know we never charge at our parties man, stop messing with these……gorgeous young ladies” he said with a wink. “Hi, I’m Calum, I’ll be your host this evening, may I take you on an exclusive tour of our lovely home?” Ashley giggled as he took her hand and kissed it before leading her through the crowd. She turned around and mouthed a quick I’ll catch you later! as she followed him. You panicked because now you were left with what you thought was an intimidating guy. You were proven wrong though, as he smiled sweetly. 

“Here honey, I’ll get you a drink yeah? You look like you could use one” he said softly, placing a hand on the small of your back and guiding you inside. He’s not so bad, you thought, he’s actually really nice. You stopped at a long table where people were chatting and mixing their own drinks.“You look stunning by the way, how come I’ve never seen you here before?” Mikey had to yell because the music was so loud. 

You couldn’t help the blush that was spreading from your cheeks all the way down your chest. “I, uh…..I don’t go out much!” you yelled back, trying to stay cool. 

“Well maybe you should start, I certainly enjoy your company” he smirked. Just as you started sweating, a little a very tall – and very handsome – guy sauntered over and leaned to tell Mikey something. You just saw him nod and say something back before turning to you. “Sorry, I gotta go pick up one of my mates Ashton at the bar, I’ll see you later.” he said, as you smiled and nodded in response. “Oh! This is Luke by the way, aaaaannnndddd hethinksyourereallyhotBYE GUYS” Mikey yelled and ran off, not before Luke gave him a swift smack upside his head. Luke turned to you and smiled sheepishly, but his confidence peaked as he saw your entire face go beet red with a huge smile on your face. 

“So I um,….well… think I’m hot?” you asked shyly. Luke skimmed his eyes up and down your body, biting his lip before he leaned in and tucked your hair behind your ear. He took a step forward, and you could see his lip ring glimmer under the dim lights.

“Yeah, I really do,” he whispered. His voice gave you chills and his touch sent your body on fire. He pulled away and you saw a smirk on his face, he was loving the effect he had on you. “So, you want a drink?” 

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Anakin please!!

A/N: Thank you so much! I didn’t think anyone would submit anything this fast but wow! Thanks! :~) (Also, I’m sorry this is so short and not that great - I rewrote it like five times but I kept getting stuck. Maybe I can do a part 2, if you’d like!) 

Warnings: None

Prompt: [None Requested] This is a short imagine where the reader speaks with Anakin for the first time. 

For the past few months, you had been working as an intern in the Senate Building. You had been working hard in school to finish your political education, and you wished to one day have a seat on the Galactic Senate, just as your parents had.

Most of the time, you were running around the building delivering messages from different politicians or you were buying lunches for the Senators. This was fine, however, as you were incredibly thankful for the opportunity to get your foot in the door.

A couple of months ago, a young Jedi, Anakin Skywalker, began visiting the Senate Building quite regularly, as he was in charge of multiple security measures. You had never spoken to him - and you had only seen him around a few times - but there was something about him that always made you excited, and you swore that one day you would find the nerve to speak to him.

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